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Michael & Son Svc Inc

Founded 1976 • With Angi since March 2005


(1911) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


5740 General Washington Dr

Alexandria, VA 22312


Michael & Son is family owned & operated and has been servicing the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area for over 30 years. We take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality plumbing services. Our professional and courteous staff are here to help you with whatever projects you need to get done....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Ashley G.

Not good at all technician came out and went over what he needed to to the job gave me a price for $1,400 left, I called back to have them go ahead and do the work. They never called back I had to call more than once(after waiting a week with no water) finally got to the manager she scheduled my appointment that took another 3 days for them to come out.. so when the technician arrived this morning he informed us that his boss said he is not to do the job for the price he gave us, he said his boss wanted him to dig our yard take the whole pipe out and replace that way and then want us to pay them $4,000 for the repair now all while informed each person I talked to I have 5 kids in my home with no water to wash dishes, clothes etc. And on top of that they wanted be to pay $895 for one part of the pipe and $515 for the other piece (I have invoice for proof) so I addressed this situation and once again no call back to help. So this tells me all they wanted was to get as much money as they could from me.. I will NOT recommend this company to anyone I was very disappointed and upset by the lack of concern to help me and my family in a time of need.

Description of Work
Main water drain

Category appliance repair, plumbing



Joan S.

I do not have any problems with them.

Description of Work
Serviced the heating and AC

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Joan S.

The service was good. I would recommend them.

Description of Work
Serviced my heating and AC.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Joan S.

I would recommend them because the service was good. I do not have any problem with them.

Description of Work
They serviced my heating and AC.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Robert J.

They're great. They come in and give you a quote right there and then. They are fast and easy to work with.

Description of Work

Category handyman service



Carol W.

The initial installation was done professionally. Unfortunately after three months the system failed. From Friday to Tuesday I was without hot water and heat and the temperature in my house went down to the 40s. It took five visits to fix the issue. The manufacturer advised that the solution called for disabling something in the system to keep that part from failing. I am worried that the system is not safe. I will be contacting the DC Consumer and Regulatory Affairs as I have no faith in the quality of this system. This company installed a furnace and hot water heater system in November. Three months later I discovered water leaking from the system; there was water all over the floor. A tech came out on a Wednesday but was unable to make the repair. The tech shut off the valve and had me turn off the system. He returned the next day and stopped the leak. Due to warmer than normal temps I didn’t realize the heat was not working and by Saturday morning the temperature in my house was in the 40s. A tech came out for the third time on Saturday but wasn’t able to fix it. I would have to wait until Monday. The tech returned for the forth time, was here for about an hour. I found out later a part needed to be ordered but would not be available until Tuesday. The tech made a repair and said he disabled a part, per the manufacturer, so the system wouldn’t fail again. I don’t have any confidence that this system is safe or fixed so it won’t break down again. I began calling customer service on Saturday when it was clear that the system couldn’t be fixed. I asked for a replacement of my system. Unfortunately the people who could help were not available on the weekend. I waited until 8 on Monday and still had not received a called. At this point I was quite angry. I finally received a call back and I vehemently expressed that I wanted a replacement system. I was told it didn’t work that way and he wasn’t in the mood to be yelled at and hung up.

Description of Work
Repair a three month old furnace/hot water heater system

Category appliance repair, heating & air conditioning/hvac, water heater repair



Frank F.

Good service but high price. Very expensive.

Description of Work
Apollo hot water heater.

Category water heater repair



Tom M.

Michael and Son's water mitigation team came out the same day, and had dehumidifiers and air movers placed by the following afternoon. Oscar was supervising the team, and he was great in not only explaining what he was doing and why, but walking me through the insurance process as well. As far as the end results are concerned, there is a hole in our ceiling and about a third of the bathroom tile has been pulled up, as well as one level of flooring that was beneath it. We're currently waiting on a restoration team to come out and repair things, but this won't be through Michael and Son. (It was my understanding that they didn't do the kind of work we needed done.)

Description of Work
We needed water mitigation due to a faulty water supply to an upstairs toilet. A previous contractor had either not closed the valve or (more likely) the valve was bad. At any rate, it leaked through the (newly regrouted!) floor into our basement. The drywall in the ceiling was ruined.

Category plumbing, water damage restoration



Allan R.

My sister fired them for incompetence. They never accomplished work I paid for with my credit card. I put in a stop order with my bank. Then they reimbursed her and she reimbursed me. Then my bank responded, that the charge would go through. **** would freeze over before I'd recommend this company to anyone. My sister is now using my plumber and we're both happy this experience is behind us.

Description of Work
When my sister had to leave town I paid to continue work repairing her ground floor toilet.

Category appliance repair



selin S.

Great job, 5 out of 5 stars, will use again.

Description of Work
Faucets, Fixtures and Pipes - Repair or Replace

Category plumbing



john S.

It went great and did the job less than an hour. They had a high quality plumbing supply ride on the truck.

Description of Work
They put on a new commode

Category plumbing



Franklin F.

Here is my experience with Michael & Son. My service request was for a leaking toilet at the base. After an examination, it turned out to be a cracked water tank. I agreed to replace the toilet which was a 17” high toilet and the price of over 900.00. During the installation, I noticed that the interworking of the toilet was not the same. The toilet that was being replaced was only two years old. The repairman told me that it was old and the one he was installing was new. I told him that the interworking of the toilet being installed has been around for years. To avoid further confrontation, I told him to continue the installation. After the job was completed and upon inspection, I noticed that the toilet was not the right height, 17”. He insisted that it was. I got a tape and measured, it was 15”. The toilet was already installed and my tolerance level was low. He called his manager and the price was reduced by approximately one hundred dollars. The billing showed a “Potential Saving” 86.47, I called the office to inquire about it and was told that I would have to join one of their protection plans and pay 189.00 to receive it on future jobs. Not such a good deal if you are a first time user and have s fairly new home. An old home, yes. The bottom line, paying $864 to replace a toilet is a bit much. I think there is a word for that. The following day, we found the low, 15” toilet unacceptable and I call the office to see if I could make arrangements to replace it with a 17” toilet. I was told by the service rep that they don’t have the taller toilets just the standard 15” toilets. This company has lost my trust.

Description of Work
Repair/replace toilet

Category plumbing



Charles C.

The service very professional and reliable.

Description of Work
HVAC check up and maintenance

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Carl M.

Customer service was not good at all. Work was not complete he didn't even tell me what was wrong.

Description of Work

Category plumbing



Ryan B.

Save yourself the headache and find another company. This company is completely irresponsible. I paid them to install a new heating and cooling unit and it has been nothing but a nightmare. The unit(s) have been screwed up since day one. It has been consistently losing refrigerant since the day it was installed, which they don't seem to have an issue with. Also, when the unit shuts down or starts up, the outdoor unit makes a horrible screeching noise. Each tech that checks it out has a different reason why its screwed up, I've been offered by some techs to do off-the-books repairs. I've been told its because I bought one of the cheaper units. I've been told to just wait a few months. I've been told it the line-sets. I've been told there is nothing wrong with it. I have a warranty that includes labor, and they try to charge for a diagnostic fee each time they come out. I just don't have the patience to deal with them anymore and will probably have to get another company to come and service the unit.

Description of Work
Replace of Heating/Cooling Units

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Gary M.

Went very well. They arrived when they told me they would. Very friendly and professional, and wasted no time getting the job done, and it was done right the first time.

Description of Work
Needed a new water heater

Category appliance repair, water heater repair



John R.

It went very well. Haywood, the technician, was polite and professional. He worked quickly and answered all our questions.

Description of Work
Our old fuse panel was removed and a new electrical system installed. A new ceiling fan was also installed.

Category electrician, ceiling fans



Tom R.

They did a great job. Very knowledge , professional and quick to respond. They put me at ease and worked out very well & came out the same week.

Description of Work
Sewer Main - Install, Replace or Repair

Category sewer cleaning



Roger N.

This company obviously spends a lot of money on its answering service; each of the 7-8 times I called, the operators were very friendly and professional. However, that only served to drag out the ordeal. The initial Michael and Sons technician misdiagnosed the problem as far more serious collapsed pipeline; I waited another four days for his supervisor to join him in appraising the problem. I was then promised a work plan and budget in 1-2 days. I spent the next 6 days waiting and calling and receiving empty assurances that someone would get back to me. After I noted that Michael and Sons hadn't charged me even for the initial visits, I cut my losses and moved on. I lost $1000 in rental income from my patient renters. Eventually, All Plumbing fixed the problem (snaking and flushing a 140-foot pipe) in two days. This is the first time I've taken the time to give such an appraisal, but I would keep looking--or call All Plumbing in Arlington.

Description of Work
Drain stopped in rental property

Category air duct cleaning, drain cleaning



Julianna G.

Things were good until one bad apple shows up. I have been using Michael & Son since May this year and spent nearly 10k. I think most of us would agree. Their prices are higher than in most places. And you asked, why do I keep them around? That's because of their people. I like most of them except the restoration manager, Mathew Sober. Close your door and run if he shows up to give you an estimation. My toilet was flooded, water leaked through my garage ceiling. And of coz, I called Michael & Son. They sent Mathew (Restoration Manager), who gave me an estimation and said he would send a technician out to cut a hole on my ceiling, dry it, and send others to cover the hole withheld, stating that I have to pay for someone to cover the hole. It's no brainer to me that you cut, you fix, and you put it back. Who would know the estimation did not include the last step if he didn't clarify to me. I called that misleading, sneaky, dishonestly.... So, I called him on his cell. He was rude. He first argued. He told me that he said we never discussed it. Honestly, I couldn't even believe that he is the manager. What kind of role model is he to his people? Sad for the company. That's no point for me to speak to him, so I emailed the company. Maurice Noori returned my email, sounded very caring, friendly like he was going to the right thing, held his employee accountable for a mistake he made, and took care of his loyal customer. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. But this morning, we connected. He said the price for rebuilding the ceiling (the mess they made) was 800, and he can give me 500. Honestly, I am not sure if I were clear enough or just thought $300 would help cover the price I had to pay. I explained it to him again.. sadly.. he didn't even care if they lose me as a customer. Sigh, a sad day for Michael & Son. They choose to cover up for their mistake instead of making things right. This review is not just about this dishonestly, but also how sloppy the job was complete this time. They are not what they advertised; they don't empathize when things are not done right. My ceiling is not a cover-up, but they had tapes and staples in it. The plaster and paint got peeled off when the technician tries to remove it. I do understand many recommended this place coz I would too if I have to write a review a month again. My point is they WILL NOT take care of you when things went south. They would do anything or say anything to cover their mistake. So, is this a place you can trust?! :) It's your call. Also, I found a company that will close the whole and repaints my whole garage ceiling for only $345. So Michael and Son, where is that $800 come from. But, I do want to THANK the plumber employees who i encountered before and did a great job.

Description of Work
Water heater, toilet, garbage disposal, restorations

Category plastering, plumbing, air duct cleaning



James M.

They have been excellent and I have used them several times a year for Heating and AC needs and for other needs. I have never had any problems with them and I would recommend them as well.

Description of Work
I have a home care agreement with them and have used them for about 7 or 8 years.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, home warranty companies



Brian M.

I will start by saying their customer service representatives are always very polite and kind on the phone and have been the only good part of my experience with this company. I called them initially in April to get my standby generator in working order. 7 months later and over 2k spent it still has the same problem it had at the start. They don't seem to actually know how to fix it which seems strange as it's their job. They just kept throwing services at it and charging me. To make matters worse when I finally got the electrical department manager on the phone he was rude, accusatory, unhelpful and downright mean, then hung up the phone on me. I work in customer service and I would never speak to someone the way this man spoke to me, especially when his company has been unable to do the job they were hired to do and still has charged me. Worse, I called back to speak to an operations manager in the customer service center which went direct to voicemail. 5 days later still no answer. Worst customer service experience in my life. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY JOB.

Description of Work
Generator service and repair

Category generator service



Richard P.

Technician did not complete all items on the annual electrical inspection checklist. He was only here actually doing something for like maybe 12 - 14 minutes max. No way he could do that kind of inspection in that short of a time. Also.. he gave me a ridiculously high quote ($525+) to concrete a new light post and light. Only materials that would have been required was a bag of sackcrete. No wiring, just hooking up existing wire to new light and putting a post in an existing hole. I will not hire these guys again next year. I will go local to Crozet VA electricians.

Description of Work
Annual Electrical Inspection as part of Silver Home Care Agreement

Category electrician, home inspection



John J.

STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THEM!!! Where do I begin? I’ll just stick with the main issue in that I had a drip coming from the shower. I called Michael and sons. They damaged my shower trim kit from the tools they used to remove the handle. After that, they didn’t identify the proper shower cartridge for my shower. They told me it was Kohler and that they didn’t have the part. Spent over 3 hours looking for the part, and was unsuccessful in finding it. I got back home, looked at the shower trim kit (based off advice we got at Ferguson) to see if we could identify who the manufactured was and it was a DANZE. Why didn’t their plumber do that!? Just be careful when using them as they have been very rude and shady towards me when coming to a resolution for them messing up. Contact me if you wish to see communication from me and them regarding the issue

Description of Work
Fixed a drip

Category air duct cleaning



Angela W.

The work was incomplete I had to hire another electrician to finish or to redo the work. I would never hire them again. I would rate them the lowest.

Description of Work
Electrical work.

Category electrician

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    How is Michael & Son Svc Inc overall rated?

    Michael & Son Svc Inc is currently rated 4.1 overall out of 5.

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    No, Michael & Son Svc Inc does not offer free project estimates.

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    No, Michael & Son Svc Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Michael & Son Svc Inc offer emergency services?

    Yes, Michael & Son Svc Inc offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Michael & Son Svc Inc?

    Yes, Michael & Son Svc Inc offers warranties.

    What services does Michael & Son Svc Inc offer?

    Michael & Son Svc Inc offers the following services: Carpentry, Ceiling Fans, Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Doors, Drywall, Electrical, Fireplaces, Flooring, Lighting, Masonry, Plastering, Plumbing, Remodeling, Siding, Roofing, Valves, Windows, Heating & AC.