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Alternative Landscapes and Snowplowing LLC

Founded 2003 • With Angi since May 2011


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891 Outrigger Cove

Painesville, OH 44077


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Verified Reviews

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Description of Work
I contract Matt Wiegand to put in a french drain, change the pitch of my yard and put in a paver patio. We started with the bids fall 2011 and ran out of time to get it done until spring 2012. I was suppose to be his first job of the year, but he did not start it until May 2012. He dug up my entire side yard to put in a french drain, put in a patio and was suppose to install a gas line to the new gas firepit. He did not complete it until sometime in August. He tied the drain into my house footers, which is not suppose to happen. First rain, water poured into my basement and it flooded. Matt came out, reluctently, said he would get a plumber the following morning to my house. This was at 5 PM and water was still pouring in from the foundation. I had to call a plumber and get it fixed myself. The new contractor found the drain tied to the footer drains, the electrical hookups outdoors were not outside wires, the french drain was not tied to any drain and the list goes on and on. Will be curious if any of the new plants are alive this spring. Terrible experience.

Category landscaping, lawn service, mulch, hardscaping

Service Provider Response

First of all we started discussing the project in the fall of 2011. Sharon had plans drawn up by an architect. She told me at that point that she would like to do the project first thing in the spring. In February I started calling to follow up with her about the project with no response. I sent her an email about the project ( I wish I could attach it ) asking her if she still wanted to go ahead with the project first thing in the spring because at that point I had other projects as well and needed to create a schedule. She then informed me that she would like to also get other quotes on the job to have it done in stamped concrete instead of pavers. I do not do stamped concrete but provided her with several names and numbers of contractors I know that do stamped concrete. I did not her back from her until late July when she told me she wanted to get the project going. At that point she requested many many different samples to be delivered to her house. Which I did. After she made her decision about the wallstone and pavers we got together and discussed the details and she decided to scale the job back from the original design to meet her budget. We came to an agreement and a revised contract on our about August 1 of 2013 and we started within 2 weeks after the contract was signed. We installed the french drain exactly to the specifications of the drawing that was provided by the architect. We also installed a gas line from her firepit to the end of her patio for free just like I told her I would. I also let her know she will have to contract a certified plumber to tie in the gas line we provided and ran to her firepit. ( I wish I could attach a picture so you can see the yellow gas line we installed sticking out of your firepit). She informed me that she hired a plumber to tie in her gas line and install fire logs. As far as the wire not being outdoor wire. That had absolutely nothing to do with us. We did not do any of the outdoor lighting or wiring that was done by another contractor. We did not run any type of wiring whatsoever. After the job was completed. I told her that she is going to need an additional french drain around her patio because of the grade of the yard and placement of the patio there was really no where for the water to go. We installed a french drain according to the plans she provided me but the plans called for it to be installed at the other side of her property. A couple days after the job was completed we had a really heavy rain and she called me telling me her basement had flooded. i rushed over there immediately and bought pumps and hoses to do everything I could to get the water out of there immediately. I then called my insurance company and filed a claim which fully compensated her for any damage done to her unfinished basement and any belongings that were damaged by water and a water remediation company was hired. She was fully compensated for any damages and she refused to pay the additional money owed on the contract. I felt really bad for what had happened and agreed to it and took it one step further and installed an additional french drain out of my own pocket next to her patio to collect additional ground water thinking at this point that the cause of this was additional surface water was washing the dirt next to her patio which plugged up a floor drain next to her back door and caused water to back up into her basement. So I gave her an additional french drain and filed an insurance claim did not get paid what I was owed for the job. We thought everything was fixed with the additional french drain until the next heavy rain when I received another call from the customer saying her basement was flooding again and it was shooting out from her floor drain near her slider. I rushed over there immediately within a half hour I was there and realized the drain was plugged the problem was not from additional surface water which everyone initially thought ( myself, the insurance company, Customer, etc..)At that point I went out and and purchased a snake and attempted to call plumbers and snake it out myself. No plumbers that I found could come right then and there. She informed me that she called the water remediation company again and they have a plumber that can come right now I told her that would be great. I did everything in my power to keep as much water as possible out of her basement even bought additional pumps and hoses. After the water remediation company showed up and had it under control I left and explained to the customer that I would contact my insurance company and file another claim or since it is a reoccurring problem maybe she can be compensated again with the same claim. At about 2am that night I recieved a call from the customer explaining how the plumbers found a broken downspout pipe. I explained to her that I would come there around 7 am and take a look at it but to just have them go ahead and fix it since its already an insurance claim and I have not been fully paid for the job I would rather have them fix it then me have additional expenses. She agreed and the next morning I went over there and saw what the plumbers discovered it was a smashed 6" pvc pipe that must have been smashed during our excavation.But the pipe was below our base so it could not be seen. The plumbers fixed it and she was fully compensated again by my insurance company all repairs were made and she did not have to pay the full amount owed and received an additional french drain for free. I feel bad about what had happened but went above and beyond what I could do to try to please the customer . The broken pipe was unforeseeable and everything was fully resolved.


todd R.

Matt was prompt and professional when we engaged him for an estimate in December of 09 to quote the work. He gave us a very attractive price, we did not even feel the need to consult with other companies. Over that winter, he and his team moved our Playset from our old home to it's current location. During the spring of 10, he and his crew began work on our landscape. They struggled with wet conditions and did not have the ability to dry the area out sufficiently to get the patio installed. Once installed, the grade put in by our builder kept flooding the back yard and patio. I had concerns over grading and had consulted with him on whether drains were needed to supplement the installed swale. He concurred with our builder that this would be unnecessary. Fast forward to June. All bed work, patio and bed plantings were completed. The beds and plants were done well. We have had very little die off. Patio was thermal blue stone. Alternative had never worked with this material which I found surprising. The patio is just OK, it is now settling more than I would expect and some of the stone is calving on the edges. The installed firepit is not attractive and the step solution into our home is a little strange, but we did approve what he suggested. We still has not had our turf installed and were now "backed up" on Alternative's list. The swale was not draining water correctly at all, but again I was assured by Matt that once grass was growing it would be fine. Hydroseed was done mid June and I was assured it would come in if we watered frequently. The grass did not come in in any density and much of what germinated died in the heat regardless of constant (4-5 times per day) watering. We should have waited until the fall to plant the grass - advice I would have expected from a competent landscaper. The final grade was not signed off on by our local inspector, a drain was necessary after all. In the fall, Alternative returned to install a drain paid for by our builder. I had concerns about the end point of the drain as it was emptying into our beds. Once again I was ensured that this would properly drain away by Alternative. The yard (what there was of it) was ripped up to install the drain. No grass was seeded due to the need to allow settling and lateness in the season (I was told by Alternative). A second drain was required in the spring and several low spots required additional topsoil because they were not properly leveled allowing pool of water to sit after irrigation or rain. It took Alternative until mid July of 2011 to finally address the seeding of the drains and dumping and leveling of topsoil on the low spots. I was told they were "too busy with other customers" The low spots I had to seed myself because I did not want to wait any more. I am now in the process of getting estimates from other landscapers to fix the turf, drainage and one bed that needs totally redone because it was oversprayed with hyroseed and is full of grass. I will not use Alternative in the future and cannot recommend them for any work other than bed installation to anyone else. I think they may have bit off more than they could handle with our work. Update: It has been 2 years since our initial landscape install and we have had only 3 pines die off out of all the plants installed. This was much better than I expected based on the amount of vegetation we had added. This also appears to be much better than many of the other newly landscaped lawns I have observed in our area around the same time. Matt gave us a 2 year warranty on our plants, so I contacted him to replace the 3 pines. He confirmed the species and the replacement trees were installed within the time frame he set with me. I have adjusted the overall grade up as well as the quality based on how well this massive planting has fared and the responsiveness on replacement trees.

Description of Work
We had a new home with no landscape. Alternative took a Landscape design put together by a different company and installed the beds, patio, turf, plants and mulch as described in the plan.

Category landscaping, hardscaping

Service Provider Response

Hi this is Matt Wiegand with alternative landscapes and I would like this opportunity to tell my side of this story. First of all when we began the job we did struggle with very wet conditions and there was no final grade on the property along with standing water which made conditions much worse . We even went as far as to rotitill the entire backyard just to try to get it to dry out so we could get our machinery back there to keep making progress on their patio. After repeated failed attempts to get our machinery in the backyard to work and getting it stuck we decided we had to wait until it dried out more. After continuing to rotitill and dig trenches to remove standing water and everything else we could do to dry the ungraded yard out. We finally got it to the point we could continue. From that point we installed the patio, firepit and steps. Which until I read this comment I had no idea they thought the firepit was not attractive and did not like my cost effective step solution. Which I offered a more expensive matching bluestone step option. Also as far as settling of the bluestone there was about 4 pieces only around the firepit that settled about 1/4 inch if that at the edges and that was probably due to the fact that to try to make the Members happy and get the job done as quickly as possible we managed to install the patio despite the extremley wet backyard before the grading was able to be completed. This caused approximatley 4" of standing water to sit on their patio which we pumped out numerous times. After it dried out enough for the excavator to get the grading done that was no longer a problem. This standing water is what I believe caused the 4 pieces to settle around the firepit( which was repaired ). If the patio is just OK please specify what the problem is. Everything looked good when I inspected it when we were there last. Moving on to the grade. When the grading was first completed within days the backyard dried out significantly. Member had expressed his concerns to me about the water problems he had at his previous house and I assured him this would not be the case at this house. He asked if the swail would function well enough or if we needed to add a french drain. From this point I told him I think we can make the swail work without the drain and if not we can always add it later. Not because I didn't want to do it but because I did not want them to have to pay for something that might not be neccesary. From that point a french drain was installed along the backyard and paid for by the builder. Grass was not installed right away because once again it was very wet and needed to dry out and also settle. But was completed when the weather allowed. In the spring of 2011 Member decided he would like to install another french drain down the side of his house to collect additional groundwater coming from the higher elevation of the lot next to his. This was put on our schedule and completed fairly quickly but was not reseeded right away because it was very wet. I did not think it would have taken us that long to get back to reseed and grade but we happened to have the second wettest spring ever on record here and it really set us far behind this year because we had a lot of work scheduled before his that we could not get to due to the rain. This was taken care of 2-3 weeks after the drainage was completed. We then came back shortly after on a sunday to fill in a low area in the far back that must have settled. When we filled the area in our normal supplier of grass seed did not have the variety of grass seed that we used for his lawn. I told Member this and at this time he seemed frustrated but told me he will wait because he did not want a "hodgepodge" of different grass in his backyard which I agreed with that 100%. Member called me about a week later on a friday asking me if the seed was in yet and I told him it was and I would be there at the beginning of the following week. It was obvious that he was frustrated and asked what blend of seed I used and where to get it and he told me that he might take care of it himself over the weekend because he did not want to wait until the beginning of the following week. So I recieved a text saying that he took care of the seeding and I do not need to do it. As far as any additional work that is needed I will ALWAYS 100% stand behind ANY work that I do and I will go above and beyond for any of my customers including the Members. I understand their frustration with the delays I ran into this spring and I genuinly feel bad for that but please understand the weather was not on my side this year and all you have to do is let me know if you have any issues and I will be there for you. In the post it says you are looking for another landscaper to fix the turf???? drainage????and a bed that was oversprayed with hydroseed??? None of these issues were ever brought to my attention and reading this post was the first I have heard of them. I just wish instead of making negative posts about my company and my work you would have simply called and talked to me about them and I would have gladly taken care of them for you.



Originally I phoned alternative landscapes in May 2011 for an estimate on a spring cleanup and weeding. Spoke with matt, and he explained to me because of all the rain this spring, his business was behind with his regular customers and it would be awhile before he could commit to us. I told him not a problem, I understood because of all the rain it might be awhile. Matt did stop by within a few days though to survey the yard work I wanted done, and he understood I had a budget to stick with. Matt then called me to explain what could be done within my budget, but still wasn't sure when he would be able to do the work. Matt was very fair and up front and I was very understanding up to this point But then a couple of weeks had gone by and I had not heard anything from Matt. So I called him, he did promptly call me back, still not sure as to when he could do the work . A few more weeks had gone by and we were now in the month of June, I had to call him again to see what was going on. Matt still couldn't give me a set date, but said he would try to get a couple of guys over to work on the weekend in the near future. I said great if they could at least start the work. On Tuesday June 28, 2011, Matt leaves me a voice mail saying he had two guys over the past Sunday worked from 11:30 to 4:00pm and that they finished well within my budget. Matt said he was hoping I was happy with the work completed and he would send an invoice in the mail within a few days. He was very polite and genuinely happy they completed the job within my budget. The problem was, no guys were at our house on Sunday and there was DEFINITELY no yard work completed or started or anything.My husband and I were both home all of Sunday actually working in the yard ourselves.My husband called Matt to tell him the bad news and Matt became very angry on the phone. He kept repeating our address to my husband and my husband told Matt either your guys stiffed you or maybe they went to the wrong house. Matt just kept repeating how irritated he was. At this point my husband said goodbye and hung up the phone. I thought long and hard before I decided to write this letter, because I truly believe Matt is a good guy and a hard worker. Thats why I was willing to wait to get the work done. I believe he is a honest man. But he didn't even apologize to us for what happened, or in this case what didn't happen! So terribly unprofessional. Being a business man I would think you would check up on the work your guys say they did.And maybe you need to evaluate the men you have working for you. Maybe after this you will!

Description of Work
No services were performed. No apologies were made, no rescheduling was mentioned.

Category lawn service

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    Alternative Landscapes and Snowplowing LLC offers the following services: Mowing, Spring and Fall cleanups, Paver patios and walkways, waterfalls, New lawn installations, Hydroseeding, Design, Retaining Walls, Outdoor fireplaces and firepits, leaf cleanup, mulching and more.

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