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ASAP Paving

Founded 1988 • With Angi since January 2007


(10) Verified Reviews

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9762 James Madison Hwy

Warrenton, VA 20186



Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Myriam A.

ASAP Paving came out in March of last year. It was $3500. It was outstanding. Their communication, professionalism, punctuality it's all very good.

Description of Work
ASAP Paving did an asphalt driveway for me.

Category driveway pavers



Joe A.

The previous owner of ASAP, Wayne Houston, came to view the slab in August 2011 and said that there was nothing wrong with the work. Houston is no longer affiliated with ASAP according to several of the employees there. We tried to work with the salesperson, Josh, who attempted to arrange a partial fix for the problem. The fix turned out to be painting the concrete, not repairing it. We have attempted to contact the current owner, Vicki Houston, by phone and email on several occasions. She has never called us back or returned our e-mails. We have now found out that Josh has left the company. In addition, the ASAP web site is misleading and/or outdated. It claims that the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau (showing an incorrect BBB logo) and that Wayne Houston is still the owner/president. I contacted the BBB in Richmond VA and they confirmed that ASAP Paving is not a member. I doubt that we will ever get the inferior slab fixed by ASAP at this point. I want to make sure that other consumers are aware that the company provides an inferior product and does not honor their warranty.

Description of Work
ASAP Paving installed an inferior concrete slab in our carport in June 2011. The slab is two colors and cracked. Water pools on the slab and flows toward our house when it rains. The ASAP warranty means nothing.

Category driveway pavers



Christopher F.

All in all, they did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them to others.

Description of Work
They repaired and resurfaced a relatively long driveway.

Category driveway pavers



David T.

If you are considering using ASAP Paving to do work at your house or business, I strongly recommending finding another paving company at this time. ASAP Paving was contracted to lay an asphalt driveway at our new house in Arlington, VA as part of a new build. They were chosen by our General Contractor so I had no say in which company was used. The work consisted of paving a long, straight driveway (8' wide and about 160' in length) from the street, along the length of the side of the house and then open up to a slightly wider extension in the backyard where kids could play, we could park another car, etc. The extension in back was an additional charge ($1600) as it was not part of the contract with the GC. The price for the extension seemed a little steep for an area that size (approx 20' in length x 16' at the widest part.) I happily paid it because I didn't want to hire a different company and run the risk of unsightly seams in the asphalt where the two pieces of asphalt would meet. When the project was described to me, I was told that a layer of bluestone between 4 and 6 inches thick would be laid as a base layer and that high-quality asphalt would be laid on top of it. It would be rolled and it would appear smooth and seamless. Fast forward 8 hours... When I arrived home, I found a VERY rough looking driveway with several crude, highly visible seams at various points along the length of driveway. (Seams are very unusual and amateurish for a one day job like a driveway.) In many places it looked like asphalt had been laid but not rolled to achieve the smooth, seamless look you expect in a new paving job. The extension I had paved in the back of house looked exceptionally rough. In fact, it looked like a temporary construction road versus a smooth, paved residential driveway. I was reluctant to be too fussy at the time because I was told it would "cure" and would look better after the curing process. We were also told not to drive on it for several days which we happily agreed to in the hopes that it would look better. After about 4 days, we began driving and parking the cars on the new driveway. We parked our large SUV in the back for a few days without moving it. When I finally did move it, there were 4 distinct indentations where the tires were. They each sank about 1 inch into the asphalt (mind you: not in the heat of the summer when asphalt gets soft, but in March) -- I knew right then this was a poor job. About the same time, the new house next door was paving the alley leading to their garage which is right next to our driveway. They also had a large section paved next to our extension to create additional space for kids to play. A different contractor was used for this job. When this asphalt contractor dug down along the side of our driveway to lay the rock base for the alley, it was clear that ASAP Paving had only used about 2 inches of base layer rock. When I asked the other contractor to rate the work on my driveway, he remarked that way too little stone was used for the base layer and that it looked "really, really rough." As of this writing it has been about a year and 3 months since the driveway was installed. The driveway has already developed cracks in places where weeds have pushed up through, there is a large chunk at least 24" in length and 10" wide along the side that has simply crumbled and rocks that make up the asphalt are fully exposed and breaking off making even skateboarding across the driveway difficult. Mud is constantly pushing up through the asphalt from underneath the driveway. When I contacted ASAP Paving, I was told they would send someone out to see it. When I met him, he quickly admitted that it was very rough looking and that they would put a sealer on it free of charge to make it look and feel much smoother. The catch was that I had to wait 6 months or so to allow the asphalt to fully cure. He told me that when I call back after that time, to just reference our conversation and the job location and they would set up a date to seal it. Foolishly, I did not get this in writing because when I called back to follow up, they claimed they had no recollection of the conversation and the gentleman never made any of the notes he promised for the job record. They did, however, quote to me a price of 50% off the regular cost of sealing a driveway. When I told them I was promised the job for free he chuckled at me and said no one would have ever agreed to that. I called ASAP Paving several times and left messages asking the owner to return my call. I never received a return call. Clearly, they had no intention of backing up their words with action. The contract I signed states unequivocally that they have an "iron-clad guarantee" if you are not fully satisfied. What's even more curious is that they tell you if you are not satisfied, we will seal your driveway for 50% off -- the incentive is to do crappy work so you spend more money for them to cover poor work in the first place. I am including photos I have taken of the driveway and you'll see the comparison to the work done right next to ours. The difference is night and day. I welcome ASAP Paving to correct their mistakes and restore their reputation for this poor work. I am certain that if this work had been done at the owner of ASAP Paving's own house, that it would be considered unacceptable. I don't see why shoddy work at someone else's home is considered less important. I am not a vindictive person but I'm sorely disappointed in the work that was done, the way I was mislead by one of ASAP's guys just to get me off his back and the way I was treated when I tried to have the back work corrected.

Description of Work
The work consisted of paving a long, straight driveway (about 8' wide and 160' in length) from the street, along the length of the side of the house and then open up to a wider extension in the backyard where kids could play, we could park another car, etc. The extension in back was an additional charge ($1600) as it was not part of the contract with the GC. The price for the extension seemed a little steep for an area that size (approx 20' in length x 16' at the widest part.) I happily paid it because I didn't want to hire a different company and run the risk of unsightly seams in the asphalt where the two pieces of asphalt met. I was told that ASAP Paving would put down 4-6" of stone as a base layer and then put several inches of asphalt on top of it. It would be rolled and it would appear seamless and smooth. This appeared to me as a fairly simple, straight forward paving job. And it was.

Category driveway pavers



Robert T.

I am satisfied with the services provided. I would use them again.

Description of Work
They paved our driveway.

Category driveway pavers



Zan V.

They came out with everything they needed and had our new driveway installed in 2 hours. They were wonderful! I've never seen any organization work that fast! I highly recommend them.

Description of Work
They replaced our driveway with asphalt.

Category driveway pavers



Herman C.

They were little expensive and they seemed like they had a lot of marketing type of things like a jazzy van but they were not worth it. The guy who came out was very knowledgeable.

Description of Work
ASAP Paving came out to give me an estimate in March to put in a new driveway.

Category concrete driveways, driveway pavers



Roland C.

The day of installation was great! The paving job looked superb! However - They made a promise to us that there would be no "puddling" with their paving job. Immediately after the paving, we noticed puddling and called them to take a look. They said not to worry, it would "fix itself" so to speak in time. As the warranty was only for a year, we waited 11 months to complain again about the puddling. It still puddled. They then said a recoating would "fill in the depressions". They took forever to get back to us. When they did they said it was normal and not deep enough to worry about! Sometime after that wonderful experience, my driveway developed a "sink hole" of about a yard by a yard at the entrance of my garage. They again delayed with a response, refusing to talk to me or respond to emails. After a long period of time and a stalemate about what caused the sinkhole (they saw 1 chipmunk & said they would not repair the hole because there was probably a big den under the sinkhole that caused the problem. Sidenote - chipmunks do not nest in groups, 1 chipmunk per hole. A pesticides expert indicated there was no way a chipmunk could cause such a sinkhole due to the size of their teeth. ASAP quoted an outrageous price to repave the sinkhole and I refused. I said if they would provide core samples throughout the driveway that showed their paving was up to their specifications, I would pay their price, otherwise they would repave my damaged driveway (6 x 12 foot section with new paving). They refused my offer. After continuing to call their very freindly receptionist, with no return calls about the solution, they finally said they would perform a "cold patch" to fill the sinkhole. This patch was done and with the first cold frost, the patch (maybe 2 feet by 3 feet) developed cracks. The person applying the patch didn't even have the correct trowel to put the material in the ground and level it. With this revelation of poor quality, I gave up with contacting the non-responsive ASAP representatives. I would not recommend this company for a number of reasons. Over promise and under deliver. No call backs, no communication. Warranty is obviously meaningless. Bottom line, not a very good company to do business with.

Description of Work
Gave us a good price for two cul-de-sacs in our neighborhood (8 driiveways and two pipestems + 2 individual driveways priced at another time.

Category driveway pavers



Kameran A.

Excellent. I give them a 5 star. Professional all around. From sales through the workmanship. One of the few honest paving companies.

Description of Work
Absolutely BEST of half a dozen paving companies I engaged during bidding / proposal process. A++ on timely responsiveness, professional looking proposal, back office support, elaborate detail of material, and sales. All around ASAP Paving does a great job. I have a 500 ft. gravel driveway in Great Falls, VA. I had ASAP Paving asphalt about 2,000 sq. ft. in front of my garage. I also had them regrade and roll 4,250 sq. ft. of gravel driveway with 2" of 21A crusher (blue dust stone). The project manager (JM) showed up on Monday to prep the driveway, and the following day the job was complete within 2-3 hours. ASAP sales person (Jeff) was extremely helpful recommending some water drainage solutions for my driveway, which faces a steep embankment. JM also had a great suggestion for putting a 6" high border to keep the mulch rolling back onto my driveway from the embankment. A month has gone by now and everything looks perfect. "Stay clear of JM in the Bob Cat skid steer." The day I called ASAP Paving, I was ready to go with one of the "flashier" paving companies. I am reluctant to mention any names. Just be careful of dealing with companies who are more focused on their flashy truck and paint jobs. But, between the lacking proposal detail, fluctuating pricing, and pushy attitude, I canceled my first choice and went with ASAP Paving. Not only was ASAP Paving more responsive and professional, but the job came $1,800 cheaper. Although, I was not one their calendar, ASAP Paving will a clear effort to pickup where the other company fell short. My job was completed on time (while my household was out on spring break). Note of caution when dealing with paving companies: 1. Measure your driveway yourself. This serves two purposes. First, you know how much square footage you will be bidding. You need the length, width, and depth of proposed surface area. A new residential asphalt driveway requires 2.5" of asphalt. They actually pore about 3" and then when they roll it you end up with 2.5". I already had a blue stone gravel base. The second reason you want to measure your driveway project is, so you can attach it to the proposal. It will help you calculate square footage of material. Go to any of the stone or asphalt websites to calculate the number of tons of material (stone) required. I used Luck Stone's calculator. This serves to keep your paving company honest. 2. Ask for detail material tonage and type of your proposal. 3. During the day of paving, ask the project manager you would like to see the invoice for the material. So, if your proposal state 50 tons of 21A compactable stone, you should see an invoice from a quarry for that amount. In short, make sure you get what you paid for. Based on my experience, only a couple of paving companies were willing to quote me specific material type and tonage. 4. Make sure to get a detail proposal. Thanks Jeff, Jeniffer, Robin, JM.

Category pavers, gravel, driveway pavers




When calling around to get quotes, I found that Asap Paving was not the cheapest but they were not the most expensive either. They were very professional and they did a good quality job. The drive looks great. I would call them again for my paving needs.

Description of Work
They paved our driveway and turn-around. The job was completed in 4 to 5 hours.

Category driveway pavers

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    ASAP Paving is currently rated 3.7 overall out of 5.

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    ASAP Paving is open:

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    No, ASAP Paving does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, ASAP Paving offers warranties.

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