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Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair

Founded 1996 • With Angi since April 2010


(159) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


4430 Talina Way

Houston, TX 77041


Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair Services is dedicated to the solution of problems for residential or commercial foundations. BEFORE you spend a fortune on sky high foundation repairs with no guarantee of success, let us inspect your foundation by our Texas-licensed Professional Engineer in Structural Engineering, Mark E. Haas, PE, with more than 30 years of engineering experience. Our recommended solutions treat the source of your foundation movement whereas foundation companies only treat the symptoms but not the underlying problem. Our recommended solutions often include one or more of the following; 1) Installation a tree root barriers and/or water barriers, 2) Installation of a new yard drainage system in combination with re-sloping of the surrounding soils. Call us now for an on-site inspection of your home or building which will include a detailed elevation report with our recommended solutions. Costs for our on-site visit and report are: 1) $450 for 2500sqft or less. 2) $600 for 5000sqft or less. 3) Greater than 5000sqft call 281-773-8331 for a quote....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Kelly M.

Analysis of a wall to determine if it was load bearing

Description of Work
Mark was great and provided us the information that was needed prior to our project execution. He gave us the confidence to move forward.

Category structural engineer



Mark H.

the structural engineer visited our home and surveyed the lot. He noted where external influences could be affecting the foundation. The engineer went through the home and measured the elevations of the floor to within 0.1". He created a plot and should how the outside influences were affecting the foundation. A short time after his visit, he e-mailed a 16-page report with a detailed description of the survey, the plot of the elevations, and a written description of the ongoing effects on the foundation and home. He noted how previous foundation repair was negatively affecting the foundation. He noted how to correct the deficiencies and prescribed a chronological list of remedies to return the foundation to fully functioning. Thanks for his hard work and thorough assessment of the foundation. I am avoiding needlessly wasted money on unnecessary foundation repairs.

Description of Work
Structural Engineering and Foundation Assessment

Category structural engineer,foundation repair



Larry M.

The work proceeded reasonably well, timewise. Results were not up to par. They covered my pool with a tarp, but when cleaning up, several bricks that they tore out fell to the pool bottom, producing chips in the pool plaster where the underlying concrete shows through. Though it is mostly cosmetic, they are not doing anything to fix it. Next, most of the flagstone have grout residue around the stones that is totally crappy-looking, and they sealed it with sealer. Further, they have not come out to do anything about it after several phone calls and originally agreeing to come out and pressure-wash it. The patio is not something I am proud of now, and I am now having to deal with stripping off the sealer and then getting rid of the haze of the grout. I'm also seeing signs of cracks between some sections of grout and flagstone. Cleanup was not complete as they left some grout on my driveway that was not noticeable until it dried, long after they left. Another thing, there is an 8" slope from patio to driveway that they sloppily did on two different days with differently shaded grout. Bottom line - I feel this was an unprofessional job.

Description of Work
Complete backyard patio by pool redone.

Category pavers, gravel

Service Provider Response

We regret that Mr. [Member Name Removed] was not completely satisfied with end results of our flagstone work. We have excellent rock layers and the work should have been cleaned up properly at the end of the job. Before any work begins all customers are given the cell phone number for the Earth Ideas owner to call for any problems that are not being resolved satisfactorily. The owner never received a call or was made aware of the situation.


Carol C.

Great they really worked hard. A little aggressive trimming but in fairness I didn't tell them what I wanted.

Description of Work
Weeding, trimming and mowing

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

Thank you for the A rating!


Sam B.

The drainage work and the flagstone patio work was fairly well done and I am happy with the level of work done. The gutter work was done well but was fully outsourced. The cement work was sloppy. They ruined a few landscaping lights and bent up the existing landscaping border and made zero effort to clean it up. The also must have dumped some of their clean up water around a tree where I had to work to clean up the cement residue. The turf piece of the work turned into a total nightmare. They installed the requested turf in the wrong location. Upon questioning, I was told our request would have impaired drainage, which is understandable but that should be a discussion prior to changing the plans... as you can't really move the stuff once its been cut and installed. Mike, the foreman agreed to do one thing to fix the issue by installing some leftover sections to balance the way it looked and ended up using 5 scrap pieces that don't fully match. The 5 pieces we also now realize were not installed with the right under layers of sand... and are now sinking. When we tried to get the work fixed (and I was willing to pay at least a little) the owner was completely unhelpful and basically said he wouldn't do anything other than a full cost fix and claimed that Mike didn't even have the right to make the agreement to fix it. I had picked Earth Ideas based on a recommendation from a friend and had read the A reviews but unfortunately had not read the D and F reviews, as I know really see that this is a bit of trend on parts of jobs that don't go well. Unfortunately I had paid for the work before fully getting this last bit sorted out... and that was the biggest error, since I had no leverage to make anything happen to fix the work at that point.

Description of Work
Drainage, gutter, concrete repair, flagstone patio, artificial turf.

Category gutter repair,pavers, gravel,drain pipe,hardscaping,patios

Service Provider Response

Earth Ideas is happy that the customer is satisfied with the Drainage work and Gutter work performed. The dissatisfaction seems to be be the artificial turf. At the end of the job the customer expressed complete satisfaction with the artificial turf installation and paid us in full with no complaints. A week later the customer contacted us and said that he wanted a new estimate for an additional 6x10 turf area that was not in the original estimate. After the customer received our new estimate he contacted Earth Ideas and stated that "he did not think he should have to pay full price as he already spent a lot of money and that he believed Earth Ideas should install the new grass at below cost". Artificial turf installation is slow and costly and we replied to the customer that due to the time involved that we would have to make a profit. Unfortunately after that the customer became very dissatisfied.


Danny C.

Earth Ideas is not a company you want to invest over $13,000 in. In the first week of May 2017, we hired Earth Ideas Landscaping to install a sprinkler system, new beds in our front and back yard as well as a row of 7 trees as a privacy barrier along our back fence. We met with Mike twice and had all our decisions made for installation within a few days. Getting the work contracted and scheduled through the office with Jennifer was quite difficult. She was non-responsive to email and phone calls. She would promise to send documents, but nothing would deliver. Finally, I had to call and let her know that if I did not get anything to start the installation, we would be going with a different company. We received the contract that afternoon. After the work had completed and all payments made, we began to see that one of the trees we purchased started dropping a lot of leaves. We were instructed to water each tree twice a day using a hose rather than just the sprinkler so the root structure would get plenty of water. On may 23rd I sent Mike a message with a concern about this single tree that was surrounded by other trees not shedding leaves: ***May 23rd - 5:55 PM - (ME) - Hey there Mike one of these trees are shedding all of its leaves. Is there something I should be adding to the soil to prevent this from happening? (MIKE) - Let me check with a couple of my nursery managers and see what they have to say I will get back to you first thing in the morning (Me) - Ok Thanks, I could not find anything online. (MIKE) - The job were working on tomorrow its not far from you so I may stop by with a couple of guys and will pull the whole thing back up out of the ground and take a look at the root ball. (ME) It still has leaves but definitely looks ill. Mike did not come the next day but I did receive a text on the 25th. After this conversation, Mike called me on May 25th to ask if the tree was dropping green leaves or were they brown and then dropping. I told him they were green leaves falling and nothing was brown on the tree. He then said he would be out to make sure nothing was wrong with the sprinkler and to STOP WATERING the tree manually as this was an indication of TOO MUCH WATER. 6 Days later I contact MIKE. ***On May 31st at 4:04 I had heard nothing back and sent another message: (ME) - Mike, Not sure if y'all were able to come by while I was away. I got back this afternoon, and the tree looks pretty much dead. Are y'all coming by to look at the sprinkler this week? Still heard nothing by this point: ***June 1st 7:30 PM (ME) Mike, can you call me tomorrow regarding this tree. We need to know if it needs to be replaced or if it has something to do with the sprinkler. (Mike) S*&T I;m sorry, I just now saw your text from yesterday too. I can definitely stop by tomorrow after five. (Me) - Sounds good Thanks. ***June 2nd 7:30 PM (MIKE) Been trying to get finished up over here as quickly as possible to make it over there Mr. C (ME) That's cool. If tomorrow is better I am here. (Mike) Thanks for your patience and understanding I will touch base with you here in about a half hour. (Me) No Problem I did not ever receive a call from Mike and then sent a follow-up message asking if I could just buy a tree. ***June 6th 9:20 AM (ME)Hey there. Can you let me know what it is going to cost to replace this tree? It is dead. But before anything else is planted I want to make sure it does not happen again. (MIKE) I feel bad about it so I'll put it in at cost $625 (ME) That works. I just want to make sure it won't happen again. ***June 12th 10:27 (ME) He there Mike. What do I need to do to get this tree scheduled? (MIKE) I 'll have Jenifer call you and get that worked out for this week. ***June 22nd (4:40) (ME)Hey there. I have not heard from anyone on when this tree is scheduled. I have sent a couple of emails. Do you know when this will be scheduled? (MIKE) I will follow up at the office in the morning I would say definitely within the next couple of days. Finally, ON June 14th I received an agreement from Jennifer for installing this tree and checking the sprinkler, 23 days after I initially brought the issue to Earth Ideas attention. On June 26th the owner of the company Brian came to my house to look at the sprinkler and the tree. He met with my wife and indicated the tree died because it was not watered enough and we should have been watering it correctly. He also scolded my wife and said we should have called the office and not gone to Mike. There was no mentioning of when the tree would be installed. After this meeting with my wife, I decided that since the company was incapable of corresponding via phone, messages or text, and seemed to tell us different reasons for the trees death I sent an email with my unhappiness and that any further discussions were going to need to be in writing. The owner Brian called me while I was out of town and wanted to talk to me over the phone. I responded to his message with another email requesting that correspondence would need to be in writing and that if this were not resolved, I would be going to the BBB. He then called me again with a rather hostile message and specifically said: "If you are going to go through the BBB than I am not going to waste my time trying to solve this with an email." At this time we have hired another landscape company to install a new tree and correct any mistakes that Earth Ideas has done. The representation of the company is less than ideal and far from having any real integrity. Earth Ideas is a company that will take your money, drop plants in the ground and not concern itself about any issues that may arise while hiding behind contracts and false warranties. Mike at least tried in the beginning but its ownership represents the company. Brian is not equipped with the customer service needed and the business integrity to deserve a rating of A+

Description of Work
We had a sprinkle system installed as well has new beds made in our front yard and back yard. Additionally we had a row of trees installed as a privacy fence along the back of the yard.

Category landscaping,irrigation systems,mulch,tree service

Service Provider Response

I am sorry the customer is unhappy with Earth Ideas. After reading the customers comments it appears his concerns are NOT about the overall quality of work but rather that 1 small tree died after installation. The customer was very happy at the final walk-through and made the final payment without any complaints. However several weeks the customer called about 1 tree was looking bad. It was discussed with the customer that the tree was disease free when planted and so the tree must now be either being under-watered or over-watered. Soon afterwards the customer reported that the tree had died. The owner of Earth Ideas came out to take a look at the tree and concluded that the customer had under-watered the tree. Before Earth Ideas installs any plants we let the customer know that plants are guaranteed healthy upon planting and that there is no guarantee on any plant materials. Despite this the owner of Earth Ideas was going to replace the tree free of charge for the customer however the customer chose not to return any of the Earth Ideas phone calls.


Kathleen B.

Initially our experience with the company went well. We were pleased with the estimate we received from the sales director and we were pleased with the landscaping that was installed. However, at the conclusion of the work, there was one part of the job that was not completed in the backyard. We spoke with the sales director who had confirmed in our initial meetings that this work was part of the job, and he assured us someone would get out to do this work. However, the owner refused to honor this commitment and began to nickle and dime us and insisted charging us extra to do the work. When they finally came out to the do the work for the fee, they didn't have the enough material and insisted on increasing the cost to complete the job, which at this point we declined. Ultimately we cannot recommend this company because they will not honor the word of their employees and address any outstanding issues once they leave your home.

Description of Work
We wanted some landscaping done in our backyard and some modifications to the front yard landscaping.

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

The owner of Earth Ideas regrets the miscommunication with the customer. In this particular instance the customer was very happy with the over all job and quality performed however on the last day of the job the customer wanted us to do some additional work that was not in the original written estimate or agreement. Even though this work was not in original estimate we would have been happy to accommodate her wishes if only she had told us the day before as we did not have any drain parts with us. Because we had to return the the job the next day and purchase extra parts we gave the customer an estimate for the extra work. The customer feels that we should have done this work for free.


sheryl L.

No call no show!! Awarded the work to another company

Description of Work
No call no show!! Awarded the work to another company

Category landscaping,tree service



Jason H.

I had Earth Ideas help me take back my front yard and add a little curb appeal to my home. Mike came out and provided me a quote the next day. With all the rain we have been getting things were delayed a few times. The owner personally contacted me to reschedule around the weather issues, but as soon as the rain broke they were out there working away. My wife and I could not be more happy with the work, not to mention the cost was very competitive with the other bids I received. I would definitely recommend them.

Description of Work
Layed a new concrete landing and walkway.Poured crushed granite for rear alley garage apron. Re-sodded front yard.

Category landscaping,lawn service,mulch,hardscaping



Nicholas L.

Mike and his team were awesome from the beginning and all the way through installation. When I first called Mike for an estimate he met me at my house that same day and gave me an informal estimate on the spot. I had a formal estimate emailed to me the following morning. He was straightforward and not pushy. His prices were comparable to some other estimates and much cheaper than a few. What sold me on the company was Mike's professionalism. He followed up quickly with phone calls, text messages, and emails all the way through the process. He and his team installed new gutters with mesh guards on the entire house. The backyard used to turn into a lake every time it rained. He and his team also installed inlets and 4" PVC on both sides of the house and tied the rain gutter downspouts into the drainage system. His installers were professional and left the yard as neat as when they arrived. The grass was pealed back and replaced after the PVC was installed. I can't even tell that a trench was dug. We had a heavy rain two weeks after the installation was performed and we did not have a lake in my backyard afterwards. I am sold on Earth Ideas Landscaping and will definitely use them for our next project.

Description of Work
Provider installed new rain gutters on house and an exterior drainage system in yard.

Category gutter repair,drain pipe

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    State of Texas
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    Texas Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
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    Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair Services (by Earth Ideas Co.) offers an on-site evaluation and detailed report by a licensed structural engineer of your house and building problems. We also advise the customer on the best remedy and solutions to your problems. Such solutions may include one or more of the following; 1) Installation a tree root barriers and/or water barriers, 2) Installation of a new yard drainage system in combination with re-sloping of the soils surrounding the foundation. Call us now for an on-site inspection of your home or building. Cost for on-site visit and report: 1) $450 for 2500sqft or less. 2) $600 for 5000sqft or less. 3) Greater than 5000sqft call for quote.

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    Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair is currently rated 4.3 overall out of 5.

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    Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair is open:

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    No, Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair does not offer free project estimates.

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    No, Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair?

    Yes, Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair offers warranties.

    What services does Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair offer?

    Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair offers the following services: Houston Foundation Analysis & Repair Services (by Earth Ideas Co.) offers an on-site evaluation and detailed report by a licensed structural engineer of your house and building problems. We also advise the customer on the best remedy and solutions to your problems. Such solutions may include one or more of the following; 1) Installation a tree root barriers and/or water barriers, 2) Installation of a new yard drainage system in combination with re-sloping of the soils surrounding the foundation. Call us now for an on-site inspection of your home or building. Cost for on-site visit and report: 1) $450 for 2500sqft or less. 2) $600 for 5000sqft or less. 3) Greater than 5000sqft call for quote.