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B & A Roofing Home Improvement

Founded 1993 • With Angi since August 2011


(58) Verified Reviews

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119 Lexington Ave

Passaic, NJ 07055


DBA - Samiel Home Improvement. B & A Roofing Home Improvement in Passaic, specializes in roofing, siding, and home remodeling serving North New Jersey. Please contact us for more information. ...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Kwab O.

On Wednesday May 5th , I got a contractor with the name Samiel Home Improvement ( Michael Samiel) phone # 201-926-0467, through Home Advisor / Angi to do an exterior painting of my house at address 1731 Wolbert Terrace, Union NJ 07083 . I was only doing the exterior painting of my house due to my dear mother passing away suddenly and me doing a Memorial Service at my house to honor her on Saturday May 15th, 2021. This unprofessional contractor came to my house and gave me the estimate price and we agreed on the price of $3000 for exterior painting of my house including the paint and he was supposed to finish before Saturday May 15th ( the day of my dear mom’s Memorial) . He was supposed to bring samples of paints to confirm the actual paint my wife and I selected but he came to my house on Thursday May 6th without an actual paint samples but he brought paper paint samples from Home Depot which is totally different from an actual paint samples in a small jar . I asked him about the actual paint samples to test and confirm the right paints color we wanted on our house and he told me that I should not worry about that because he has been doing painting for a while and that his guys at wherever he buys his paints from are very good at mixing the right color of paints for him. On Sunday May 9th he showed up around 9:30am with 2 Spanish old men to paint my house . The Spanish men started painting the house and I left the house for a Physical Therapy for my left knee due to an accident and having 4 multiple surgeries. I came back from Physical Therapy at around 1:35ish pm and realized that the paint color is wrong and I called the Contractor Michael Samiel Home Improvement to tell him about the wrong color of paint on my house. He came after about an hour and half later and told me that he was going to buy the right paint because he doesn’t know why his guys mixed the wrong color of paint. He came back the next day Monday May 10th at about 8:40am with another bucket and gallon of paints . I was at a Physical Therapy at the time so my wife opened the garage gate for them and they started painting. My wife stepped out to do some errands after opening the garage gate for them . I finished my Physical Therapy and did some errands afterwards. I came home at around 12:05pmwith my wife and we realized that the paint color is wrong for the 2nd time and we stopped them from painting our house with the wrong color of paint for the 2nd time . I called this Contractor Samiel Home Improvement and told him about the wrong color of paint again. He came to my house about an hour later and he saw that the paint color on our house isn’t the paint color my wife and I selected. So this time my wife and I agreed with him ( Michael Samiel ) that we would go to Home Depot and buy our own paint for him to paint but we would the deduct the cost of the paint money from his balance due of $1500. This Contractor Samiel agreed to that and he told my wife and I that he would bring his guys the next day to do the painting. We told him that it’s only midday so he should let his guys wait for us ( my wife and I ) for about 30 mins for us to buy the right color of paints for them to continue painting but this Contractor Samiel Home Improvement declined and he told us that he would bring his guys the next day Tuesday May 11th, 2021 . My wife and I went to Home Depot and bought the actual paint samples in small jars and tried them on our house to make sure that they’re the right color of paint that we want on our house unlike this unprofessional con-artist contractor Samiel Home Improvement who showed up twice with buckets of paints which aren’t the right color of paint we selected for our house. I texted him that evening of Monday May 10th , 2021 at around 10:28pm that we’ve got the right color of paints for our house now so he should make sure that he shows up with his painters to paint my house . He never responded to my text message that evening or the next Morning. The next Morning of Tuesday May 11th , I called him several times when I was on my way to Physical therapy for my left knee multiple surgeries but he never picked up or responded. My wife decided to call him with her phone and he picked up her call right away but he hanged up on my wife as soon as he heard her voice . My wife and I kept calling him with no luck because time wasn’t on our side due to the date of my late mom’s Memorial Service at my house being a few days away. He finally decided to send me a text message that reads “20 mins “ “20 mins “ within milliseconds apart . So I figured he would call me 20 mins or text me in 20 mins time. After Over 45 mins of him sending me the text message of “20 mins “ I started calling him again but he never picked up his phone and he texted me that “ he is at a funeral and he would be at my house Tomorrow” . I replied his text message and wish him my sincere condolences about his cousin’s funeral . And I also told him that it’s very unprofessional of him to ignore my phone calls , and text messages and that he could have brought his painters to paint my house while he’s paying his last respect to his late cousin. He finally called me after many hours of trying to reach him and he started arguing with me and tried to force me to accept the wrong color of my paint on my house . I told him that it’s his own fault 💯 for painting my house with 2 wrong paints which could have been avoided if he had bought the samples of paints in a jar to text my house to confirm the right color of paint we selected. He told me that he would call me again after his funeral but he never called me and he instead texted me this message asking me to pay him his balance of $1500 before he would show up to paint my house and that there’s no way he’s gonna show up at my house to paint the house without his full balance! That wasn’t what our contract stated so I told him to come and finish the painting of my house completely before I can pay him his balance due of $1500 minus the cost of paints we ( my wife and I) bought and would be buying . I was so disappointed and traumatized by this Contractor Samiel Home Improvement from Angi / Home Advisor I started crying 😭 in my basement because I felt betrayed used , ripped off by this Contractor—com-artist who called himself a contractor. I waited and waited for him the next day of Wednesday May 12th but there was no sign of him. So he never showed up the next day of Wednesday May 12th and so I had to get another contractor through a family friend referral and payed him another money to paint my house . I’m going to file a lawsuit against this Contractor for 1. taking my money of $1500 and not painting my house , 2. Traumatizing me 3. Painting my house with wrong paints and abandoning the contract. 4. Making a mess on my driveway way pavers and driveway entrance with the wrong paint without cleaning it properly. I’m looking forward to hear from Angi customer Solutions to help me get my full money of $1500 back for this unprofessional contractor Samiel Home Improvement as soon as possible.

Description of Work
They should paint the outside of my house.

Category house painters



Mary & Gerald M.

It went very nice. It was affordable. They were polite, professional, cleaned up after themselves. Their pricing was also more reasonable than the prior painter we hired five years ago.

Description of Work
Interior painting in kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms.

Category interior painters



Mel J.

They were quick, clean and thorough. The guys are amazing! They were ahead of schedule the entire time and worked hard. Very honest company, wonderful quality of work.

Description of Work
They remodeled the bathroom, new bathroom, toilet, sink and vanity. They installed new faucets and recessed lighting as well as tiles. They gave us a new kitchen. New cabinets, counter tops. they added on a breakfast nook and added recessed lighting. They added new flooring as well as new appliances. Painted everything and added electrical. The bathroom was estimated to take 5 days, they finished it in 3.

Category home builders



Sam M.

Excellent! They were so professional, so kind. I can't explain how pleasant and courteous they are. Very flexible with our schedule. They cleaned up after themselves as if they were never here. Very impressive from start to finish. We already have them scheduled for our next bathroom project!

Description of Work
A lot of different repairs: They opened up living room/kitchen by knocking down a wall. They put up new cabinets, plastered and painted everything. They connected a couple of recess lights and painted entire kitchen and living room.

Category electrician, plastering, home remodeling, interior painters, cabinet refacing



Deloris S.

They were good. They did what they said they were going to do. I paid additional to the big deal price and I thought it was a little expensive. The timing wasn't very good. They came out later than expected, probably because of the weather. They did not call beforehand and I had to call them first to confirm whether they were coming or not.

Description of Work
They did some masonry work for me. They repaired some cracks in the side walk.

Category concrete repair, foundation repair



Jing D.

I am very disappointed with this B &A Roofing Home Improvement company for the service. This guy Mike came to our house with no tool and did the caulking and grout so bad that I may want to find someone to remove it. I want to know what the Angieslist Service Quality Guarantee can do for this service? He admitted that the look is not good since it got dried before he can do anything with his bare hand. He did not have any smoothing tool, I showed him the ones I got from Home Depot, he did not know what it is. It seems to us that this is the first time he was doing this type of work. The reason that I bought this service because it was very hard for us to remove the old grout with the tool and chemical from Home Depot, I thought that this service may help us.

Description of Work
Repair grout and caulk in two bathrooms

Category handyman service



Philip E.

They broke my skylight while replacing my roof. They replaced the skylight, but the roof continued to leak for 2 years, in spite of more than a dozen "repairs" by them. Finally hired a new roofer when they stopped responding to my phone calls. The roof has finally been repaired by this other roofing contractor. Michael, the owner, is a fine man, but I would not hire him again.

Description of Work
replaced part of my roof on my house.

Category roofing

Service Provider Response

So sorry to hear that you feel that way and I think you're great person as well I hope we can remain good friends


Heather H.

They were timely. They looked at everything before they came out and gave me a quote. The painter only came with a small kit. He didn't bring a screw driver or anything so he didn't kick off any light switches, he just painted around them. He got some paint splashes so it was disappointing.

Description of Work
They painted my bathroom, stairwell and hallway.

Category interior painters

Service Provider Response

Should have said something that day and we would've been able to help you instead of writing me to review you should've just said something and we would've been able to make you happy I am sorry you got a lot of work a lot of work done for $300 should have said something that


Daniel M.

They tried very hard to do the entire job in one day with a single worker. As a result the job wasn't the best despite the guy being talented. The molding on the door frame was put up backwards. A sink stopper isn't holding water. Little things here and there that are the hallmark of a good craftsman rushing a job to get done.

Description of Work
Completed work on unfinished bathroom

Category roofing, woodworking

Service Provider Response

(Removed member name) we came out there to days in a roll and work and you told me that you was really happy with all of the work said you would get around to writing me a nice review so I don't understand


Ardian L.

Mike is very friendly, bring his son with him to help with the painting and later on bring another two guys to finish the job. They work from 2 pm to 11 pm to finish up the job in one go. This job is a purchase of the Angie's Big Deal, and for the price the job is quite satisfactory, there are areas that will still need another coating, and the edges and corners could use a bit more work but otherwise they got the job done. They did some basic prep work to cover the areas, and basic cleaning after the job.

Description of Work
Interior paint of living, dining, kitchen, hallways, nook and two bedroom.

Category interior painters



Kris S.

They never contacted me since the day I purchased the deal. I waited 30 days.

Description of Work
I purchased a big deal for a general contractor for a day.

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

I am so sorry if you want give me a call and I promise I will help you out my number is 201-926-0467


Melanie D.

Mike came out early in the morning like 6am with his crew and they worked continuously Very impressed with the way the roof came out and on the cleaning job that they did There was no sign of them ever being here when they left Mikes amazing Oh and his estimate was 20% cheaper than the last estimate we got last year

Description of Work
Love the way Mike work so much that we hired him for new roof We had two layers of shingles on our roof so he could not reroof it. He had to tear the shingles completely off to the plywood and he did an amazing job with a complete site cleanup and give us a 20 year guarantee on the roof and we are definitely satisfied

Category roofing



Cathy N.

There has been no response from him since he came to the house.

Description of Work
He came to look at the job. He was supposed to be here for 2 hours. He looked at the rest of the things that we have for him to do. He said he can do it.

Category roofing

Service Provider Response

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. I told your husband I was kind of busy For this next couple of weeks and we would call to schedule your A date to start working Thank you call me at 201-926-0467 mike


Grace L.

I purchased the $299 general contractor for a day deal. Michael Samiel (of B&A Roofing Home Improvement) was the contractor who showed up. He arrived around 2:00 pm on 3/19/2015, looked at a pocket door that was installed on an angle, so it wouldn?t stay in position. He proposed a quick fix by nailing a bi-fold door pivot bracket to the door frame. This observation of the problem took only about half an hour, so I decided to show him the garage ceiling that needed spackling. He said the 2-car garage ceiling is a big job, so he needed 2 extra people to help, which would cost another $500 extra. For additional manpower, I thought it was a reasonable thing to ask. Afterwards, he went out to get the materials for the job. When he returned, he worked alone to complete the garage ceiling spackling by himself in 1.5 hours, and spent a half hour on the pocket door bracket installation. By 5:30 pm on the same day, he finished the work (that?s 3.5 hours after he first arrived), and demanded the extra $500 that I originally agreed upon for the extra laborers? cost for the garage ceiling job. I?m very upset with his ethics, for two reasons. Firstly, I paid for a whole day?s work by a contractor, and he only performed 4 hours of labor (half day?s work) and he said he fulfilled the original deal. Secondly, he tricked me into agreeing on the $500 for the garage spackling work, because he told me he needed two extra people to complete the job, when he ended up doing the work by himself. I will not be using this contractor Michael Samiel (of B&A Roofing Home Improvement) ever again, and I would hope that others do not get tricked into paying extra fees that he quotes. He is not an honest businessman. P.S. - The sliding door bracket that he installed is not even usable, since it causes unsightly scratches in the wood door. We?ve had to remove it since then. (This was after I specifically requested a handyman that was familiar with pocket doors.) P.P.S.- I ended up refusing to pay him the $500 for the garage work, since he did not require extra laborers, but I compensated him $150 for the materials for the job.

Description of Work
Installed a bracket to a pocket door frame and Spackled the garage ceiling, which took up 4 hours.

Category drywall, handyman service, woodworking

Service Provider Response

Okay first we had an agreement just to fix the pocket door for the time she purchased after I repaired the pocket door she told me that she wanted me to do the ceiling I told her I need two people to do the work not 2 Extra I was there with my 18-year-old son doing the work we was two men working and we worked over four hours alone on the garage and we worked two men on the pocket door. I was taking advantage of and ripped off for my money if she wasn't satisfied why did she even give me my money for materials how can I do $150 for materials and not get paid for my labor. And in this contract she was supposed to pick up all the materials for the work not me.


Melanie D.

showed up everyday on time mike is a great guy and his team too he works really quick they don't waste any time at all and the final result is amazing i am so satisfied with the way my home looks i feel like i just moved into a new place would hire him again in the future

Description of Work
he modeled my kitchen and bathroom and finished my basement and painted the entire interior of my home

Category remodeling, roofing, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters, basement remodeling

Service Provider Response

Was a pleasure meeting you were doing work for you thank you so much for the review


Marisol V.

I needed a professional opinion for a home purchase and Michael was able to meet with me the same day I called him. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I received the assessment the same day and he even drove to another location hours later to sign a letter. He also followed up with me a couple of weeks later. I will certainly be calling him again.

Description of Work
Assessment of a roof repair for a home I'm selling.

Category roofing



Cherron R.

While Mike was extremely professional and responsive the work that would be included with the coupon was not what I expected and I do not want to use the service.

Description of Work

Category interior painters



J P H.

WOW -- I was so impressed with Mike from the first time he called me to set up te appointment. Very professional and very personable. The painting job was not easy: older home, walls painted over wallpaper in the past, very different paint colors etc. Definitely a high quality and careful painting job and because I was flexible with scheduling and someone else cancelled, Mike came out himself and helped with the painting. He definitely stands behind his work and I would definitely hire this company again!

Description of Work
Painting of three rooms in the house

Category interior painters



Carol A.

Mike was VERY professional, very prompt with his work. I have several properties and it is NOT EASY to find repairmen that answer calls,emails or respond quickly-- even those rating on Angies List. I found BA roofing very easy to work with, very professional. Mike came to my home twice to explain what work needed to be done.. without charging me. They were fast in respond and started the job 2 days later. The workmen had to deal with my obnoxious, crazy neighbor next door who harasses everyone and still they remained on task and professional. I think their price was fair and more important they did the work they promised and quickly. I will most definately use them again and HIGHLY recommend them.

Description of Work
Ripped out old and replaced new soffits on roof, installed new drain pipes, inspected french drains,

Category roofing, siding, drain pipe



Kevin P.

*Updated 7/13/15* I took him to court and received a a full repayment settlement. It stated that he had to pay me back on a payment plan. However, after the first two payments he has stopped and has missed his last three payments.

Description of Work
I signed a contract with him on 8/12/14. I paid him $4000 upfront (half of the total project). It has been over a month and he still hasn't completed the work on the contract. He also hasn't returned my upfront payment. Does anyone know what I should do next?

Category remodeling, roofing



Carol J.

Mike came over about 45 minutes after I called He was very professional. He noticed raised shingles and graciously secured them down. Any potential problems that were visible he pointed out to me.

Description of Work
Repaired flashing on chimney

Category roofing



Paul O.

went well. the workers were professional and courteous and did a good job.

Description of Work
painted the exterior front of my house

Category roofing, house painters



Jennifer F.

Michael came to take a look a head of time, and the job was done well. I'm really happy with what they've done. I'll definitely consider this team for future work!

Description of Work
I hired the B & A team for a day to prep and repaint the taller portions of my stand alone garage.

Category roofing



Tao Y.

Overall Michael Samiel is a responsible and experienced contractor. He has accountability to finish job properly and on time. He came on time to do estimate on 1st day I met him. He gave me reasonable estimate and started to work on the job as promised. Although there are communication between him and I and that seems to cause some more work to him, he take the responsibility to finish it properly as described in the contract. In this job, replacing the wood frame is not easy, he had his worker do good job. Thanks much, Michael!

Description of Work
Michael Samiel worked on a siding/roof renovation for an old house for me. The job includes remove/repair damage siding, shingles and wrap siding frame with aluminium.

Category remodeling, roofing, siding



frank S.

The contractor arrived on time and I explained what I needed. I had a leak on the rear roof were a dish satellite was at one time during the winter it was blown over and where it was connected to the roof were three holes. I also need another dish on the front roof removed and new shingles put down. I also had a problem where the front roof meets the drain there was a gap between the roof flashing and the gutter and the water would run down the side of the house. First off before he even went up on the roof he asked question regarding the age of the roof told him about 15 years, told him new roof with a 25 year guarantee told me not all shingles live up to their live up to their guarantee. He goes up on the roof and he comes down and tells me we can start tomorrow he tells me that he has to do this and that and it would cost 2800 dollars he gives no written estimate I tell him I'll let him know about 1 hour later he calls back and says he will reduce the price to 2500 at that point I was not interested in using this contractor. As far as I am concerned he inflated the price for the job and he was telling me things that needed to be fixed that truly didn't. Homeowners beware!

Description of Work
I didn't use this provider the reasons are listed below.

Category roofing

Service Provider Response

I am sorry that you feel that way From the best of my knowledge that was the repair that needed to be done Did not know you had a new satellite dish installed that caused the damage Please accept my apology the pleasure was mines meeting you

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about B & A Roofing Home Improvement

    How is B & A Roofing Home Improvement overall rated?

    B & A Roofing Home Improvement is currently rated 4.2 overall out of 5.

    What days are B & A Roofing Home Improvement open?

    B & A Roofing Home Improvement is open:

    Sunday: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Monday: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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    What payment options does B & A Roofing Home Improvement provide

    B & A Roofing Home Improvement accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check, PayPal

    Does B & A Roofing Home Improvement offer free estimates?

    No, B & A Roofing Home Improvement does not offer free project estimates.

    Does B & A Roofing Home Improvement offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, B & A Roofing Home Improvement does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does B & A Roofing Home Improvement offer a senior discount?

    Yes, B & A Roofing Home Improvement offers a 10% senior discount.

    Does B & A Roofing Home Improvement offer emergency services?

    Yes, B & A Roofing Home Improvement offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by B & A Roofing Home Improvement?

    Yes, B & A Roofing Home Improvement offers warranties.

    What services does B & A Roofing Home Improvement offer?

    B & A Roofing Home Improvement offers the following services: Home, Kitchen, Bathroom & Basement Remodeling. Additions. Roofing. Flooring, Ceramic Tile, & Backsplash. Driveway Paving.