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Dallas Home Renovations

Founded 2001 • With Angi since February 2008


(13) Verified Reviews

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3432 Lark Meadow Way

Dallas, TX 75287


Additional fax: 972-236-6033...

Verified Reviews

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Judith H.

Richard's company came highly recommended by our son in Lake Highlands, after using the company for a complete external brick painting and updating of their home. Our particular project was quite small. We needed help in completing a DIY project of repainting and adding trim to a guest bedroom. Richard was very responsive in getting back with us and taking on the project even though it was a small job and even though he had a full load of projects. Within a week of contacting him, he had come to our house to look at the room and worked with us to schedule painters on the week-end. The two contractor painters showed up within an hour of the estimated scheduled time, worked quietly, quickly, and left us with just exactly the room we had been working toward! They were extremely careful in covering several pieces of furniture still in the room and an existing ceiling fan before spraying the discolored popcorn ceiling. It looked beautiful when it was completed. They also did a beautiful job of installing the ceiling trim that we had purchased and in painting the remaining trim and doors. Richard was adamant that we should examine the work carefully and ensure we were completely satisfied before releasing the painters. We did ask them to take care of just a couple of things, which they did in a very pleasant and professional manner. We are planning to have more work done on our house before the end of the year with regard to removing some half walls, painting paneling, painting kitchen cabinets, and just general updating of a 1970's house. We will definitely get a bid from this company when tacking that project. Richard took care of us in record time and enabled us to meet our next task of having new carpet installed.

Description of Work
Bedroom update - painted popcorn ceiling, installed & painted ceiling trim, painted all remaining trim, window sills & doors.

Category home remodeling



Tahmuras N.

The following problems during and after the work supposedly finished.1.The accent was installed backwards .We had to research and tell the contractor to correct the installation of the accent.2. Fire hazard in the attic due to unlicensed electrician doing the rewiring.3. The shower plumbing and the drain did not work 4.The shower pan leaked.5 The shower door is crooked due to crooked tiles.6.The faucets too close to backsplash hence one cannot clean behind the faucets. 7.The tile work is of poor quality.8 The sheet rock in the garage damaged when decking done over the garage. We withheld $3000.00 so that we could hire qualified persons to correct all the problems. The contractor wanted at least $1500.00 draw to finish the punch list . We did not have much trust in his work so we decided to withhold $3000.00 to complete the job to our satisfaction. The plumbing, electrical, tiles, accent and quartz is of high quality but the workmanship and subsequent defects has reduced the value of the master bathroom. We have to go through substantial cost to fix all the above mentioned defects. The contractor owes us refund for poor quality of work and causing disruption of our life. The workers were not careful with our property and carpet in the master bedroom is ruined. There was hardly any supervision by the contractor. Conclusion: The work is of such poor quality and full of defects that we have to start over to rebuild the shower pan, redo the tile and the accent in the shower and around the tub which will cost us more than the $3000.00 that we withheld from the contractor The electrical and the plumbing work has to be corrected.AS PER THE TILEPERSON WHO IS REBUILDING THE SHOWER PAN NOTHING WAS DONE CORRECTLY TO BUILD THE SHOWER PAN. HAD WE NOT TESTED THE SHOWER PAN FOR LEAK WE WOULD HAVE HAD SHOWERPAN LEAK IN A VERY SHORT TIME. THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRE H AZARD IN THE ATTIC. Reply to The Contractors accusations: Reply to his insurance claim by him. We asked him to let the insurance company know that the old shower door will not fit properly after the new tiles are set he totally agreed with us on this. We asked the contractor to give us a separate bid for the jobs that insurance company was accepting to pay since his bid was for a remodeling that was not part of insurance claim. We even were insisting since insurance co is paying for rotted wood that to please replace them and he insisted that they are ok. We found out after the shower was opened by the new contractor that he had only replaced few of them. Adjustor had no issue of adding the door to his list when he saw the job site. I have been emotional about this since this was dragging long and I could see the bad work could see I made a wrong decision to give him another chance. We had given him so much money that we could not withdraw early on or we would have. I thought since I have given him a referral that he will make sure he does a good job for us, but he was not capable of this level job. We also went against our better judgment of hiring him knowing that one of our folks we have referred him to was not happy with his quality. Not everyone understands second chance. They take you as a fool. In this case I blame myself every day. His claim about us becoming Angi’es list just to complain about his was work is totally false. (Masking the real issue). We are a member of Angie’s list for over a year. We made sure we have all of our facts and invoices and pictures ready before we wrote anything as we know this forum is only for facts. We even have proof on this. Above is another unsubstantial claim by him. He is threatening us so that we do not tell the facts and alert other member to be aware of his poor job. Does he need to write this in this forum? He can get an attorney and deal with if he chooses. This forum is not for legal issues. Scaring other to do what is right is not what this forum is all about. Next time another consumer wants to write about him has to worry that he will get an attorney for them too. He had us sign a contract which included an entity that did not exist. The entity TRCC did not exist. It had been dissolved on August 2008. We called to verify TRCC but the line was busy after we had given him the check. He had cashed it in less than 30 minutes and we left for thanksgiving. He started the job on 12/02/2013. When he left the job site and we checked with our council we found out that he had us sign a no effective contract. At the time that he left we did not know about any of the leaks and plumbing and electrical issues. We just wanted him to fix few of the major issues like the tiles and shower door before we proceeded with more payment, since we were afraid he was going to say this is the best he could do after he got his last payment. We had an inspector to check the plumbing and electrical since the unlicensed electrician and plumbers had done the work. Inspector informed us that plumbing does not work and there is fire hazard in the electrical work. Then we hired a plumber, he fixed several issue of the plumbing and told us we had to have a permit to build a shower pan (when we asked the contractor he said we did not need it). We did not hire the plumber for the leak detection, but when he was running the water he found out water was not draining and took out lots of debris from the tile material and other stuff out of the drain. During the process of getting bids to fix other issues we notice that the tile in the shower floor is not drying for 3 days and each contractor had different opinion as to why it was happening. We called the first plumber he could not come soon so we called another plumber for just checking for the shower pan leak. We wanted this to be independent of the tile contractors, so no one confuses us to get the job; we were still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Within the first hour of the test the shower pan leaked from all four corners and by the next day no water was left in the shower floor and the plumber certified that there is a major shower pan leak. We got bids from different contractors and selected one company that was willing to take on the task. As the work progressed and when they took the tiles out we could not believe what we saw, nails in the shower pan and one side was not even covered and everywhere was wet. He has taken the cement block seat out and built a wooden one. The area was not even covered by shower pan material. No other contractor accepted the job around the tub and said the previous installer did not know how to install this tile and to fix it all has to be torn down and completely redone. This bad work was Dallas home Renovation Company’s second attempt on this accent tile. I even went around per his recommendation looking for a tile that was available in inventories so we can get this work done fast, and I could not find one that was in stock. His sub was pressuring us to pay them before they come and fix the issue with our counter top and said he has not paid them in full, so we explained what had happened, that is the trashing he is talking about. They said he is the one that give them jobs and not us so they will take his side. We are not enjoying this process; we have life that has been disturbed. We have so far paid $6038.00 to redo all this after he has left, we owe him $3000 but what about our $6038 and the agony he has put us through and we have been in this mess for almost 3 months. We have not written nor do we write about his manners since this is not the issue in this forum. We are not here to mask the real issue with “He said”, “she said”. My emotional had nothing to do with his unskilled and unlicensed works and lack of supervision. My husband was checking the job site to see if they have covered the stuff since they were damaging the tub and new counter top by putting their chemical materials to mix for the tile and throwing all the tile derbies in an uncovered tub. Brand new faucets were not covered he covered them. The contractor keep telling us he has several jobs and cannot get to all of them so what was our fault here. (Masking the real issue) Below are the items we could see before he left the job and we did inspection and found out about all the other issues. This is why we could not take it any more by paying and not getting a decent job. 1. Shower pan tile installation: bad prep for under the tile and uneven areas and, he accepted it was bad and needed to be redone. 2. Few of shower wall tiles, since we could not ask for all. Most of the ceramic tiles that were cut had chipped. Uneven grout everywhere. 3. Bathroom floors, one tile was installed wrong direction, and several tiles had wider grout than the rest. His tile man was not good. 4. Tub skirts: Insert was installed backward. Contractor said this was the way it should be we had to insist that he should check with the tile co. The instruction of the tile installation was clearly noted on the invoice. Who can stay calm at this point but we did and said ok fix it, we understand. 5. Counter top issue; he had to take everything out to fix and we were so worried what else would get damaged when he tries to fix that. He said there was nothing wrong with the way it was, so we said ok to that also and thought maybe we can find a remedy for it later. We clearly put the best foot forward every time, and said it is ok if he is fixing it. We knew he did not have skilled worker in his team to fix the punch list. Many areas of bad tile work was part of it, and after the last payment he will not agree to redo any of bad workmanship. Trust was gone when he said himself” sometime bad works happen and I have to live with it”. We were the victim this time unfortunately.

Description of Work
We hired Dallas Home Renovations to remodel our master bathroom due to shower pan leak. Some electrical ,painting of the master bathroom and master bedroom, raising her side vanity.Minor touch up of painting and building decking in the garage. The job started on12/02/2013 and was supposed to be finished by 12/31/2013.

Category electrician, home remodeling, interior painters

Service Provider Response

This was upsetting to see what this client is capable of doing to trash my company's work after over 10 years of doing our best to leave our clients 100% satisfied. Early on I could see that this client was going to be VERY difficult to please no matter what we did to make them happy. They continually were changing their minds and demanding changes be made that were not otherwise quoted so. I always make sure the client has all decisions made and all materials delivered before we start the project. Well this client was taking advantage of an insurance claim they made on their shower pan that was about to run out. So against my better judgement we started the project before they could show they had all their special order items delivered. We were 90% complete on this project, and per my contract states I am allowed a draw as we reach certain percentages of work completed. I had already allowed one of the draw dates to pass because I was aware that we had incurred some issues along the way. I always do my best to work with my clients to keep them happy throughout the project. But working with this client it was a major undertaking each morning we showed up at the project. The man would continually berate my guys work, and the lady would continue to be very emotional each time we met as if it were the end of the world to her. But we did our best to get this project completed to their satisfaction. But once they refused to make scheduled draw payment, I realized I couldn't risk working for them anymore till they showed good faith in paying. They broke my contract once they refused to pay a draw payment of $1500. Once we walked away from the project, I tried to work with them to either make a draw payment, or find another contractor to finish the work and pay me the difference. Every item they have listed can be contested by me. Every item listed, except the shower pan leak, were items that are on our punch list which would have always been done before receiving final payment. Now for the shower pan leaking issue...I'm convinced they influenced whoever they had come in there to tear out all the tile and say that it was leaking. We always test our shower pans for leaks. I can make this opinion towards this client because they wouldn't agree to their insurance companies payment offer to repair their shower so the insurance company had to have one of their inspectors come out. The client continually tried to point out items that he wanted me to list to the insurance adjuster that were not entirely true or pertaining to the claim. I felt comfortable after the meeting with the adjuster that I didn't do anything that was illegal even though the client sure tried to instruct me to do so. Covering each and every one of their claims...... 1. The accent tile was installed backwards. The had a special order item that had a clear plastic backing that actually was the front of the tile which was to be removed later. Typically the backing is installed with the tile. Not with this product. I had the accent tile removed, and I paid for new accent tile and the labor to install correctly. 2. My guys had not installed a cover on a junction box that they were waiting for me to deliver to jobsite. Another item that would have been done on punch list. 3. The shower drain worked. It just needed to be cleaned of debris. Punch list item. 4. Shower pan leaking. Not entirely true. 5. The shower door was not crooked. We had to adjust some tile due to the walls not being square. Punch list item. 6. Faucets too close to back splash. Typically we install 2cm granite in bathrooms, but this client ordered 3 cm backsplash. Their faucets had a large base so the area between the sink and backsplash was limited because of the thicker granite they ordered. So we didn't nothing wrong. But we were able to resolve with punch list. 7. We had tile issues, but nothing that wouldn't have been taken care of on punch list. 8. We installed decking in over their garage for them for storage. Once installed, you could see the cracks on the seams where beams were moving due to the weight. Not our fault, and I had quoted a very low price to make repair that for them and make them happy. After we walked away from this project. This client called 2 of my sub contractors and trashed my reputation to them both. Luckily both contractors have known me for many years and know that I always do my best to make my clients happy. This clients threatened to sue my subs and also go on Angie's List to trash their companies. Just like they have done. I have never had to deal with an attorney with any clients, but now I have had to hire legal help to resolve this matter and get their remarks about my company neutralized. This client wasn't even an Angie's List member prior to this issue coming up. They became members just to trash my company. I am 100% a referral company. This client had referred me to other clients over the past couple years before even using me themselves. The lady is in real estate and had gotten me work in the past. ONE good thing I can say about this client. I can't state enough that I always do my best to leave my clients 100% satisfied and happy with doing business with my company. I realize we can't make everyone happy, but this clients actions are just deplorable in every way if you know all the details. Please read other clients comments about my company. Thanks for this opportunity. Richard A. Lovett Dallas Home Renovations - owner



Todd F.

In terms of ease to deal with, Richard is great. He is prompt in response and they do what they say they're going to do. My job was fairly small and I think he was only present at the beginning of the job and a few other times. His crew is fairly good in their work. Based on my experience, the job was to do a mid-level remodel of a bathroom, I was satisfied. They had some good ideas on how to make the space better, improve the usage of the space. I went and bought all the hardware. I was preparing my home for resale and therefore really wanted to balance cost with aesthetics. I would definitely rehire for the same type of job. I do not think, from my experience, that I'd hire him for an upscale job where I want everything perfect, but I also didn't pay for that type of work. For the price he delivers good quality, but there were small aesthetic things that would've bothered me if I were going to live there and I wanted a higher end remodel. His crew was also, as is typical of most contractor crews, more interested in getting the job done than right. So you definitely need to check up on them daily. I had ordered a vanity with an 8and quot; spread and bought a faucet for it. When they installed the vanity, it actually had a 4and quot; spread instead, but they still installed the faucet anyway so it looked silly and left the trim parts that didn't fit (because of the smaller size) in the drawer. These are the types of things that would give me some pause but they weren't terrible things that couldn't be overcome.

Description of Work
remodeled an old masterbath that needed updating.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Franke G.

I'll have to say Richard is exceptional. Not only does he do good work but he is extremely fair in his prices and business dealings. My front door would not open and needed to be completely reworked so that it was squared up again. Richard came and looked at the door and gave me an estimate of $250. I thought that was a fair price for the amount of work they would be required to do. He and his guys came and they worked on the door and it's now working fine and you can't see light all the way around it any more. When he called to ask if I was pleased with the work he said that it had not taken as long as they thought it would so instead of the $250 estimate, he would only charge $150. I will certainly use Richard/Dallas Home Renovations again. I have several other projects that need work.

Description of Work
Completely remove front door and frame and reinstall so that it will open and close.

Category home remodeling, doors



Alan H.

We were so pleased with Richard and his crew. We've already referred him to several of our friends and will continue to do so. They were very quick, responsive and went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied. We'll definitely be using DHR for any future home projects.

Description of Work
Installed granite countertops and marble backsplash, installed under-cabinet lighting, installed pendant and overhead light in kitchen, electrical work, installed pulls and knobs, regrouted shower, laid carpet in one bedroom.

Category home remodeling



Lisa K.

I am very happy with them. They are very good people with very good work ethics. They are charging a fair price. I have absolutely no complaints. My home is older and I'm older and they were very nice to fix other things and do a few things extra.

Description of Work
Dallas Home Renovation is doing work for me. They're not quite finished. I had a flood in my house with a lot of damage in a bathroom and a couple bedrooms. I was out of town and the water sat for a couple days. They are gutting and replacing because the insulation had gotten wet.

Category remodeling, water damage restoration, home remodeling



David M.

We tested them out with the first project it went pretty well, so we used him with the second apartment. On both project he provided very valuable insights, did good work at a very comparable prices to a non-general contractor (which is good). More importantly less stress. There was some additional follow-up, but compared with other experiences, it wasn't too bad. We are definitely planning on using them again.

Description of Work
We had two large one bedroom apartments that needed to be completely renovated. I am an offsite landlord that needed someone to do a turnkey project. This included painting, plumbing, hardwoods, deck work and other items.

Category carpet installation, ceramic tile, decks, drywall, electrician, fencing, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, lighting, plastering, remodeling, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters, doors



Kristin C.

It went well.

Description of Work
I appreciated his daily checks. Fixed all problems as they arose. Good job!

Category drywall, electrician, hardwood floor, remodeling, interior painters



Nelsie A.

Called for an estimate on a bathroom remolded. Instead I was referred to some other contractor who came out and did measurements and told me he would get back to me with an estimate. Never got the estimate after two weeks of calling.Too much hassle to get an estimate glad I didn't hire them.

Description of Work
Estimate on bathroom remolded

Category home remodeling




Overall, they were good. He gave very detailed quotes. Every job that was done I had a bid by multiple contractors. His bids were one of the lowest and detailed ones. He told what he was willing to do and the itemized cost bill for that. The negative with this guy is that he has a range of workers from excellent to poor. When he starts the job he used excellent workers and once you spend a lot of money he substitutes them with poor workers. You need to keep an eye on him. In my case a lot of work had to be redone. He requires a lot of supervision. He is a good guy and professional but I had issues with him. He was punctual.

Description of Work
I used Dallas Home Renovations a year ago. I started working with them in December 2009 and they did a number of projects for me. He converted a building to a pool house. He put in a kitchen and a bathroom and finished it. The other job that he did was some remodeling work in the kitchen and the master bath. He put granite counter tops and lots of other things. He also did panting.

Category countertops, electrician, plastering, remodeling, marble & granite, home remodeling, interior painters



Kenneth W.

Overall a great experience. Richard was very friendly and the work done was quality work. The price quoted was a great deal and the final bill was in line with the quote. Richard's team was punctual, professional, and very friendly. He had a very quick turnaround time, completing the tile job in three days. The only hangup in the whole process was getting our carpet tacked back down, but that was mainly due to scheduling conflicts between his carpet guy and us. That has now been completed and we are extremely satisfied with the work. We will definitely be calling them again!

Description of Work
Layed approximately 36 sq. ft. of ceramic tile behind a bar in my gameroom and cut back/tacked down the carpet next to the newly tiled area.

Category carpet installation, ceramic tile, remodeling, home remodeling



Steven S.

Richard provided an outstanding estimate, compared to other bids we received...and he lived up to the estimate. Richard and his team showed up on time every day. They set realistic expectations and time lines, and kept us informed every step of the way. They cleaned up each day and respected us and our home. I will use Dallas Home Renovations again in the future, and have no problem recommending them to my friends and family.

Description of Work
- Front entry & porch retiled. - Master bathroom floor retiled. - Master bathroom shower rebuilt.

Category ceramic tile, decks, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



Matt M.

Went well, he was able to finish out both bathrooms for less than what other contractors could do the master bath for...using them to remodel the kitchen and texture other walls now.

Description of Work
Gutted and remodeled master bath and hallway bath. Repaired damaged sheet rock, built new shower, installed new jacuzzi tub, installed new cabinets with granite countertops, new fixtures, travertine tile. The total cost was for both bathrooms.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, drywall, plumbing, remodeling, woodworking, marble & granite, home remodeling

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    How is Dallas Home Renovations overall rated?

    Dallas Home Renovations is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

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    Dallas Home Renovations is open:

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    No, Dallas Home Renovations does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Dallas Home Renovations does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Dallas Home Renovations?

    No, Dallas Home Renovations does not offer warranties.

    What services does Dallas Home Renovations offer?

    Dallas Home Renovations offers the following services: Decks & porches, carports, fences, outdoor kitchens, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, roofing, electrical & lighting, texturing, heating & A/C, carpentry, tile & stone, doors & windows, plumbing, hardwood flooring, room additions, cabinets, framing, drywall, painting & wall finish, siding, landscaping, & granite counters.