How to Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaner

Stephanie Shaykin
Updated November 26, 2021
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Here's what you should know when hiring a professional upholstery cleaner

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Over time, dirt, stains, spots, and general use make furniture look less than its best. And while there are DIY tips to get out furniture upholstery stains, stubborn stains might call for hiring a professional upholstery cleaner near you

There are some considerations to make before calling up a local upholstery cleaner. Follow the tips below to learn how to hire an upholstery cleaner so your furniture looks as good as new.

Before Hiring a Furniture Upholstery Cleaner

A couple reviewing their furniture warranty
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So, you’ve tried stain fixes on your sofa with no luck—now is the time to look for a pro. It takes time to find a professional upholstery cleaner you can rely on. You want to know the company's reputation and ask project-specific questions. Vetting the cleaners before deciding will ensure you make a confident decision.

Here’s what to do to find the right furniture cleaning company:

  • Review your warranty: If your furniture is still under warranty, cleaning it yourself might void it. Before you start any cleaning, read over your warranty information carefully. You can also consult with an upholstery cleaner about the warranty before work begins. 

  • Check references: These days, it's effortless to do a quick online reputation check on trusted websites. Do some searching to see what customers have to say about different local businesses. Also, ask friends, family members, and neighbors if they’ve had any experiences with upholstery cleaners.

  • Compare quotes: Look at the timeline, warranty, contract, and customer satisfaction guarantees when comparing prices to find what fits your budget.

Know the Project Specs

Before you look for an upholstery cleaning company, know three things: 

  • What needs cleaning 

  • How many furniture pieces need cleaning

  • Where the dirt and stains are

Giving a potential pro the nitty-gritty details upfront will mean you get an accurate quote. 

Get Three Quotes from Cleaners

Before you hire a nearby upholstery cleaning company, get at least three quotes and make sure to ask how they price their services. Professional upholstery cleaning costs around $150 to $200 on average. 

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect the cleaning company to charge based on furniture type:

  • Loveseat: $60–$120

  • Sofa: $100–$300

  • Recliner: $60–$80

  • Armchair: $40–$80

  • Dining chair: $10–$30

  • Ottoman: $25–$50

Your pro might charge by the hour, by the project, or even per section in a piece. Some costs include time and materials along with equipment expenses. 

Know About Extras

Describe the piece that needs treatment, and inquire about the tools and chemicals they use. You don't want to get a $50 surprise charge for accessories or extra chemical solution expenses on your bill.

Check Your Upholstery Cleaner's Qualifications and References

You can try to prevent and treat stains on your couches and dining chairs all you want on your own, but long-term damage is inevitable. Hiring a professional cleaner means you get a stain guru. You want to ensure that they are qualified and have references to verify their credentials. 

To ensure you choose the upholstery cleaner correctly, look at how long they've been in operation before making a selection. Companies with years of expertise will identify what works best for stains and marks without harming the delicate fabric.

Finally, research the background and qualifications of any business you're considering. Is the company certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)? What is the rating by the Better Business Bureau?

Questions to Ask Your Furniture Upholstery Cleaner

In most cases, cleaners will offer you a ballpark quote over the phone. But to ensure the job gets done to your specifications, ask questions. 

Here are some questions to ask your potential upholstery cleaner:

  • How many years of experience do you have?

  • What is your cleaning procedure? 

  • Do you use chemical solutions? Are they safe for kids and pets? 

  • How long will the project take?

  • How long will the furniture have to dry before I can use it? 

  • Do you provide stain protection? And if so, at what cost?

  • Do you charge by labor, hour, or per piece? 

  • Do you offer a discount for multiple items?

  • Do you have warranties or guarantees?

  • Do certain furniture upholstery fabrics require different cleaning methods?

Hiring a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Company

Hiring your cleaner is the most stressful part of the project; you wouldn't want the pro to make a mistake on your most-loved furniture pieces. Before you start working with a cleaner, determine the following:

  • Make sure you have everything in order, like furniture pieces and cleaning specifications.

  • Before work begins, make sure you agree on the cost of the beginning, your budget plan, and any warranties.

  • Pay close attention to extras or add-ons so that you may keep accurate records before signing any agreements.

Arrange Payments With Your Upholstery Cleaner

When you choose the cleaner, carefully review anything in writing, such as receipts or guarantees. Confirm the job specifications, the timing of cleaning, and arrange payments. Usually, you'll pay at the end. So, make sure nothing extra is on the bill before you sign on the dotted line.

Keep Records of Your Upholstery Project

Once everything is in writing and agreed upon, you will get a receipt for the job with the details. Track the job's progress to ensure everything is getting cleaned as promised within the time allotment.

Afterward, you might notice they missed something or didn't thoroughly clean a piece. Contact your cleaner and explain the problem so the company can resolve it. 

After Your Upholstery Cleaning Company Has Finished

When the pro finishes the cleaning, double-check the list to ensure the cleaner didn't miss a spot. Assuming you're happy with the job, finish up all the paperwork and pay for it. If things went well and you're pleased with the way your furniture turned out, you can offer a recommendation or leave a review.

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