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Dan R.

There was absolutely no response to the request for a quote. I even followed up the request from your site with my own personal request at their website. Total silence. They should at least have had the courtesy to respond saying they were not interested in the job.

Description of Work
Firewood delivered

Category firewood

Service Provider Response

Mr [Member Name Removed] I apologize but it looks like our response to your quote was still in our draft folder. I have sent the pricing directly to your email this morning. Again so sorry for the delay.


Taylor S.

It went great. Install took about half of a day and went smoothly. The estimate was free. Communication and scheduling were a breeze. The turf looks so good and we couldn't be more happy with the end product!

Description of Work
Turf installation in the backyard

Category landscaping




Great job! Would definitely recommend them for a turf type lawn in our area.

Description of Work
Sodded front lawn. tilled up yard, added additional topsoil, smoothed the areas needed. Good attention to the areas around the landscape beds that needed detailed work.

Category landscaping,lawn service



Nicki W.

Dan came out to give us an estimate and two days later we had a beautiful front yard. It took them a little over an hour to complete the job. Dan was very helpful with tips to care for the sod, and even gave advice on how to have success when we seed our backyard.

Description of Work
We had sod placed in front yard.

Category lawn service



Greg S.

Two guys showed up promptly and backed the truck as far as they could into our driveway before setting up for unload. These two guys totally unloaded a full cord (they had a very nice cart to roll the wood) transported it to my back yard and professionally stacked the wood. Cleaned up the minimal mess by the truck before leaving. Although their pricing is a higher than others, you receive a true cord and not a "pickup" load like others i have used.

Description of Work
Purchased a full cord of hardwood

Category firewood



Eric S.

Went great. Ordered wood via phone and it was delivered within 2 hours. I live close so that may have been a factor, but I was happy. The wood (1/3 cord) was 121.54 and delivery was 37. The saleswoman on the phone and the gentlemen who delivered the wood were A+ professional. Great customer service.

Description of Work
Provided and delivered one third of a cord of firewood

Category firewood



Carl F.

We looked up Firewood on AL and found 6 providers, one we had used before, the other five we had not. I'm "Old Fashioned" so I Know what a Full Cord is, I used to be able to order firewood that way 20 years ago, unfortunately we now are offered "Face Cords", or "Loads". I am Yet to be able to get a Satisfactory or Consistent measure as to what those are EXACTLY... I think that is the Point. Because I have had varying degrees of satisfaction with those providers I decided to look them up this year(newer Member) and after reading All the reviews, we went with Motz. They were not the cheapest per say, but the reviews were glowing, and the comments regarding the Quality of their firewood compared to others sounded like some of the issues I have had over the years, un-seasoned, dried out, or junk pieces, and level of service, Quality is Worth my paying for and Looking For. We must say, we are Very Pleased so far! The purchasing was simple, and they understood that I wanted 3 FULL Cords! The price was not the cheapest, but was close to some of the others. Communication, delivery times, delivery, all went as promised. We had the wood just delivered and dumped on our driveway as the moving and stacking is a bit tricky, so we do that and usually get a small discount, this was the same... Consider this if comparing our price quote to others. The wood was Delivered as promised and looks like it will easily stack up to the ordered amount,and is All Hardwoods, we are still moving and stacking it. The Quality looks good, Well Seasoned, but not too dry as to burn right up.. Looks Like Good Firewood!! Obviously, with us... as with most Angie's Customers, the proof is in the final result, and that we will know after the winter hits! So Far, We are Very Pleased with the Purchase, and would Buy from them again based on our experience. And Thank You Motz for understanding our Needs, and delivering the Requested amount... They Understand FULL CORDS... This Ole Guy Likes That! ;) OK... Update: We got all the Firewood Moved and Stacked and we estimate we received approx. 3.25 cords... Excellent! This is the Kind of Service I was Looking For, willing to Pay For, and provide at our Own Business! Thank You Again Motz... we will Definitely be Ordering AGAIN, and Have Been Telling all of our Friends and Inquisitive Neighbors!! Great Job... ;)

Description of Work
Delivered 3 Full Cords of Firewood.

Category firewood



Michele P.

process was great. Completed in one day. Rain runoff is perfect -not soggy at all! The dogs love it. Does require raking and clearing off leaves/debris leaf blower works great!

Description of Work
Artificial turf installed

Category firewood,landscaping,lawn service



Anne M.

ture.This is our third load of firewood, BEST by far. We are very pleased with the firewood we bought from Motz. Well seasoned, good size and burns long. we will undoubtedly use them for all our firewood in the f*

Description of Work
Firewood-2/3 cord

Category firewood



Debra H.

The wood is good not fast burning. They cleaned the area and did a really really nice job. They were very prompt.

Description of Work
They delivered, moved the old wood and then re-stacked a half cord of wood for us.

Category firewood



Carri W.

He was fantastic!The price was fair and he got it out to our house very quickly.

Description of Work
He delivered firewood right to my house.

Category firewood




Called for a face cord of firewood on two occasions. They came later that morning. One time we had them stack the wood and the other time I stacked the wood. Very quick response. Nice people, and neat delivery. Will use again for firewood.

Description of Work
Delivered and stacked a face cord of firewood.

Category firewood



William G.

Having used Motz in the past, I was prepared for outstanding results. Instead I had several disappointments. I was for several days unable to pin the company down as to an approximate arrival date, then, with no advance heads-up, they were suddenly on site. I would have very much preferred a courtesy call and, in fact, was not home when they arrived. When I mentioned a call would have been appreciated, Dan blew me off with a and quot;Oh no, we're still using cans and a stringand quot; sort of crack. The bill came in just over $200.00 above the written estimate. Many of the sod strips slightly overlap their neighbors resulting in, I hope temporarily, some pretty uneven footing. As my wife is in her 70's, this is a bigger deal to us than it than it would perhaps be to Motz's more nimble customers.

Description of Work
Prepared the ground and laid sod about 8 feet wide along the perimeter of my garden where seeding would have prevented my wife access to it. Total of 75 strips of sod.

Category firewood,landscaping



David P.

It could not have gone better. I wasn't going to be home for the delivery, so I paid over the phone. Next evening, I had a wood rack full of well stacked wood. It all looked to be good quality, mixture of ash, oak, walnut, cherry. Once this third cord is gone, I'll be buying from them again.

Description of Work
Delivered and stacked firewood

Category firewood



Deirdre C.

The cost was expensive and therefore I did not use this provider.

Description of Work
I did not use this provider.

Category firewood



Marcus T.

While we got a little off schedule due to weather, other jobs, etc, these guys were awesome and made my back yard a thing of beauty. Everyone who enters the back yard compliments us on how good the retaining wall looks.

Description of Work
Motz Turf Farms, led by John Garlich, removed a faulty retaining wall and then installed an Allan Block retaining wall.

Category landscaping,lawn service



Henry C.

I emailed and then decided to just call the next day for information. Stephanie was AWESOME! She gave me the information I needed and guided me to my best purchase. She also emailed me the same day in response of the email I sent. The guys came and stacked my wood NO PROBLEM! I am beyond pleased. Thank you!!!

Description of Work
We purchased wood for delivery and stacking.

Category firewood




It went like clockwork. Very quick from start to finish.

Description of Work
We contacted Motz and purchased firewood. They came out and delivered it the next day. Very punctual service. Great product.

Category firewood



Charles E.

I ordered for delivery 1/3 cord of firewood. I found Motz on Angie's list and thought I would give them a try based on thier rating and reviews. I called to order the firewood on Saturday 11/17 to see if I could get it in time for Thanksgiving. The person on the phone was courteous and efficient and took all my information down. He did tell me that Eric would have to give me a call on Monday to see if they could get me my order by Thanksgiving and they were pretty booked with the holiday coming up. I told him that was fine and I understood. Well...come Monday around 10:30AM, a knock on my door and it was Motz with my truckload of firewood ready to unload. I was so surprised and was trying to think of alternatives for firewood this week for Thanksgiving and I have family coming in town staying at my house. Lou and John were very friendly and courteous and unloaded my firewood in my driveway as I directed. I told them that I wasn't sure if I could get the firewood in time and they said that they were really busy just trying to take care of every order they could by the holiday - I thought that was great!! John actually commented on the fact that he built my neighbors retaining wall and Lou provided me with a refferal for a tree removal service. Great experience and now I have a good reference for some tree removal work I will need done in the future. Thanks MOTZ....I will be sending you more of my own business and refer you to others!!

Description of Work
1/3 cord of Firewood order and delivery.

Category firewood



richard M.

Motz delivery personnel left a message the day before delivery but I wasn't able to understand the first part of his cell number, I called Motz and told them I was unable to return the call. Motz contacted the driver and the wood was delivered. Everyone that I spoke to were courteous and professional. The wood was clean and was the quantity requested.

Description of Work
Ordered 2/3rds of a cord of wood with delivery included in the price. Arrangement was that the wood would be delivered within 2 weeks; it was delivered within a week. Wood was dumped in my driveway as discussed.

Category firewood



Jeffrey W.

Great company. Second year using Motz for my firewood. The wood is always nice and dry and burns great. Will continue to use them every year for my firewood.

Description of Work
1/3 of a cord of firewood delivered and stacked by my outside fireplace.

Category firewood



Juliet H.

Don't waste your time with firewood from the grocery store. Motz firewood was seasoned perfectly. It started easily and burned slowly. I had them drop off a 4x8 stack which I stacked myself. Then ordered more just today that they are going to stack for me. The quality of the firewood is well worth the price. They had great suggestions for us too - if the stack is dwindling at the end of the season, save some of the good wood and burn it with a few grocery store logs (hardwood). The only glitch was a minor one, when I called them in November, my order was misplaced and I had to call back to follow-up on the delivery. They will help you determine how much wood to order, but don't short yourself - late in the season they sometimes run out so stock up and stay warm!

Description of Work
Ordered wood by phone. Received great advice on quantity to order. They keep track of your orders year after year so they can tell you how much you've been getting in the past.

Category firewood



Laura M.

I called, ordered the wood, and they delivered it by the end of the week, as promised. The guys stacked the wood very neatly where I asked them to. Wood burns great!

Description of Work
Delivered firewood

Category firewood



Jay T.

This company has been very frustrating to work with. I was told that I'd get a confirmation of the estimate via email. While at work one day, though, I got a call saying that they were putting the sod in as we spoke. I never signed a contract and I never got an official confirmation of the estimate. That call announcing that they'd begun the job was at 9:30 in the morning. I asked for care instructions and was sent an email, hours after the installation, informing me that I'd needed to water the lawn with 1/2 inch of water as soon as it went in. When I complained about this to Mr. Motz, noting that the lawn had not been watered immediately, he said that and quot;those instructions don't matter.and quot; Basically, you just need to be attentive to the weather, he said, and the ground had been damp from rain. Fine. I was initially just happy to have a green lawn, even though the ground wasn't graded, as I was told it would be. The bumps and mounds of earth are still there under the new sod. But soon the lawn developed yellowish spots. Mr Motz, who visited the house to get his check, first pretended that he didn't see any yellow. Then when I pointed the spots out, he ran through a number of possibilities (it's probably your dogs -- no, I'd not let the dogs out onto the grass; well, maybe it's the fertilizer his crew used; or maybe it's the shade cast by your neighbor's tree) before saying that I was probably watering too much, and that I should let it dry out for a while. So even though I'd simply been following his care instructions, I did stop watering (and, foolishly, I paid him). After barely two days, though, patches of what seemed to be hay-like dryness started to develop where the lawn got the most sun. I watered consistently after that, especially as the daytime temperatures reached the upper 90s, only to see the dead patches grow. Online forums indicate that perhaps I had been over-watering, despite the intense sun and heat, and that I should scale back. I'm willing to accept the responsibility for that issue (and thankfully the grass seems to be recovering some now) but I'm very unhappy with the fact that when I contacted Mr. Motz again to ask his advice he never replied. He seems genuinely uninterested in standing behind the quality of his product, or ensuring its proper maintenance, now that he has cashed my check.

Description of Work
Motz put sod in my small backyard.

Category landscaping,lawn service




I called Motz the day of a predicted ice storm. They delivered my ordered 2/3 of a cord that afternoon! The saleslady on the phone was pleasant and professional. I ordered at 10am, and the wood was there at 3 (before the storm). The wood was all seasoned oak, some cherry, different sizes, burned very well. The 2/3 of a cord looked more like a full cord plus...a very generous delivery! The price is higher than average, but the quality, quantity and experience was well worth it. Only small glitch: I asked for the wood to be delivered to the grass beside my house, and about 1/4 was on the driveway, blocking my car. The good news: I left an after-hours telephone complaint, and the next morning at 9 I received a call from the delivery driver apologizing, and exlaining that he was concerned about getting too close to my lawn with his truck when unloading...hence, some fell on the driveway. Understandable, and I appreciate the professionalism. I will use them again!

Description of Work
I ran out of firewood on the day before a predicted snowstorm. I ordered 2/3 of a cord of firewood from Motz at 10amon the day of the storm.

Category firewood

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