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Ohio Home Pros

Founded 2003 • With Angi since January 2013


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4904 East 108th St

Cleveland, OH 44125


Locally family owned. Experts in home remodeling and design with more than forty years combined industry experience among owners. Multiple crews for flexible scheduling. Licensed, bonded and insured. We offer discounts for seniors, active military and veterans and police. Pay by check or credit card. Free estimate and design consultation. Additional email - Additional DBA - G & C Remodeling....

Verified Reviews

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Margaret P.

This job was trouble from day one. It was done about a year ago, and I don't know where to begin. I'll just name a few of the things that happened. Our old shower was removed, but not before creating several holes in the sheetrock on the adjoining walls and even in the bottom of the closet in the room next door. They were repaired, except the one in the closet. The wrong tile color was brought, but turned out okay because we liked the contrast. We were supposed to have a built-In shelf, but that was forgotten, and wound up with two soap shelves, placed higher than I would have liked. When the wall tiles were put on, they were all out of align and needed to be taken out and put back in again. We removed the cabinets and countertop and were going to put them back in place after the floor was completed, but they insisted on putting it back in place and to put the $800 countertop with sinks in place so they could finish the accent tile. The cabinets were not level, and the center drawer was installed upside down. The countertop was scratched, which they denied doing. I think the job took over a week to do, after we were told it would probably be only 3-4 days. The worker was very sloppy with glue, grout and tile cutting in the garage, and left debris. I'm sure I am missing something, but it was a while ago. I was out of state due to my sister's passing and was not around to stay on top of it as much as I would have liked. By the time some of these items were discovered, I was mourning her passing and just wanted them out of my house and my bathroom useable again. My husband made them aware of most items, and some were taken care of, and I think that's why it took so long. No, I would not hire them again or recommend them to a friend. BOB - Beware of Bargains.

Description of Work
Tiled Shower, Ceramic tile floor, accent tiling & installation of cabinets and countertop.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, drywall, flooring contractor, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling, doors



Jason C.

Horribly. He came through my ceiling doing electrical work, there's now a risk for fire. He damaged our bathroom. We have to have our bedroom repainted because he damaged the drywall, even though no work was suppose to be done in the bedroom. He broke out counter top out of sheer inexperience and had to replace that. This guy doesn't care. Look at his other reviews and look him up online. We have are contemplating filing suit.

Description of Work
Eric failed to show for the first appointment and claimed his worker's daughter was sick. If you notice in the other numerous poor reviews, his excuses are a common occurrence. He failed to complete the work agreed upon and intimidated us to make final payment. He breached his service agreement with us, failed to pull permits, and used the worst quality products you could imagine. He fell through my ceiling and failed to properly repair the damage. He never consulted me about any of the work and would make up excuses for why things weren't getting done properly. The products he installed are already failing. He has changed his phone number. After researching more, this Eric Barnes of Ohio Home Pros has numerous civil actions against him for breach of contract and property damage. Do not hire this company for anything.

Category decks




Everything went well. We chose several upgrade options but they were well worth it. There was a problem with the shower base but this was taken care of without any issues. The new shower looked great and we are very happy.

Description of Work
Master bath shower replacement.

Category plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



Mary Beth S.

Initially, they responded promptly. We agreed upon November 20th but they never confirmed a time for the appointment. I reached out yesterday the 19th and left a voicemail this morning to confirm and I have not heard from them. They never responded through the message center and did not return my calls.

Description of Work
I purchased the Big Deal for $399 for a New Ceramic Tile Floor or Backsplash, Including Labor and Materials.

Category home remodeling



William P.

We purchased a tile backsplash from this provider through the Big Deal. We got what seemed to be an automated email immediately telling us that we would get a call the following business day. That day came and went, as did a week, and we received no call. We called them several times, left messages with our contact numbers, and we never received a call back. I just got off the phone with Angie?s List to request a refund for this purchase. Even if we could get in contact with this company, I would not use the company at this point. I have no confidence in their ability to follow through on anything.

Description of Work

Category home remodeling



Daralynn C.

Appointment scheduled with Ohio Home Pro (Garfield Hts) several weeks in advance and I did what they asked - purchased the tiles in advance and had them ready for installation. Was told it would take 2 days, so I took 2 days of vacation time from work. Ohio Home Pros (Eric) never showed up and never called to explain why. I left several messages over the next few days and received no response, apologies, or explanations. I am shocked at the level of unprofessionalism and unreliability of this company. THINK TWICE BEFORE USING OHIO HOME PRO. You may be sorry! Very unethical company!

Description of Work
Plan was to tear up existing floor in small bathroom and install ceramic floor.

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling



Rakesh N.

I bought an Angie's List deal with them. They initially attempted to schedule a service. However, the person mentioned he has sold (too) many of these and after that stopped communicating to finalize the appointment. We thought we had an appointment but he never showed up, at which point we cancelled the deal and received the refund from Angie's list.

Description of Work
We bought a door maintenance package from them through Angie's List deals but it did not quite work out.

Category doors



Anglea H.

Apparently, my business was not important for this company -- and this was a test run to see if I would use them for another gig. I definitely will not be using them. Can't even show up or return a phone call.

Description of Work
Nothing. Made an appointment for door maintenance service -- he never showed. Made a second appointment -- never showed, never called. Cancelled purchase through Angie's List and requested a refund.

Category home remodeling, doors



Gabrielle L.

Worst experience with a contractor ever. I am surprised he is represented on Angies List. Assigned me a lead laborer that had little experience with construction, plumbing, and installation but said he did. He came only a couple of hours per day and finally confessed he wasn't getting paid for the job, so he was juggling private work elsewhere. I even made the second 2,200 payment even though the job was a couple of weeks behind. The owner couldn't get the worker to give me a full day of work until I amended our contract with a final deadline clause, then final work was done hastily and still incomplete and poor. The bath floor is not level and now has to be totally torn out and ceramic tile redone. Kitchen cabinets were installed crooked and I had to pay another contractor to fix that as well. Installed my tub surround over an open window when I asked that it be borded up and sealed first, so also gad to pay another contractor to board up and side over the window from the outside because the windows in my house are very old and they leak. Asked for an access panel for the bath plumbing and was told it wasn't necessary so to fix the tub overflow and nozel that was installed poorly, I am paying another contractor to create the access panel and the repair. The tub overflow also leaks in the basement so that has to be repaired as well. The worker dropped a tool in the tub and chipped it and the owner blamed me. He was rude, disrespectful and lied to me on more than one occasion. I refused to pay all of the final and 3rd payment and sent him what I felt was fair, minus the fee for another contractor to finish the work properly and he threatened to file a lien on my house. Awful company! Gabrielle Love

Description of Work
Full bathroom remodel and kitchen cabinet, counter top and sink install.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, flooring contractor, plumbing, remodeling, replacement windows, home remodeling



Paul C.

First appt. he went to the wrong address. Rescheduled for two days later. He did not show up. Later sent me a message through Angie's List to say that he does not service the area where my property is located. It is in Cleveland. Ohio Home Pros on Angie's List includes Cuyahoga County as part of their service area. Guess this does not include all of Cuyahoga County.

Description of Work
I purchased the Angie's List Big Deal for $99 for 3 hours of door repair.

Category home remodeling, doors



james A.

This project got delayed a week due to an untimely death of one of his workers...that should have been a sign. We have 100 year old Italianate home and wanted to update our kitchen floor and backsplash. This review is hard because I like Eric as a person, that is why I went with them, but at a manager/CEO he really dropped the ball. He put two guys on this job that were HORRIBLE...and what was suppose to be a 5 day job got turned into an 8 day job..and even then it wasn't completed. The two people he put on the job were not qualified..the work was sloppy, incomplete and beyond shoddy. They had little respect for our house as they covered nothing up and left, didn't tape off doors ( I eventually did) and on what was to be there last day they did NOTHING to clean up after themselves. When I had Eric come to look at their work..he said several times that he was embarrassed by the work...and I replied "you should be embarrassed". I am not going to post pictures because I do believe this poor work is exclusive to these workers...other wise I don't know how he could be in business. I could go on and on about what a mess they left the kitchen in..but suffice to say it was the worst workmanship I have ever seen in my entire life and that encompasses some 12 homes I have has work done to. As I see from other reviews Eric asked for some money to pay these sub contractors and I however refused. Those workers ruined our kitchen as far as I was concerned..the last thing I was gonna worry about was how they were going to get paid. He did the right thing and asked if he could make it right and he offered to bring in a qualified guy and also knock some money off the estimate. I said he brought someone in and they replaced about 25 tiles, tore down the backsplash that the previous workers ruined, put up new backsplash and grouted. The floor looks better but there are still some major bumps and my contractor for the entire kitchen project expects that we will have problems in the not to distant future. One tile needed to be replaced already, Eric sent someone to lay it, but they never came back to we just did it ourself. There is a haze over then entire floor because it was not properly cleaned and we are taking care of that ourself as well. I now understand the senior guy on my project no longer works with Eric...that is of little consolation to me. If Eric hires his workers then he is responsible for their work..also he failed miserably in keeping tabs on their work...better supervision might have prevented this disaster from happening. To his credit he tried to fix the problem...but to be honest he moved the work from a 3 to a 7. As a manager he did all he could to make it right short of taking up the entire floor and I salute him for that. Equally as a manager he poorly assessed the talent level of his sub contractors and was not present enough to stop the problem from happening in the first place. He has generously offered a guarantee to fix anything in the future, but after the grout guy going awol..i think we are just going to line up some one else. I have just purchased 3 rugs to cover up some major flaws.

Description of Work
Tile the Kitchen floor and put in Backsplash.

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling, doors

Service Provider Response

Really disappointed about this. We tried to inform the homeowner that the shape of the 100+ year old floor would cause some waves and lippage. We did replace and reset several tiles anyway at a high labor cost, but nothing additional to the homeowner. We also informed the homeowner that the floor could not be walked on for 24 hours, not even by pets. Wish it could've worked out better for everyone.


Johneita D.

I hired Ohio Home Pro in March to do a remodel of my bathroom and kitchen. It was also understood that I was supplying most of the material needed for the jobs. The bathroom was demolished and redone with porcelain tile on the floor and walls along with installation of a new shower, vanity and sink. The debris from this room was removed in a timely manner. The wall of tub enclosure and where tub meets the wall were never capped off (finished) and the knobs to the vanity were never attached. The base boards were never reattached and the water supply was improperly installed (hot line on cold side and cold side on hot.) When I asked it be corrected, it created a leak which resulted in water damage to my newly plastered and painted kitchen ceiling. Installation of the kitchen cabinets, range hood, backsplash and floor were good. The contractor agreed to wait and install the countertops (which were on order) after a family wedding took place. The contractor asked for payment upfront to pay his subcontractors. I paid the $6,500.00 in full on March 31, 2015. The contractor stated once the material for the countertops arrived to contact him and he would install the countertops, dishwasher and garbage disposal. He would also take care of the remaining finishes in the bathroom at that time. I understood that I might have to wait a few weeks after contacting him before he could do the install because he would be on another job, however, the installation of the countertops was a complete disaster. The installer cut the material for the countertops on my concrete driveway. The edges are completely chewed up where it was cut and in one spot there is a gap between the wall and the countertop. When I told Ohio Pro that I was unhappy with the countertops I was told it was the material and not the installer that was responsible for the botched job. If that were the case, (which it was not) then why did he proceed to continue working with the material? The countertops are destroyed and need to be completely removed and replaced. The electrical plates were never put back on the outlets and the dishwasher and disposal are not hooked up because an additional outlet has yet to be installed. I am still waiting for the kitchen debris to be removed from my yard and garage (included in the contract agreement) which has been sitting here since March. I was given two different dates when the electrician would come and complete the installation as well as have someone remove the debris. When I told the contractor that the electrician hadn?t shown up on the first date I was given, his reply was that he wasn't aware that the electrician hadn't shown and that ?I thought you would be on top of it.? I am not the contractor, I am the customer. I was given another date of July 20th when both the electrician and the hauler would be at my home, but neither person appeared. I informed the contractor the evening of July 20th via text that neither person showed. I have yet to hear from the contractor despite several attempts to contact Ohio Home Pros. This is far from resolved. I believe a refund is due me for the destroyed countertops, for payment for the removal of the debris still sitting in my yard and garage, as well as installation of an additional electrical outlet so that installation of the dishwasher and garbage disposal can take place - all of which were stipulated in the contract. Again, the contractor has already been paid in full.

Description of Work
installed new wall and floor tiles in the bathroom along with a new shower system and vanity. Kitchen - installed a range hood, moved an electrical outlet, installed new tile floor, backsplash and cabinets.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, flooring contractor, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters, cabinet refacing

Service Provider Response

We had to work with second hand material purchased by homeowner. Informed her the countertops would not work because they weren't solid countertops, but laminate sheets going over plywood. We agreed to install real countertops, not sheets. Installing electrical for the disposal was never part of the agreement and not on the work order. The leftover debris is her old cabinets, which she said was being taken by a friend or family member.


Donald A.

It went well. Eric came in, looked over my kitchen and dining room, took measurements, then we discussed the things I wanted in my kitchen. He came up with some very good ideas, on the spur of the moment. He then came up with some drawings of his ideas.

Description of Work
Designed kitchen, with cost of labor and materials included.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Sue L.

showed pictures of my kitchen and dining room of what it would look like when he was done with the project and the price it would cost and that he would be removing low bearing wall that will not be a problem he will refinish my hard wood floors and much more, low bearing wall did not go flush. 2 areas where cubbards are damaged still no windows on my 3 cubbards mess was left my husband and I cleaned it up. touch ups were not done I sue finally said i would do them. floors were soo bad they put matte over a shine and it turned out bad i will have to do them over. paint job is a mess i will have to do over. it took a week and half before my counter tops came in we were out of a kitchen for over a month they were very slow people. its sounds like a horror job and it is no one knew what the other person was d*** including the contractor half the time.

Description of Work
take down a low barring wall and gave me a full kitchen and dining room renavation completely taking it down to the studs,new cubboards with 3 glass windows (have not seen yet) new flooring ,paint, new island seems he as out of his comfort zone

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

We truly are sorry you feel this way. We did include free painting, a free interior door and install, and free custom carpentry, with your approval. The steel beam was installed perfectly and to code. We are also happy to install the glass doors, but they are not free. We also did inform the homeowner numerous times that the hardwood would not match perfectly to the existing. We completed the work order to the customers agreed choices. Ohio Home Pros


Raymond B.

The first time Eric came out he took his time with us. We didn't know exactly what we wanted , we just knew we needed a more functional kitchen and a more open floor plan. Eric was here for almost 2 hours! He didn't rush us, he listened and discussed options . A few days later he came back with a 3D rendering and OMG it was amazing!! He was able to put a design together that we didn't know we wanted!! It is perfect! We hope to be able to have the work done this fall when the kids are back in college!

Description of Work
Eric came out and took measurements and did a 3D rendering of a new downstairs that will take out a weight baring wall.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



William R.

Arrived when they stated they would. Did excellent work to finish the job.

Description of Work
Demolished old, pink shower stall. Redid the plumbing. Did necessary work to install Italian porcelain tile shower stall with glass doors.

Category ceramic tile, glass repair, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling, doors

Service Provider Response

Very pleased we were able to accommodate your wants and needs. Thanks!


Terri K.

Very well! The worker Ahmed was very skilled and professional. He was a perfectionist, doing each step as he would have it in his own home. Since this was a remodel it did require some problem solving and creativity.

Description of Work
Constructed a new ceramic tile shower and new ceramic tile floor in master bathroom. This required tearing out the old shower and floor, framing a new shower into an expanded space, thus relocating the plumbing, building a new custom tile shower pan, making a built in shower seat, installing a light fixture, and tiling the entire shower and floor.

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Thanks for the kind words. We're very pleased we could accommodate your wants and needs.


xx X.

At first, I thought it was a fantastic thing but then we had to call him back twice and he's taking care of the problem. I'm fine with it and I would recommend them. He did a good job for us. He came back a month ago because we had a leak from the shower that he put in. We end up giving him the job of putting the shower so there was an extra charge. It was not inexpensive but he did a good job. He also showed up on time.

Description of Work
I bought a Big Deal. It was for an inspection. He explained what was required to be fix. We ended up having the whole shower redone.

Category home remodeling



Linda V.

Eric was very good. Came out and gave me an estimate. Unfortunately, I have purchased a new house and will be moving so I am not in need of this remodel.

Description of Work

Category home remodeling



Linda V.

Although they were wonderful and very responsive, I ended up not using their services as I'm now moving. They charged me a 20% cancellation fee.

Description of Work
I had hired them for a remodeling project.

Category home remodeling



Lil H.

Received a competetive and accurate estimate. Owner is professional and knowledgeable. A few small glitches that were promptly addressed. Very happy with completed project and would use them again

Description of Work
Remodeled a bathroom

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Alice F.

2/He came and took measurements of the kitchen. However, his measurements were inaccurate and he ended up changing the type of cabinets we agreed upon. E.g. I wanted to corner base cabinets with regular shelves. He said he could not install these after the work started and installed Lazy Susan corner cabinets. These cabinets have been giving me problems as the doors keep rubbing against the sides of the cabinet. He adjusted it a week after installation. However, it has been continuing to give me problems. He purchased these from Home Depot. I contacted Home Depot and they were willing to exchange the cabinets. Eric refused to do this and install cabinets that work. I gave him the option of removing the shelves of the lazy susan and installing regular shelves with regular doors. He installed unfinished pine shelves and has refused to install the doors. I sent him examples of doors that he could install but he has refused to finish installing the doors. He also took the old doors to the cabinets and has refused to return them. Poor tile installation-The kitchen wall tiles installed were done poorly. The grout keeps coming off. He used poor material and now I am having to get someone else to fix this. He lack of experience shows in the work he has done that things keep failing within a short time. He also did not seal the tiles as originally agreed upon. After payment was received, I had to purchase the sealant for him to apply. He did a poor job on sealing the tiles and most of it spilled on the granite countertop which I had to clean. The grout continues to fall off from the walls. The cost of the overall project was high. He bought the cheapest cabinets from Home Depot and charged me a high price to stain and install it. For e.g. the 2 lazy susan cabinets cost a little over $200. He charged me $1000 to install it. He could have got finished cabinets from Home Depot which matched my existing cabinets and would have cost less. He misrepresented that this was not available. I got 3 quotes from different contractors to install these cabinets. His cost was the higher than the other contractors. I selected him because he said he did great work and he gave lifetime warranty on all his installation. He misrepresented this information also. The project was supposed to take 2 weeks to complete. It took him over a month to complete as he took on other projects while working in my home. There were days he did not show up to do the job. When he did come, he spent a few hours at my home. After the project was completed and he was paid in full, I continued to have problems and when I called him to fix things, he would keep postponing coming to my home. When he did show up, he was late and he did not bring his tools and kept finding excuses not to get the job done. His overall cost of the project was also expensive considering that he had problems with the measurements of the kitchen and had to make several changes due to his lack of expertise. He has a poor eye for detail. As the project was coming to a close, I had to leave a list of things that he needed to complete daily. He would tell me that he was unable to see these issues as he was tall and I could because I was short. Clean up issues- He did not clean up after himself when he did the work. He used up my cleaning products instead of purchasing his own when I asked him to clean up. I ended up cleaning my kitchen as he did not use a drop cloth and there was salt from the snow on the driveway of my home that he brought into my kitchen floor daily. In addition, he did not properly insulate the work area resulting in construction dust covering my furniture and carpet in other areas of the home. Again, I had to clean up the mess he left. Warranty issues-He provided written limited lifetime warranty for the labor and materials he purchased. However, he did not honor the warranty after payment was received and I started having problems. He stated that I was getting a warranty on the granite counter top. After installation and payment was made, he claimed that he did not know that the countertop did not come with warranty. Also, I do not have the warranty for the kitchen sink which he installed in my home and it started rusting immediately after a few weeks. Product choice-He did not give me the opportunity to select the cabinets and sink he installed in my home. I had to select the cheapest tile and then the grout he put on the tiles started falling off. When I contacted other installers for a second opinion, he said they were wrong about the type of grout he used. Later, he admitted that he has used poor quality grout as he was unsure if it would crack with time. Lack of Professionalism-He often argued with me and tried to blame me for his lack of expertise and installation issues. When I mentioned other contractors that had reviewed his job and given their opinion on how to fix the problems I was having, he said they were wrong and I should not listen to them. Payment terms-He did not honor the contract terms for payment. He said he ran out of money and wanted me to pay him earlier than what was agreed upon. He also insisted that I not use Pay Pal to pay with my credit card as this was costing him too much in fees. He did not mention this when I had originally told him that I was going to pay the job with my credit card. He said any payment method was acceptable by him. After such poor work was done, he had the audacity to ask me to give him a great review on Angie's list so he can solicit work from more customers. Response to Company's comments: These emails below from Eric Barnes prove that his comments are not accurate. I have more to add, but hopefully if you are looking at this information to decide if you are going to use this man for work in your home, please reconsider. On Tue, 7/15/14, Ohio Home Pros <> wrote: Hi [name removed] I am trying to build a presence on Angie's List website, and a great review with all A's from you would really help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Ohio Home Pros <> Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:32 AM The caulk will not crack because it's sanded, and there is no haze in the sink because it was covered with tarp all day. As I said last night, the grout can't be sealed for several days. All gaps will be filled accordingly. Warranty info on counter and sink will be coming soon. I'll send you a final bill showing paid in full tonight. Thanks again for selecting us as your contractor. We truly enjoyed working with you -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Ohio Home Pros <> Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 6:33 PM I have all of the cabinets we need. At this point it's just putting them where they need to go. Any other changes or discoveries, we can work them in as we go. Aside from any other new cabinet add-ons, we are good on cost. Don't worry, I know it seems like its getting confusing, but all will work out perfectly. Eric Barnes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warranty on Contract Proposal included all costs for material, including six new cabinets, granite countertops, and all electrical material. Proposal does not include new cabinet hardware except for new installed cabinets, or appliances of any kind. This proposal will be honored for thirty days from time of submittal. Limited Lifetime Warranty on labor. Manufacturer's warranty on material, such as countertops and cabinets. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Feb 11, 2014 8:54 AM, "Ohio Home Pros" <> wrote: [name removed] , we are going to have to go with a lazy Suzan in each corner. Give me a call when you get a minute. We also need to talk about the range hood

Description of Work
Eric Barnes did a partial remodeling of my kitchen. I needed more counter space in my kitchen. So I had him move my refrigerator and stove and install a few more wall and base cabinets and put in a granite countertop with a sink.

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

1. Lazy Susan We informed the homeowner that the corner base cabinets would either be concealed corner units or lazy Susan's. She chose lazy susans. We advised the homeowner that the cabinets had weight limits and could be overloaded. When we were asked to come out and fix the doors, we discovered that the lazy Susan housing had shifted. We corrected the issue, but were called back out two weeks later to fix again. At this time we discovered the unit housing was stripped from overwork, thus causing the unit to fail. The homeowner then asked us to remove the doors and turnstiles from the unit and install shelving. This work is not covered under warranty, but we did accommodate the homeowner with shelving, free of charge. She then demanded we reinstall the doors she asked to be taken off. Unfortunately, after the shelves were installed, we weren't able to reinstall the cabinet doors for the homeowner. She demanded we go out and purchase special hinges for the doors, re fabricate the doors and reinstall at no cost. We weren't able to do this. 2. Cabinet cost Each unit we purchase is based on our operating cost vs customer budget. Each price includes the unit cost, delivery, tear out, and installation. The cost of each unit was $206 and we charged $500. We base our material selection on total job cost (what the homeowner can afford). The customer stated she was at the top of her budget, so we couldn't purchase high end cabinets, as we informed her. We also had to purchase unfinished cabinets in order to stain to match her existing cabinets. We also informed her they may not be an exact match but very close. 3. Granite and sink We informed the homeowner that the granite and sink come with a 1 year install warranty, but because granite is a natural product that needs maintenance, there is no material warranty. She demanded a warranty. The sink did have minor rusting after only a few weeks. We replaced it free of charge. 4. Grout and tile The tile was selected by the homeowner and we picked it up and delivered. We gave her no restrictions on tile price or design. The grout we used was sanded grout. It is suitable for grout lines 1/8" or larger, as stated on the packaging. Our grout lines were 1/8". The grout was not crumbling but chalky, which is common before it gets wet. It did crumble at the counter edge, but this is also common. We wanted to caulk the counter edge, but she demanded we grout because she didn't like caulk. We complied, then came back and fixed the cracked grout. Free of charge. 5. Cleanup We used plastic drops on the floor and counters. We installed 6 new electrical receptacles and 5 recessed ceiling lights. This process creates a large amount of airborn dust that can't be controlled. With that said, we did clean up daily with our own cleaning material. We did use the homeowners dust pan and she said it was fine. We also hauled away all job related garbage, as we always do. 6. Service calls We serviced her project four times, three for the lazy susans, and once for her backsplash grout. Each time, she informed us of another issue that didn't exist previously. We installed cabinet baseboards, but on one of the service calls, she told us one of them was broken. We fixed the problem, but after another visit it had broken again. We believe this was caused from being kicked accidentally both times. All service calls were completed free of charge 7. Additional work at no charge The homeowner asked us to install an additional outlet for her microwave, to fix another in her living room, and to repair an existing drawer that wouldn't close. While we were remodeling her kitchen, we did these tasks, free of charge. In closing, I am very sorry and disappointed that this has escalated to its present status. We have tried to meet the homeowners every need and request without ever asking for additional payment in any way. Our service people , including myself, are very busy trying to deliver the high level service most of our customers have come to expect from us. This becomes very difficult when we are being asked on many occasion to come out and repair issues that we didn't create, for free. With that said, our service warranty states that we will fix or repair any damages related directly to installation or workmanship. I believe we went well above and beyond for this customer, but in the end, she wasn't satisfied with the material she approved and is now looking for free upgrades that we simply can't deliver. I also want to point out that this work was completed in February. The homeowner called us on June 12th for an estimate to tile her basement floor. Why would she do that if she was so displeased with our past work? Eric Barnes Owner Ohio Home Pros Remodeling and Design


Samantha K.

It was an Angie's List Big Deal that we purchased. We haven't hired them to do any work. Our timeline didn't match up with theirs initially. The gentleman that came to our house was very professional. He sat down with my husband and myself and gave a lot of good feedback for our master bathroom remodel. He came out on a Friday and came back for a second time on Monday. He had 3-D renderings for the project. He had 2 or 3 different renderings with different options for us to look at. There were some figures to consider with the estimates in mind. Going forward we will probably use them. He was very down to earth and easy to talk to. We have a young son and he has a couple of younger girls so he was very relatable. He was realistic in terms of the pricing and guide lines. They gave us some things to think about that we hadn't thought of before which we appreciated. He was a really good guy and because of that, we could definitely see using him in the future. These were the first people we had quote it out.

Description of Work
They did an initial consultation for a master bathroom remodel.

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

We appreciate the kind words, and hope to talk more about your project soon. Thanks!


David K.

Eric Barnes(the owner) and his workers were very professional, personable, understanding our needs. Just a little personal tidbit, at the time my husband was very ill and we add ordered a ceiling fan to finish off our kitchen. Under the circumstances Eric installed it for me on his own time and with no charge. Since then we've used his services painting familing room, sand and texturing our ceiling in the basement then installing baseboard and crown mounding and installing two window wells after digging 3 feet in the ground. We'll continue to do business with Eric and we highly recommend him!!

Description of Work
He Remodeled our kitchen by refinishing our cabinets in white with antique glazing, painted kitchen and ceiling, installed 44 foot baseboards, installed new cabinet and draw hardware, installed a new backsplash, ordered and installed two new custom glass insert cabinet doors, installed 38 square feet of black pearl granite countertops, installed new stainless stell 60/40 undermount sick and installed 160 square feet of ceramic floor tile over cement board. All materials were included except the granite countertops and the ceramic floor tiles.

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Mollie W.

Price negotiation was fast and friendly. The guys showed up exactly when they said they would. These were substantial jobs, and I was concerned with how long they might take. OHP promised that both jobs would be done inside of two weeks, and they were. The closet was an old office space or 4th bedroom on our second floor. The guys gutted the room, and added custom-built shelves, turning this into a giant, his/hers walk-in. I absolutely love my closet. They also remodeled our full bath off our basement rec room. This was an old, dirty utility room with torn up floor. The guys gutted the room, built a new shelf where the utility sink used to be, put in a ceramic tile floor, new shower and beautiful paint. As far as bathrooms go, this is a truly gorgeous room. Ohio Home Pros is a topnotch, professional company. I'd recommend these guys to anyone.

Description of Work
Bathroom remodel and new closet construction, price includes materials.

Category ceramic tile, closet systems, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters

Service Provider Response

Thank you very much. It's nice to know our hard work and commitment to excellence is appreciated. We welcome any comments that will help us serve our customers better. The Ohio Home Pros Team

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