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Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair

Founded 1996 • With Angi since August 2003


(45) Verified Reviews

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5553 Ballantrae Woods Dr.

Dublin, OH 43016


Chapman Drainage & Basement is a full service drainage and basement repair company located in Columbus, Ohio. Our areas of expertise include downspout drainage systems, French drainage systems, basement wall repair, basement waterproofing, sump pump replacement and repair, backup sump pumps, culvert installation, catch basins, and surface drainage solutions. In addition to our drainage & basement offerings, we are a full service landscape design/build firm. Columbus, Ohio based Chapman Drainage & Basement offers the strongest warranties in the industry, and service above and beyond the call of duty. We are available 24-7. We serve the Columbus metro area and all of Central Ohio....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Barb C.

They are spectacular with their work. They did what they said they were going to do. They were on time. The work was just superior.

Description of Work
They worked on a drainage for our rental and home.

Category drain pipe



Lynn B.

I highly recommend this company. We were in a time crunch and they accommodated us. The workers were fast, efficient and cleaned up after themselves. The quality of work was excellent. We would hire them again if ever needed!

Description of Work
Basement wall braced

Category basement waterproofing, drain pipe



Tim W.

Very responsive and work was performed on time and done right

Description of Work
Replace a culvert

Category drain pipe, drain cleaning



Ronald B.

Excellent! The crew were courteous, friendly and did a great job.

Description of Work
French drain along garage

Category drain pipe



Katie H.

The work that the crew of six guys did was excellent. It was a lot of digging and laying of pipe and they got the work done in one day. They were very professional and easy to talk to. There was a flimsy sump pump pipe extending on the outside of the house and connecting to the underground pipe. They saw this and replaced it without being asked to do so. That was excellent. I had to contact Jeremy a couple of times to get the estimate preformed and to get the work scheduled, but the outcome was well worth any effort I had to make. My neighbors had similar work done across the street and the company they hired were off the charts expensive and they did not do the quality clean up that Chapman Drainage did. Jeremy is very knowledgable. His prices are very reasonable. Their work is top quality.

Description of Work
Replaced drainage system in two locations of yard using 4" PVC Pipe

Category drain pipe

Service Provider Response

Thank you so much [Member Name Removed]. It was a pleasure working for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything else in the future:)


Kevin H.

Overall the guys did a very good job. A good job of routing pipe to avoid major tree roots or most landscape areas. The guys were very polite and friendly. They were very surprised and thankful when I took Gatorade out to each of them. The primary reason that I did not give an excellent rating is due to needing to do a better job of backfilling where piping dropped into ground beneath the downspouts and also along the pipe paths to the street. I noticed that there was no backfilling between pipes and basement walls - about two foot deep of air space. Definitely would have caused seepage problems into basement. I went out and purchased several bags of dirt and spent an evening backfilling each of the drops as well as the smaller runs to the main lines. That should have been part of the job if done correctly. Similarly with properly handling the replacement of dirt along main lines to the street. It was just mounded up 4-6 inches over the trenched area, and not tamped down at all to fill openings. So I'm having to tamp it and then rake excess back into area to allow for any future settling. I wasn't home at the time this work was being done (were not able to complete in one day, so the last portion of the job needed to be completed the next morning and I had prior commitments), so wasnt aware of this situation until after the guys had left. Rocks all over as well, but that is because our soil is so bad here. So yes, I would potentially hire again, but definitely would make sure these types of findings were properly handled if doing again. The company was extremely busy this time of year so from the time of the quote until work was done was many weeks, but I wasnt in any big hurry. Jeremy, the owner, was very friendly and courteous as well. I met him when he came out to receive payment later.

Description of Work
Needed drain lines from downspouts to street replaced.

Category drain pipe



Shawn B.

Sent them an email request, Jeremy responded via email saying lets have a call to discuss. I responded to his email asking for the best contact number. Never got a response back. I also called and left a voicemail message, again, no response. Complete disrespect, obviously with poor customer service like that, they wont be in business for long.

Description of Work
I needed service for my sump pump.

Category drain pipe




These guys are TOP NOTCH. They worked so hard to get the job done in a timely manner; replaced all of the pavers and bricks that they had to pull up; were kind and courteous and just overall such a joy to have around. We would HIGHLY recommend them.

Description of Work
New Drains

Category drain pipe



David K.

The work went extremely well. The owner and two workmen worked about six hours to dig a new trench and install all new drain pipes. The individuals worked efficiently and left the property in a neat and orderly manner. The new drain line system has eliminated the water and mold in the basement. Chapman had the best quote and I saved over $20,000 that another contractor wanted to place an internal drain within the basement. I was disappointed that they made no attempt to recommend a much less expensive alternative to a new outside drainage system. I would definitely recommend Chapman Drainage to correct basement foundation water problems.

Description of Work
I had a new drain line installed from the downspouts to the storm sewer. The old line had been damaged, which caused water damage and mold in the basement.

Category plumbing, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, drain pipe



Jenise H.

The main work itself was great. Excellent customer service, great work, and great workers. But after the pipe was laid, I was told that a worker would be back the next few days to rake out the dirt and reseed it with grass seed the refilled trench from our house to the front of the street. However, this didn't happen. Many emails were sent, and many times Gary Chapman promised that he would send someone out. He often said it would be "either the next day or within the next week." I left emails, I even left voicemails - I'm guessing it was over 10 during a two week period. I never received a call back. Today I sent an email stating that it was 3 MONTHS since the work was performed. He didn't reply or call, but this afternoon there is a workman who is completing the job. It was so frustrating to get the runaround for such a small piece of the job, but I would never suggest them. There is no customer service once they have your money.

Description of Work
We had a clog/obstruction in the drainage pipe from our house out to the street. We needed it replaced.

Category drain pipe



James R.

Jeremy visited the site, but did not follow through with an estimate. No reply to my emails and phone messages. I contacted other contractors who did camera inspections of Chapman's earlier work. They found collapsed pipe under my walkway and patio. The thin wall pipe Chapman used could not take the weight of the pavers above it. Heavy duty Schedule 40 PVC pipe is recommended for this use. Our best guess is that the thin-walled pipe collapsed immediately upon installation and contributed to my basement leaking. We saw standing water in Chapman's pipe indicated improper sloping. Professional contractors use laser sighting or levels to grade the trench and provide proper drainage to the street.

Description of Work
Repair collapsed drain pipe installed by Chapman Drainage some years earlier, quote additional replacement drainage pipes and basement waterproofing.

Category basement waterproofing, drain cleaning



Matthew G.

Fixed the problem. I would use them again.

Description of Work
Clean gutter drain the street.

Category plumbing, drain pipe, drain cleaning



natalie C.

We had other companies come out to look at our basement water issues (Basement Doctor; Rogers Waterproofing), and although they might be good at what they do, the work they were proposing was?in hindsight?completely unnecessary. Rogers Waterproofing wanted to dig up my concrete basement floor for $4,000. Basement Doctor wanted $5,000. Jeremy came over, looked at the issue as I explained the symptoms to him (as I did with the other two) and he said more than likely, all I have to do is replace the underground PVC pipe that the gutters empty into (which then drain to street, out a hole in the curb) and I would be fine. He was right. Jeremy and his crew can do the same exact work that Rogers and Basement Doctor quoted me for, if needed. However, I appreciate their honesty and integrity (and expertise) to diagnose the issue correctly, and choose a solution that was not only much less costly, but less time-consuming. The last thing I wanted was a bunch of jackhamers in my basement when it was completely unnecessary. I would equate that to replacing your car's entire engine, when all it needs is a hew spark plug and small tune up If you have basement water issues, or anything drainage-related, call this company.

Description of Work
replaced underground gutter conductor/pipes that drain to the street

Category plumbing, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, drain pipe, drain cleaning



Cecelia J.

Jeremy came out to assess the situation and was supposed to email me an estimate which I never received. While I was waiting on his estimate my understanding of my problem increased which changed what I felt needed to be done so I spoke to Jeremy and said that it was ok that he hadn't sent an estimate but that I needed him to come back out to reassess before giving me an estimate. He didn't show up for the appointment and didn't return my messages. Luckily I had found another contractor to fix my drainage problem.

Description of Work

Category plumbing, drain pipe

Service Provider Response

Received the follow-up website request from this customer on 8/20. Stopped out at the agreed upon time, knocked on the door (The website request stated that this customer works from their home. I also work from my home and I always knock out of respect for the customer. Doorbells give a really bad impression when one is on a business call). Did not get an answer. Checked the backyard to see if the customer was outside and couldn't hear me at the front door. Sent a text message from my phone to the customer's cell number that was provided on the estimate request. Text message contents: "[Member name], I'm here. I'll hang out out front for a few minutes. If we miss each other, no worries. Please contact me for a reschedule". Never heard back. While I can understand the customer's frustration, there may actually be legitimate reasons that we missed each other at the time of the follow-up appointment. This customer has my most sincere apologies for any raw feelings they have about this situation. I'm happy to know that the customer found someone else to provide a solution. I wish nothing but the best for this customer in the future.



Good. i called during a busy time of year and expected it would take a while for an estimate and repair. Owner easy to communicate with through email. I had already had camera work that showed the areas of broken pipes. Company had the gas lines marked since they were close to the drain pipes. Friendly, knowledgeable, cleaned up area and reseeded the area that was dug up

Description of Work
Replaced a drain pipe from house to street. Old pipe was crushed and full of large and small roots.

Category drain pipe



Andrew G.

Went great. Got the estimate in early spring. Called in June to schedule the work. Set up for the 2nd week of July but ran a little behind due to all the rain we've had (totally understandable).

Description of Work
Ran approximately 300 ft. of downspout and sump pump discharge lines. Installed backflows to prevent my creek from running back into the house along with drain grates for pressure relief.

Category drain pipe



Jon B.

Installation went as promised. Workers took care to remove and replace sod so as to not be too noticeable.

Description of Work
Jeremy Chapman returned 4+'years after installing new drainage system to repair and, ultimately, expand the work by adding a flo-well drainage system to help us avoid having more water flow into our drainage system than it can handle. The Flo-well was installed and is working to keep water away from the house. Note to anyone considering this: if your soil is clay, then the Flo-well simply becomes a 50 gallon well, since the water will not seep into the soil.

Category landscaping, plumbing, drain pipe



Laura K.

They arrived on time and got the job done in a timely manner. When we thought we were having issues with the new pipes, he came out twice to make sure that something wasn't wrong. We appreciated his time and willingness to come back out to check on the work.

Description of Work
Installed a new drainage pipe from our sump pump and gutter downspouts out to the ditch.

Category plumbing, wells, drain pipe



Denise S.

After my last review, Jeremy contacted me with an apology. My needs are being met now and they start work tomorrow. The other Chapman is a relation to Jeremy and so they don't want to take each others clients. I have worked with the older Chapman and he is prompt, friendly, and they clean up after they are done. The company is great. I would not use Jeremy unless the other company goes out of business for some reason. Then I would definitely work with Jeremy for my next job. I have found that many of these houses out where have drainage issues. It is important to find the right company and be able to trust them to do the job right. I

Description of Work
Jeremy came out for an estimate. I never received the estimate because he thought he had communicated that the other Chapman drainage was servicing my drainage needs. We had previously used the other Chapman company and they have a verbal agreement to not take each others customers.

Category drain pipe



Thom S.

Chapman Drainage responded promptly to the request for an estimate. Jeremy provided the lowest price and the least disruptive method of installing the replacement pipe through planted areas, tree roots and utilities. However, it took about a month to get the work date set up once we had accepted the estimate. Once work began, it proceeded quickly and was done in the time promised - which was a pleasant surprise, based on how much hand digging needed to be done. The trench was restored well and should re-seed easily in the spring. The pipes have performed well in the past couple of months, including some torrential rains. My only concern - Jeremy did say that that some areas would be shallow in order to get fall throughout the system - but the finished product is shallower than expected in some locations. Hopefully, some extra soil in and around the planting beds will take care of that in the spring as well. Even for a small company, scheduling seems a little unpredictable,but overall, the experience was positive and conducted very professionally. UPDATE: Chapman Drainage promptly responded to a request last fall to correct an issue due to the large tree roots and the system has worked well throughout this rainy season - grades for responsiveness and quality updated accordingly. Thanks again.

Description of Work
Original problem was that two sections of the downspout pipes to the curb had been crushed by tree roots. Several other locations were at risk. Replaced about 200 LF of 4" downspout pipes with SDR35. Tied in 6 downspouts and the sump pump. About half of the work needed to be hand dug due to roots and utilities.

Category drain pipe

Service Provider Response

Thanks for the review (Member name removed). Your site was very challenging and avoiding cutting major tree roots was very important to us. The tree on the back corner was extremely challenging to work around given it's close proximity to the house and the drainage system. We try very hard to avoid cutting large roots due to the damage that it can cause mature trees. I would be happy to revisit the site in the spring and see if we can provide you some no-cost assistance with your topsoil needs. I thank you for the opportunity to help you with your drainage needs and will be happy to assist you in the future.


Rich M.

Not good for me. I checked my email for 3 days and sent a note back to him to send it again. Never got it. I have called the office 2 times and his personal cell phone 2 times and never got a call back. Would like to know why none of my calls were returned and why I never got the quote or even a response back in email format.

Description of Work
Jeremy came to my house for an estimate and he was on time. He gave me a quote but said he would send it to me in a email.

Category drain pipe

Service Provider Response

Quote sent to the email provided during the initial meeting. Customer called personal cell phone while I was away on vacation and my cell phone was turned off (international travel). Would have preferred an e-mail through official channels (which I would have received) rather than calls to my personal cell. Returning to the office on 5/16 and will be available to assist if needed.


Derek G.

Jeremy Chapman came out to quote and later performed the work. I first hired Chapman in late 2010 to install a 300' long drain tile with several surface grates. Our septic mound acted as a giant dam which would create a 40'x20' pond that was about a foot deep after any moderate rainstorm. Jeremy sited the area and indicated the best type of drainage solution. He trenched the area in one day (including several feet of hand-digging and a curb-cut for the drainage to empty into), and installed the gravel and pipe the next day. This completely resolved the water build-up in this portion of our yard. Any time it rains you can see the incredible amount of water being moved by this drain pipe. The second job (in 2012) resolved poor drainage in two other areas of the yard. An identical solution was recommended and Jeremy installed about 40' in one area and almost 400' in the second area. The 400' section also included 4 or 5 surface grates to allow runoff water to enter the pipe. Both areas would stay wet for days after it rained and it would cause our riding mower to get stuck. The 400' section empties into a drain in the yard (like a sewer grate) and he cut the pipe at an angle so it doesn't stick up. It's well-hidden and won't get chopped by my mower. Both areas are now much-improved, even immediately after it rains. Chapman appears to have a very steady workload, so he's not as reponsive as you might want but his work and pricing is excellent. Two other neighbors and a coworker have all hired him after I did, with similar results.

Description of Work
I requested quotes to install a drain tile in two different areas in our yard. This involved digging a 6" wide, 1' deep trench with a gravel base, a perforated PVC pipe and is backfilled with gravel. One section was about 40' long, from the side yard to the curb. The other was about 400' long, along the driveway and the side of the property to a drain in the front yard. The longer run has several small drains along the length to allow runoff water to enter. Jeremy Chapman came out to quote and later performed the work. This is the second job I've hired him to do.

Category drain pipe



Catherine C.

Everything went well. They arrived on time, did the work as promised, and did a good job.

Description of Work
They installed a drain pipe.

Category drain pipe



Barbara K.

When I got home on a Friday evening, my sump pump had failed, the float on my battery back up had failed, and water was in the basement. Chapman returned my call that PM and Jeremy was there early Saturday AM to replace the pump and fix the problem.

Description of Work
Replaced sump pump, tightened fittings. Evaluated overhead, tubing into which pump empties to send it outside. He will return next say to fix twoother problems.

Category drain pipe




It was a very positive experience. They solved a problem that several others had failed to even diagnose correctly.

Description of Work
We had several downspouts that weren't draining properly. Chapman determined that the problem was the underground drainage pipes had collapsed (they were old tile drains). We had previously had downspouts cleaned several times, and no one had properly diagnosed the problem. They replaced the drain lines with minimal disruption to our landscaping (not easy considering they had to find a way under the driveway). They were courteous, prompt and their prices were good. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Category drain pipe

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair

    How is Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair overall rated?

    Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

    What days are Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair open?

    Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair is open:

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    Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Discover

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    Yes, Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offers free project estimates.

    Does Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offer a senior discount?

    No, Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offer emergency services?

    Yes, Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair?

    Yes, Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offers warranties.

    What services does Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offer?

    Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair offers the following services: Downspout Drainage Line Repair, Downspout Drainage Line Replacement, Basement Wall Repair, Basement Waterproofing, Sump Pump Repair, Sump Pump Installation