How Much Does Pond Removal Cost?

Paige Bennett
Written by Paige Bennett
Updated May 17, 2022
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  • Pond removal ranges from $300–$800, and typically costs about $550.

  • Ponds with concrete bases will cost more to remove.

  • DIY and professional removal have similar costs.

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Picture this: You’ve bought the home of your dreams, but the pond in the front yard just doesn’t feel safe to keep with young children and pets running around. When you need to get rid of a pond, the cost can vary depending on the size of the pond and how you choose to remove it. The average cost to remove a pond is around $550, but expect a higher rate if it would be difficult for a dump truck to access your pond.

Minimum CostNational Average CostMaximum Cost

What Is the Cost for Pond Removal?

The average cost to remove a pond is about $550. Smaller ponds that are easy for a dump truck to access to fill in cost less, around $300. More difficult sites or larger sites may cost around $800 to drain and fill in with top soil.

How Much Does Pond Removal Cost by Size?

Ponds cost about $150 to $250 to fill in with soil or gravel. Then, topsoil costs about $12 to $180 per cubic yard. Grass seed will cost an additional $0.10 to $0.20 per square foot, for a total of about $15 to $30 for an average-sized, 150-square-foot pond.

Pond Removal Cost Breakdown

The cost of pond removal is heavily based on the materials, which is why you may find hiring a professional a more cost-effective option compared to doing it yourself if you don’t already have the tools needed to do the job.


Tools for pond removal, like a pump and a jackhammer, cost about $160 to $250. Pond removal is pretty straightforward, but you will need a pump to drain the water. You may also need a jackhammer to remove a concrete foundation. Filler, like dirt or gravel, will cost another $150 to $250.


You’ll pay about $300 to $500 for an average pond that can be accessed by a truck to remove any concrete or to fill in the pond with dirt. For larger ponds or ponds that require more manual labor with wheelbarrows and shovels, expect to spend $500 to $800.

Cost to Remove a Pond Yourself

The cost for DIY pond removal is about $310 to $500, not including the cost of topsoil or grass seed if you want to turn the pond back into lawn. First, you’ll spend about $100 to $150 on a submersible pump to drain the pond. You may need to rent a small to medium jackhammer for $60 to $100 per day if there is concrete at the base of the pond. Filling the pond will cost an average of about $150 to $250 for dirt or gravel.

If you want to revert the pond into part of your lawn, you’ll spend an additional $12 to $180 per cubic yard for the cost of topsoil and $0.10 to $0.20 per square foot for the cost of grass seed.

Cost of DIY Pond Removal vs. Hiring a Professional

Although pond removal isn’t too difficult to handle yourself, the cost to DIY is similar to hiring a professional, who will already have the tools necessary to do the work. Building a pond is difficult work and requires a professional to excavate the land, but filling in a pond is more suitable to DIY. Still, hiring a professional pond service near you will ensure the pond is properly drained, then you can easily replace the space with grass seed or a garden.

Tips to Reduce Cost of Pond Removal

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Because of the cost to rent or buy tools, like a jackhammer or pump, to drain and fill a pool, it’s typically the most cost-efficient to hire a professional pond service to remove the pond. If you already own the tools or have a friend or neighbor that you can borrow them from, you can reduce the cost to just filling in the pond for about $150 to $250.

To remove a pond, start by removing any fish or plants in the pond. Next, you’ll use a pump to drain the water. Some ponds may have a concrete base, which you’ll need to remove with a jackhammer. Then, you can remove the pool liner.

Once the pond is drained, you can fill in the hole with dirt or gravel. Then, you’ll want to top it off with topsoil. Depending on what you plan to do with the area, you can add grass seed or begin to fence off the area and create a garden.

Pond Removal Questions and Answers

How long does it take to fill a pond?

Small ponds can be drained and filled in about a day. Larger ponds will take two or three days for professional removal.

How much is pond maintenance?

One reason you may want to fill in your pond is the cost of maintenance. Pond cleaning may cost about $1,000 for an annual cleanup, or monthly visits may cost $75 to $100 per visit. If you don’t want to spend that much per year for pond upkeep, you may consider filling in your pond.

What should I do after I fill in a pond?

With proper drainage and filling in the pond, you can treat the former pond area as you would the rest of your lawn. You could plant grass here and integrate the space back into your lush yard, turn it into a garden, plant a tree, or create a patio space.

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