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Founded 1983 • With Angi since June 2007


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Verified Reviews

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Brian G.

Perfectly-Rich (owner) has done numerous jobs for me at a rental property, all have been great jobs. He truly cares about your budget and staying within his quote. I do not even consider calling anyone else when I need a job. He is the best!

Description of Work
Bath fan/outside flood light

Category electrician, handyman service, lighting



Chuck S.

Rich showed up on time and replaced the tub faucet with a model that matched the old style of the tub. This was for a rental property and the tenant was very pleased with the improved water pressure of the new fixture. Thanks Rich - great job!

Description of Work
Replace tub faucet

Category handyman service



Mary L.

Rich installed a new front door, lock and hardware for me around a year ago and I've since had problems w/the lock. Finally, it wouldn't turn at all so I called Rich. He responded quickly, took the entire lock apart and fixed it. He didn't charge me a cent. Rich is the best. Last year when we had a really bad storm w/high winds and rain, my garage ceiling was leaking badly . Again, I called him and he came right out and fixed it. I didn't know until later that his home was hit worse than mine. He was ankle deep in water in his basement, his tools were ruined as were his water heater and washer/dryer and he had no electricity but still he serviced my home before tackling his own. Now that's dedication. Just recently, he had an accident and got a concussion so he missed a little bit of work but as soon as he was feeling better, he got right back to work, did some odd jobs for me and serviced his other customers' needs as well. I can't say enough good things about this guy.

Description of Work
Took apart my dead bolt lock and fixed it so that it would turn properly.

Category handyman service, remodeling, woodworking



Annette S.

What I forgot to state in the other review is the final construction company we hired had to fix his mess, for an added cost. the roofs did not line up properly and had to be torn apart and redone. The stucco on the back of the garage foundation was cracked and needed to be redone... when it rains the garage floor is sloped so that rain comes in and creates a puddle. When the drywall was put on they covered up some of the electrical outlets and that had to be redone the electrical was not completed. The new roof Rick put on the house had to be redone since he did not repair the underlayment. Again I want to express, you may want to use him as a handyman for small jobs but not for remodeling or construction of a home. Do not pay him until the job is done. We paid and the job was not completed..... fools that we were.

Description of Work
Rick was to build the third garage as stated in the other review.

Category concrete repair, handyman service, masonry, home builders



Annette S.

More detail to not ever contract a job with Coach Construction unless you pay as you go........after the work is done. Small jobs may be more to their ability, decks porches, etc. Stand alone garage maybe but never an attached garage. Our third contractor had to tear half the roof off to align the new roof with the old. Drywall was put over electrical outlets, The garage floor is not level and when it rains a puddle forms inside the garage from run off. The garage was not completed by Coach Construction, we were left with half a build, no driveway. The duration between Rich being on the job and off the job kept getting longer and longer, he would show up one day, stay for a couple hours and then we would not see him for another week until he finally quit coming and answering his phone. Coach construction cost us another 25k to fix the build he did incorrectly and to finish the build. I would highly recommend that Coach Construction be taken off Angie's List.

Description of Work
We hired Coach construction to build a third attached garage. The previous construction company Americo run by Paul Whited took our money and ran. We contracted Coach construction to basically complete the job. This entailed from floor on up. Rich came onto the job site and partially completed the garage, we had to contract a third contractor which was Perfect Construction, owner Bill Perfect... hooray we finally hit the jackpot after two attempts to have a garage built and spending over 50 grand on the first two pathetic builders.

Category remodeling, home builders



Chris M.

I received an estimate but ultimately did not have the work done. I would be interested in them for another job in the future.

Description of Work
Received an estimate to repair a dock/boat house.

Category handyman service, woodworking



Annette S.

Do not pay until after the work is finished.

Description of Work
We wanted an additional attached garage and new roof on the house. We have a shell of the garage and new roof only.Started in is now middle of August, one excuse after another, always taking other jobs, fitting us in when he could. Have not heard from Rich Phelps since 7/31/12, prior to 7/31/12 did not hear from him for a week and a half. Never returns phone calls, voice message is full..... on 7/31 Rich called to inform us he had an accident on another job and was in the hospital for a couple days. Then he called on 8/1 and told my husband he would be over in the afternoon on 8/2. Have not heard from him since, phones are not accepting messages. Not only do we not have a finished garage we are out $$$$$$$$$$.

Category handyman service, remodeling, home builders



William C.

He is very good and reliable. He is like a one-man show with a few extra people but he can do almost anything.

Description of Work
We are using Coach Construction for deck and garage construction. My husband found them on Angie's List.

Category decks




called and left messages, never got a call back. not even to say 'sorry we're too busy.' must be nice to not need to call people back. too bad i won't be calling Coach Construction again.

Description of Work
needed drywall repair as well as some window and door casing installed

Category drywall, remodeling




I have used Rich on a few other projects around the house including replacing my roof and waterproofing the basement. Rich is very knowledgeable , honest, hard working and has reasonable prices. He shows up when he says he will and cleans up at the end of every day. I highly recommend him and will use him again for other projects I have planned.

Description of Work
I have an acre of land with a hill behind our house. Several areas in the backyard would flood and hold water near the house for several days after an average rain. Needed to install a french drain to remove the water more quickly and help with potential flooding in the basement. Rich dug a 2 foot wide trench approximately 265 feet long, installed a 6 inch french drain with surface drains approximately every 10 feet and had the drain empty into the street. The trench and the drain had the appropriate grade so that it would quickly drain into the street. The trench was filled with gravel with a layer of topsoil. All the areas were seeded, fertilized and hay placed on top. It has been about a week and the grass is growing in nicely . We had 2 storms in 2 days and the drains are working as they should.

Category handyman service, lawn service, drain pipe



Colin C.

Took time off from work to meet Rich and have left messages three times with no response. A simple return phone call saying not interested would have been fine.

Description of Work
Rich came to my house on Friday Feb 3rd to give me an estimate, 3 unreturned phone calls and three weeks later and no estimate. Rich told me I'd have the estimate by the next week.

Category woodworking



William C.

Rich Phelps (owner), has provided me with several services over the last several months, including demolition and construction of a new detached garage, installation of a heavy duty drain in front of my attached garage, installation of ceiling access doors in my house, and rough in of a basement washer and dryer. I can say with no exceptions that Rich's work has been excellent. He is very concerned about quality, cleanliness, and detail. The garage he built is getting comments from the neighbors about how good it looks, and that is only from the outside. He has completely finished the inside, and it looks like a room in my house, not a garage. He cleaned up everyday after the day's work was finished, and checked in with me regularly to let me know status. The garage is a showpiece due to Rich's focus on quality and detail. He did a great job installing the drain in front of my attached garage. Prior to his work the garage was subject to water coming into it from heavy rains. (my driveway which slopes into the garage). After the installation, which also involved concrete work and tieing into existing drainage, there have been no more problems with water (we are just completing a record year for rain, and it is still coming. All the other work has been done to my complete satisfaction. In the rare case where something wasn't right, Rich called my attention to it most of the time and then fixed it. As one small example of Rich's focus on quality during construction of the garage, the bottom of two trusses appeared to be out or alignment by about 1/2 inch. I didn't even notice it but Rich did, and remedied the situation by cutting the nails holding the trusses that were out of alignment, realigned them, and then renailed them. He was the only one that noticed it but that was enough. There are other examples I could give but I believe this illustrates the point. Rich continues to do work on my house including a closet expansion and remodeling, and nex year we will be building a large deck and screened in porch. I have already awarded this work to Rich.

Description of Work
Demolition of an existing detached garage Construction of a new detached oversized two car garage, including skylights, drywall finishing, and insulation. Installation of a heavy duty drain in front of my attached garage Installation of concrete steps in the attached garage Rough in for a washer and dryer in my basement Installation of attic access doors in both the house and garage

Category contractors, concrete repair, electrician, handyman service, lighting, remodeling, siding, replacement windows



Jean P.

After reading glowing reports about Coach Construction on Angie's List, I hired 'Coach' to replace the crumbling foundation on my 5x12 front porch, to replace the pathway, and to fill a crack in basement wall. I called 'Coach' in mid. June, 2011 and signed a contract July 12, 2011, at which time the job was initiated. Final payment was made Aug. 18, 2011. 'Coach' is great at demolition and worked hard. He did replace the grass etc. but after the job was completed there were several problems: i.e. two front pole lights' electrical lines were cut, front door wouldn't open or close, and porch had sunk causing a lake at the front door when it rained.After several try/fail attempts, evading tactics, rain delays, text, emails, voice mail and phone calls, a job that should have taken a week was finished Nov. 13, 2011 when 'Coach' finally came and sealed the porch. The procedure took 5 months. The lake is gone but there remains small puddles along ridge of porch when one steps up. I did call him and leave a message asking if salt would be OK to put on the ice but he didn't reply. After two atempts by him to fix front door I told him to cut a piece off the bottom which took care of the problem. Because I didn't feel confident that 'Coach' knew how to repair electical line etc. I subsequently puchased solar lights which I have returned this week as Ohio weather is not conducive to solar power. In other words when it's rainy and cloudy they don't come on. I am now in the process of hiring an electrician to do the work. Without me asking him to, he removed a gutter leaf guard, telling me it kept the rain from going to the downspout. Last week after digging out all the leaves from the gutter I looked for the leaf guard to replace it myself. It is nowhere to be found. I asked him to return it but so far he has not. One aside here: I am a 73 yr. old woman, caregiver to a husband who is under Hospice. And yes, 'Coach' knew that. Ah, the age of chivalryand honor is dead. Since I hate to blindside anyone I have previously sent a copy of this to 'Coach.'

Description of Work
front porch foundation and 5X12 porch installed front path redone crack in basement wall filled

Category concrete repair, decks, electrician, lawn service, mudjacking, foundation repair



Jeffrey K.


Description of Work
I called both numbers and got no answer!!! Left a detailed message. No call backs. My first time using ANGIE'S LIST and not a happy camper!!!!

Category ceramic tile, handyman service



Dora B.

I want to start off by saying that Rich is an extremely nice, pleasant, and respectful guy. I also want to say that he probably did not anticipate having to do some of the work he did when replacing the sliding door (i.e. purchase and install new trim, mud walls, etc...), and lost money on the job. He had also repaired the holes in the ceiling and wall for free. -When he came over to give the estimate, I asked him if the carpet would need to be stretched once the sliding door was replaced. He said "No." After the door was replaced, there was a 1-inch gap where the subfloor was exposed. He then indicated that a transition piece of some type could be placed over the gap. I would have liked to know up front prior to installation that there was the possibility a transition piece might be needed. In all fairness, my question was not explicit enough. If a transition piece is placed over the exposed subfloor, then the carpet would not need to be stretched, right? -One of the days he was working at my house FedEx came to pick up a package. FedEx erroneously came to my house-I did not have a package for them to pick up. I don't know if FedEx rang my doorbell and Rich answered the door or if Rich was outside the house when FedEx came. Long story short, when FedEx came to the house, Rich gave FedEx another package that happened to be in my foyer, which was not supposed to be picked up by FedEx. I assume partial responsibility because FedEx previously came to my house erroneously and I called the appropriate people (or so I thought) to communicate that there was no package to pick up. I should have warned Rich that FedEx might be stopping by and there was no package to pick up. FedEx is also responsible because once Rich communicated to FedEx that he was not the home owner, the conversation should have ended there and FedEx should have left. The FedEx guy was pushy, saw the package in the foyer, and insisted to Rich that he had to take that specific package, so Rich gave it to him. I understand that Rich was trying to be helpful, but he should have pushed back and commented that since he was not the homeowner, he would not give the package to FedEx. -At first glance after the door was installed, trim replaced, and walls around the trim mudded, I thought it looked great and I communicated that to him. When I took a closer look...: ----A couple of nails were not flush and bent into the wood. I had to pull these out, which ended up gauging the wood. I corrected the issues with wood filler. ----My existing trim in the room is painted white and no grain is visible through the paint. He used oak trim around the door, which is great if the trim was going to be stained. Oak is not the best choice if the trim is going to be painted, unless one has the personnel preference of being able to see the grain through the paint. It sticks out like a soar thumb to me. I think applying some type of gloss might smooth it out, but then painting over the gloss, even if primer is used, may not turn out so well (i.e. the paint will chip off). He did use a pre-primed pine baseboard though. ----One of the side pieces of trim is not long enough and a large gap is visible. I purchased another piece of trim to replace the short one. I just have to get around to doing it. ----When he applied mud on the walls near the trim, mud was caked all over the side of the trim, which I spent 30 minutes chipping off. I would have expected the trim to be covered or "protected" in some way so this did not happen. I thought that was kind of sloppy. ----Once the large hole in my ceiling was repaired, adjacent areas were mudded. Unfortunately, some of these adjacent areas had caulk on them, which should have been removed first before mud was applied. The mud was applied over the caulk.

Description of Work
1-Replaced a sliding glass door 2-Replaced the interior trim around the sliding glass door, as well as a small length of baseboard next to the door. 3-Mudded the walls near the new interior trim around the sliding glass door 4-Repaired a large hole in the ceiling 5-Repaired a small hole in the wall (~1"x2")

Category drywall, handyman service, doors




he did and excellant job..always left the site clean..finished when he said he would..i still get compliments on my doors and woodwork in my made a huge difference in its overall appearannce..

Description of Work
finish stain and install oak floor trim, closet doors, all interior doors..paint bedrooms x 3, install wainscoating...replace ceing fan with klight fixture.

Category closet systems, handyman service, lighting, remodeling, woodworking, ceiling fans, interior painters, doors




Basement was flooding, coming through the floor after moderate and heavy rainfall.. Do not have sump pumps. I told Rich that I wanted to avoid putting in sump pumps because we (not uncommonly) get long power outages in our neighborhood that would surpass normal sump backup system and battery. Could not afford to dig around entire house perimeter to replace footer drains, etc. (quoted $15,000-$20,000) and inside waterproofing (not as reliable) was quoted at $11,000. Rich came up with the idea to relieve the pressure under the floor by utilizing the natural grade from our house to the street. By inserting 2 pipes under each side of the house we had, in effect, a gravity based sump pump without the worry of mechanical failure or power outage. Water would naturally gravitate to the lower areas and drain out to the storm sewer. Just had significant rainfall and the system was working well. I could see a large amount of water draining from pipes into the storm drain. Normally, this would build up and start coming up through the floor cracks. This idea saved me several thousands of dollars. I have used Rich on other projects. Like usual, he was reasonably priced, showed up on time, cleaned up each day and did high quality work. I am already scheduling him to come out and do other projects such as French drains, etc in the back yard to eliminate backyard flooding.

Description of Work
Installed 2 - 4" drain pipes underneath the footer and under the basement floor to relieve pressure from excess rain water under basement floor which was coming through the floor and flooding our basement. Had to dig 2 - 85 foot trenches (about 12 - 13 feet deep each) from the house to storm sewer. Installed 3 clean-outs for the footer drains, had footer drain pressure flushed (with camera to see problem areas) , covered the pipes with stone against the house, back-filled the trench. Also discovered badley leaking downspouts (leaking underground near house) and dug up and replaced the bad pipe with higher grade drain pipe.

Category handyman service, basement waterproofing



Margie B.

Did an excellent job in every way. Was here when he said he would be here, stayed with the original quote even though much more work was necessary. We chose to add to the quote in the form of a "tip" just because he worked so hard and did such a wonderful job we felt he earned more than he had quoted us. All in all, this was a very satisfactory experience, and with our old home, it could have been a totally different outcome with the wrong person doing the installation. We have a beautiful new sink, and a terrific new toilet installation and are very happy we chose Coach.

Description of Work
Installed new toilet, and new sink and faucet with special considerations. Had to drill through tile and cement, and did so without one crack in the tile, was prompt,clean, so very reasonable and very competent and professional. When the sink we had chosen was found to have missing parts, he ran out to get them so we would not have to delay installation. Intend to call him for any of our handyman needs as we were more than pleased with the results and as well as the process. Excellent workmanship.

Category handyman service



krista K.

Rich came to replace drywall that had to be removed in our finished basement due to a sewer backup. Our walls look like the were never touched (except the paint is nicer :) He gave us a written estimate and charged us exactly what was written. He came every day to add plaster on the dry wall tape, sanded and repeated the process until it looked perfect. It looks amazing. He was kind and trust worthy. We left him here when we ran our kids to and from school. He was very efficient and clean. Our basement was spotless every day when he left. He even put a runner down on our floor where he came in and out of our house. I am SO pleased by his work. I would 100% recommend him and I would definitely use him again if we ever have any other needs.

Description of Work
He replaced drywall and moldings in our basement.

Category drywall, plastering, remodeling, woodworking, basement remodeling



Doris C.

He fixed the problem that day. He recommended a long term solution re the structure of my roof. Very professional and easy to work with. I will have him back soon for misc interior repairs/updates to my home.

Description of Work
Rich repaired a roof leak caused by cracked caulking and ice build up. He melted the ice, replaced the caulking and recommended a long term repair...if I should choose to do so, for next winter.

Category handyman service, remodeling, roofing, roof snow removal



Bruk E.

He was quick, did the job in a day and was pretty thorough. I'd definitely use him again--Rich is a good guy.

Description of Work
Needed some leveling done on a concrete subfloor before I lay down laminate floors.

Category handyman service, remodeling, mudjacking



Brian G.

He was very reasonably priced and did all the work himself. I will be calling him in the spring to take care of several other projects on the property. His workmanship and attention to detail are excellent, and he worked very hard to keep the costs as low as possible.

Description of Work
Completely replaced a bowed basement wall on a rental property, which included the tear-off of a deck and shrub removal on the front of the house. Added support to the floor joists and built an interior wall for additional strength. Rebuilt deck after the wall was replaced and it looks great. Also replaced a sliding glass door on the rear deck, and fixed several other problem areas on the house.

Category contractors, decks, drywall, handyman service, lawn service, remodeling, replacement windows, doors, foundation repair




Rich promptly returned my initial phone call and quickly set up the first appointment to review the job. He was very knowledgeable and helpful regarding the the cost, color, quality and type of shingle that best suited our house. He always showed up on time, cleaned up each night, worked on the weekend and even in the rain to get the job done in a reaonable time frame. He patiently answered all my questions. Even though there was a cost over-run on his side, he stuck to the original estimate. This was my first time using Angie's list and chose Coach Construction based on all the positive reviews and I was very happy with the work. I will certainly use Rich on other projects around the house !!

Description of Work
Rich did a complete tear-off and replaced our roof including new flashing, gutters and downspouts. Also replaced large areas of bad plywood on our dormer

Category roofing



Gary B.

Rich was prompt, professional and responsive. The roof leaks were inspected and repaired. We discussed options in case the initial repair would not be sufficient. With respect to the door, the door itself was in satisfactory condition but the 9-panel window was damaged due to thrown stone from a neighbors lawnmower. Rich recommended door replacement vs. the glass insert replacement. Though the door replacement would be slightly more on an installed basis vs. just the glass, the final result was the new door (and it was purchased with a 9 panel window) looks great. Following installation of the door, we both found that the original handle and lockset was smaller than the pre-drilled door holes. A new lockset was purchased at Home Depot and installed as well. I'm looking at having Coach Construction tackle a larger repair in my home next Spring.

Description of Work
Two roof leak repairs and replacement of a side entry door. Two service visits. I have used Coach Construction in the past.

Category roofing, doors



Sarah M.

Rich was very professional, and I would recommend him to anybody.

Description of Work
Rich came out and fixed our storm door. First he applied wood putty to the damaged part of the door jamb. Then he re-attached the torsion bar and adjusted it to shut properly.

Category handyman service, doors

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