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A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc

Founded 1994 • With Angi since January 2006


(133) Verified Reviews

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115 E 11th Ave

Roselle, NJ 07203


A-Absolute has been your neighborhood plumbing, heating, and cooling specialists for many years. Providing superior plumbing services for a wide range of residential and commercial customers who've come to depend on our high quality professionalism, superior workmanship, and unsurpassed level of customer service. Over the years there’s been a number of competitors that have entered the marketplace. Some are still around. Many have not lasted. So what is the secret to our success and longevity? It's really no secret at all. Customer service is the top priority at A-Absolute, and that begins the moment we pick up the phone. Additional phone - 201-531-9000. Additional DBAs - Absolute Construction, A-Absolute....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Elizabeth R.

The man plumber who came to do this work told us that the leak was coming from a pipe in the wall. Anything behind the wall is the responsibility of the condo association. All we needed was for the plumber to correct the way he wrote it in the receipt. We called everyday for one month straight and was told we would get a callback or an email. Neither happened. We got stuck with a 1,400.00 dollar bill and now more charges to seek legal advice.

Description of Work
Leak from pipe in the wall.

Category ceramic tile,plumbing



Andrew R.

my heating and cooling system were not working. I thought maybe the problem was the thermostat. I recently changed from 2 thermostats to one. maybe the wires were all messed up. Technician Orlando arrived. checked the cooling units (attic and outside) and checked the heating system in the garage. He advised me that I needed two thermostats, one for the air and one for the heat. (I have hot water baseboard heat) he said he never heard of putting HW baseboard heat and air on the same thermostat. he said I needed a new thermostat (it was less than 4 months old). he also said I would need new wiring. (air conditioner was relatively new and heating system was new). Orlando than gave me an estimate to repair.....$1800.00. YES. $1,800.00. I then called another company (the previous owner purchased the cooling system from them). Their technician came out. checked both systems. The problem,.... a blown fuse. TOTAL CHARGE......$0. YES, THAT IS CORRECT. $0. I am a 68 year old living in a senior community in Toms River with a limited income. I don't like being ripped off. I called the ocean county location for A-Absolute and spoke with the manager. he was not very friendly and said his technician was very good and new what he was talking about. I only wanted to tell the manager of my concerns, but he wouldn't listen. I WOULD NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. AND IF ANYONE IS READING THIS COMMENT, PLEASE,PLEASE GET SECOND OPINIONS

Description of Work
Air & Heating Repair

Category ceramic tile,heating & air conditioning/hvac



Kristin C.

Well here goes (sorry for the long post). Broken outdoor hose bib. Called last Wednesday, told $99 fee if they gave estimate but didnt do the job. Showed up earlier than told (appreciate it but wasn't ready). Estimated & paid $875. Convinced sig other that the price was market value. Told us following morning. Took off of work. Showed up at 2 pm (after 2 phone calls). Plumber ran to home depot, said he got materials for under $30. Spent 1 hour working. Called company 3 days following asking for itemized bill. Representative finally called back and wanted to know why we wanted an itemized bill and who would view it. Hour later, got the itemized bill which included $99 service fee. I call, he tells me that $99 is for the work that was done. I questioned if the $99 is in addition to the TWO HOURS (not one) of the labor ($250/hour). He said the $99 is for doing the job (aka labor). Afyrr questioning further, he tells me the $99 is for coming out during a pandemic because they are trying to limit their jobs (24 hr company trying not to do jobs and stay in business?) I ask for a refund of $99 fee and he angrily says he will contact supervisor and call me back, hangs up. Material: $225 2 hrs labor ($250/hr): $500 Covid fee: $99 Tax on LABOR and materials: $52 Reported to BBB, Master plumbers of NJ, etc. DO NOT HIRE.

Description of Work
Outdoor spigot (hose)

Category ceramic tile,plumbing,drain cleaning




The did a great job, they stuck to there original quote even though it ended up being more involved Would recommend to everybody

Description of Work
New heating and air conditioning and snaked main drain

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac,plumbing,drain cleaning



Anthony T.

They were very professional and efficient

Description of Work

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac,plumbing,water heater repair



Richard B.

Came right away gave price 9 hundred to clean drain extremely high but it had to be done left mess all over they called next day and said they would get back to me after checking it out. Called numerous times after with them saying they will get back. No response. Called rotor router to get price comparison 300 dollars. Please don’t deal with this company I don’t want anyone else to be taken by them

Description of Work
Sewer cleaning

Category plumbing,sewer cleaning



Vasil P.

They messed up the appointment and showed up unannounced at the property. They didn't give me a call when they showed up at the property and did the inspection without informing me (the owner of the house let them in). Far worse, they went ahead with the repair without asking me permission to do so (I'm the one who hired them and covering the service).

Description of Work
I needed a furnace inspection for a house I'm buying.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



John P.

Very poor service. Replaced a faulty toilet but a few days later, the new toilet was rocking on the floor. Came back and said a new flange was needed but charged full price as if this was a new service call and not a follow up! Took advantage of my elderly mother. Did not provide a written estimate or an itemized bill. Said “we don’t work that way” and would not leave until she wrote a check! They will never work for my family again.

Description of Work
Replace two toilets

Category plumbing



Albert L.

In short, 6 hours late for an estimate and charges 1.5x competitors I scheduled an appointment with them and tried to get a quote on the phone since it was pretty straight forward. They insisted that they needed to come by to see it. That day, they were late by 6 hours even when I called them every 45 minutes! However, each of the 5 times I called them they did pick up (so I'll give them an A for responsive). But he kept promising me they would be there in 30-45 minutes. When they guy showed up, he told me the standard price for clearing the clog even without looking at it. WHY COULDN'T THE GUY ON THE PHONE DO THE SAME THING? I declined the service because they were charging 1.5x other plumbers.

Description of Work
Bathroom Drain cleaning

Category plumbing,drain cleaning



Sharon G.

The company sent several people over, none of whom could do the work. It was a complete waste of time.

Description of Work
Fix a heater

Category plumbing



Kathleen F.

HOMEOWNER BEWARE: A-ABSOLUTE Plumbing-Drain and Sewer Cleaning-Heating and A/C I have filed a complaint with the Division of Consumer Affairs/State Board of Examiners of Master Plumber’s for negligence, incompetence and deceptive advertising. July 22: utility sink not draining, tried to plunge with no success. I called A-Absolute Plumbing. A plumber came out and snaked the sewer line with 8 foot eel cables using a total of 8. I ran water for 20 minutes with no issues. The plumber stated the problem was more than likely tree roots and stated I may want to have a camera inspection but all should be good. July 23: Within 10 hours of the first plumber leaving, I encountered another clog/backup. I called A-Absolute and another plumber came and snaked out the sewer line in the same manner as the day before (8 foot eel cables, using 8) and indicated they felt something at about 60 feet. I reiterated what the first plumber stated and he said that a camera inspection wasn’t necessary, it was tree roots and the first plumber didn’t work the cable through enough times to clear it completely out – “you’re good to go”. August 22: Another sewer clog/backup, I again called A-Absolute and another plumber came out, snaking out the sewer line in the same manner as the first two plumbers. He also indicated there was some issue at approximately 60 feet out. I reiterated what the first two plumbers stated regarding roots and that the first plumber suggested a camera inspection. He also stated it was roots, a camera inspection wasn’t necessary and the first two plumbers didn’t go far enough and he snaked out 140 feet – “you’re all good”. August 28: Yet another sewer clog/backup! This was the worst and caused the most damage. Sewage water was raining from my main sewer pipes all over my laundry room. I called A-Absolute and explained the prior instances and that I needed someone out immediately. I was told a plumber couldn’t come out until the am, despite my frantic pleas that I could not wait until the morning. I called another plumbing service and a plumber arrived within an hour. The plumber snaked out the sewer line using a machine with a continuous cable and a 4” cutting blade on the end. He stated at about 60 feet he could not get the blade through the pipe. He retracted the cable and changed to blade to a 2” blade and snaked the line. He again stated that at about 60 feet there is an issue and stated that something may be wrong with the sewer pipe, it could be broken or partially disconnected. He recommended a camera inspection. August 31: Two plumbers came out and did a camera inspection. They stated the sewer line was extremely clean and in good shape, however, at approximately 60 feet they noticed something in the sewer line and stated it looked like a cable being held by small roots. Further inspection showed, immediately passed the lodged “cable” the line was clean and clear. Using a sonar tool they followed the sewer line and measured out 60 feet ending up at the end of my driveway in the street. The sewer line turned coming out of my house and angled through my front yard. They recommended using Hydro Jetting to dislodge the cable, however, they could not do it from inside my house. They had to dig up my yard to get to the sewer line and Hydro Jet from there. They were able to dislodge and retract the cable, it was 22 inches by 1 ½ inch in diameter. It was a broken piece of eel cable and looked EXACTLY like the eel cables all three plumbers from A-Absolute Plumbing used. September 4th – 11th: I had several conversations with Gil Adoni from A-Absolute Plumbing. I am seeking to be compensated for all my plumbing expenses and the restoration of my front yard as I believe that the cable retrieved from my sewer line was from one of his plumbers (the first one) and was the cause of three of clogs/backups that occurred on July 23rd, August 22nd and August 28th. Mr. Adoni stated he had checked with all three plumbers that were here and stated that the cable retrieved was NOT from any of them and all the backups were due to tree roots. Each conversation with Mr. Adoni was the same, he was adamant the broken eel cable retrieved from my sewer line was not from any of his plumbers, each of the clogs/backups were due to roots and he was not responsible for anything. I strongly believe that the broken cable retrieved from my sewer line was from the first A Absolute plumber on July 22nd. The likeliness of the cable existing before then is low due to the three additional clogs/backups within five weeks of the first A Absolute plumber being at my house (July 22nd). I believe that A Absolute is responsible for three of the sewer backups and all three A-Absolute plumbers were negligent and incompetent. Not only did they fail to clear out the roots but also failed to identity a significant obstruction in my sewer line (a 22 inch by 1 ½ inch broken eel cable). Per the A Absolute web site: [*** Link removed ***] This is clearly deceptive Advertising for many reasons: Three A-Absolute plumbers could not identify or rectify my sewer line issue over a period of five weeks - three visits. On August 28th, I was told they could not have anyone out until the next morning High Quality workmanship: without putting any protective covering/paper down, the plumbers rolled dirty tires containing 8 foot eel cables through my house, removed the cables from the sewer line (which were dripping in sewage), coiled the cables back in the tire and rolled the dirty tire filled with the sewage soaked cables out of my house. Additionally, the A-Absolute plumbers, walked through the sewage tracking it through several rooms (some with carpeting). This practice put me, my family and my house at risk of contamination and possible illness. Tree Roots: all three A-Absolute plumbers failed to clear the roots from my sewer line as documented by A-Absolute’s plumbers as well as identify an obstruction in the sewer line, the second plumbing service (which ultimately fixed the problem) and as stated by Mr. Adoni himself.

Description of Work
Sewer line backup

Category plumbing,sewer cleaning



Jessica S.

These guys are just not reliable. We've used AAbsolute a couple of different times now, and it's been a bit of a disaster every time because they simply DO NOT show up when they say they will, and sometimes they don't show up at all. In the most recent exchange, we called them on a Thursday night and scheduled an appointment for 9am the next morning. My boyfriend took the morning off to stay home and meet with them. We got a call at 7:45 am confirming the appointment and address, and letting us know that they were sending a tech over now who would be there in 20-40 minutes. As of 1:00pm, almost five hours later, no one had arrived. We finally had to call and cancel because my boyfriend had to get to work. We rescheduled for the following Tuesday morning. Again, I got a call just before the appointment to confirm that we were home because they were sending someone "right over" and he'd "be there soon." Three hours later, no one there, and when we called to cancel, there was no indication that anyone was on their way. When we had this experience with their company in January, they had repeatedly lied to us about someone being "on the way" and "there in 15 minutes" (when in fact, we went an entire day with no one showing up for our 8 am appointment), so we were at least pleased that they seem to have cut back on lying about their progress, but if you actually want a plumber to show up, PICK ANOTHER COMPANY.

Description of Work
Water line connections and frozen pipe repair

Category plumbing,drain cleaning



Randall K.

Called on a Sunday for an emergency service. The technician showed up within a couple of hours. He fixed the problem which was a little more complicated and difficult than we originally thought. Very happy with the result and that they came out on a Sunday afternoon to fix. I would definitely call on them again.

Description of Work
Clogged drain

Category plumbing



Jyoti I.

We had some water dripping in closet from upstairs washroom. The guy came and just looked at the toilet and closet and said he will have to take the roof down so he will call his restoration company for it..Asked us to file claim for insurance and said its not safe to stay in house and it can blow the heat..Was alone with kids so got scared. Called my husband who was travelling for work and he got worried and took the next flight and came back..He took off from work to figure out things with insurance. After that we decided to get other plumbering company that our friend suggested. They came and just removed the toilet and fixed the sealing issue which was resulting in leak. No breaking of floors or roofs. When we told him what was suggested earlier he laughed and asked did the previous person even try to do something. I realized the guy didn't lay a finger on anything. Thank God we got saved otherwise we would have got ripped. B'coz no way insurance would have covered it b'coz there was no need..Plz avoid this company.

Description of Work
Water leaking from closet roof

Category plumbing



seth K.

They do all of New Jersey i do not know where they are based from. I like that they show up quickly, regardless of when I call. I don't like (that) they don't maintain good communications so if a job doesn't get finished or they have to come back you have no idea. To get a higher grade in the future they could keep the customers updated as to progress of the job. The work was good. I have used them for multiple jobs the last year.

Description of Work
(For plumbing I use).A A-Absolute Plumbing. They did re-plumbing.

Category plumbing



Brenda S.

I would have given them all A's but maybe this is how all contractors work but I do not like when they start out saying $1000 then down to $700 and we finally settle on $350.00 plus tax. I understand you have to make money but I am faster to recommend companies that I feel understand that we are not all made of money and give you a price and stick with it.. I have to say the plumber Chris was super nice, and seemed to know what needed to be done. I felt bad that no one told him to bring coveralls when we told dispatch it was in our crawl space and was wet and muddy. I am glad that they give you free estimates other wise I would never have called them. I did have 2 other choices from recommendations but these were the quickest to answer and give us a time frame. Chris was late but they called and said he would be so that was not a big deal plus he traveled over and hour to get here. They were quick I would just decide once and for all how much you want to charge, changing prices has a way of making you look shady. The quality of work only time will tell how well this holds up.

Description of Work
Broken pipe in crawl space.

Category plumbing



Jason R.

Do not hire these guys. They know nothing about plumbing and will not test for things when coming to give you an estimate. They will then ask for a deposit based on their incompetence and will not refund you the money when they say they will.

Description of Work
Increase water pressure

Category plumbing



Lisa S.

Since I didn't have to pay to have a plumber use a video camera to look at the pipes, I had my significant other's father meet with the plumber. Once the plumber arrived he informed my significant other's father that is cost about $500 to have a video camera down the pipes. I was truly upset at their misrepresentation. I had to get a plumber out before my home inspection period was over. I would've gone with another company who was upfront with their cost. On top of that they did some damaged to the pipes while they were there! I haven't even purchase the home and they are already causing problems. I highly recommend people to stay away from this company. After doing my research I was able to find other honest companies.

Description of Work
I was in the process of purchasing a home and was in the middle of my home inspection time period. My home inspector recommended we have a plumber take a look at the house main and sewer lines. He asked me to have a plumber use a camera to look at the lines since they are galvanized pipes and are probably as old as the home (100 years old). I called this company to get a quote of how much it'll cost to have them look at the pipes via a video camera. The person on the line (central calling center) said it would be a free estimate. The plumber would come down and they will look at the pipes with a video camera. If there are any issues then the plumber would be prepared to take care of it right away. Besides that it was a free estimate. I thought this was a great deal as other companies gave me a quote for the same items done. Keep in mind I call them back 2-3x to make sure it was a free estimate by having a video camera go in the pipes. It was urgent to have the plumber come out to take a look at these pipes as they are an issue for me in buying this house.

Category plumbing



Marie-Claude B.

I called on a Saturday to obtain a second opinion after having received a very expensive quote for the repair of a broken sump pump and clogged PVC pipe, which I was told would need to be excavated and replaced. They sent a technician on that same day who assessed the situation and provided a much more pragmatic solution to the clogged pipe and the best price for the sump pump replacement. The work was completed on the same day.

Description of Work
Replaced broken sump pump.

Category plumbing



Kenneth R.

The individual was prompt in coming to my house and giving me a quote, but the level of work performed by the individual was absolutely terrible. If the burnt cigarette butts were not enough, the guy made a huge mess in my basement, causing a lot of the paint to peel on my floor from the standing water. He left his mess in my basement with his old flux brush, did not dump out the water after he was done and when it was all said and done left with a job that looked like it was put together by a toddler. They had issues getting the pipes to solder because of water in the line so he decided to use "Shark Bites" instead after spending over 3 hours attempting to get it fixed. He left the pipe dangling from the ceiling and when you touch it the pipe feels like it could give way at any moment. And the work he did on the back faucet, there is a leak in the work he performed.

Description of Work
I hired A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc. to replace 2 external faucets at my house with Frost Free faucets.

Category plumbing



Donna S.

I contacted this provided who came out and gave an estimate which was fine. I called them a week later to have the job done. I scheduled an appointment no call no show. I called in they said "the guy is out sick". I excused this and called the following week and scheduled an appointment for 4:00 P.M. 07/10/2015. No show and call at 5:30 which was to late for me. When I finally spoke with them they said well the guy was running late, I said someone could have called me he said I am calling now. I have used this company in the past without any issues I was really surprised and annoyed that my time was wasted on two occasions. Anything can happen once but two incidents seems like a pattern.

Description of Work
Nothing, he didnt show up.

Category plumbing



bev H.

3/31 i called for an emergency appt for my furnace which was not working I was told that someone would come within one hour. after waiting for hours in the cold house I called 3 more times no on showed up. I called again to see if someone could come in the morning. 4/1 The first employee showed up at 7:40 to advise me that someone else would come to look at it. The second employee came in did a diagnostic to advise me that the furnace had no issues and that i only needed a new thermostat - it would be $350.00 and i had to pay $100.00 for the estimate and if i wanted the new thermostat they would deduct the $100.00 from the $350.00 cost, i called A absolute and was told that the estimate was free and they could do better than $350.00 they would replace the thermostat for $250.00 and not to give the employee the $100 without any work being done so I paid the $250.00. + $17.50 tax = $267.50 4/2 the furnace was not working again. I called and they said they would send someone out no one showed up 4/3. the third employee showed up and did some test and advised me that the furnace had no issues and made some type of adjustment to the thermostat and furnace was working again. 4/4 the furnace was off again. After calling 4 more times during the day (each time they told me some one would be here) the fourth employee finally showed up at 9:15 p.m. to tell me that my furnace was no good and there was nothing he could do I should go to home depot and buy some heaters - he said "I don't know what to tell you" he started yelling at me about furnaces were like cars one day they work you take them for service and the next day they were broke again He was very upset that i inquired about the previous employees test/diagnostic he advised he could bring me a new furnace in the morning thats all he could do. I called Aabsolute again and was told someone would come out on 4/5 by 3:00 to see what they could do I called again several times and was told i should go and do whatever i had to do and not to continue to wait but someone would show up - I received a call at 10:45 and no one ever showed up. Poor customer service Missed appointments, non responsive, Lack of integrity and honesty, not efficient Overcharging, broken promises, not reliable and 9 better business bureau complaints

Description of Work
Change my brand new digital touch screen thermostat to old fashion push button thermostat

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac,plumbing



Jim H.

The provider was able to arrive earlier than expected which caught us by surprise but that can't be anything but a positive in my mind. He was very thorough, explained to us our options, and performed excellent, quick work. He also minimized the mess left behind which was appreciated. The pricing of the job was a bit more than I expected, however, I didn't shop around to get an idea of what the going rates are. I will say, the provider was more than accommodating in giving us the Angie's List discount and then some. We will continue to look to A-Absolute for future plumbing needs.

Description of Work
Installed a kitchen faucet I had purchased at Lowe's and installed a new bathtub faucet/fixture to replace a leaky one.

Category plumbing,home remodeling



Esther C.

In the beginning we were very unhappy for the service and cost of repair. The owner of the company took seriously about our issue and returned our phone call right away. He also resolved our problem on the same day even though I said he could get back to us within 2 - 3 days. I do like the way how the owner handled the issue and tried to make his customer happy.

Description of Work
Our bath tub got clogged out and the provider removed chunk of ice from the pipe.

Category plumbing



Richard P.

I was very disappointed. He was here like for five seconds and charged me a ton of money and did absolutely very little. He came right away but I was disappointed with his service and his price. We weren't getting any heat in my basement apartment and my other tenants on the first floor's hot tank kept running. I would never call them again.

Description of Work
The company we used was A A-Absolute. All he did was come in, take the lift up and tighten something on the arm. Down in the basement, he told me to tell my tenants to move the furniture away from the radiator.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

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    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc

    How is A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc overall rated?

    A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc is currently rated 4.1 overall out of 5.

    What days are A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc open?

    A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc is open:

    Sunday: Open All Day

    Monday: Open All Day

    Tuesday: Open All Day

    Wednesday: Open All Day

    Thursday: Open All Day

    Friday: Open All Day

    Saturday: Open All Day

    What payment options does A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc provide

    A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check, Discover, Financing Available

    Does A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offer free estimates?

    Yes, A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offers free project estimates.

    Does A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offer emergency services?

    Yes, A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc?

    Yes, A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offers warranties.

    What services does A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offer?

    A A-Absolute Plumbing & Heating Inc offers the following services: Residential, commercial and drain cleaning, plumbing, heating & air conditioning.