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We are an Arborist Company providing arboriculture services to homeowners in the Portland metro area. 1. We are the only tree service in the Portland metro area to offer the guarantee of providing customer with ISA CERTIFIED CREW LEADERS ON EVERY CREW. What that means is that we don't just have an arborist on staff we will actually have an arborist both estimating and also doing your work. It seems like a no brainer, but this is not the practice at most tree services. 2. Even though we seek to set the standard when it comes to quality we provide these superior services at RATES COMPETITIVE WITH OUR PEERS. Get a bid that is not competitive and we will be willing to discuss it with you to see if we can do better. 3. WE ANSWER THE PHONE, or the email or the text message for that matter. Ever had a contractor you had a hard time getting a hold of well that is not as. Our superior customer service makes the experience a pleasant one without the typical contractor hiring hassle....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Martin K.

Looking at other reviews, I see a lot of people have high praise for this company, but my experience was as follows. I have three large pine trees in my front yard. Urban forest Pro took down 1 of them, which was 140 foot high. The price was a little spendy, but it was fair. Three months later I called them back to do the other two 140-foot pine trees. They sent their estimator out to take another look. Understand in three months these large pine trees did not grow any perceptible amount. However, the same estimator (Jesse) looking at the same trees wanted to charge me well over $2600 more to take the 2 trees down. The same trees as they quoted before. Their cost of taking trees down did not increase, in fact, if anything, they got paid more from the lumber mill for the remnants. I called the office and talked to the person I always talked to, she goes by her initials “CD”. I sent her an email with the breakdown od the different costs and that I wanted a clarification as to why the increase of $1300 for the same trees. She said she would talk to the estimator that went out. She got back to me. She had he was firm on his estimate and would not change it. I said I like to talk to the owner of the company and she said she already did any owner said go with whatever the estimator said. I guess the estimator (Jesse) bases is estimate on what he has for breakfast or if he has indigestion that morning and not on actual time and cost to trim or remove a tree. There are so many arborists and tree services in the Portland area that you should stay far away from Urban Forest Pro. Do your research.

Description of Work
removed 1 tree and quoted 2 others

Category lawn service



Sandra A.

At least a dozen trees in my backyard are in very bad shape. 2 were dead. The employee (or owner?) came out one day for the assessment and said the insects could be treated. He said he would inject the trees with insecticide. Not knowing what could be done, and not having any alternative (except after a 2 week wait for just a contact call), I agreed to the treatment. He injected most of them with something, and then said he was out and could not finish them all. He said he hoped he could be back in 2 weeks or so, and then mentioned another individual as being responsible for the supplies. I said my trees couldn't wait that long. I called the office in a couple of days, and they called back in a week or so and said he would bring more. I asked that I be present if he was on the property working. He showed up about a week and a half later without telling me he was on the property, and I realized he was in the back yard when he was almost done. The employee did not want discuss the situation, and I do not know the following: (1) Whether the insecticide used had proven to be effective in this type of situation (2) Whether the trees have any chance of surviving. (3) Whether the insecticide presents any hazard to the surrounding area, and the animals (including humans) in the area. (4) Any long term effects that might occur from the insecticide. The bill was $1,500. I don't mind paying the bill, I just am not sure what I paid for. I believe the biggest error in this transaction was lack of effective communication with the customer (me) and I am not sure what I got for my money. I also have 2 dead trees, I will get someone else to fell them.

Description of Work
Assess and/or treat appropriately my insect infested and unhealthy trees

Category pest control,tree service




Jeff (ISA certified arborist) showed up promptly, looked at our tree and determined it was not diseased but suffering from root disturbance from City of Beaverton Water Dept work done on their side of the fence effecting our tree. Jeff told me to buy tree spikes and 10-10-10 quick release nitrogen and water to help the tree recover. Also indicated I should have the base of trunk injected (arbor-jet) in order to restore tree health. I scheduled this service and when Jessie showed up to perform this service, he looked at our tree and said it was diseased and would eventually die. The injection might allow tree to go another year but not longer. Discussed with my wife and we decided not to go with injection and plan to tree removal. Jessie is also an ISA certified arborist so I began to ask myself why one arborist said tree was salvageable and another said it was not. Company was quick to provide me a quote for removal at which time I told them I would get several quotes for such services. I am not asking myself should I get a third arborist opinion about this tree as my wife and I really like the tree and shade coverage it has provided each summer.

Description of Work
Tree consultation by iSA certified arborist with respect to backyard large leaf maple tree.

Category tree service



Carolyn G.

Great questions were asked during the estimate walkthrough, making much clearer what I was after. Team arrived on time, prepared, and did an amazing amount of work in the time they were here. The yard looked great when they were done, and everything was tidy!

Description of Work
Trimming and cleanup of overgrown trees and shrubs

Category tree service



Curtis P.

prompt, efficient service. showed up on schedule and finished the job in a day and cleaned up the next.

Description of Work
removal of large tree near street and power lines.

Category tree service



Jon G.

Everything was great from Jessie sizing up the situation and quoting, to Sharon managing the project to Tyler and Isaac who did the work of 3 men and were incredible in their care. We have become lifetime customers of Urban Forest Pro!

Description of Work
Removed 3 very large and 2 medium sized trees

Category tree service



Jim P.

Work was completed OK. Multiple landscape plants were broken, as was some wood on a small bridge. Clean up was OK, but not totally cleaned. When Eddie went through the work order with us before work started, he was not following it as written in certain areas. This led to an altercation with Eddie and my wife. We wanted to direct the crew on certain things, which likely added to the friction with Eddie. However, Eddie should have been more professional. Office called me to inform me that we needed to stay clear of the work areas as this is a safety issue and a violation of the OSHA code. All in all, professionalism could be improved.

Description of Work
Three trees removes, pruning of three others, stump grinding, rise up lower limbs on large evergreen.

Category tree service



Joyce B.

I received great communication from the staff - very prompt and professional. The estimator was quick and helped clarify details needed for my insurance company's paperwork. The work crews arrived first thing in the morning. One crew did the tree removal and another crew came a couple days later to do the stump grinding. Very professional, quick, and did a great job cleaning up after completing their work. They will return in a couple months to do replanting in the fall. I would use this company again in the future for any sort of tree service.

Description of Work
arbor vitae hedge removal, stump grinding, and replanting

Category tree service



Dana J.

It was a fiasco to say the least. We hire them because of their great rating on Angie’s list. I’m not sure if we got a bad crew or what but I expected more from the team that came to our house and cut down our trees. The people in the office were nice and tried to help fix problems in a timely manner. Jesse who I believe was a manager or one of the head guys was great. Most of the crews that came to the house was nice overall. They came sometime in the morning and waited about an hour to get started. They Smoked a bunch of cigarettes but did put them out or got up and moved when my kids walked by. That was thoughtful. One of the crews was not great. I would not allow them to pull their rig on my driveway because I had to sign a waiver that they are not responsible for cracking or damaging the driveway. I could not do that in good conscience because they damaged and broken so many other things prior that week. Because I said no the head guy went on a cussing rant outside my window for all my kids & neighbors to hear. They also trampled my lawn & ruined it by dragging large rounds across the lawn even though I asked them not to lay or drag the rounds without covering the lawn. The office said they should have put stuff down to protect the lawn, but they didn’t. That same day my neighbor & her husband said they saw the crew drinking beer and that really concerned her because of how dangerous their work is. I did not see it. However it wasn’t surprising to hear it because the crew that day was exceedingly careless. Many of the guys did not wear protective eyewear what I thought was crazy but maybe it’s not a rule. It was just careless. During the week we had a lot of damage done to our property. When dropping rounds from trees they cut they broke pipes underground on both sides of the house. They fixed it within a week or two. The First time they thought they fixed it they did not and they left water on for about 14 hours and flooded both my front yard and my neighbors front yard. They did not bring a plumber out to fix it, just a “handyman” from the crew. The handyman they sent out asked me to do some of the work, I told him I was not able to do it & if he did not know how he should probably call his boss. Then Jesse came out and helped the guy fix it. They broke multiple places on our fences and did not fix it until I complained about it. They also left bunch of trash around our property which I picked up after realizing no one was coming back to clean up. The worst damage was done when they cut one of the trees and dropped it on to another tree then it got stuck. They spent hours trying to figure out how to get the tree down. I have pictures of them hanging on the tree and one gentleman got his chainsaw stuck in the center of the tree. After 4 to 6 hours they finally got the tree down. They left a huge gash in the side of the tree we were not cutting down. After a couple weeks they fix the damage on that tree and told me it will be strong for about 5 to 10 years and then it needs to be cut down. So we plan on taking that tree down next year because it’s too risky to have a damaged tree that close to the house. To be fair they did send a guy back to fix all of the places or fence was broken. They did not treat the wood they just put new planks in. We will have to treat the wood so it does not right. They fixed a piece of the deck that they broke. They fixed the two different areas of pipes that were broken underground. They did what they could to fix the damage tree so it heals as much as I can. They threw seed on the lawn are they damaged it we did however have to clean off our driveway from all of the oil marks. And compensation for damaging our giant tree they are coming back to cut down a birch tree that is dying. We can’t do that till the first of the year because we are at our four tree limit for our city. If they follow through and do a good job like they once again promised then I will remove my D rating to a C minus rating. I will do that because despite the insanity of their process they did do the work I paid them to do even though the work they did damaged a lot of our property. However they did fix the majority of it so again they did a terrible job but they tried to make it better. So overall It was a ridiculous fiasco! I paid $10,000 for them to cut down four trees & it should have been pretty cut & dry. They should have cleaned up the property like they promise on their website ( to leave the property looking as good as it was prior to them doing their work) and be done. Instead we paid $10,000 for a huge headache and left feeling taken advantage of. Yes they tried to compensate us for the mass amount of damage they did on our giant tree however if we decided not to cut the tree down it would live for hundreds of years but now we are forced to make the choice to cut that giant tree down because it will only live 5 to 10 years. I am exceedingly disappointed with the services we received and can only hope they will do a good job in January finishing cutting down the last tree they agreed to cut down. I’ll let you know you how it goes after January...

Description of Work
Removal of 4 giant trees

Category tree service



Robert K.

Many of Portland’s elm trees have Dutch Elm disease. The city has put the responsibility to remove the trees, if a tree has contracted Dutch Elm disease, on the property owner. That is very expensive. So it makes sense to inoculate the trees against Dutch Elm disease. I contacted I contacted five different arborists to get an assessment of the costs to inoculate the trees. All of them said the trees did not have the disease yet. They said if it did have the disease there is no treatment and the tree must be removed immediately. Elm disease cannot be cured . All of them except urban Forest pro said that there would be one treatment necessary every three years. They explained the treatment is not something to fix anything in the tree but to act as a repellent to the Beatles who want to attack the tree. The reason it is necessary to do every three years is because the chemicals eventually get flushed out of the trees system. The arborists from urban Forest pro came out and started talking about a “medicine” that they apply to the tree that really cures the trees. But it is necessary to do every year for 3 years. They were very unclear as to if it had to be done again a year, two years, three years, or more after that. And that made it hard to compare to the other companies that said it had to be done every three years. Calling the treatment medicine was also very confusing as none of the other companies used that term. So I called Urban forest pro for clarification. After some very confusing discussion it took a while for them to figure out who I was. After they verified that, they said that they could not answer the question and someone would call me or text me back. A day or two went by and no one contacted me . So I called again and this time someone promised again someone would call me. Someone did call me but told me that what they do is put medicine in the tree for 1, 2, or three years and then the tree is cured forever, never to get Dutch Elm disease again. This story was so different than everybody else’s that I started doing a bunch of Internet research. And what I found matched with what the other arborists said. There is no cure for Dutch Elm disease all you can do is put chemicals in the tree to help prevent the Beatles from damaging the tree. All the other arborist said my trees we’re healthy and what the treatment would be . So the only thing that makes sense is that urban far as pro does not understand how to prevent Dutch Elm disease and they are just BS’ing clients about what they offer. And it felt like I was being scammed.

Description of Work
Dutch Elm disease inoculation

Category tree service

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    URBAN FOREST PRO is currently rated 4.6 overall out of 5.

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    Yes, URBAN FOREST PRO offers free project estimates.

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    Yes, URBAN FOREST PRO offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, URBAN FOREST PRO offers a 5% senior discount.

    Does URBAN FOREST PRO offer emergency services?

    Yes, URBAN FOREST PRO offers emergency services.

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    Yes, URBAN FOREST PRO offers warranties.

    What services does URBAN FOREST PRO offer?

    URBAN FOREST PRO offers the following services: 24 hr Emergency Tree Removal, Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Tree Cabling, Arborist Reports, Tree Protection Plans, Tree Removal Permits, Tree Disease Treatment, Tree Fertilization and more

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    Tree topping & out dated, ill-informed techniques.