Benefits of a Solar Panel Roof

Written by Angie's List Staff
Updated November 15, 2011
solar panels on a roof
Solar's popularity continues to grow. (Angie's List photo)

A Los Angeles solar panel installation company shows how your home can become more eco-friendly.

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With Americans becoming more environmentally conscious, many homeowners are considering the benefits of capturing the sun’s rays for their energy supply. An increasing availability of solar energy building products is making this more of a possibility.Solar-powered roofs are among the most popular items in this industry.

The benefits of a solar panel system can be far ranging. In addition to cost-efficiency and its conservation factors, it requires little maintenance, since it has no moving parts.

However, occasional cleaning and inspection of the panels will be needed. Also, to ensure that the system receives the fullest exposure to the sun, your trees may need to be trimmed periodically.

One concern about solar-powered roofs is that they will not be dependable if there aren’t enough days of sunlight. However, these systems are created to function during variable weather.

If the weather becomes cloudy or you have extra power needs at night, the system will utilize your current power grid as a backup. If power needs exceed the panel’s abilities for that period of time, the system simply reverts back to the power grid.

Depending on the size of the solar system and your normal power usage, you may see a reduction of up to 30 percent in your power bills. If your panels should generate more power than they consume, excess power flows back to the power grid and you could see your meter move backwards.

Since there is no fuel to burn, there are no emissions from these units. They provide a pollution-free power system. In turn, this lessens the impact your home has on the environment, supplying clean energy for the next generation.

As a result of this green initiative, federal and state incentives are designed to reward early adapters. The rebate drops as allotted funds are used by others who have installed energy-efficient solutions. The federal incentive includes up to a 30 percent investment tax credit.

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