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All Rite Home Improvements Inc

Founded 2010 • With Angi since November 2011


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1255 St Louis Ave



General Contractor. All aspects of home improvements "from start to finish."

Verified Reviews

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Ann G.

Description of Work
I apologize for the length of this review, but I have a lot to say! | |After 3 simultaneous sewer line breaks in my basement, in September 2014, I discovered that my foundation wall was disintergrating. In a panic, I hired All-Rite Home Improvements, when they happened to call me, a former customer, to see if I needed any work to be done, before the winter arrived. I hired All-Rite to reconstruct the foundation wall and to repair all of the damage that occurred after having three inept plumbers trying to repair the sewer line (it took a fourth, to get it right!). All-Rite had worked for me several times before that and I thought that they had done good work, even though I thought that their prices were a little high. They quoted me $60K for the job, but then said that, because I was a good customer, they'd take $10K off the top! I was stunned by the price but, because this was an emergency, I reluctantly agreed. I didn't know another contractor, anyway, and I was in a rush to get this done, ASAP! | |The problem with their work was that, not only did they overcharge, but they also created extra work for themselves and, then, charged me for it. Instead of simply breaking up a thin strip of my patio, next to the foundation, they demolished my entire 25' square patio and then charged me top dollar to repave it! And, believe me, the replacement was not of the same quality as was the previous 40 year old cement work! Within 6 months, there were at least 8 locations on the new patio and walkway that were significantly cracked! They charged me $5K to replace a small stoop and steps that were sinking, which led from my rear porch down into the yard. However, instead of completely replacing it, they simply demolished the old stoop, left the most of the debris where it was and built the new stoop over it! I now know that, for that price...or LESS, they should have removed the debris, framed out a new stoop and poured the cement and laid the bluestone surfaces. After they left, I spoke to another contractor who said that he would have done the same job on the stoop for, at least, $2K less! Another thing that they were supposed to do for me was to break up an old patio, in the front of my house, that was deteriorating, to clear that area and put some high quality seed down, in its' place. There were also other small jobs that are too many to enumerate. | |After the job was supposedly complete, I did my best to inspect the work, myself. I am a widowed disabled senior and can't get around without a walker, so it was difficult for me to follow the workers around, by myself, and keep an eye on what everyone was doing. That's what the business owners were supposed to be doing! In the early spring, I had a contractor friend (who was out of town during my sewer problems) come by to look at the work that had been done. By the time he left, I had a pad full of items that warranted correction. I called the owner of All-Rite, Mike, and asked him to come over to address these items. Most of my complaints were minimally addressed, but when I brought up the cracks in the patio, he almost laughed at me when I told him that I'd like the patio replaced and poured thicker! I live in NY, where the cement should be poured thicker, to begin with, to last through the cold winters. After all, a new patio shouldn't crack after only 6 months! (It had been originally poured near the end of October 2014.). Also, although they broke up the front patio, it was too late in the year to plant the lawn, do I asked him to wait until the spring to do it. He agreed. | |When I called him in the spring of 2015, he said that he was too busy to see me, but would call me soon. He didn't come over until July! He came by himself, with no supplies. Where there was an issue of debris left behind, he cleaned it up, minimally. When I asked him why I was told that they couldn't replace the window, which they demolished when they knocked down the foundation wall, he said that he had no idea! (When he asked if I wanted it replaced, then, I turned him down, not being able to face another demolition mess down my basment, after it took me so long to clean up the last one!) I told him that, when his "right-hand-man," Charlie told me that it couldn't be done, I just accepted it, because I had thought that they were being honest with me, after having done so much work for me, in the past! Mike just shrugged, supposedly not knowing why Charlie had told me that! He did send two painters to do painting that was supposed to have been done by the previous painters, but wasn't! They did a very sloppy job! As for the patio job and the cracks, he said that his cement guy was going to be busy until the late summer-early fall. So, that would bring us, like the previous year, pouring cement in the fall, with its' often chilly nights. So, I asked him to stay in touch and to keep me in mind, in case of cancellations before the fall. I never heard from him. Unfortunately, in early September, I was called out of state to help my daughter with a medical issue that kept me away from home on & off for about 4 months. During that time, I sent Mike e-mails and called his office phone multiple times, each time finding that his inbox was so full of other messages, that I could never leave him a phone message. After I returned home, after seversl months, I continued trying to reach Mike, to no avail! | |Last week, now that my area is beginning to warm up, I thought that I'd call him again and get these final issues of the patio and new lawn addressed. Lo and behold, when I called his number, I discovered that All-Rite had gone out of business! I was able to contact his former "right-hand-man," but he claimed that he hadn't seen him in over a year, had no idea where he was or even what his cell phone number was which, quite honestly, I don't believe! I mean, these guys were buddies, since childhood! | |Since then, I have found another contractor, who used to work for All-Rite, as a salesman, but who quit after learning in depth about their shady business practices. This is a man who doesn't simply put band-aids on home repair problems, eagerly waiting until the same items breaks down again. He finds the root of the problem and fixes it, probably for the last time! My new contractor's company is called 6S Home Improvements. Andy is a very decent man and a great worker. | |Unfortunately, I am most likely going to be unable to locate Mike, who is still doing work on Long Island, as a gutter installation company. I'm going to try to reach him through that company, but who knows if I'll be successful. At this point, I am not looking for them to make those outstanding repairs for me. I'd just love for them to kick back a few thousand dollars of the money that they swindled out of me! To your other customers, I apologize for the glowing review that I previously gave to All-Rite, but I thought that they were great, at that time. I have heard that Mike's gutter company is called Leaf Guard, but I'd check first to see if the owner is named Mike! I cannot confirm this! I still feel that if Mike was planning on going out of business, he could have called me first, to tie up the repairs that he still owed me! He was a low-life to not have taken care of them before he closed his doors! | |Thanks for listening! |

Category concrete repair, drywall, gutter repair, roofing, interior painters



Gail F.

Description of Work
A new roof. They were prompt and did quality work. The one question we raised brought John to our house in less than 1/2 hour and the question was answered.

Category roofing, interior painters



Patricia B.

They called US to see if there was some service to provide. We had wanted to have radiant heat installed in our master bathroom. Was given a quote, signed the contract, they charged our credit card. A week later they started telling us that radiant heat wasn't going to heat the bathroom that we needed to install a heat blower. My husband asked a few questions and was told he would get a call back when they "got all their ducks in a row." They called again and said the same thing. Again, my husband asked why did you tell us you could do the job and now can't. Again, "let me call you back after I get all my ducks in a row." Today, they called and left a message on my husband's voicemail saying they were cancelling the contract and crediting back our credit card. They felt installing the radiant heat was not going to ultimately heat the bathroom ( a complete bunch of nonsense as we had a few contractors in saying it would). COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL!

Description of Work

Category interior painters



Audrey T.

We never received a quote or any follow-up communication after the initial visit on 9/15/2014.

Description of Work
It's been more than two weeks since we had Andy over to give us an estimate on renovating the downstairs part of our house. He spent a lot of time with us, but didn't show us any flooring or tile samples. In fact, we never received any follow-up communication at all, so we didn't get a quote. Big waste of time.

Category interior painters




They seemed a little disorganized and they used different guys that came on different times. I think it was overpriced. The quality of the work was not too bad.

Description of Work
I used All Rite Home Improvements. They did some minor cement work. They replaced small parts of a piece of wood near the window of my house and a piece of aluminum siding.

Category concrete repair, siding, woodworking



Sandra M.

Did not use them

Description of Work
I needed a new roof and the exterior of my house painted. They said they would "throw in" a storm door. As soon as I mentioned I was a new widow, I could see the salesman mentally rubbing his hands together. Then I got the hard sell. I went as far as giving them a deposit of 1/3. After speaking to others, I began to get buyers remorse and requested a refund of my money-since it was under the 3 day limit, they had to return my deposit, but kept calling to try to persuade me to use them. Now I get monthly calls from them. I don't know the quality of their work, but I just didn't like their sales ethics.

Category interior painters



Laura M.

I was more than satisfied with the work. There was a minor problem which was corrected expeditiously and satisfactorily. It was a pleasure dealing with the sales representative and the company and office. I made a deposit and paid for the job after it was completed satisfactorily.

Description of Work
Removed existing driveway apron and curb for a single driveway and extended apron to approximately 20' wide using proper concrete for a driveway apron. They applied and got all necessary permits and carted away all the debris

Category interior painters



Carolyn F.

One of the metal strips that they installed had scratches on it. I showed that to them around the end of the day and they said sorry we have to leave now. A few days ago, I called and spoke with a worker at All Rite. They had subcontracted out some of the work, including the metal strip installation, and I explained the above issues to All Rite. The worker they would come back and fix that metal strip as well as some rubber seals that were cut too short, but I never heard from them. Gary is asking for the rest of the payment because he is saying that we are completely finished. I have paid him $2500 of the total $3380. He was supposed to come around 4pm yesterday, but never showed or called. One of the main reasons I chose this company was because they said they would supply and install a recessed toilet paper holder. This would force them to take out some of our tile. No one has wanted to do that since we just recently had a nice tile put up and they didn’t want to take the risk of damaging surrounding tiles. I just want them to come out, replace the one metal strip that is scratched, replace the short rubber seal and install the recessed toilet paper holder and I will gladly pay them the rest of the money upon completion.

Description of Work
I had a bathroom remodel that had been started by another company and I had that company stop. I hired All Rite to complete the rest of the remodel.

Category home remodeling, interior painters



mariana S.

I contacted this company to provide me with an estimate for work to be done in my home. I made an appointment for someone to provide me with an estimate on a specified date and time. On the date specified for the estimate no one from the company showed up at the specified time. I waited around an additional 30-45 minutes after the specified arrival time to contact the company. The individual with whom I spoke indicated those responsible had been stuck on another job and would be unable to come to my house to provide me with an estimate that day. I voiced my displeasure with the individual with whom i spoke because no one from the company y, nor the person who was suppose to do the work estimate, contacted me to let me know they would be late, or not coming at all. I was asked to give the contractor a second d chance and another appointment was scheduled for the next day. On the day of the second appointment I received two calls during the day confirming the appointment later in the day. Needless to say the appointment time came and went with no one showing up. After giving the company contractor a one hour late buffer I called the contractor to inquire why they failed to show yet again, without calling me to cancel or to notify me they would be late. I was unable to reach anyone at the number provided. Needless to say I have given up on this company as their professionalism and total lack of respect in regards to not contacting me is totally unacceptable.

Description of Work
Attempted estimate

Category interior painters, doors



Ann G.

Generally, I was very satisfied with the work. Due to my health condition, it was very difficult for me to run all over the house after them to keep an eye on what they were doing. They generally worked so quickly, some jobs were done before I even knew that they had started on it. There were three workers for the painting and three for the roof repair. I never even saw the roofers, but I wish that I had. I spoke to their boss about it, but he said that they couldn't speak English anyway. Not a great excuse, in my opinion. Of the other three workmen, one spoke English very well and he was my main interpreter. He kept telling me, "We want to make you happy. You tell us what you want us to do, and we'll take care of it." You can't beat that kind of attitude, can you? They spread drop cloths wherever they worked and cleaned up after themselves each night when going home. They did not take an excessive time for lunch and worked quickly in whatever they were doing. They were polite and respectful. I wish that the 'boss" had spent more time on the job, so that I might not have felt that I had to run around the house to watch what was being done. In any case, I have little doubt that I will call them again, if I need this type of work done.

Description of Work
I needed a number of "small" jobs done in my 80 year old house. I had significant trouble finding a contractor who was willing to do repair work like this. Several told me to find myself a handyman. I didn't have a handyman, so I'm glad I found this company. I called at least 6 companies, but this was the only company I could find that was willing to do this kind of work & I was not able to get comparison estimates. Another company I called, never even looked at the roof, but said that the job would cost under $12,000, and so that would be too little for them to work for.) This is the work that "All Rite" did: They repaired a leak in my 6 year old roof, where water was coming into the house in an area next to the chimney, where the roof tiles had not been properly sealed around the base. (Other contractors didn't even want to repair the leak, saying that it never happened before, so I shouldn't worry about it.) Due to the water leak, several bedroom ceilings needed some minor scraping, spackling and painting. They always painted the entire ceiling, even if the area wasn't marked by the leak. A leak from a first floor toilet had damaged part of the basement ceiling. That part of the ceiling was cut out, replaced with new sheet rock, spackled and painted. You can not even tell where it was repaired. They removed a broken basement air conditioner and replaced it with an insulated window. In one rather large bedroom, they gave the walls & ceiling a skim coat of spackle, wherever it was needed, and primed and painted the walls and ceiling. Then, they removed the wall-to-wall carpeting and all the carpet tack strips. Besides the work inside the house, they also scraped the woodwork and trim on our backyard shed, and primed and painted it. It is the size of a one car garage. As I am disabled, they honored my request to start their work at ten o'clock or later, unless they could work outside without disturbing me. On the day they painted the shed, they began their work at 8 AM, and came inside when they were done. They painted the inside front door frame that the previous contractor had thrown up, but never painted. When we painted it, all of the dark knotholes showed through. So, these nice fellows fixed that! They hung up a carbon monoxide alarm that I had bought, months ago, as well as replaced a 24 year old hard-wired fire alarm that we had installed when we had our bedroom extension built. The contractor stressed to me that the alarm was probably not working properly, since it was so old. They also gathered old metal objects from my house and yard that were no longer needed and put them into my car so that I could take them for recycling. I got the impression that, in many cases, the "bosses" were watching out for my welfare, especially when it came to replacing items that were probably not dependable, due to their age.

Category drywall, gutter repair, plastering, roofing, house painters, interior painters, doors

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    All Rite Home Improvements Inc offers the following services: Siding, Roofing, Windows, Masonry, Paint, Gutters & Leaders, etc.