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Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties

Founded 1974 • With Angi since August 1997


(83) Verified Reviews

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1899 S Taylor Rd

Cleveland, OH 44118


Reilly Painting & Contracting has been serving Cleveland Heights and Northeast Ohio for over 30 years. We began in 1974 as a general painting company and over the subsequent years, we have grown into a full service contracting business. We enjoy a very good reputation in the Cleveland area for our

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


James S.

The work went fairly well, but they are not familiar with the details of their product. Once they removed the old counter top, they installed two layers of new plywood. They screwed the top layer of plywood to the layer below with screws too long which protruded into the drawer space below. I complained, their solution was to put gauze and tape on the exposed screws. When removing the old counter top, they dented the range hood. When asked about it, they denied doing any such thing. Lastly, they reinstalled the kitchen sink in a crooked manner. Relative to the painting, they cannot stay within the lines and got paint on the cupboards. We had existing receptacles in the above counter space which required that they make cutouts in the new Granite tiles for the existing receptacles. National Electrical Code requires that the existing electrical back boxes be re-positioned so as to be flush with the new wall surface or install box extensions to achieve the same result. They did neither. In an effort to make a quick departure, the left behind the sealer they applied to the Granite. They used the wrong product leaving me with a mess. The sealer they used was for Terra-Cotta, Quarry Tile, Slate or Stone. Another example of their fine quality work. And as I previously noted, they do not know anything about the product they install. After the Granite was installed, I noted it was considerably darker than the sample they gave me. I asked about this and they claimed the tile installed was the same as the sample. That indeed was correct, but what they were unable to understand was that Granite tile soaks up the moisture from the adhesive below which darkens the tile until it properly dries. They had no idea this was happening to the Granite tile. Another example of "knowledgeable" workmen. They also cleaned their paint brushes in the sink in our garage and splattered the sink as they cleaned their brushes and did not clean up the sink after that. I refused to pay the last 10% of the bill when they refused to make any fixes to their work. They filed a mechanics lien against the property and my only recourse was to pay the remainder of the bill. Angie's List was no help. They said they contacted the contractor and were told by the contractor that the job went fine and I was just being difficult about making my final payment. Apparently, the photo documentary I provided was of no use to anyone.

Description of Work
We hired Reilly to do new counter tops and paint the walls in the kitchen.. They removed the old top, put in new layers of plywood and installed Granite tiles. The tiles were also installed up the walls from the counter top to the underside of the overhead cabinets.

Category marble & granite, home remodeling, interior painters



Daniel K.

Smooth. No problems, excellent communication.

Description of Work
Gutter installion on garage.

Category house painters



Ann-Marie M.

In the end, the ceiling in MBR collapsed after branch from offending tree somehow breached attic during storm. My son discovered it and was traumatized. He was further traumatized later that night when an intoxicated Reilly principal and another Reilly employee banged on my door with the lights off and verbally threatened to "ruin me" when I asked for a safety inspection. I thought he might hit me. He used choice language to tell me to get out, which I did. My kid needed therapy and meds for trauma and Reilly sued me months later in a very unethical way for breach of lease after telling me "to get the f$$$ out". I could easily have countered sued but I did not want to put my son through it I have recently heard about a similar incident and because I did not sign a release I can still join with this other party and possibly others to sue Reilly. Stay away. Overpriced. Cosmetic appeal only. Drunk landlords.

Description of Work
I rented a property from Reilly for 3+ years. It looked nice but the underlying infrastructure was poor. There were endless problems with windows taking water, pipes bursting, fixtures falling off. Reilly's promised proactive maintenance never happened. Zither neighbor was always barking the city to get Reilly to deal with trees which Reilly refused to do. And they charge way above market!

Category house painters, property management




This year I called to hire them to clean my gutters but was told they won't be doing that type of work until 100% of the leaves are on the ground, which they say would be on or after November 28, which is more than a week from today. I am not sure why it matters, if I am willing to pay them to get them done sooner, and then I could hire them again to clean up the rest of the leaves once they are 100% on the ground. I have gotten another list of providers from Angie's List that I hope are more willing to do the work.

Description of Work
I have used Reilly to clean my gutters for years.

Category gutter cleaning




All went as explained including removal of waste and a few extras in close connection with the effective bathrooms.

Description of Work
A Bath including electrical upgrades

Category house painters



Jannifer W.

We worked with Bob Lasher, and he was very timely, and professional with his estimate. We have a short time frame, so we needed the work done quickly. We just wanted to let everyone know that he we really appreciated his service. We ended up going with a different company for now, but we still may use him in the future.

Description of Work
We had him give us an estimate for exterior painting of our home.

Category house painters



Douglas B.

They did good work. We used them for a lot of stuff there. They are just very efficient. They use time well. They provide very thorough estimates. They are good with the scheduling. They try and get the work exactly when and how they said they would.

Description of Work
Reilly Painting & Contracting cleaned our gutters in the fall. They also cleaned all the windows in our house.

Category gutter cleaning, window cleaning



James / Estella N.

As a property manager for a condo association, I have used this contractor for most of the work performed for the association and the condo owners. I have been very satisfied with their work there and in my home. They were always very professional and knowledgeable. I will continue to recommend them to other clients and friends.

Description of Work
Installed crown molding in living and dining rooms.

Category house painters



Michael S.

They were awesome. They were great with my wife; very respectful, professional, reasonably priced, took care of everything and saved us some money. They also got the job done in a week and a half.

Description of Work
They did some roofing, painting and flooring.

Category remodeling



Jerry L.

We've used them in the past and we needed a price on painting the exterior of the house. I was less than satisfied with what they did because we had a misunderstanding of our contract.

Description of Work
I used Reilly Painting. They painted parts of my house outside.

Category house painters




Reilly's organized a well-trained crew of six to perform the different tasks. Leon came before the paint job started to fix the grab bar and the lightbulb, and did a phenomenal job. Matt, James, Jimmy and Mazin did the painting, explaining their plans along the way. Matt was responsible for the overall plan; James kept records on his clipboard and made sure we knew what was going on. When Matt discovered rotten parts under the gutter, he gave us the option to leave as is or replace the decayed parts and gave us the approximate cost of the extra work. When we gave him the OK, he and James together carefully removed the gutter and the lumber, painted and replaced the trim and put the gutter back up. They were careful to protect plants and surrounding areas, and cleaned up afterwards. The decayed 5 ft. board above the window was another "surprise." Another repairman came to carefully pry open and clean out the area and install new lumber. I was really happy with the work ethic and expertise of all the people who who worked on the project.

Description of Work
Power-washed outside and prepared painting.Painted exterior and garage ceiling and part of garage wall. Replaced eave trim behind 30 ft. back gutter. Fixed decayed 5 ft.board above window. Installed grab bar over bath. Unjammed rusted screws and changed lightbulb in shower.

Category house painters




The garage is surrounded by six feet of dirt so the old structure had to be knocked down and had to be completely rebuilt. Several crews were involved. The work started in September and ended the beginning of November. They did really good work. They were very professional and looks like it will last a long time. I liked the company so much I used them to remodel my kitchen. They left the work area impeccable and they cleaned everything. They aren't cheap but they do great work. I'd tell my friends and family that they would expect good work from them.

Description of Work
They replaced the brick garage and totally rebuilt it. They fixed a wall in the house that was leaning badly. They fixed the driveway wall.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Belinda J.

He used a rented elliptical sander from Home Depot which is something I could have done. I hired someone so that it would be a professional job. My wood floor did not turn out well. He tried to tell me that my stairs were synthetic wood and that he couldn't’t strip them properly. They ended up painting the stairs even though I had paid for them to be sanded and finished.

Description of Work
They came to paint and work on my floors.

Category hardwood floor



Catherine A H.

We originally hired them to repair the water damage, but the electrical work in the garage and the rotted porch floor became more pressing issues. They completed the porch and garage while we were away on vacation and the interior work in a couple of days not long after we returned. The porch floor is beautiful--we went with Trex material which is more expensive but will be easy to maintain. The water damaged area looks better than new. While we were away, the work was supervised by a retired Cleveland Heights building inspector who helps us with building issues for our condo association, and he was more than satisfied. We will be hiring them to do some other work inside the condo, and will also be getting an estimate for painting of the condo building and garage trim and garage doors. I would have given them an A for quality but they had to repair a chip in the plaster where it was damaged near the porch light switch and it is still visible (I will be asking them to address that when they come back for the next job. All throughout our dealings with them, they have been very professional, polite, and prompt. I can recommend them highly. I have updated my quality rating to A as they repaired the chip mentioned above and it is no longer visible.

Description of Work
Repair water damaged areas of wall & ceiling and repaint room, install electrical outlets in garage, and replace rotted port floor and floor supports and repaired faulty electrical work on porch

Category house painters



Jill D.

I like the workers just fine, but I wasn't very comfortable with the initial consultation and I felt like I had to push for the information that I needed, but the price was so low, that I thought that I could get it done. So when it comes to the larger jobs, I am not sure if they do that or not.

Description of Work
I use Reilly Painting & Contracting Inc for small projects. They painted my porch for me and did some minor repair on my kitchen floor. He also repaired the ceiling below my kitchen floor, because my dishwasher had leaked.

Category flooring contractor, home remodeling, house painters




Gutter cleaning went just fine. The problem was their extremely obnoxious bill collecting almost immediately after the service was rendered. The cleaners first came 5/29 and left a bill. However, the work was not finished, and the supervisor called me to say to wait to pay the bill they had been left at my home. They returned 6/11 and completed the work. At that point I had to go overseas for work, and did not see them finish. I got a call the next day (6/12) asking for immediate payment. I told them I was now away for work, and would pay them when I got back. Over the two week period, while I was gone, they called my home and office 5 times and emailed me, asking for payment. This is not a normal contractor billing standard. Nowhere did their bill indicate that they expected payment immediately. I've worked with this company many times over the last 20 years, and never had this problem with them before. It makes me beleive they are in serious financial trouble. Because of the offensive dunning for a bill that was _not_ past due, I would definitely not recommend them to a friend, nor do I plan to use them again.

Description of Work
Cleaned gutters

Category roof cleaning



Peter M.

Fantastic is the best word for our experience with Reilly. They were on time, neat and tidy, friendly and d*** good at what they do. Spence and his crew were fantastic. We have contracted them for more painting and electrical work starting 05/17/2013. Best contractor we have ever used (and we have gone through a few duds! !! Pete Motz

Description of Work
Painting of walls, trim and ceilings of 5 rooms. Repaired cracks in ceilings of two rooms. Installed new ceiling fans in two rooms. Pete Motz

Category house painters



Jeff K.

I received a quote within 24 hours of calling and the work started fewer than 24 hours after that. The foreman and workers arrived promptly each morning at 8 am. They were polite and quiet as they worked. The tasks were completed efficiently and professionally. We are waiting for some wet plaster to dry before the plaster repair can be completed and our foreman has followed up multiple times to check on the progress. I'm quite pleased with the ease and quality of their business.

Description of Work
We contracted Reilly to handle a variety of repairs associated with a point of sale inspection, including: capping some basement wires, replacing window sash cords, replacing a missing exterior siding board, and repairing some plaster. In addition, we had them scrape, clean, and paint some interior windows and tuckpoint our chimney. All repairs excepting the plaster portion of the job have been completed.

Category handyman service



Gregory F.

I submitted a request online an within an hour recieved both a call and an email from the office manager with a quote. I called back on a friday, and she told me that a contractor would call me monday to set up a time. Monday and Tuesday passed, so I contacted the office manager again, and she was very responsive. Told me Rick would call me on Thursday or Friday to set up a time. Thursday and Friday passed with no phone call. Finally on Monday I got fed up and hired someone else. It is now Wednesday and I still have not received a phone call. I would consider hiring them for painting if i ever had the need, as I had good experiences with them cleaning my gutters, but this experience did not leave me eager to work with them again.

Description of Work
I wanted to have them come repair a sink and a leaking pipe.

Category handyman service



Simi Y.

While the house itself was nice, unfortunately my experience with RPC as a property manager/landlord was not good. On the positive side, their workers are good and skilled. However, RPC seems to be run with a 'cut as many corners as you can' philosophy. If I had a problem that needed to be fixed in the house it would take an average of 3 times before I would get even an acknowledgment from their office that they had received my request for work and would respond t it. It would then take an average of 5 weeks before any task - big or small was completed. When the work was finally done it was OK (since their workers are good). However communication from the office staff was always very poor and delayed. Another major problem area was 'landscaping'. When we signed the contract Mr. Reilly happily stated that landscaping was included in the rent. I was pleased since one of the reasons to rent is that one doesn't have to bother with lawn care and leaf-pickup. Only time revealed that RPC's standards for lawn care were so low that I would much rather have paid for it myself and not had in included in my rent. Our house always had the shabbiest lawn on the street. Days after we moved in a major dig-up had to be done (sewer problem) that left a huge bald patch on the lawn. Without any exaggeration it took RPC 1 year to fill in that bald patch! Leaf pick up was always a challenge since we had to wait for the Reilly sons to return home from college to pick up the leaves. As a rule large mounds of leaves would be left behind bushes instead of being cleared. One year I took pictures of rotting leaves and sent it to them - to no avail. I finally paid someone $100 to clear them. I have rented in many cities including New York City, Portland and Chicago but have never had such a bad experience with a landlord. One time when I complaint that RPB was unresponsive and the communication from the office on issue-resolution was poor I got a phone call from the office manager literally scolding me for having 'too high standards'. I would absolutely never recommend anyone to do business with or rent from RPC. And if you do don't include landscaping and expect everything to take several weeks rather than 1-2.

Description of Work
We rented a house from RPC from July 2010 to April 2012.

Category property management




Spencer and Ken are the most skillful and considerate workers I have met! They arrived punctually every day at 9:00 a.m., and worked all day until about 5:30 with an hour for lunch. Each day they told us what they were planning for the next day and worked around our schedule. Before leaving for the day, they cleaned the workspace and left floors and counters spotless.They did not smoke, and their radio was seen but not heard. The whole job lasted 6 days, with an early day on Friday. The quality of the paint and varnish job is superior. Our fifty-year-old rooms look like new. As they were working in rooms that we needed daily, we had to dance around each other a lot, but the dance was a graceful minuet with carefully planned steps--altogether an agreeable experience.

Description of Work
Laundry room: two coats of paint on walls, ceiling; varnished cabinets, doors; installed new laundry faucet. Kitchen: Removed wallpaper; two coats of paint on ceiling and walls; stained & varnished one panel of wall. Hall bathroom: Removed wall paper; repaired ceiling plaster; painted ceiling 2 coats; painted walls in faux finish; painted vanity cabinet; cleaned & regrouted around bathtub; installed new ceiling fan cover. Master Bathroom: Painted both sides of louvered shutters; painted vanity cabinet; cleaned and regrouted shower crack.

Category gutter repair, plastering, plumbing, interior painters




I had an initial estimate from another painter but he did not do carpentry, crown mouldings, base board trim, or flooring. I decided to go with a comapny that could do it all for me as I have a busy working life and that is why I called Reilly. Reilly is not cheap, but I used them in the past with very good results and I believe you get what you pay for. I like Reilly's attention to detail and the professionalism and courtesy of the workers (shout out to foreman Tom & flooring guy Bill). Reilly painting & Contracting came in, got right to work, and everything went as planned. The rooms are absolutely beautiful and ready for the Holidays!

Description of Work
For my living room, dining room, and parlor, here is what Reilly did for me: painted 452 square feet of stucco finished ceilings in flat white, installed 148 feet of beautiful crown moulding, 130 feet of base cap moulding and 130 feet of shoe moulding, painted all the mouldings in Sherwin Williams "Gauze White." Applied two coats of paint to all three rooms in Sherwin Williams "Angora." Next, removed 3 rooms worth of wall-to-wall carpet that was about 25 years old, installed 456 square feet of 5mm luan underlayment flooring as a base for my new floor which was a Home Depot "Allure Plank" vinyl floating floor in "Cherry" (it looks like a real wood floor.) I had a vision for these rooms and Reilly gave me exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with the finished rooms.

Category handyman service, hardwood floor, interior designers, woodworking, interior painters




Everything was great. The gentleman was punctual, did good work, and the price was fair.

Description of Work
He cleaned the gutters, and he replaced a downspout and fascia. He cleaned and replaced basement windows, too.

Category gutter cleaning, gutter repair, window cleaning



Jack P.

I had the work done and paid for the original leak which has since reappeared. I called Reilly complaining about the reammergances of the previous leak that they claimed to have fixed. Someone from Reilly came out, they didn't check the problem, but did acknowledged it was the same problem and he would have the boss (Reilly) come out to discuss the problem and give a further estimate. This states to me that they're attempting to recharge me for the same problem they have not fixed in the first place. Mr. Reilly himself called and said he would be out when it was convient for me this week. He said to call his secretary to get a time set (Tuesday @ 10 A.M. was agreed with his secretary), I called and set appt. Today was the the appt. date and I have not heard from Mr. Reilly or his secretary, a no call no show. Also, I had a problem w/ my water pump switch. It stopped functioning and I called Reilly to fix this problem. They sent an electrician out, he couldn't figure out why it wasn't working but could splice a power source to the water pump. The bill arrived and it was $375 dollars and only said Thanks! There was no itemization of services preformed. I didn't know what to make of it and needed a breakdown of the expenses and job performed. I called and got on a payment plan, the secretary called 4 months in a row demanding payment. I decided I did not want anything to do with Reilly until this spot came back. They seem unwilling to attend to defaults, I feel like they defaulted on their word to fix the problem and lack responsibility to back up their work.

Description of Work
Main problem was a wet spot appeared on the ceiling directly below the bathroom drain. Services included painting of the entire room, new toilet, bathroom fixtures and detecting/fixing the leak which they could not find. They broke through the ceiling to find the leak and put plastic sheating under the hole and waited for a leak to accumulate. No leak came and they closed the hole saying it was probably the diverter to the shower. Replaced the diverter and shower fixtures. Claiming that would fix the problem.

Category bathtub refinishing, plumbing



Jack L.

They?ve always been very responsive and good. Will stick with them for my future needs.

Description of Work
Used them 8-10 times for a variety of things, full range of painting, installation of plastering, drywall, etc.

Category drywall, plastering, remodeling, house painters, interior painters

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    Interior & Exterior Painting, Wallpaper, Gutter Repair & Cleaning, Window Glazing, Leveling Sidewalks, Sealing Asphalt Driveways, Sealing & Cleaning Decks, Remodeling, Masonry, Home Violations, Property Management.

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    How is Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties overall rated?

    Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties is currently rated 3.9 overall out of 5.

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    Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties is open:

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    Yes, Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties offers free project estimates.

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    No, Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties offer a senior discount?

    No, Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties?

    Yes, Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties offers warranties.

    What services does Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties offer?

    Reilly Painting and Reilly Properties offers the following services: Interior & Exterior Painting, Wallpaper, Gutter Repair & Cleaning, Window Glazing, Leveling Sidewalks, Sealing Asphalt Driveways, Sealing & Cleaning Decks, Remodeling, Masonry, Home Violations, Property Management.

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