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Love Your Lawn

Founded 1994 • With Angi since April 2004


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521 J Pl Ste 625

Plano, TX 75074


Full Service Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Construction. Residential & commercial services....

Verified Reviews

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They email me after mowing, it's not always consistent.

Description of Work
Mowing and landscaping, weeding and trim bushes

Category landscaping, lawn service




On April 1, 2016 we met with Nick at our home to discuss our landscaping needs. We indicated what we wanted and that we wanted it done by the end of May. Nick suggested that we pay a deposit of $600 to work with a designer, which would be refundable as part of the landscape when we agreed on a design. We agreed to do this and wrote a check for $600. It cleared our bank on 4/4/2016. We did not hear from a designer and finally, my husband called and tracked someone down. We agreed to meet Amanda at the house on 4/15/2016. Amanda arrived at our house and we discussed what we needed and wanted in the design. We finally heard from Amanda again with the design and agreed to meet April 25. She texted me and asked if we could meet the 26th. She then texted me on the 26th and asked if we could meet on the 27th. We were finally able to meet on the 28th. We looked at the plans, I made some requested changes and asked for an estimate. On May 3rd , I followed up and than again on May 5th for the estimate and received it. Still no finalized design. I then spent the next 7 days trying to contact Amanda. On May 12th I called and left a message. I was told by Carlos via email that Amanda was no longer with the company. He did not have the electronic version of anything and had to recreate it apparently. I phoned love your lawn and asked to speak with a manager and was sent to Carlos. I received a drawing based on he was able to find. It is incomplete and does not take into account the changes we need to have made. Nor have I received a new estimate. He sent an email yesterday saying that he was working on it, again. I sent an email to Carlos this morning indicating that I wanted our money back. We will not be able to get the work completed by our deadline of the end of May at this point. The design is incomplete and not what we requested. Our plans STILL have to go through our HOA. We came to love your lawn in plenty of time to get the work done that we have requested. Our deposit needs to be returned to us immediately.

Description of Work
We requested landscaping services for both front and back yards. The work would have been substantial, over $10,000. We agreed to pay a $600 deposit for design services.

Category landscaping



Gene M.

Have enjoyed the quality of work provided thus far. It is obvious that the provider intends to associate a quality or standard of work that is competitive as well as satisfactory to the customer. This is very apparent with the office staff. I have not had extra ordinary reason to contact the office. However in the limited voice contact I have had with the office staff; I found the professionalism of high quality. The provider is clearly retaining and following a goal of customer service as to achieve satisfaction. Of the few conversations with the provider and speaking to the same office administrator, I was pleased with the diligence she offered and the effective manner she approached the questions I had concerning the service. In the field what I found interesting was the the Love Your Lawn Employees that administrate the actual work duty or labor continues to remain the same personnel at each visit. I have determined through observation that their effectiveness is of greater quality because of their knowledge of the yard they are working in a routine manner. It is my humble opinion that this provider supports the idea of supporting the customer with quality service.

Description of Work
Worked residence lawn, corner lot to include mowing, trimming, and edging.

Category lawn service



Linh P.

I’ve been using them since 2012. When I called they were able to schedule. George came out and we discussed what we wanted to do. The installers were very professional and worked very hard. The owner is very nice and knew what I wanted since I’ve used them before.

Description of Work
They did some landscaping including: stonework, planting trees and five rosebushes.

Category landscaping, tree service



Melissa H.

The crew showed up late most days (noon) and did not have an understanding of the plan or design for the backyard. Two fence sections were placed in the wrong location: 1 encroaching on my pool deck and a second where I has specifically asked them to NOT build. I do admit that I changed my mind several times (3-4 changes on alley side retaining wall material, addition of the sliding gate, adding a new gate and 11 foot side yard fence, and not building a fence section that separated my driveway from the pool area) while the job was being completed which caused some delays. However, there was little sense of urgency in my opinion for completing the job. The masonry was done well except for a section of the stairs that was originally left with a huge gap they chose to fill with caulk. I asked them to redo and they did a much better job the second time. I had to remind the project manager that a cap was supposed to be included on the wall. Ultimately, I am happy with the Belgard wall and steps. The extension to the patio deck turned out well, but was almost done incorrectly. The team had not looked at the design and initially cleared the sod for the wrong shape pour. Once I corrected them and provided the design that I thought would have been shared by the project manager the team did correct. They did a good job of meeting the existing concrete and explained several considerations for the next phase of our makeover. The project manager was at times rude and condescending. Apparently the fence builder was let go or moved to another job half way through my project which compounded my lack of confidence. I asked for design solutions for some cramped areas around my pool equipment and got none. Ultimately they built fence panels where I had specifically asked them not to. I asked for a solution that would allow for a sliding driveway gate and they said it could not be done. As a result I called in Texas Best Fence and they built our new automated sliding gate (fabulous). The designer was prompt, courteous and helpful. She provided a beautiful drawing of the makeover and a booklet with descriptions of the plantings. She was very diligent and followed up with me at appropriate intervals. I would not recommend this team for more than basic landscaping at best. The project was not coordinated well and while the results are livable, they are not quality and in my opinion were not worth the cost. Reflecting back on the project I think there were some talented team members, but the coordination and leadership of the project was lacking. I feel I paid a premium for the project manager and don't think that portion of the expense was well spent.

Description of Work
Removal and replacement of perimeter fence, removal of yard-timber retaining wall and replacement with Belgard, and extension of patio (concrete pour only).

Category fencing, landscaping, lawn service, hardscaping



Aubrey R.

Could not have been better. Excellent supervision and Workers. Excellent design in coordination with us. Owner was actively involved From the beginning. Finished ahead of schedule. Will likely do Addition work with them.

Description of Work
Grading. Total new sod, concrete patio/walkways, 150 plants,4 trees wide flower beds 3 sides Lighting front and back and excellent coordination with irrigation Contractor.

Category lawn service



Perry D.

Christmas Lights were installed and appeared to work but later that same night the GFI to the outside plugs repeatedly tripped. Since we had a medical emergency we did not get back with vendor immediately. We did have an electrician check out the GFI for any fault condition and none was found. But while I walked with electrician he found some Christmas light wires on the ground that were that were exposed. He said to call light installers as he does not do this type of work. Wife called vendor same day who said they would call us to come out either that day or the next. We did not get a call but had to make repeated calls to get a response for service. The final call was made by husband who at this time was stern about getting service. Repair guy came but his posture was NOT to repair ANYTHING but start a blame game on others i.e. electrician then he claimed vandalism. Never took ownership for POOR workmanship. Our mail carrier was there to witness the entire exchange as she waited for the angry vendor to leave before delivering a Christmas package. Her comment was tell your neighbors. Needless to say we will NEVER use this company for ANYTHING at our home in the future. Update 12/18/2014 On 12/13/2014 the new lights were installed with corrections made to the connections.

Description of Work
Vendor came out to install Christmas lights on 24-Nov-2014. Update 12/18/2014 On 12/13/2014 the owner of this organization scheduled a third crew to come access and repair the installed lights (the lights were replaced) and the connections fixed). Since the owner apologized for the way things went and is going to remove the lights at no cost to us, we have changed our rating because we believe he has resolved the issue to our satisfaction.

Category lawn service, holiday decorators



Cindy B.

The salesman promised all of that for $400 but when the workers came out they said they couldn't perform all of that work for the price. I called the office, got the owner and explained the situation. She told me that they'd make it right and they ended up performing all of the work for the $400 as promised.

Description of Work
They aerated the lawn, put down new sod, and fertilized.

Category lawn treatment, mulch



Allan I.

They came on the scheduled day while I was at work. I got a call from the office in the afternoon with the price. When I got home, I saw that they did an excellent job around the house. The flower beds, bushes and trees look much better!

Description of Work
Clean flower beds, trim bushes, raise canopies on trees, prune trees

Category landscaping, lawn service, tree service



Ken N.

They did a lot of work. The trees and shrubs were very overgrown. We didn't recognize it when we saw the yard after they finished it. This is the second time we have called them, and we have been happy with their work both times.

Description of Work
Trimmed trees, shrubs and cleaned out flower beds

Category landscaping, lawn service, tree service



Audrey E.

They were very professional and preformed the job start to finish in a reaonable time. The job took two days and the workers cleaned up after them selves each day. They paid closed attention to details. I would use this company again as they did an outstanding job!

Description of Work
built a flag stone patio

Category lawn service



Michelle B.

After repeated attempts to tell them not to uproot my edging on my beds while they mosed, which were ignored, I canceled the service. Not only did they deny they uprooted the beds each time I talked to them, the office transferred me numerous times in order not to listen to my complaints. Worst service provider I've encountered in five years.

Description of Work
The provider was to cut the lawn.

Category lawn service



Robert M.

It did not go very well. The landscape contract was signed on December 2nd. At that time I was told that all the plants would be planted by December 4th. After numerous calls to the company, them promising to "be out there tomorrow", them not showing up as promised, more calls to them, more promises and more missed appointments, them not even calling to say they were not coming out, finally they finished the planting on December 11th. What was described by the salesman and what was actually planted was as different as night and day. The bushes that I was told would be about 3 foot tall were about 6 inches tall. You would have to look hard to even notice these bushes. The salesman told me I would have medium size rose bushes or rose shrubs planted and they would not totally fill a 10 foot area immediately but would be very visible immediately. Similar to the bushes, you have to be standing almost right next to these things to even notice them. They are a couple inches high. At the same time, December 2nd, I signed a contract to have Christmas lights put up around my home. The salesman said they would put lights along the edge of my home, these I had to buy from them as for some reason they could not use the Christmas lights I had used in the past. Because I had to purchase their lights for my roof, the salesman said that they would use my lights on my bushes in the front of my home, on trees in my front yard and on the 3 pillars in my backyard. I was told the lights would be installed no later than mid day December 4th. Again the company did not come out on the 4th. Then my calls, their promises to come out, more calls from me, more broken promises, finally on Saturday, December 14th a crew showed up at my home at 9:00 AM. I was never told anyone was coming out Saturday morning. Luckily I was home. When the lights were finished being put up, I went out to see them. I was so disappointed. There was just white lights on my roof, a single row along the edge. I asked the person in charge why they did not put up my lights on the shrubs, trees and pillars. I was told he knew nothing about that. Again the calls and promises went back and fourth. Finally they came out but only put my lights on my bushes in my front yard and left without testing the timer. On Saturday, December 21st I picked my daughter up at the airport. The salesman knew the reason I was putting the lights up and the landscaping upgraded was so she could feel the Christmas spirit when she came home for the holiday. I pulled into my subdivision, and I am on a corner lot, as I approached my home that evening my home was totally dark. Because they never tested what they did, whenever the lights came on it would trip and circuit and the lights would not come on. Eventually they came out and "fixed it". Well they didn't fix it and again every time the lights go on it trips a circuit. Honestly when I drove up to my home that evening that money was thrown away. My daughter was not going to be standing in my front yard to see these lights that never got put up everywhere in my front yard and nowhere in my backyard. So a contract signed on December 2nd was almost finished by the 21st but when I needed those lights to come on they didn't. When the salesman was at my home on December 2nd he knew that all this work was so when my daughter came home the house and landscaping would look great. Again, the lights in the front of my home didn't work by the 21st and didn't have all the lights placed where I was told. No lights were put in the back patio (on the pillars) and the landscaping was not done as the salesman described. So what look I was trying to achieve never happened. I don't even flip the circuit for the lights any more.

Description of Work
They planted 3 rose bushes, 20 dwarf holly plants, 16 flats of seasonal flowers and put a row of white Christmas lights along the edge of my roof.

Category landscaping, lawn service




The service was only performed about half the time. I had asked for weeds cut down under bushes - it wasn't done. We agreed to stop the mowing service. I signed a contract, unfortunately, so will have them do other things until it runs out. They pruned bushes and did a good job. Weed control and fertilizing seems good so far.

Description of Work
mow lawn

Category lawn service, lawn treatment



David V.

The job started and ended on the same day. The team was very professional and did an excellent job.

Description of Work
Love Your Lawn providing landscaping services that included replacing old volcanic stone with river rocks.

Category landscaping, lawn service, pavers, gravel



Lynda G.

It was a group of 4 man. They got out of the truck and they worked for a solid 3 hours. We were satisfied with their work. Their price was a little higher than the other services that I've used.

Description of Work
We used Love Your Lawn for some clean ups and trimming of bushes and trees. We do our own lawn so we just want once or twice a year to have someone professional come in and just kinda get our backyard in tip top shape.

Category lawn service, tree service



Gabriella N.

Timely and knowledgable staff. They did a great job trimming my tree and shrubs in the back and has been doing a great job taking care of the lawn on a weekly basis. The initial consultation was great, Mike explained what they can do for me and seemed extremely knowledgable about the how to take care and better my yard.

Description of Work
lawn care, tree trimming, fertalizing

Category lawn service, lawn treatment, tree service



Alex R.

Not the best company, a lot of over-promising and under-delivering. The work was okay in the end, but I would not use them again.

Description of Work

Category landscaping, lawn service



Yvonne B.

Conducted one treatment and came back to do another treatment within 24 hours from my request, as results were not acceptable. I am confident this is will be a long term relationship with this customer service.

Description of Work
Annual lawn, tree shrub treatment plan

Category landscaping, lawn service, tree service



David B.

The pruned the trees, but did a "Lion's tail" job. I will now have to wait a couple of years and get a real arborist out to fix my trees. The worked and put the underground drain in, but it was not level and it was so bad it would never have drained. I had to make them dig it up and re level it. They also duck taped the sections together. They told me it was glued together and the tape was just to hold the glued sections together. I checked this after they had left and this was a lie. After three days of attempts, they still hadn't finished the one section of fence extension. In this time, they spilled primer all over my pool deck, which is a Sundek finish which will now have to be refinished. They damaged the wires running to my sprinkler system. The broke sprinkler lines multiple times, they damaged my brand new downspout, they killed some of my shrubs. After all of these problems I fired them. The owner called me and said the following: 1. He wanted to at least finish the fence so he didn't leave that part of the project unfinished 2. He wouldn't charge me anything 3. I could send him bills for the damage to my pool deck and downspout and they would pay for it. 4. The would find replacement plants and bring them to the house. 5. He assured me it would be a different crew to do the job. So, of the guys who had been at the house, two of the same ones showed up. They did finish the fence, although they didn't stain it. They said someone would be back out to stain it. I sent them the bills, inquired about the staining.....never heard from them since. I had to stain the fence, I've had to accomplish my own repairs and contracted with someone else to complete the rest of the work. Don't use these people.

Description of Work
I contracted with them to do the following: Extend the fence on one side of my house by one section. Prune my trees. Add an underground drain extension for a new downspout. Put new sod down in several areas. Put stone rings around two trees. Clean out by my fence along the alley and fill in with stone.

Category lawn service



Lloyd B.

It was excellent. They were very professional and knew what they were doing. We were pleased with them. It was a reasonable price and the quality of work was excellent. I recommended them to my neighbor next door.

Description of Work
We used Love Your Lawn to put in sod in our lawn.

Category landscaping




The company is in the process of responding to some issues we had with their service. We will update our review when they have completed it.

Description of Work
Laid sod, and installed landscaping.

Category landscaping, lawn service



Christy C.

We have always been happy with the scheduling and quality of work from Love Your Lawn. The price is right at $100/hr for 3 guys and they are able to get a lot of work completed. If they have extra time, they will do general maintenance as well like lawnmowing and edging. We plan to continue to use Love Your Lawn when we have landscaping projects that come up.

Description of Work
We use Love Your Lawn 3-4x a year to clean up our yard including leaf cleanup, weeding, hedge trimming and general maintenance. Depending on the amount of work due in our yard, we have them do 2-4 hours worth of work.

Category landscaping, lawn service, leaf removal



Victor R.

The test of the sprinkler system was free. We were given a rough estimate of what it would cost to make repairs, which seemed a little high. We called in another business to do the same thing and although their hourly rate was a bit higher, they brought in a whole crew and completed the job in about half the time Love Your Lawn had estimated.

Description of Work
Test sprinkler system and give estimate on making repairs if needed.

Category lawn service



Barbara E.

They were really good. With regard to price, they had a special; $200 for six hours of work. They were punctual and efficient.

Description of Work
I used Love Your Lawn for cleanup and to put some mulch in.

Category lawn service, mulch

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    How is Love Your Lawn overall rated?

    Love Your Lawn is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

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    Love Your Lawn is open:

    Monday: 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM

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    Love Your Lawn accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

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    Yes, Love Your Lawn offers free project estimates.

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    Yes, Love Your Lawn offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Love Your Lawn does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Love Your Lawn?

    Yes, Love Your Lawn offers warranties.

    What services does Love Your Lawn offer?

    Love Your Lawn offers the following services: Lawn Maintenance. New Landscape. Installation. Stonework. Water Features. New Sod Grass. Outdoor Living Areas. Flagstone Patios & Walkways. Retaining Walls. Fences & Pergolas. Flowers & Mulch. Firepits & Outdoor Fireplaces. Holiday Lighting.