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AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Founded 1977 • With Angi since September 2005


(319) Verified Reviews

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Phone Number


8407 Bandera Rd Ste 104-437

San Antonio, TX 78250


Coronavirus Awareness Service Announcement From our Family-Owned and Operated Business: Our Commitment To You | Before and after each appointment, Roland and Jason will disinfect equipment that will be taken into your home. In addition to these precautionary measures we will be wearing face-masks and disposable gloves, and areas we touch will be wiped down using a disinfectant solution and disposable paper towels. Your Continued Health and Safety is our Priority! All our customers are family to us. Please stay safe and healthy as we all do our share in this battle. Roland Perez has been working as a sweep since 1986. With over 35 years of experience Roland has done many chimney cleaning along with many masonry repairs such as: crown replacements and back wall replacements. He also does dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning. He has certificate in masonry repairs and building from Arehn's Masonry School in South Dakota, a certificate for air duct cleaning from Roto Brush located in Dallas and a certificate for plumbing, electrical and air conditioning repairs from Alpha and Omega in San Antonio...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


J. B.

Initial install went well during home construction. Roland was available during the construction phase and helped detect a roofing problem. Since moving in and using the stove, I found issues with ventilation of the stove and smoke in the house. Roland told me my house is air tight and therefore there is insufficient oxygen in the house to sustain a fire in the wood stove. Completely unreasonable explanation for lack of ventilation in a wood burning stove and wanted to argue about it. Diagnosis was over the phone and no offer made to see the problem I am experiencing. Not saying this is his fault but there is definitely something wrong. There may have been some unknown damage done during construction but his response is very unsettling when dealing with the potential fire damage in a home.

Description of Work
Wood stove installation

Category fireplaces



Samantha B.

I called AAA Home Services for a second opinion after another company recommended replacing the entire fireplace that was only a few years old. Roland returned my call quickly, switched to FaceTime, and diagnosed the issue with the fireplace over the call. We scheduled the repair, he came out, cleaned the fireplace, made the repair, and now it works better than when it was first installed! Roland saved us hundreds of dollars or more. We will definitely be calling AAA Home Services first from now on!

Description of Work
Fireplace Repair

Category fireplaces, gas logs



Sandra Norma G.

Very professional service. Thorough cleaning gave us peace of mind that there were no obstructions in the chimney.

Description of Work
Chimney sweeping

Category chimney sweep



kirsten D.

Very happy with the service. I would use them again.

Description of Work
Chimney sweep

Category chimney sweep



Vicki K.

It went very well. They were prompt even coming early!! Was in and out in an appropriate amount of time! Got the job done!! I am very happy!

Description of Work
Dryer vent cleaning

Category air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning



Elizabeth T.

Appreciate the patience Roland had, took the time to explain process. He also went over recommended upkeep to prevent future issues with our dryer vent. I would highly recommend services!

Description of Work
Dryer Vent cleaning

Category house cleaning, dryer vent cleaning




Roland was awesome. He called to say he might be a few minutes late due to prior job, but then got to our house at scheduled time. He arrived with his mask on due to Covid 19 cautions, and was courteous and efficient. He examined chimney caps and took pics for me, as well as inspecting the flu from the bottom. He did not charge me the full amount quoted, as chimney did not need cleaning. I would definitely recommend him!

Description of Work
Inspection for possible woodpecker/nest in chimney

Category chimney sweep, air duct cleaning



Nicole W.

Excellent customer service, my appointment was scheduled in a timely manner and the chimney sweep was completed as scheduled. I will book again next time I need their service.

Description of Work
Chimney Sweep

Category chimney sweep



Jim B.

Excellent work and excellent personality. I recommend him highly.

Description of Work
Chemically and mechanically cleaned chimney and fire box. Resurface bottom of fire place.

Category chimney sweep



Otis S.

AAA Home Services came out to give us a quote and service the chimney and dryer vent. Although they performed the service, they shortened the dryer coil by replacing it with another one. When called concerning same on 11/4/19 we spoke with Marie at first and then Roland (Owner) who was rude and reluctantly agreed to replace the coil with a longer coil to allow moving the dryer for cleaning without the coil popping off. 11/14/19 again reached out to Roland, because he'd not stopped by with the replacement coil as promised. He was not available and had to leave a message with Marie. As of 11/17/19 no response from the company or the owner. Would not recommend their service, as their rudeness and lack of follow-up on their promises leaves much to be desired.

Description of Work
Chimney and dryer vent cleaning

Category chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning

Service Provider Response

Mrs [Member Name Removed] did call and speak to myself over a week ago, her review dated 11-17-19 She was questioning the length of dryer vent hose we installed that she was not charged for , it was replaced due to the condition of her old one, lint, small holes wear and tear ..we always change them as to give us and homeowner leave of mind .. Keep in mind these services we completed August 9, 2019 as her invoice confirms this date.. We serviced her home 3 month earlier no complaints until she decided to remove dryer and “felt” her dryer hose was to short, All owner handbook / manuals state clearly when installing new vent hose it should be short as possible , CLARIFY, Dryer hose should be cut short to allow a better draw from Dryer to wall and to avoid kinks when pushing the appliance back causing a crimp if it’s to long hence not causing a blockage.. Our tech explained this to her Mrs [Member Name Removed] when we where out in August 9, 2019 and she was thier overseeing (behind him) this never mentioned she wanted longer Dryer hose at this time he explained the reasoning on a shorter hose never mentioned a longer but agreed.. My conversation with Mrs [Member Name Removed] was brief, She mentioned her concern that “She” felt hose was to small and she just noticed it, & thats when she called us .. she mentioned that she cleans behind dryer every 2weeks .. it’s been 3 months since our service ..and now she’s addressing this to us and wants us out to her home that very day.. As I mentioned to Mrs. [Member Name Removed] that this is our peak time of year I could drop off a new length / longer hose on her porch or knock on door and install it if she is home..(November or peak business month) it would a done not that day I mentioned we could drop off when in area she agreed.. What doesn’t help us is when she further confuses us & staff by Calling & thanking me for dropping off the dryer hose and saying I’m a man of my word .. thier are only 2 Service technicians myself and the other , By leaving this message we were both under the impression that it had been taken to her home by the other both new that she wanted a new one (longer hose) further delaying due to her message .. Keep in mind Thier was no issue on her review about the service cleaning both the chimney and dryer pipe.. and was not upset by service until she felt it was to short and couldn’t access behind dryer in the manner she is accustomed to.. Again it’s unfortunate that someone (Mrs [Member Name Removed]) has no experience in a certain field and question you and your staff and speak rudely in order to get thier way and further , setting confusion by leaving a message thanking us for dropping this off to thier home.... I did my best to address her issue , and hear her on the phone but when someone is on the defense already it can be difficult to explain to them. Mrs [Member Name Removed]’s actions by leaving a message did not help but further Delayed this issue.. I do appreciate your time in reading to get the scope of the issue Roland


albert M.

We contacted Roland Perez re a problem we were having with our gas log fireplace not working. Mr. Perez spent 30 minutes on the phone and walked us thru the problem and we were able to resolve issue without him coming to house or charging a service call! This was a situation where a repairman could have easily turned this into a service call and charged us. Bunch of money. He did not which speaks well of his character.

Description of Work
Gas log fireplace repair

Category chimney sweep, gas logs




Technician arrived, demonstrated the damper did not need to be replaced, inspected a clean chimney, explained if we wanted to use the fireplace how to properly prepare it so flames don’t inappropriately shoot into the home. We were able to book the company with about a day’s notice. Very courteous by phone, very courteous in person. Will certainly call when we’re closer to winter.

Description of Work
Our damper wasn’t stuck open and we couldn’t close it.

Category chimney repair



nancy P.

Great! Leo with Texas Air Quality was very polite, on time and everything was left clean. We will definitely have him back next year.

Description of Work
Fireplace cleaned and clothes dryer wall vent cleaned out

Category chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning



Constance Z.

Very well and will hire them when I need my next service.

Description of Work
Chimney cleaning & inspection

Category chimney sweep



Michael T.

The gentleman was on time and an excellent job.

Description of Work
Cleaned chimney

Category chimney sweep



John & Carmen H.

It went well. He advised us of a few problems we need to take care of regarding our chimney before we use it.

Description of Work
chimney sweep, cleaned out whole chimney

Category chimney caps



Genya B.

Called and booked the appointment to have a chimney sweep, appointment was between 12 and 2pm. The front desk gave the owner the wrong phone number so I assumed nobody was showing up around 1:45pm, so I went to get lunch for my kids. I got an angry phone call from the owner around this time after I had called the office to rebook stating I needed to go find another company because I wasted his time. Well I rebooked for 2 weeks later and on the day of the appointment, I called 30 minutes prior to CONFIRM the appointment by speaking with Marie. I called again 2 hours later because nobody showed up and she said she misunderstood and thought I was cancelling the appointment. I then rebooked with her for the following business day. Shortly after the owner called me again, and rudely told me to never use his company again and to go find another person to do the job. I explained that the office clerk Marie had misunderstood and it was not my fault that he thought it was cancelled. He agreed to see me on Monday so I took off work again for this appointment. On the day of this appointment, I texted the owner as he instructed me to an hour before my appointment and he said he wasn't going to come and that the office clerk Marie said I cancelled so he wasn't gonna waste his time with me anymore. When I called Marie, she cleverly told the boss "I understood that he was cancelling" which is a sneaky way of saving her own butt and throwing me, the customer under the bus. Firstly, there was a miscommunication every time I booked this appointment. First, because they had a wrong number and second because the dispatchers don't understand the difference between CONFIRM and CANCEL. I also shouldn't be told to go with another company simply because the owner and office don't know how to properly communicate with eachother, wasting all of our times. Beware of this ill tempered owner and business.

Description of Work
Chimney Sweep

Category chimney sweep

Service Provider Response

1-18-2018 my time if response is 3:07 to this review Mr Bagett texted Roland at 2:23pm for Monday (today) confirming a appointment he in which he & called and canceled on Friday the 17th 2018 , This was the second time he has done this to our company, the 1st appointment, I waited at his home, when speaking to him he said he was grocery shopping or at store and would be home in 5 minutes, 20 mins later I choose to leave and notifying him I was leaving that I had customers that where in the schedule after him , he never replied 30 minutes after I left his home he calls me asking where I am , he just got home.. I said he’ll need to reschedule 2nd appointment date Friday November the 16 he calls the office (12 noon) and canceled the appointment, when I was in route to his home .. I’m less 5 min from his home .. 2 hrs later he calls our office stating he didn’t cancel and waiting at his home for us, and was only confirming appointment If I was late to his appointment I’m sure he would had called 15 min after our scheduled time notifying us.. Mr [Member Name Removed] shows no concern to our time or revenue lost. He called Roland then office trying to break down any sort of communication in order to benefit himself, , under a very careful consideration made a decision on Friday not to work for this individual.. A rule of thumb is for me , not to start of a Buisness relationship by lying to , respect people by keeping your word , and not be rating hard working peopling by thinking you are better then then on the phone As a Buisness Owner I respect my Customers time, and show, my staff and I show professionalism toward our customers, I do have the right to decline Buisnes if I feel uncomfortable by someone.. keep in mind this person who wrote this I never spoke to , but did speak to a man , they wasted no time in writing a bad review but on the other hand could not be home the 1st time and canceled the 2nd appointment.. If they showed the same willingness to be home or keep Their appointment they wouldn’t feel this way.. We in the service industry can only do so much.. we try our hardest . Please keep this in mind that we all try our best , some are harder to please then others but we still go far and beyond as we did her .. scheduling and going out to the home twice shows I shows we tried Thank you for reading.. Best regards Roland


Shawn V.

Everything went smoothly; they got me scheduled quickly and the technician was prompt and friendly. All services were performed as requested and I would hire them again.

Description of Work
Chimney/Fireplace Cleaning & Insoection

Category chimney sweep, fireplaces



Bill W.

excellent! Found out he does other service we can use; will be calling him after the first of the year.

Description of Work
clean dryer vent

Category chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning



Richard S.

Chimney was swept and less than a bag of residue was cleaned out. Dryer flue was completely clogged. AAA cleaned it out and told me condition it had been in. I had to clean up very little residue after job was completed. I had used AAA before.

Description of Work
Chimney and dryer flue swept

Category chimney sweep, fireplaces, dryer vent cleaning



Martha G.

It went well. The employee was prompt, professional, and polite. He cleaned our fireplace and chimney, making sure none of the dust got on our furniture and floor. He kept the area clean.

Description of Work
Chimney cleaning and inspection

Category chimney sweep

Service Provider Response

Thank you Mrs. [Member Name Removed] Your review is very appreciative Roland


Robert J.

The services performed exceeded my expectations. The technician was very professional and knowledgeable. He also took the time to inform me of a serious problem with a dryer vent on my roof that needed to be replaced and discussed options on getting it replaced. I will definitely use this company again.

Description of Work
Dryer vent cleaning

Category chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning



George G.

Roland did an outstanding job. He was very knowledgeable and perform the job in a minimal of time. Well worth the price and would recommend to everyone. Great Job!!!

Description of Work
Dryer duct cleaning

Category dryer vent cleaning



June W.

AAA Services scheduled us right away, showed up on time, and got right to work. Jason did an excellent job cleaning our filthy dryer vent. Due to years of neglect, the vent was extremely clogged and our dryer was barely functioning. After the cleaning, our dryer time has gone from taking two hours to dry a load of clothes to thirty minutes. We're going to call AAA Services every year. We were very happy with the company, and it's such a sense of relief having our dryer vent nice and clean.

Description of Work
dryer vent cleaning

Category chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning



Carol G.

I have never had my dryer vent cleaned but after watching the news and saw my friends garage on fire because her dryer vent was clogged, I called AAA Home services. Mr. Perez is a true professional that is punctual and reasonable in price. I will call him on a yearly basis to get my dryer vent cleaned from now on. Thank you Mr. Perez.

Description of Work
Dryer Vent Cleaned

Category dryer vent cleaning

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning

    How is AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning overall rated?

    AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning is currently rated 4.9 overall out of 5.

    What days are AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning open?

    AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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    What payment options does AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning provide

    AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, American Express, PayPal, Financing Available

    Does AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offer free estimates?

    No, AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning does not offer free project estimates.

    Does AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offer a senior discount?

    Yes, AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offers a 5% senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning?

    Yes, AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offers warranties.

    What services does AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offer?

    AAA Home Services Inc and Aaron's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offers the following services: Chimney cleanings, Masonry repairs & Dryer vent cleaning, Appliance Repair, Pest Control. Gas Logs. Woodburner.