10 Ways to Keep a Kid’s Bedroom Organized Without Cramping Their Style

Alison Kasch
Written by Alison Kasch
Updated April 29, 2022
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These organization tips are as easy as child’s play

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Minimalism isn’t exactly part of the average kid’s vocabulary, but that doesn’t mean their space has to be bursting at the seams. Whether it’s books, toys, or art supplies, there are ways to control the mess while still giving them room to grow and be themselves. Here are 10 kid-friendly ways to contain the clutter.

1. Embrace the Cubby

Cubbies are the perfect solution for kids because they provide multiple bins to stay organized, plus an open top for quick and easy access. Consider adding a storage cube shelf stocked with fabric bins, or create a makeshift cubby by adding open-topped bins to a bookcase. Whatever cubby system makes the most sense for the space, embrace it.

2. Use Bold Labels for Organizing Children’s Rooms

Not only do labels help the kiddos find what they need easily, but they also make the cleanup process simple and easy to stick to without the help of a local house cleaner or maid service near you. Categorize your young ones’ belongings and designate places for specific items to land. If learning to read is still a work in progress, use pictures to help them identify where things go.

3. Declutter and Throw Away Trash

Kids will someday appreciate the wonders of decluttering, but for now, they’ll likely need a little help. Make their room a pit stop in your regular routine and gather any trash, outgrown clothing, and toys that are collecting dust. Provide a small garbage can to have them toss away any trash or broken items.

Along with that, it’s also a great idea to get the kids involved in the decluttering process as early as possible. Maintain a dialogue and encourage them to let go of what they no longer need. Donate or give away unwanted items to friends and family.

4. Look for Furniture With Built-In Storage

A boy sleeping in his bed next to a toy robot
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A successful kids’ bedroom design takes advantage of every opportunity for organization. Make the most of the space by adding furniture that doubles as a storage solution. Consider a bench with a built-in toy box, a beanbag chair that unzips and holds stuffed animals, or a craft table that lifts up to store supplies. Not only will this help contain clutter, but it’ll also keep it hidden.

5. Keep the Beds Made

An unmade bed is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to clutter. Likewise, a neatly made bed is a head start on keeping the space clean. Have your kids make their beds as part of their regular morning routine. If your little one isn’t quite old enough for the task, make it a daily habit to make their bed up after you’ve done your own.

6. Fill Walls With Hooks and Hanging Organizers

The wall space in your child’s bedroom has all sorts of untapped storage potential. Install built-in shelves to hold books, figurines, games, and whatever else needs a home. Use hanging organizers to contain dolls, art supplies, and the like. The more places you have for specific items to land, the more success you’ll have in keeping the room organized.

7. Designate Areas for Toys and Activities

If you create a spot for dolls, cars, and your child’s other hobbies, these items will be far less likely to end up strewn about the space. Use rugs, dollhouses, foam flooring, and play tents to keep play spaces separate from the rest of the room. Keep storage bins close by for easy cleanup.

8. Tuck Lesser-Used Items Under the Bed

If your kids want to store away any memorabilia or they only bust out the Play-Doh when they’re in a specific mood, store these items under the bed so they don’t take up valuable floor space. Keep everything in labeled bins with lids to keep out dirt and dust.

9. Reward Your Kids for Staying Tidy

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Keeping their room clean isn’t a task you want your kids to dread, so try rewarding them for sticking to a routine. Whether it’s extra video game time, a points system to get a new toy, or small prizes like candy and stickers, find what works best for your home. 

10. Allow Them to Personalize Their Space

Let your child design their dream bedroom to create their personal haven. Choosing their bedspread, decor, and furniture will help your child feel a sense of pride in their space. When you’re painting your kids’ bedroom, get them involved in the colors and design. If they’re happy and comfortable in their room, then they’ll be that much more inclined to keep it clean.

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