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A Action Home Services

Founded 1976 • With Angi since October 2006


(20) Verified Reviews

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6404 Telegraph Rd Suite 200

Alexandria, VA 22310


At A Action Home Services, we’ve made it our mission to keep our community comfortable! Since 1976, our local family of Alexandria HVAC technicians has provided the entire DMV area with fast and effective heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and water heater services backed by our personal 100%

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Laura H.

I called A Action to help with a gas leak in my home. They came out before to help with HVAC and seemed trustworthy and helpful. The technician they sent was incompetent, unfriendly, and put myself and my home in danger. The gas company shut off the gas to my house and put a lock on the meter outside. The technician had no idea how to detect the leak and insisted that the gas had to be on to do it. I told him he was supposed to use an air compressor and I got a blank stare. He then proceeded to cut off the lock and turn the gas back on without my permission and without the permission of the gas company, putting me in danger. As the icing on the cake, when the gas company came back out the leak wasn't even fixed! For some reason I was charged over $800 for a gas bubble test and tightening of some fittings. I ended up needing an entire line replaced and the work to do that cost less. When I pointed out how this doesn't make sense and demanded an itemized bill, it took several day and they sent a bill with just one item "test fittings throughout house with bubbles to diagnose source of gas leaks" and this simple task cost $806. Never mind that the gas company already did that and marked each leak with a red tag... They refused to discuss it and I still don't have an itemized bill to justify the costs. They grossly overcharged me and are being dishonest about fixing it. I should also mention that the technician they sent over was dumb enough to put his boss on speakerphone around the house so I had to listen to them describe me as an "opportunity to take advantage of" while I was in a very stressful and dangerous situation. Do not recommend this company for anything.

Description of Work
Gas Leak Repair

Category electrician, plumbing, gas leak repair



Timothy H.

This was an especially great job from a company that continues to provide us excellent service whether electrical, plumbing, heating or a/c. From the initial assessment of the issue on 23 July, after Washington Gas turned off the service after we smelled gas, to the repair on the 24th Paul was prompt, courteous, professional, and a great person. He was excellent at explaining to us what happened and what he was doing. And he’s excellent on why things work the way they do regarding gas service. He didn’t mind us watching and asking questions.

Description of Work
Gas Line Repair

Category electrician, gas leak repair



Daniel C.

The work they did is perfectly fine. My problems are all with the pricing and service. 1) Looking around online, the prices they charge for their thermostats are outrageous, well over a 100% markup. (The very highest price I could find was $170, they wanted $440 for it, plus the $150 for installation.) 2) The technician couldn't be bothered to read the manual to finish basic setup on my thermostat so I had to do it to finish the setup before he could service the air conditioning system. 3) The tech pressured me repeatedly about joining their service club/subscription even after I made it clear it wasn't in the budget at the moment (after I had an extra $200+ worth of new thermostat and installation pop up unexpectedly today on top of the $149 regular maintenance. Thank goodness I went out and bought my own thermostat for them to install; otherwise it would have been nearly $600.) 4) The heat pump air conditioner they installed for me a few years ago and were servicing today has a label they put on it marked "Repeat client's permanent $25 gift certificate for any work performed". When I asked about it, the technician said he wouldn't honor it and that he "should be charging me a $45 travel fee". A travel fee? What? Seriously? Do you not usually make house calls? Was I supposed to load up my heat pump and drive it to you for service!? Edit on 5/8/17: Over a week and a half after the provider's response to my review, they still hadn't contacted me. I called them and eventually got a manager who refunded me the $25 I shouldn't have been charged in the first place (the "permanent gift certificate" the technician refused to honor) and tried to give me excuses about how 90% of contractors charge travel fees (none I've dealt with in the past have, including this company) and how the tech who threatened me with extra fees if I insisted on my discount was probably trying to be nice by pointing out that he could have been charging me even more. The fact that they never even tried to contact me makes it seem that their response to this review was a PR move rather than an actual reply meant to make things right with me. I definitely don't plan to give them any more business.

Description of Work
Needed new thermostat installed and regular air conditioner maintenance.

Category electrician, heating & air conditioning/hvac

Service Provider Response

Hello Mr. [Member Name Removed], First I would like to offer my apologies for the manor our technician acted. It is completely unacceptable that he would not honor our $25 coupon and that he would attempt to add a $45 return trip fee that was not quoted in the earlier visit. It should also go without saying that, as the technician hired to install your thermostat, there is no excuse for him not to set up the thermostat. Setting up the thermostat is absolutely part of the installation process. This is not how we operate and we will be speaking to the technician and taking appropriate action about his behavior. In regards to our pricing, we do mark up prices on any materials we use. This is normal procedure for all businesses. This is also why we give the client to option of procuring a thermostat of their choice for us to install. You are, however, mistaken in our pricing. The quote of $459 includes the Honeywell Pro-5000 thermostat, as well as installation. The cost of $159 is for the installation of a client supplied thermostat and is not charged on top of the $459. If you felt that they were to both be charged, that is a failure on the part of our technician for not adequately explaining that to you. Once again I do want to apologize for the actions of our technician. Having been in business since the late 70's we understand the need to not only treat our clients with respect but also to perform any work with the utmost care and professionalism. Our technician obviously did not do either of those. It is a shame that I had to find out about this through Angie's List as this situation would have been easily resolved with a phone call, but unfortunately the office was closed at the time of the technicians return visit. I will be having a manager contact you to make the appropriate corrections to your invoice because you did not deserve to be treated this way. I hope you have a great day and that this issue can be resolved amicably. -Norm Delle Client Care Representative


Houda J.

The gentleman was very professional, his work was very clean. He completed the job in a great timing. He also explained what was wrong and what he is doing to fix it. Highly recommended! Very good work.

Description of Work
Installed sink in my bathroom and fixed my kitchen under the sink leak.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing



Brenda S.

Description of Work
Replace heating & air conditioning units.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Connie W.

Wonderful! We have been using this provider for several years. They come twice a year to service our air conditioning and our furnace. $200 of the cost paid in September is the cost of the contract for year, not the cost of just coming out the one time. We have had both a furnace and air conditioner installed by A Action. Their service is excellent, they are always on time and professional.

Description of Work
Service furnace, install humidifier pad.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Kate V.

They said they would send someone out the same day, and I even called back and they could track the driver on his GPS and said he was down the street. The tech spent more time explaining to me how to care for my furnance and save money over time than he did actually working on my furnace, but that's ok by me. After the tech left, I realized the previous owners of the house had a pre-paid maintenance plan, and I called the company back. They agreed to cancel my check and charge me for the reduced amount under the pre-paid plan. I'm definitely calling them for my spring AC service!

Description of Work
I called A Action electric when our heater wasn't working correctly. (It was blasting hot for awhile, and then very cold, off and on) They cleaned off the heat sensors, and did a general inspection of everything else.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Arturo D.

He was professional, did good work, and was thorough. He gave me a lot of confidence. However, I was charged almost $2100 to run three circuits. I got some other estimates after the job was done and those estimates indicate that the price was just way too high. A particular company that I got estimate from would've charged me less than half that amount to run a new circuit. He was also charging for every little thing he had to do. I wanted him to run a new line from the power source but he said he would charge me more to do that. Instead, he wanted to put a junction box in the middle of the wall and I agreed to that. The other guys I talked to said that it would've just been part of the deal and they would've just run a new line that there wouldn't be a junction box. I felt like I got nickel and dime by this guy.

Description of Work
I have used A ACTION ELECTRIC. He ran three new circuits, which were really close. He also installed two GFI outlets and one new light switch for our garbage disposal.

Category electrician



Melinda C.

They were pretty fast and came out right away. I feel like it was a little bit expensive.

Description of Work
I used Galaxy Electric to replace my fuse box and put in a heavy up/circuit breaker box.

Category electrician



Susan D.

Do NOT use Mr. Sparky!!! We called "Galaxy Electical" because we had used them previously to install lighting and outlets when part of our basement was refinished. They provided a good service then so we thought it would be the same a second time around. It turns out the Mr. Sparky had purchased Galaxy and was now providing services. The technician showed up at the house right on time and it all went downhill from there. I walked him around the house showing the tasks we wanted accomplished: replace a lighting fixture on the ceiling in one bedroom, look at the ceiling fan to see if it needed to be replaced, put new lighting fixtures outside of the front and side doors, and replace a flood light fixture at the apex of the roof. Firs thing the technician did was go down to the electrical panel to inspect it. He started with a visual examination and noted there was some oxidation and rust insided of the panel. He shut off the power and pulled out a double breaker and stated that it showed evidence of oxidation/rust. Then he pointed out that the wiring and the bus bars that had been used when the panel was replaced 11 years ago were aluminum which was a low grade of wiring and could easily overheat. Mr. Sparky's technician said we really should replace and rewire the whole panel. That was scary news as he made it sound as if there were some pretty unsafe conditions in that panel. He then went through and put together an estimate of all of the tasks we had showed him using a pre-existing pricing list. The whole bill for work came in at over $4,000.00. Thankfully, the technician recommended that he come back the next day with a second technician so they could get all of the work done in a single day. However, I placed a 10% downpayment on the bill to guarantee the order and that came to about $450.00. After Mr. Sparky left, I went to my computer and started investigating Mr. Sparky. I found it was a franchise with a couple of offices in Northern Virginia. I read some reviews, some of which sounded suspiciously like my situation where they had come in and pointed out safety issued that required big bucks to "fix". We also got feedback from other forums on the net which made it sound as if Mr. Sparky's pricing was too high. After thinking about all of this information, I decided to cancel the order. I ended up cancelling that day, later in the afternoon. I never heard another word from Mr. Sparky once I made it clear I wanted to cancel my order and not just postpone the work. I cannot speak for their work as we did not have any performed at our home. However, the whole experience was absolutely horrible which left a very, very bad taste in my mouth. I would not trust them to perform work in our home and I certainly can not and will not ever recommend them to any other person.

Description of Work
Provided an estimate for electrical services at our home: replace ceiling fan, replace lighting fixture in bedroom, examine attic fan, replace lighting fixtures outside of front and side doors, replace flood light fixture at the apex of the roof on the side of the house, examined electirical power panel.

Category electrician



stephen W.

I would not use them again because they cancelled appointments (twice)! The work was average, but I would use another company if I need work done again.

Description of Work
The company cancelled on me twice prior to the service being finished. I had work done in the basement which I felt was overpriced and after they were finished my doorbell stopped working. I explained to them the did not wire something right. At first they tried to sell me a new doorbell because they said it was old. It was obvious it was their fault and they finally fixed the wrong wiring. I would not use the company again not because of the bad wiring rather because they cancelled appointments twice.

Category electrician



Gordon G.

The charge for just the fixture and inspection, in my opinion, was exorbitant - $414.00

Description of Work
I called to have a small light fixture over our kitchen sink replaced. The electrician went to the store twice to find the right fixture. He did a professional job in replacing it and he did a full house electrical inspection, the result being that we I needed ground fault outlets in three bathroomas and the kitchen. All this took not more than two hours to complete.

Category electrician, lighting



Laurie G.

Buying an attic fan with a lifetime warranty for $689 seemed like a good idea at the time. Three years later to be charged $389 to replace a motor, in less than 30 minutes, and to be told that the motor was a $500 part seems a little suspect to me. At the end of the appointment to be informed about a trip charge is unacceptable.

Description of Work
In April of 2008 I purchased an attic fan with a lifetime warranty. I spent 689.00. In early September I noticed a humming sound coming from the attic. I called Galaxy to set up an appointment. I would be responsible for labor. My appointment was scheduled for 1:00. The technician didn't arrive until 2:30. I did receive a phone call from Galaxy at 1:45 informing me that the technician was on his way but no estimated arrival time was given. After the technician arrived and checked the attic fan he informed me that the blower motor was not working. The motor (which was expensive according to the technician) was covered but the labor would be $389.00. Needless to say I was shocked. The Galaxy technician told me that this was a complicated and time consuming job. I told him I thought it seemed extremely high. He informed me that they used a pricing book, showed me a pricing book, but did not show me the specific item in the book. At that point I had him change the motor. He began at 2:45 and was done before 3:15. The charge was $389...when I questioned the time it took as he told me this was a time consuming and difficult job. The technician told me he was good at what he did. It would take most other technicians much longer. When I was given the invoice, he told me he would waive the $49 trip charge--which I was never informed about when I made the appointment. After the technician left, I called Galaxy and spoke to the service manager, Bob, I'm still waiting to hear back from him!

Category electrician



Gordon G.

My interaction with the guy who came out to do the work was good. They did the job very professionally. They were very confident with what they did. It was a small light fixture and that was about twice as much as I was expecting to pay.

Description of Work
They came out and did electrical work for me just about a week ago.

Category electrician



William S.

Went well. Arrived on time. Did not have one of the switch combinations, but left and got it and finished the job.

Description of Work
Had light switches replaced--complex switches, including with remote controls.

Category electrician



Dolly S.

Everything was fine. I have used them for years and I am satisfied with them. I have not compared their prices.

Description of Work
I used Galaxy Electric to replace some light fixtures and put in a new outlet.

Category electrician



Deborah E.

Dave Ault gave me the original estimate. He arrived punctually and was very knowledgeable about all the skylight product lines. He was also a master electrician. He checked my attic fan while he was here. It had been out for several months. He gave me an estimate for a replacement but suggested that I see if it was still under warrenty. (It was so I got it replaced at no charge.) Dave was out sick the scheduled day of the install. But the company sent out two gentlemen. One for the solartubes and another for the electrical work. Both were very professional. Explained everything they were doing and wasted no time. The weather was quite warm and the attic was oppressive but you couldn't tell that from the positive attitude. Clean-up was excellent. The impact of the Solatubes has been spectacular! Wish I'd done this years ago. The 30% tax credit doesn't hurt either. Would use this company again.

Description of Work
Skylights: Installed two Solatube skylights. A large one in a starwell and a smaller model in a bathroom. No options but additional elements for energy credit. Electrical: Removed old ceiling fan and replaced with new fan which I provided. Old ceiling fan was incorrectly installed by the original owner so additional electrical work had to be performed.

Category electrician, skylights, ceiling fans



Betty M.


Description of Work
David Johnson, who is a Master Electrician installed a Kohler Home Generator. His work and his helper were excellant. I only use David Johnson services. His work passed inspection the First time.

Category electrician




It is a two part job to put in a generator. You have to get it ready before the generator company can come in to actually put in the generator. It was very expensive. I will continue to use their services.

Description of Work
Galaxy Electric installed a panel and the switching unit for a whole house generator. They also wired a greenhouse that I put in four years ago. They had to upgrade the service panel.

Category electrician




Technician arrived on time and did a great job installing lights and switches. He was very accurate and precise in his work.

Description of Work
Installed recessed lights and three way switches. Also installed whole house surge protection.

Category electrician

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    Emergency Services OfferedEmergency Services Offered
    Trade License Number
    Trade License Locale
    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Free Estimates
    Eco-Friendly Accreditations
    Payment Options
    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available, Check
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    Services Offered

    The technicians here at A Action Home Services are capable of making repairs on all residential electric, plumbing, heating, & air conditioning systems. All of our employees are drug tested and background checked and are licensed in their respective trades. We strive to always be our clients one stop shop for home repairs all throughout the DMV.

    Services Not Offered

    At the current time we are unable to perform certain repairs such as: Mini Split Systems, Duct Cleaning, Appliance Repair, Lamp Repair, and tankless water heaters. We are always looking to expand our services and this list will always change as we build ourselves to better suit you.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about A Action Home Services

    How is A Action Home Services overall rated?

    A Action Home Services is currently rated 4.2 overall out of 5.

    What days are A Action Home Services open?

    A Action Home Services is open:

    Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Monday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Thursday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Friday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Saturday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    What payment options does A Action Home Services provide

    A Action Home Services accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available, Check

    Does A Action Home Services offer free estimates?

    Yes, A Action Home Services offers free project estimates.

    Does A Action Home Services offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, A Action Home Services does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does A Action Home Services offer a senior discount?

    Yes, A Action Home Services offers a 5% senior discount.

    Does A Action Home Services offer emergency services?

    Yes, A Action Home Services offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by A Action Home Services?

    Yes, A Action Home Services offers warranties.

    What services does A Action Home Services offer?

    A Action Home Services offers the following services: The technicians here at A Action Home Services are capable of making repairs on all residential electric, plumbing, heating, & air conditioning systems. All of our employees are drug tested and background checked and are licensed in their respective trades. We strive to always be our clients one stop shop for home repairs all throughout the DMV.

    Are there any services A Action Home Services does not offer?

    At the current time we are unable to perform certain repairs such as: Mini Split Systems, Duct Cleaning, Appliance Repair, Lamp Repair, and tankless water heaters. We are always looking to expand our services and this list will always change as we build ourselves to better suit you.