8 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home When the Holiday Decor Comes Down

Ginny Bartolone
Written by Ginny Bartolone
Updated December 16, 2021
A bright living room with a big plant on the corner
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It may be time to undeck the halls with boughs of holly, but there's no need to leave those halls bare until spring

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After weeks of gift wrapping, light hanging, and tree trimming, yelling "happy new year" officially marks the end of the holiday season. While it’s tempting to leave the garland up a little too long, there are plenty of home decor trends to look forward to during the winter months. Check out these eight tips to get your home ready for a new year without losing the coziness and comfort of the holiday season.

1. Focus on Streamlining Your Holiday Decor Storage

Did last-year-you leave a pile of tangled holiday lights at the bottom of a storage bin? Here's your chance to turn over a new leaf and organize your holiday decor the right way. For example, wind your lights around a plastic reel to avoid tangling, wrap fragile ornaments individually, place them in a box with dividers, and pick a storage container that keeps out moisture and any potential pests.

2. Do a Clean Sweep

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At first glance, your home may look a bit bare without the holly, candles, and reindeer statues lining the shelves. Instead of succumbing to the winter blues, use this opportunity to clear away all the dust and pine needles that accumulated during the holiday season. The more clutter in your home, the more places dust has to latch on, so pay extra attention to shelves, windowsills, and doorways that previously held your decorations. Call in your favorite team of local house cleaners if you need a hand.

3. Deep Clean Trouble Spots

After hosting groups of eggnog-drinking guests and chocolate-eating kids, your furniture, rugs, and main living areas may need some extra TLC. Start your new year off on the right foot by deep cleaning every nook and crevice of your house.

Consider cleaning your upholstered furniture, renting a steamer for the carpet, and deep cleaning your bathroom and kitchen. If you've been eyeing a piece of your furniture that needs a total refresh—such as repainting or reupholstering—put this on your list of winter projects.

4. Pick Your Winter Palette

A lack of Christmas decor does not mean a lack of home decor altogether. Winter is still a time to celebrate light, evergreens, and the soft, peaceful hues of a snowy day. 

Start by selecting two or three colors that pair well together. You can either stick with three neutral hues or two neutral and one vibrant color that pops out from the rest. Popular winter palettes include:

  • Gray, pale blue, and white

  • Gray, sand, and gold

  • Black and silver

  • Deep purple and metallics

  • Warm earth tones and gold

  • Deep cerulean and cream

Not sure where to start? A professional interior decorator can help you see the big picture of your winter decor plan before you make any purchases.

5. Let There Be Light

 A woman enjoying the view from her window
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The recent Winter Solstice may mean that days are slowly getting longer, but a few months of scarce sunlight are still ahead. Encourage as much natural light in your space during the day by choosing sheer curtains, adding reflective items to your darker rooms, and regularly cleaning your windows.

Remember that your holiday decor brought a lot of extra light into your room. Keep the candles burning bright, even if you transition to a more subtle scent. White string lights also have a home in winter decor, even if they're less prominent in the overall look. 

If you’re ready to brighten your home’s overall aesthetic, consider a major alteration in one of your rooms by refreshing and repainting the walls.

6. Refresh With New Greenery

Holly and pine may scream holiday decor, but other cold-weather foliage can stay through the winter months. Depending on your chosen interior color palette, consider incorporating dried or fresh natural accents to add a bit of softness to your winter look. Decorate your home with natural birch logs, white flowers like baby's breath, or dried eucalyptus. Decorative evergreens, pinecones, and grapevines also celebrate the colors of winter without crossing into holiday territory.

7. Choose an Accent Item

If you're feeling blue about putting away the vibrant array of holiday accents, consider shifting to a new season of color. This transition can be as small as adding vibrant throw pillows or blankets to lay across your couch. Create an accent point of the room with a new piece of artwork for the main wall of your dining or living room. You can even hire a local pro to repaint furniture or purchase a new item, such as a colorful sideboard or a unique set of barstools.

8. Don't Forget to Deck Out the Exterior

You may no longer have a Clark Griswold-level display of holiday lights or the six-foot inflatable Frosty on the lawn, but exterior winter decor can be just as charming. Extend the theme you chose indoors to your porch, railings, and walkway. 

Opt for natural winter foliage similar to your decor indoors, such as dried branches, white birchwood, or pops of red from winter berries. As a foundation, stick to neutral hues like gray, icy blue, and white to reflect the natural style of the snowy season.

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