7 Bedroom Dresser Decor Ideas That Bring Life to Your Space

Audrey Bruno
Written by Audrey Bruno
Updated July 19, 2021
Boho inspired decor on dresser
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Dresser tops are great spots for adding a decorative flair to your bedroom

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Decorating your dresser top is an easy way to inject a bit of life and personality into your bedroom. Simple dresser decor ideas like adding a handful of accessories, a dreamy color palette, and the right arrangement will make your space sing with minimal effort on your part. Use these affordable decorating ideas to transform your dresser into something you’ll be happy to see right when you wake up.

Start by Dusting and Cleaning Your Dresser Top

If your dresser has been a home for all the miscellaneous items in your bedroom, clean the top before you start decorating. Seeing your space with fresh eyes will help you better understand what you’ll need to achieve your desired look. It might even be a great opportunity to switch it up with a fresh coat of paint. Starting with a tidy surface also may make you more motivated to keep things clean going forward.

Choose One Large Accessory to Anchor Your Display

Dresser tops can quickly become chaotic if you’re adding accessories without rhyme or reason. Keep things orderly by choosing one large accessory to be the base of your setup. This accessory could be a mirror placed directly on top of the dresser, or even a piece of art hung onto the wall above. 

No matter which anchor piece you choose, start by positioning it in the center of your display. Though you may decide to readjust it later on, doing this in the beginning of your dresser decoration process will make it easier to find the right spots for smaller, more personal items as you go.

Add Height and Light With Mirrors and Lamps

Using a mix of tall and short accessories will create a more visually interesting space and prevent your bedroom dresser from looking stale. Mirrors are also great for opening up small areas. Pairing mirrors with lamps can do a lot to brighten an area that might not have much light to begin with. This dresser decor idea is functional too, as having both of these items in the same spot will make it easier to get ready when you start and end your day.

Select a Color Palette to Keep It Cohesive

dresser with vases and plants
Kotiger / Shutterstock.com

Take a look around your room and choose a palette that harmonizes with the rest of your space. Select a range of cool and warm tones to create a balanced appearance. In general, it’s best to stick with two to three colors and finishes to keep things from becoming overwhelming. 

If you’re afraid of decorating with color, start with just one bright object and add more over time. Pairing a brushed bronze mirror with a few small, black accessories—like picture frames or candles—will accentuate, rather than overpower, the subtler elements of your display. On the other hand, a layout that already has a lot of black and matte in it will benefit from the addition of white, polished accessories.

Create Balance With a Mix of Small Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your big accessories, it’s time to move onto the little ones. Try to stick with a max of five small objects to prevent your bedroom dresser from becoming overcrowded. Add just one family photo rather than several and use that same logic for other small items like candles, vases, and books.

Put Your Necessities on a Decorative Tray or in a Stylish Box

We all have items that we need to keep on top of the bedroom dresser that aren’t exactly fun to look at, like glasses, credit cards, and earplugs. Keep them out of sight and organized by storing them in a gorgeous box or on a designer tray. That way, they’ll be both easier to access and won’t interfere with the overall style you’re trying to achieve.

Use Plants and Flowers to Bring Your Bedroom Dresser to Life

Bedroom dresser with purple vases and plants
BCFC / Shutterstock.com

If your dresser still feels like it’s missing something after you’ve taken all these steps, it might be in need of some plant life. Choose a plant that purifies the air to keep your sleeping space fresh or opt for flowers so you have a reason to switch up the decor every week. 

Don’t have a green thumb? Dried flowers and leaves will accomplish the task without needing any maintenance. Succulents and terrariums are also excellent decorative options that require minimal care.

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