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Cleveland Waterproofing Inc

Founded 1971 • With Angi since October 2008


(14) Verified Reviews

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2501 W 3rd St

Cleveland, OH 44113


Cleveland waterproofing, incorporated in 1971 has been serving residential, commercial and industrial property owners in northern ohio as the preeminent contractor performing waterproofing ever since. cleveland waterproofing specializes in exterior waterproofing, the only method that prevents water from penetrating the basement walls. we have developed a cost efficient and precise process that will quickly bring your property up to current code standards and is guaranteed for up to 25 years by a transferable warranty. cleveland waterproofing, which began as a small family business nearly 40 years ago, continues to acknowledge its responsibility of treating customers with the high standards of integrity, competence and respect....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Marc W.

It must be my fault. Maybe I didn't call him enough to try to get him to bid the job. Maybe my email to him went to spam or the message I left with the person who did answer the phone and made all sorts of excuses as to why John hasn't called me back made it to the trash instead of in John's hands. None the less, I would hate to see how he actually performs on the job if he can't even return a call or go to the job site to give a bid.

Description of Work
Nothing was done, he didn't show or followup

Category basement waterproofing



Nathan S.

Category basement waterproofing



Dia N.

Description of Work
Left repeated messages requesting a service appointment, but never got a response.

Category basement waterproofing



jerry M.

Description of Work
I had major problems with sewer water from the street coming into my basement during strong rainfalls....My old house made it difficult to identify where the water was coming from and what tiles were not functioning....It took some trial and error, but they found the main source and had to dig major holes in my front and back yards to provide water flow and prevent water from backing up into my basement in the future...They also got the city involved to blow out blockages on our street that had not been done in years....It wasn't cheap, but you have to fix the problem, so it was money needed to be spent....

Category landscaping, basement waterproofing, drain cleaning



Evelyn L.

I think everything went very good. John Missitti called and we set the date for him to come with his camera to look into the sewer lines. He then told me he would plan out a solution to my basement flooding problem and send me a contract to look over. I agreed and when he started I paid him a deposit to start the job. When the work began you could tell they knew what they were doing. They worked hard and steady till around 4:00pm every day until the job was done. It was expensive but worth it. I now have a basement I am not afraid to use. So far so dry!

Description of Work
Back flow valve install, removed landscaping, excavation of main sanitary sewer, remove concrete floor for sump well installation, tunnel out at sanitary location for sump well, camera inspection, sewer jetting, install sanitary main line sump well and drain tile. Install concrete headwall beneath footer at sump well, complete drain tile connections to sump well, install well & pump, complete sump pump discharge line to outside, complete final concrete backfill of sump well area. Machine excavator, truck import stone, truck removal of soil. Backfill of main sewer trench with compacting, saw cut removal of asphalt section, install drain connection for sump discharge line and SW corner downspout to drive side line, final cleanup and pressure wash and landscaping restoration to front yard.

Category concrete repair, excavators, landscaping, basement waterproofing, pressure washing, wells, drain pipe, sewer cleaning



Joe G.

Prompt. Able to see us next day after call. Didn't seem as unneeded work.

Description of Work
Had flooding in the basement. Considered waterproofing. Diagnosed as a drainage blockage. Referred us to a plumber. Honest. Did not try to sell us something we did not need.

Category basement waterproofing



Evelyn L.

John came to the house to see my basement and to tell me about the back flow valve installation his company installs with 100% success. After I showed John my basement and told him how the water had backed up into the basement from the drain after a heavy rain storm ; he told me the first thing he would need to do is to come back with a camera to see if there was any blockage or anything going on in my drain tiles. If everything looked good and there was no surprises then his crew of men could take out a section of my basement floor and install a back flow valve. John said he would have a contract drawn up for the back flow installation and email it to me so I could look it over and decide if I wanted him to do the job. I got the contract 7/22/13 and the cost would be $3,600. for Back Flow installation. I sent the email back with my reply of Yes I would like for your company to do the work. I should have called because John was waiting for a call and I was thinking he got my reply and I was waiting for him to call me. I knew he had some jobs already lined up ahead of me and that is why I thought it was taken him so long to get back to me. John said he was sorry about the mix up and that I should print out the contract and sign it and send it back to him. I did and wrote a check out to Cleveland Waterproofing Inc for 10% on 8/12/13. John called and we set up that week to have him come out with the camera. John called that morning and said he was on his way and would be there in about 20 min. Upon arriving he went right to work opening the drain. When he got the drain open and put the camera into the hole John found two tiles that had holes in them. John called for me to take a look at what he found. He told me these tile need to be replaced and they could also flush out the pipes and get rid of all the stuff that was building up inside the pipe line. Then John figured out how far the camera line was in the hole when it came to the broken tiles. We then went outside to the front of the house and John measured from the house to about the distance where the broken tiles were and used spray paint to mark the spots. John said my weeping cherry tree and my holly bush would have to come out. He said the men could replant them but he didn't think the cherry tree would make it because of the age and size of the tree. I told him that was ok and I know it can't be helped. John said they could cut the tree down and take it to the curb for trash pick up. He also asked me where I would like the dirt placed. In the driveway or the lawn. I said the drive.Then John said since they would be digging the front yard up he would need to get a work permit from the city . John then told me how after the work was done his men would put back the dirt and use a compactor to pack down all the dirt so that there would not be a big mound of dirt left and I wouldn't have to wait for the dirt to settle. He said the men would plant my holy bush back and anything else I wanted saved. John said they would do there best to try and remove my concrete boarder that was around my flower bed without breaking it. John said we will get it back together and if you have grass seed we will sow that also if you like. John said after we dig up the tile we will put the camera back into the hole so we can look in the direction of the pipes leading into the house. We can tell if there are any lines connecting into your lines or other problems and if everything looks good and you want the lines flushed that's when we would flush out the lines.John said I might not need to have a sump pump but if I did that would be a added charge and because of the broken tiles it was going to cost me for the machine excavator and the truck exporting soils and importing stone as well as materials that would be used to replace the broken tiles and for labor. The job would take longer than two days (that was how long it would have taken for installing the back flow valve). So John would send me another contract listing Time and Materials rates. I called him and let him know I received it. I signed it Aug 29,2013. He sent a man from his company over to pick up the contract and they told me the work would be started the following Tuesday (it was Labor day that Monday). John and his crew came to the house around 9:00am Tuesday with a big excavator and tools to do the job. John gave them instructions on what to remove from the flower bed. My father had already taken out the cherry tree. He can use it in his stove. John also talked to them about trying not to break the concert boarder so they could put it back. John showed them where the marks were for then to dig and he also told me that he thought I would need to have a sump pump installed. John said that even though the back flow valve would keep the water from coming up my drain in the basement, I still needed the water to be pushed away from the foundation of the house so the water wouldn't come up from the floor. The men worked hard and got the pipe line uncovered and discovered I had 3 tiles instead of 2 that needed to be replaced.They had the lines flushed out with high power water. They also had to take up a section of my basement floor and dig out the dirt around the drain line. They installed the sump pump with a riser and called Conner Electrical Services to send a man out to hook up an electrical box to the sump pump. Outside the water line was old and had spots that were crimped, so a man from Lake Erie Mechanical came and replaced the old water line with a copper line. Then the city inspector came out and inspected everything. After everything passed they started replacing the dirt (the dirt was on my driveway). As they placed the dirt into the hole a man inside the hole used a machine that packed it down. Then they cut a section going across my black top driveway and connected the sump pump drain into a drain that leads to the road. They also connected the down spout into the line they put in and then repatched the driveway with black top filler. They planted my holly bush and it hides the pipes coming from the house nicely. My concrete boarder was put back and you can hardly tell it was moved. I do have a pipe that is coming from the line to the top of the ground with a cap covering it. That is for easy clean out or if there is ever any problem you can see into the line without digging up the whole thing. Inside they put back concert around the sump pump and cleaned up the dirt that was tracked into the house. It all looks good inside and outside. The work took 5 days and the men worked very hard. They were pros not a fly by night team. They have been in the business for a long time and there work shows it. I am very happy with the results. It did end up costing me $10,200. But you get what you pay for and I care a lot about my home and didn't want to keep dealing with a basement I was afraid of flooding whenever it rained. Now I feel I have peace of mind thanks to Cleveland Waterproofing!

Description of Work
Replaced broken drain tiles, flushed out my drain lines, installed a sump pump

Category concrete repair, excavators, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, drain pipe, drain cleaning, foundation repair




I am happy in that he did not try to provide service I did not need.

Description of Work
He told me that my problem in the basement could be remedied by other methods besides digging. I can do it on my own, namely slope the soil away from the house.

Category basement waterproofing



Ben H.

We had our concrete driveway, walks and back patio removed and replaced with new concrete. During the time that we were talking with them and getting an estimate, we discussed out desire to have a swale put behind the house, as our lot has a slight slope and water from the back yard is directed towards the house. We had evidence of a slight water issue in the basement, and felt that the regrading would take care of the problem. John looked over the yard and explained, as had some other companies who had given us estimates, that the standard procedure would be to direct the water from the swale into the storm water drains that the gutters connect to. Unlike the other contractors, John said that the first step would need to be running a fiber optic camera into the drains to make sure that they were clear and free of obstructions. When the camera was run, it was discovered that the drain lines along the back and side of the house were blocked (almost completely) and directing more water into those lines would only make the basement water issue worse. He also discovered that the drain line that went under the crawl space on the garage side of the house had a pipe that had settled, and that explained some efflorescence on the basement wall in that location. The run of pipe under the crawl space would have been difficult and expensive to access, so it was determined that all of the water could be directed in another direction, leaving those pipes in place but no longer used. We ended up have the back and one side of the house water proofed by the contractor. They dug down to the footers, replaced the footer drains, added storm water drain pipes, water proofed the walls, back filled with the gravel and installed clean out ports for each of the lines. About 1 week later Brecksville (and all of the Cleveland area) experienced the worst flooding on over 100 years. Water was 3 feet deep in the road and neighbors experience severe basement flooding. We were largely dry, with only a minor amount of water coming up through the floor drain where the washing machine used to be located. The walls were dry and there was no leakage from the then or the floor. We experienced only one problem with this job. The concrete removal and water proofing needed to happen before the new concrete could be poured. When they pulled the permit for the water proofing work, they did mistakenly did not pull the permit for the driveway, walks and patio concrete work. When the waterproofing was completed, we experience a 2 week delay in getting the concrete poured due to this over site. It was an inconvenient, as there was nothing but mud by the back door, garage door and front door. Once the permits were obtained and the rain let up, the job was completed in a neat and professional manner.

Description of Work
Removed concrete driveway, walkways and patio. Moved front sidewalk about 2 feet farther from the house. Replaced the concrete Ran camera into drain lines to determine if they were blocked. Water proofed basement by digging down to the footers and replacing drain lines (footer and storm water) with PVC, sealing the exterior basement wall, back filling with stone and regrading to direct water away from the house.

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways, excavators, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, wells, sewer cleaning, foundation repair



Cherie N.

I am still fighting with them to receive my money back.

Description of Work
They first came out in 10/18/10 to look at my drains with a camera (the cost $250) to give me an estimate on the work on my house. After checking the drains, the sinking dirt around the house and the basement problems they gave me a price. The final price they gave me was $3200.00. So, on 11/16/10 I sent my ten percent of $320. After they receive the money, they informed me that they was working on another project and that by the time they finish, it was too cold to work on my house. So, in the middle of June 2011 I called to see if they could do my waterproofing the first week in July, 2011. At first they email me several days later after getting in touch with them in June 2011 and informed me that they had project that they were working on and was not sure if they would have the time the first week in July 2011. Second week in July, 2011 I called them again to see if they had a date. They started giving me the run around with other job assignments and telling me they would get back with me the following Wednesday, which never happen. So, by the beginning of August 2011, I called another company to do the work. I informed my lawyer who got in touch with them that I went with another company and to please send back my down payment. They was nasty with the lawyer and then they decided to get in tough with me. I did try to see if they make good on their word to do the work. They informed me that they would come out on 9/23/11 to do the work. I thought about it and informed them not to come out because the job is a two day (they informed me as well as the other company let me know that it would take two days to do the whole job) and they was only giving me a day. So then they email me to tell me that they would come out 9/26 and 9/27 (which they could have gave me earlier but did not ). I really do not feel that they would have done a good job on my waterproofing problem because of all the running around, nasty remarks to the lawyer and half day they were going to give me to do the job. So now, I fighting with them to get back my deposit with half the amount when it came to the camera taking, since I know they will not give me the dvd or pictures.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

In response to the complaints forwarded by the member, there are a few discrepancies and omissions of the facts on her part, which follows: 1) By the time member sent in her deposit in late November 2010, we were focused on completing jobs that were in progress. At such time the winter weather arrived and residential waterproofing work cannot be performed. The waterproofing agents used cannot cure properly at colder tempertatures. 2) We contacted the member in the third week of March 2011 to schedule her work. At that time, she informed us that this would not be possible, as she was planning on paying with her tax refund, so we scheduled our other contracts. 3) The member did contact us in June and July and we DID respond back that we were extremely backed up with jobs that grew bigger and required longer time to perform and complete. We informed the member that we would still get to her work and that she would be contacted for scheduling. 4) As per an email sent by the member 9-19-11 to us, she stated that she would need a definite start date by 9-21-11. We called the member on 9-20-11 and told her that we planned to start her work the next day. The member told us that she would have to take the day off from work and that her days off were Monday-Tuesday and Fridays. We agreed to start work on Friday 9-23-11. 5) The very next day 9-21-11 the member sent an email stating that we were going to do "a two day job in one day"??? This was never stated, mentioned, inferred or planned. We were to start the work on 9-23-11 and completed the next work day. The member chose to cancel the work through email the next day after the work was planned and scheduled. 6) We were never ever "nasty" with the member's attorney or with the member. Her statement is totally ludicrous and untrue. 7) We responsed to her email with an offer to still perform the work, of which she did not repsond back to us. 8) As far as any refund of monies, the $250.00 for the camera inspection, which was performed, had located and showed the problem area and the proper course of repairs, which would have saved the member money. A DVD recording was never intended or offered since that requires an additional charge, which the member did not want to spend. Also, deposits are non refundable. They are intended to secure the contract and cover operating costs (such as permitting, etc.)




The work is holding up well. So far the work is solid.

Description of Work
We hired Cleveland Waterproofing Inc. to waterproof our basement ten years ago.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

Thank you for allowing us to waterproof your basement. It is always a pleasure to hear nice feedback after years of the work being completed!




Secretary called and said someone would be out that Saturday morning around 10am. No one came and no one called.

Description of Work
I wanted an estimate on a sewer problem due to awful smell in basement. Estimate to replace drain tile on rear of house and waterproof rear wall.

Category basement waterproofing, sewer cleaning

Service Provider Response

We apoligize that you were not contacted, as the normal secretary was out on maternity leave and we had a temporary person filling in. This is not our practice to have a potential customer "fall thru the cracks" and not be contacted, if there was a conflict in scheduling.



Thomas H.

I called him, and he came out within two hours. He was in the middle of something, but he told me he could get a crew together. He was highly punctual, he was really personable and very straightforward. He talked to me and explained everything to me. A lot of people, when they talk to women, they assume they don't know anything, but it was nice that he didn't talk down to me.

Description of Work
He snaked the line from the house to the street. It took him about five minutes to do something that another company said they couldn't do. He also is going to come back today with a camera to determine if anything else needs to be done. If anything else does need to be done, it'll only cost a couple hundred more as opposed to the $7000 the other company was going to charge.

Category drain cleaning

Service Provider Response

We aim to keep our customers happy and dry and to also educate our customers!




They work well with you. We have had some issues getting them to come out but when they do come they do great work. They do such good work and have so much business it is hard for them to respond to your immediate needs, but they do excellent work and we have had no problems.

Description of Work
They waterproofed our basement a few years ago. They also did our driveway and garage floor.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

Being that our company has grown by leap and bounds...and makes sure the job is done correct, we do have a waiting period to get customers on the schedule. Once we are there...we correct all issues and leave the job, like we were not even there. We take pride in our customers properties and treat them, like we would like to be treated...if we had a contractor come to our home!

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    Emergency Services OfferedEmergency Services Offered
    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    How is Cleveland Waterproofing Inc overall rated?

    Cleveland Waterproofing Inc is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

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    Cleveland Waterproofing Inc is open:

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    No, Cleveland Waterproofing Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, Cleveland Waterproofing Inc offers emergency services.

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    No, Cleveland Waterproofing Inc does not offer warranties.

    What services does Cleveland Waterproofing Inc offer?

    Cleveland Waterproofing Inc offers the following services: Basement waterproofing, foundation, sewer installation and repair, structural, foundation repairs & underground excavation work.