7 Smart System Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

Written by Maria Rummel
Updated August 17, 2016
LED bulbs and a smartphone
Outdoor lighting security systems that sync to your smartphone are among the multitude of home automation technology options that are available. (Photo courtesy of BeOn)

See how you can make your life easier with the latest in smart system gadgets and smart house technology.

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Whether you’re the type who camps out all night for the latest smart systems technology or waits a year or two before adopting smart gadgets into your daily routine, it’s fun to keep your eye on the frontier of home automation. Smart house technology offers solutions to help you wake up feeling happier, never having to wonder if you locked the door and avoid making a second trip to the grocery store. Read about seven cutting-edge products that aim to make it easier to live in, maintain and monitor your home, even from miles away.

1. Eight

Could you rest better at night? This smart mattress cover tracks your sleep habits and makes adjustments to help improve your snooze. Eight tracks stats like how many hours you sleep, how much you move and more, without any wearable technology. It offers 10 temperature settings and an alarm that will wake you up without interrupting your REM cycles. Connect it with other smart systems devices to control your home’s temperature, locks and lighting. They hope to integrate Eight with other devices, like your coffee maker to make getting your morning buzz easier.

Cost: Starts at $249

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2. Ola

Imagine using the smart systems fingerprints technology you use to verify security on a laptop or phone to enter your front door. With Ola, unlock your door in under a second with the touch of your finger. Ola even allows you to set temporary and recurring permissions for guests and view the lock’s activity log through the Android and iOS app.

Cost: Around $119

3. PetChatz

Give your pet a treat even when you’re miles away from home! PetChatz allows you to interact with your furry friend from afar, summoning them after a little training with the sound of a bell, allowing you to speak over video chat and dispense a treat from the device. Smart pets can even learn to use the device to ping you on your mobile device.

Cost: About $475

4. Robomow

Forget smelly clothes and grass-stained shoes with Robomow. Imagine Roomba technology for your lawn! Keep your yard freshly cut without lifting a finger with this robotic lawn mower. Set your exact mowing specifications and even tell Robomow what parts of the yard need special attention. Summer just got a whole lot easier.

Cost: Approximately $1,800

5. Family Hub

Save yourself a second trip to the grocery store by checking the cameras inside this Samsung fridge to see what you have. The screen on the outside shows family calendars, photos, notes — and even allows you to play music. Make shopping easier while adding ambiance to your kitchen. Choose between counter and standard depth.

Cost: $5,600- $6,000.

6. Tabata Touch

Imagine a giant tablet as your coffee table! Make Tabata Touch the digital center of your living room. This sleek, high tech device features a 42-inch touch-screen that allows you to connect, work and play all in one place. You can set your food and drink on it — don’t worry, it’s waterproof for when the game gets competitive! This smart house piece of furniture runs on Windows and can be hooked up to your home entertainment system for seamless digital experience.

Cost: About $9,000

7. Snap

Bring your outdoor lighting to a new level with Snap by Sengled. A motion sensored LED light connects to an HD camera that allows you a wide-angled view of what’s happening at your home on your phone or tablet. Worried about break-ins or expecting a delivery? Snap will send you alerts when it detects activity so you can check in.

Cost: $150.

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