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We understand that when you hire a contractor, you don’t exactly know how it might turn out. That’s why we provide our customers with references from similar kind of projects we have done in the past and after being in the Remodeling & Building business for 12 years and capturing your vision of how you might want your renovation to look like and putting it to reality, you can say we have a lot of very happy customers. We guarantee the quality of our work and craftsmanship as our reputation is always on the line. We have a very hands-on management staff who never treat any job too small to handle and are always available to answer any questions you might have. Customer Satisfaction is our 1st priority on any project. We are a member of the National Home Builders Association....

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Alexandra C.

For starters, they forgot to remove the carpets in the closets as I had repeatedly requested. They left staples from the carpeting hat they did remove on the stairs and left nails in various areas in the apartment floor. The floors they resurfaced were not even shiny and were left very blotchy. The varnish is blistered in many areas and lifting on the edges by the wall. There are also several areas where the varnish is caked up. The floors are very rough and when you clean them, pieces of the Swiffer cloth wipes get caught everywhere. This never happend before. They also created a safety hazard for anyone of any age by installing a one inch (few feet across) piece of wood where Amit had assured us and the building manager that it would be flush. I reiterated time and time again that it had to be safe as it is an area with a lot of traffic, and he completely ignored me and installed it anyway. I have had to cover the wood with bright sneakers so no one trips on it. They got varnish all over the freshly painted woodwork in different areas. Predictably, Amit also argued about this valid point, insisting everything had been taped. Then why is the varnish there?! He just blatantly denies everything - the photographic evidence is there, yet he refuses to even look at it with his own eyes because he must know it is inexcusably awful. He simply does not want to deal with it BECAUSE I FOOLISHLY PAID HIM EARLY. APPARENTLY HE HAS NO SHAME TAKING ADVANTAGE OF TRUSTING CLIENTS WHO HAVE ACTED IN GOOD FAITH. One of the maintenance men in the building commented that they were negligent in not even covering freshly painted surfaces while sanding (he saw this in person and told them it was wrong). The baseboards are cracked and broken in several areas. There are also unsightly gaps between the baseboards and the floor. Everyone is disgusted when they see the state in which the contractor left the apartment. It is most definitely incomplete and the contract was NOT honored on Egnatia's part. They splattered paint literally EVERYWHERE: mirrors, floors, doorknobs, doors, locks, shelves, window frames, etc. Amit's typical non-response: it's not their job to clean up. Excuse me?? We now have to purchase new window shades because there is paint caked all over it. This is just one expense of MANY that we have been inexplicably left with - they did more damage than good. It is truly pathetic work, like a drunk did it. They did not paint the woodwork in the bar area at all. They missed an area around the window shades as well. There are entire areas they missed in the closets. They even painted over a large piece of tape they applied and somehow forgot to remove first from a door frame. They were also asked to remove old wiring in the closets and never did it. It's just not even understandable that such huge errors occurred with practically everything. Nobody can believe that this happened at all and that they did not have the decency to correct any of it either. They fact that Egnatia is unapologetic about everything makes it unforgivable. The large glass backsplash tiles that they installed in the kitchen have enormous cracks in them where electrical sockets were replaced. When I sent him photos of this, he said they weren't like that when he was there...great excuse...! He is full of this nonsense, believe me. We had ordered the sink and faucet for our kitchen from one of his relatives (who owns Brooklyn Express Tile) who was rude and incompetent - she and her employee ended up incomprehensibly messing up/losing the order. Fortunately, I had taken photos during our brief visit so I saved the day. He ignored any of my attempts to reach out to him about this issue. The handles were left out and not installed on the cabinets and drawers so you cannot open them without a lot of difficulty. Some of the new cabinets are scratched and the coating is peeling at the corners. There was sealant all over the new kitchen counter which will not come off. There is a very thick piece of black tape along the bottom of the white wall that they neglected to paint over properly. Same issue in the half bath - left this black tape barely covered with primer (not even covered or smoothed over with plaster either), and it is badly peeling. The circuit breaker box in the kitchen has badly peeling paint on its edges - the floor was covered with pieces of plaster when we returned. They painted the ceiling and closets a cream color when I had asked for stark white paint everywhere. They did not leave any leftover paint for us to do any touch-ups on spots that they had missed (seems like they got it everywhere but where it needed to be). They slopped glossy paint on top of the matte paint. They also broke the door and chipped the glass on one of our closets so now the hinges do not line up and it is difficult to close. They got paint all over the shelves and even cracked the built-in desk. The paint job is horrific. There were cracks in the plaster (extremely uneven), chips in the paint, areas either unpainted or hardly even primed, and peeling paint when we returned. Amit had assured me they would strip the paint off the door hinges and repaint them - totally neglected to do so in the bathroom. There were dirty finger prints on many places on the walls and deep nicks as well. This was all documented as soon as we returned. In the full bath, the bathtub takes about an hour to drain completely. The stopper for the drain also broke off soon after we returned and is completely detached. Perhaps the workmen were bathing in our apartment as well?? I would not be surprised at this point. There was grout caked and left on the marble floor, vanity, and doorknob. The grout is also incomplete and an inch thick in areas. I don't believe they even did the shower grout at all. There are large gaps in the corners - it is truly mind boggling that we paid for this nonsense. It looks identical to as it had previously. I discovered scribble marks left on the mirrors as if someone had drawn on the mirror while it was steamed up. After several attempts at cleaning it with Windex, it is still there. They must have used a chemical of some sort - who would do such a juvenile/vindictive thing? Maybe Amit mentioned the DVD to him/them? So weird. Again, he insinuated that we had done it because there is absolutely zero accountability with this person. Why would a homeowner do such an ignorant thing? They did not remove the old caulking and just slopped new caulking over the old caulking - there are large gaps and it is half finished. There was. Even mildew under part of it hat has since been cleaned. They were supposed to varnish the wood bathroom vanity, but failed to, and it was left filthy and covered in grout. The sink and marble countertop has paint on it, and the marble has sealant on it that will not come off. They also left a large crack in the marble counter top in the half bath which they then tried to cover up with a cloth. They had to replace that, but they removed the acrylic wall towel rack and toilet paper holder in order to paint (I assume), and never bothered to replace either! What is wrong with these people?! They are nowhere to be found, and Amit's nonsensical response was that it was not listed in the contract to replace them...what?? They also removed a shelf from inside the vanity when they did plumbing work which they failed to replace - also gone. I guess he is unaware that unapproved removal of property from any premises is technically theft. Concerning electrical work, they did not match one of the bedroom electrical sockets that previously had a dimmer. So now when we turn our lights on there is only one setting and it is brighter than Times Square - and we cannot adjust it. They also left a large hole next to one of the kitchen sockets where wiring is now exposed, thanks to their astounding ignorance (I had clearly asked that that wall knob be removed as it no longer functioned). They also removed light bulbs from our light fixtures and never replaced them, so our kitchen is completely dark at night. When I raised this issue, Amit, predictably said that it wasn't in the contract to buy new halogen light bulbs, I countered this by saying that, again, it wasn't in the contract for them to remove them either! So frustrating, so entirely pointless. Also, the half bath light switch does not work properly - you usually have to turn it off and on a few times before the light turns on. They left jokes in some of the closet walls from electrical work they did on the opposite side of the wall. Absolutely staggering inefficiency. Around the time of our return, Amit emailed saying that they had one final electrical inspection left that week. I replied requesting that he schedule it so that my mother and I could be present as we wanted to show him all of these problem areas. He responded informing me that, once again, the inspection is not even in the contract and that he was going to cancel it. Talk about washing your hands of something and being a coward. I have rarely encountered ignorance on such a massive scale, and then he is so crass as to insult me on top of everything else. He received all of this money early, and he did not even finish the job. Egnatia Construction should lose their license - they are unethical and dishonest. We did not return until after midnight as our plane got in late, but I immediately took several pictures and emailed him and Jimmy about the issues. We were justifiably disappointed and upset. He then had the audacity to complain that I had emailed him so late in the night. Nothing else was logically addressed - just lame and strange excuses. Egnatia Construction has rotten people running it, if you can even call it that - incredibly inept, unprofessional, dishonest, and irresponsible. And they are truly NASTY as actions speak far louder than words.

Description of Work
Full remodel of apartment my mother was planning on putting on the market months ago. Their constant and inexcusable delays and utter failure to complete the work adequately (or at all) on several levels has made this impossible for the time being. They performed the majority of the job while we were out of the country. After a few months getting approval through the co-op board, they began on February 9th, 2015, telling me they would finish within three weeks to a month. Amit Singh, one of the co-owners (who falsely claimed he was overseeing the work but seems to have rarely even been at the apartment), emailed me demanding that he be paid according to this imagined schedule which I mistakenly did. Sadly, they made no attempt to adhere to either the schedule or their false promises. I trusted him and paid for the entire remodel in full about 3 weeks into the project because I wanted to make sure it was taken care of before I left the country. We were still living in the apartment for the first week or two and noticed that the workmen were not friendly and barely even made eye contact, which we found bizarre. Amit came to the apartment once or twice, very briefly, during that period, but we were wondering why the work was so slow and incredibly behind schedule. There was no foreman or manager even watching the men. I soon found out that Amit has laughably unreasonable excuses for everything under the sun. After we moved out, we returned in the evening because we did not want to disturb the renovation but still wanted to see what was happening. We me pt seeing a computer/DVD player charger with changing rainbow LED lights and a smiley face (a bit odd for a grown man, one might think, but I am open-minded and non-judgmental; "to each his own," etc.) plugged in various rooms each time. Why would a workman need anything but a phone? Also, we disconnected the internet connection in January because we were planning to move, so there is a limited amount he could have been doing aside from playing a DVD. One evening after we had vacated the property, I returned to clean out leftover toiletries from the bathroom cupboard (that they were contractually obligated to varnish but never did) when I saw a DVD upside down towards the back of the bottom shelf. It was a Spanish language bisexual "men in uniform" p*** DVD. I was so shocked and disgusted. Gives a whole new meaning to "men at work"... I did not initially even mention this incident to Amit because I did not want to offend or embarrass him, ironically. Talk about a violation - bringing that to a job site is not only offensive but is obviously crossing the line. A few weeks later, after Amit had cashed the final check he had demanded under false pretenses that the work was on schedule (the very day I left it, mind you - this never should have been cashed until the work was done - his "excuse" was that he was afraid he might lose it...sure...), he began acting unfriendly out of the blue and being terse and stubborn, so I mentioned the DVD. I thought he would be grateful to know to at least some degree. No response - very odd (but not at all, in hindsight). I also found out after our return from being abroad that only one or two men were working almost immediately after we had moved out of the apartment, so it all made sense. They had the place to themselves and were doing anything but real work, if you know what I mean. They must have sent all their decent workers to other jobs and phoned in this renovation, which is extremely offensive being that we are two women who paid them early and never bothered them at all. We were always incredibly gracious to them and to their workers. Clearly, this was not a mutual feeling as they and their workers have no respect at all - it is just beyond the pale, and so filthy, really. The apartment was a dirty disaster when I came back and both of the owners, Amit and Jimmy Lopari, have flatly refused to even look at the damage and incomplete work. Tellingly, Amit also ignored the building manager's request that he and/or the superintendednt be notified of he first electrical inspection. Just abrasive responses (and utterly disregarding about 95% of the issues, to boot) to my photographic proof of their negligence - they have offered absolutely NOTHING. He even insanely claimed that the apartment was pristine when he checked it (an impossibility) and that anything that happened when they were not there is not their fault! He was last there on May 15th, we returned from being out of the country just 4 days later, and immediately contacted him. The ONLY other person who has access to the apartment is the superintendent, and any visitors must check in with the doormen (we had no visitors as we were away). Everything is documented. And why would a homeowner damage an apartment that they were hoping to sell - the entire point of this renovation?! Amit absurdly insinuated that such a thing had occurred. It's insulting and delusional that he would even suggest this. All of this went completely over his head, of course. In fact, they now are claiming that I owe them over a thousand dollars, which is patently false. This company refuses to take any responsibility for the long list of problems and shoddy work. The work they were paid to do was to strip wall paper and remove floor to ceiling mirrors, replaster some walls and fix any imperfections, repaint the walls and ceiling, remove the soffit in the living room, resurface the wood floors, remove carpeting in the closets, redo the tile floors in the kitchen, install tiles on the kitchen floor and in the half bath, address some plumbing issues, install new cabinetry and appliances in the kitchen, install new toilets, replace the shower door in the full bathroom, redo grout and caulking in the full bathroom, revarnish the vanity in the full bathroom, do some electrical work with the sockets and install new halogen bulbs. This did not happen, and what actually did get finished was very poorly executed, indeed. They left the place a total mess. Anyone who sees it is speechless and just shakes their head in disbelief. It is repellent, and the fact that the contractor finds it acceptable says everything one needs to know about him and his partner: stay far away. In our experience, Amit just does whatever he pleases - forget about the customer. This project took more than 3 times longer than he had initially estimated. He has ignored all requests for a second look and to do any repairs or to return any money. We had hoped to have the apartment on the market months ago. Instead, we now have to hire another contractor to repair all the damage they created. Neither Amit Singh nor Jimmy Lopari have taken any responsibility or have even apologized. We trusted them and their "workers" (against our better judgment, because we did not want to offend anyone - look who has needlessly suffered here) to be in our home and paid everything up front while he insisted everything was on schedule (again, I could see that was CLEARLY not the case before I left, but I did not want to be rude, so I naively kept my mouth shut and paid). He had ALL of the money two full months before they abandoned the job, and he could not care in the least that we are beyond dissatisfied. Oh, and he had the gall to say that I was the rudest customer they have ever had after I complained. What a joke and a massive lie. OK, so I am supposed to remain super friendly when faced with this expensive nightmare they brought about due to negligence and complete lack of caring or basic respect? This terrible experience has unnecessarily wasted a lot our of time, money, and energy, and he decides to turn it on me, a paying customer who is understandably disgruntled? The thing is, I was ridiculously polite to him and Jimmy from day one, as was my mother, and have the emails to prove it. Even while away, I hardly ever contacted him as I naively TRUSTED him, much to our detriment. Even when we were at the apartment, we NEVER disturbed the workmen or hovered over them as others would likely do. I kept telling Amit and Jimmy how good everything looked (through distant photographs I was forced to repeatedly request - hardly any were sent, either - I was trying to keep up their morale, hoping they would leave the place in excellent condition - alas, this was NOT to be) when he sent photos (maybe twice in 2 whole months, by the way). I never called or nagged him, ever - probably another big mistake on my part, sadly. When we returned from our trip, the apartment reeked of paint and they had left all the screens up - you would think they might have left a window or two slightly open with the screens DOWN in order to air out the place properly. We also have found ants in the apartment since our return because they thoughtlessly left the balcony door handle both unlocked and ajar. We NEVER had ants in the apartment before.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, electrician, flooring contractor, handyman service, lighting, plastering, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, marble & granite, home remodeling, interior painters, doors

Cost $50,000

Services Performed? Yes

Work Completed On 05/15/2015


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Ingrid N.

They were. Rey responsive sprout. They offered ideas on how they. Igbo approach some issues with studio. Turnaround on proposal was fast and as committed. Because this was a rental, I needed to get this under a certain cost. I think if this was my home, they would have been a strong choice. I would recommend considering them for any projects were you want fast, responsive and experienced team.

Description of Work
Provided estimate for gut renovation of very small studio with separate kitchen.thsi included demo, install of electrical panel and retired, replace kitchen and bath windows, install new pipe lines and values, install new shower and other bath fixtures, install, kitchen, includes push back into closet to accommodate refrigerator. Install exhaust fans. Redo walls, floor and general refinish.

Category home remodeling

Cost $51,000

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 12/18/2014



Murray S.

Description of Work
I just got a proposal they were very pleasant and the price was right I went with someone else which was a big mistake

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, home remodeling

Cost $18

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 05/21/2014



Judith W.

I highly recommend these guys. From the beginning they were very professional and patient with our inquiries. They explained everything they were going to do in full detail and the prices stayed true to what they said things would cost. I even changed a few things on my original design and it was never an issue. I live in a 130 year old building. The apartment had uneven floors and ceiling and questionable electrical wiring throughout the kitchen. They completely gutted my kitchen and did most of the major renovation work. These guys came on time every morning, and made sure to clean up at the end of the day. Through the whole process, they were always available for us and helped us solve any kind of problems we had with the apartment. Overall, I'm very pleased on how my new kitchen turned out and I won't hesitate to use them again.

Description of Work
My husband and I hired Egnatia to do a complete renovation of the kitchen. Work included: demolition of old kitchen, new wiring and plumbing, new ceiling, new backsplash and floor tiles, and base moldings. They also installed appliances and added new light fixtures around the apartment.

Category ceramic tile, electrician, flooring contractor, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling

Cost $6,500

Services Performed? Yes

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 04/28/2014




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