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Creative Concepts LLC

With Angi since December 2010


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Marcelle C.

Quality of work is poor and much has to be redone. Not sure if the work is shoddy because he walked out of the job and never returned to finish, or if he just does shoddy work as his method of operation. Some of the project was never even begun before he walked out on the job. Jerry told me he had to go to N. Carolina to do a "Jerusuleum" tile job, and never returned. However, everytime he hit me up for payment, whether it was the hr. rate ripoff, or at the point where payment was due, I always paid him the amt. he demanded on the same day requested. He walked off the job w/o completing the project and left a good amt. of work to be finished, although by this time I owed him very little money. Another warning, do not pay more than 1/3 up front, otherwise you're likely to end up in the same bind as me.Yet, he had no respect for how his erractic schedule negatively impacted & inconvienced me. He's all about self, whether it's buying him lunch, a hammock, carpet, & whatever else he can beat out of you. I would not recommend commissioning this co. to perform work on your home for any reason.There is a local tile store owned by an Italian family. Jerry called them "WAPS."I had Real Deal perform a small job previously, which was to install crown moulding on the first level. At no time prior to installation was I informed it would need to be re-caulked every year. Had I been told this, I likely would not have had it installed. Jerry informed me the incorrect kind of caulk was used, hence the cracking. I keep cases of bottled water in my garage. Jerry is an avid water drinker. I offered him some of the water. Social graces & polite equitte would have dictated he take no more than 2-3 bottles a day. Jerry practically cleaned me out in no time flat, & gave me every opportunity via directed & specific hints that he wanted more water. By this time, I decided to start buying gallon jugs, which isn't what he wanted. Adter twisting my arm to buy him water, to no avail, he said something to the effect of, "I guess I'll have to go buy water on my way over tomorrow. " By now, it's clear the type of person I'm dealing with so I say, "Yes, I guess you will." In my opinion, once he tags you as being a free hearted person, he's going to get all he can from you, yet, he's quick to say he's not finishing a project to specifications because he underestimated the amt. of material, and he wants you to pay him separately by the hour (plus go back & buy the additional material), above & beyond the original contractual agreeement, in order to get the job you originally contracted for. There were several places in the garage that were sloppy, obvious & in need of correction. Jerry acknowledged they needed attention. He told me I paid for only two (or however many) coats of mud, so he was satisfied to leave it flawed as it was. H'owner's are entitled to a proper job regardless the number of "coats" it takes, or whatever the case may be. He had the obligation to, in this particular instance, paint the ceiling properly. I don't know anything about how many coats of mud a ceiling requires, all I know is that I wanted it painted properly, but he was satisfied to walk away & leave it unslightly because "you paid for only two coats of mud." As the contractor, it is his responsibility to give me a quote that is sufficient to give me a quality job. This goes to his quality of workmanship, which means that you not only have to check behind everything, but that you likely have to engage in a debate as to how much more money it will cost to have the job done correctly because he's not applying the extra coat(s) for free because it's the right thing to do. Such costs should be built into the project, but not with Jerry. It has been my experience, that he will jump into your pocket every opportunity ("you should buy me lunch"),etc., and you're stuck because you want the job completed correctly. This is yet another way the cost of the job escalates once you're already stuck in a contract. Any reasonable h'owner. would expect that the, in this case, ceiling, would be painted responsibly whether it took half a "coat of mud" or five "coats." This is how the h'owner. is ripped off because Jerry then wants you to double back & pay him additional "for my time" for a job that should have been done correctly the first time. But for him to take the approach "you only paid for two coats of mud" is arrogant when what I actually paid for is for him to do it right the first time. Again...he acknowledged it needed at least one more coat; to his own admission he saw the imperfections. Nobody wants a half job. We work just as hard for our money as he does, and just as he wouldn't want anyone performing sloppy work on his behalf, we deserve quality as well. Between the hourly fee he calculates, & schemes such as the above, it's easy to spend quadruple the amount originally agreed upon, but by this time, you're between a rock & a hard place. My advice...don't start climbing the rock to begin with. Look someplace else. Jerry knows that I take my relationship with God and the church I attend seriously. When he leanred I contacted the BBB, he left a message on my v/m threatening, "I'll show up at your church, and we'll sit down and talk to the pastor." He went for the one thing he knows I cherish, and that's the above stated relationships. And for him to say "I'll show up" that's quasi threatening and intimidating. He was attempting to strong arm me into doing what he wanted me to do by threatening to go to an individual he perceived as an authority in my mind, the threat of which was supposed to cause me to change course. That in itself is unscrupulous and under-handed. I was offended that he would use these sanctities against me to manipulate my behavior into what he wanted to see happen. He hadn't even spoken with me, yet this was the msg. he left on my v.m. before ever talking the matter out with me. It's almost as though he was trying to inspire fear in me to act in accordance with how he wanted me to respond.

Description of Work
Please be mindful of work charged by the hour vs. monies paid for the job itself. Do not agree to pay for hourly work separately because it's too difficult to monitor & it mysterically increases the cost of service to considerably more than the initial quote for the actual job. Demand a completion date. Many times I'd get a call in the morning informing me of a late start only to get a call later to cancel for the day. This was highly inconvienent, unprofessional, inconsiderate, & detrimental to my schedule. My time was taken for granted with no measure in place to make good for all the times there was a no show. Because I don't punch a clock, Jerry Smith frequently & greatly inconvienced me when he decided to not show up. For example, Jerry Smith informed me he needed to go to Woodbridge to help someone move two items, & according to him, he ended up "moving half a house." I structured my schedule to accommodate the project, & there was no time built in to accommodate his extracircular activities. Yet, here's the irony. If the homeowner inadvertently forgets to unlock their house before leaving in the morning, the homeowner is charged $200. Make sure you have verbiage in place to protect yourself so the rules aren't made up as the job progresses. I didn't hear about this until after the job began. They place value on their time, yet, when the homeowner is inconvienced, nothing is in place to make it right. He or she is just out of luck. Make sure the contract is reciprocal.Jerry Smith locked he & his son out of the house on one particular day. When I arrived home he told me of the "policy" where if they don't have access to the house, the homeowner is fined $200 because we're allegedly costing them other work. It occurred to me that I left them inside the house. This is when Jerry Smith admitted they actually locked themselves out of the house, but were able to find a way back in. He was abrupt & confrontational in tone. When I mentioned his attitude, Jerry admitted that it was "probably left over from a previous client."One of the major home improvement stores made a delivery of some cabinets to the house. The deliveryman accidentally dropped one of the cabinets & before anyone could say anything, he said, "I owe you a cabinet." Jerry immediately told the deliveryman not to worry about, it's okay. He said this w/o inspecting the cabinet, consulting with me (I was standing right there & saw the whole incident), or w/o my permission. He had no discretion, permission, or authority to accept potentially damaged cabinets on my behalf, especially w/o inspecting the item. Of course the deliveryman was satisfied to go with that, so I walked over to inspect the cabinet very gingerly to send the msg. that I had concern about accepting the item w/o at least looking at it. This is when Jerry tells me I can return the cabinet if I wanted to, but that he wasn't. He was rude, totally out of line, abrasive, unpolished, crass, unprofessional & discourteous. The only time he should have spoken on my behalf is if I accepted damaged goods, & he wanted to protect my interest, in which case to advise me otherwise. Come to find out later, the cabinet was damaged. Jerry had the nerve to tell me he guesses I'll (meaning me), would be taking it back. This is when I suggested he should return it since he's the one who accepted it. I feel he felt he could "push me over" since I am a single female. Always stay on guard, & speak up for yourself because other people are quick to look out for themselves.This same deliveryman apologized they couldn't make it to the house sooner, but one of their teammates died suddenly earlier in the week. Jerry chimes in, "The nerve of him." That wasn't funny, and nor was it cute.Speaking of "looking out for themselves," watch your wallet whenever you shop. On several ocassions, I was told, you should buy me this (whether it was a hammock, carpet, lunch, or anything else he saw in the store he wanted at any particular moment. It was like being in a toy store with a child). On the first ocassion in particular, Jerry saw some carpet he felt would look nice in the back of his van. In an effort to foster good relations & because I didn't want him sore with me & therefore, do a half job because I likely wouldn't be able to tell the diff. anyway, I went ahead and bought the carpet. Once some people detect kindness & willingness to spend $, they come at you repeatedly. Another ocassion we visited a store & I was barraged with "you should buy me this. You should buy me that." I ignored the pleas because I wasn't going to support a pattern of being used. However, after seeing I wasn't falling for the game, Jerry bartered & stated he'd paint my crown moulding if I buy him a certain hammock. I entered into the agreement. Later, when I was speaking with Jerry about his schedule & the fact he inconviences me tremendously when he shows late, or not at all, he threw in my face that he didn't charge me to paint the crown moulding (completely overlooking the fact I purchased the hammock for him in exchange). Stick to the contract & the terms of the contract only. Ignore the "you should buy me lunch" (which I heard repeatedly) because the requests only escalate & it's uncomfortable so don't encourage it by buying anything other than items for your home.Following one of these trips, when we returned to the house, Jerry informed me that he's keeping the receipt (he bought at least one item for himself during the trip to the store). A professional would have asked me if I minded if he held on to the receipt, explained that he needed the receipt also, or asked if I wanted a copy. Instead, Jerry curtly informed me he's retaining the receipt.Jerry explained to me he has told homeoiwners what to buy & if they bought the wrong item, he'd charge them to return the item & buy the correct one. Make sure all issues such as these are well clarified "going in" because the homeowner will inevitably come out as the loser. When the h'owner is charged under such circumstances, whose to say personal purchases aren't simultaneously being made? Why pay someone to go shopping for themselves? Then, when he does go with you, he bugs you to death to buy him stuff.Get a copy of the contract. I never did. Since he had no written contract (huh?), Jerry tape recorded the cotract. I repeatedly asked for my copy, was told it'd be provided, & never was. Keep any private papers out of sight. I kept notes of specific concernsthat re. the project, nowhere was the co. name on my handwritten notes, yet, Jerry took it upon himself to read my personal paper & confronted me about what he read. Don't leave anything lying around that's not for publication.Always ensure that you have input re. products used in your home as you may wish to "upgrade." For instance, the agreement called for Smith to supply insullation, yet, I was not informed there are diff. grades of insullation in the event I wished to "upgrade." Keep an eye on everything.Smith sent me to the store to purchase water based stain for the cabinets. During conversation with the salesperson, & after speaking with the manufacturer, I learned this was not the best type of stain for my project. When questioned Smith about it, he admitted he wanted to use the water base stain because it dries faster. Don't let the quality of your project suffer because someone else is in a hurry.I had a "mask" on my face one day (the ladies will know what this is, a substance applied to the face to make it even tone & get rid of dead skin). Masks are typically light in color. The one I happen to be wearing was white or white-ish. Jerry sees me & says, "You look better white." I was offended (I'm black) by his comment & didn't take it to be comical at all. Yet, in the interest of not wanting a careless job because the contractor is upset w/ me, I bit my tongue. Don't ever let a contractor get so comfortable with you, they feel they can make offensive comments & get away w/ it. There was another incident that, in my opinion, that goes to credibility. Jerry referred a young man & his brother to me to perform certain work around the house. I was standing next to Jerry in my kitchen when he spoke w/ the young man. Following the conversation, Jerry informed me w/ certitude that they charge $20.00 an hr. Upon further questioning, somehow in the conversation, the fact was revealed that this is not what the person told Jerry. Jerry created this figure on his own volition. He said he felt the guys should be paid more, but don't make that decision for me. Jerry should have told me the amt. they charge & let me make the determination whether I wished to add more. He had no right to take this decision from me, and to present it as though it's fact, is misleading, & represents his scruples. I was upset he'd misrepresent what someone just told him w/o giving me the option of determining whether I wanted to pay him additional, but Jerry took that decision away from me in his approach.My dogs got into a scuffle in the backyard. Jerry, who was in the garage, heard them, looked over the fence, saw the commotion & didn't have the decency to stick his head in the door to let me know what was going on. My vet bills ended up costing me over $600 when much could have been averted had he just taken a few seconds to alert me, instead, he just went back to what he was doing. This was callous and lacked concern.

Category drywall




He did beautiful work. He is a one man operation from beginning to end. He sometimes has his son help him. I have been very happy with his work. He is very particular with his work, he is kind of a perfectionist, he is very skilled and takes pride an in what he does.

Description of Work
Jerry redid my basement. He totally gutted it and removed all the paneling and the drop ceiling. He framed and drywalled the entire area and expanded the area of the bathroom. They re tiled the bathroom. They put drywalled the ceiling and put in recessed lighting. He put up crown molding and put in new windowsills. He also took my double car carport and enclosed it into a garage.

Category drywall, basement remodeling

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