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Angi How To Clean Your Mailbox

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 15 Minutes

Your magazines, bills and letters all have one thing in common – they're covered with bacteria! In fact, a whopping 68 percent of mailbox handles are dirty enough to transmit illnesses. And that's just the handles – think about what's living inside of your mailbox!

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Regardless of your mailbox type, make sure it's empty before you start the cleaning process.


First, mix a few drops of dish soap with lukewarm water. Scrub the entire mailbox (inside and outside) with a sponge or wire brush dipped in the dish soap solution. Make sure you get rid of any bird droppings and mold or mildew (you may need a few extra squirts of dish soap for that job). Rinse the mailbox with water until the suds are gone. If your box is aluminum, dry it completely with a soft cloth or paper towel to prevent rust.


Now it's time to tackle the bacteria buildup (many dish soaps aren't antibacterial). Grab a disinfectant spray (if you don't have one, white vinegar works in a pinch) and liberally spray the handles and the inside of the mailbox. Then wipe the spray away using a soft cloth or paper towel.