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A D Home Improvement

Founded 2004 • With Angi since April 2011


(125) Verified Reviews

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777 Passaic Ave Ste 540

Clifton, NJ 07012


For over 14 years, we have been a mainstay in northern New Jersey home improvement and remodeling. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. At AD Home Improvement, the customer is the most important part of our business. Our goal is to deliver outstanding personalized home improvement service at an affordable price. Should you need financing, we have a banking license and can help you find loans based on your credit rating and home equity. We don't require a down payment and provide a one-year labor warranty on all of our work. Award winning....

Verified Reviews

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philip E.

This review is on a job that was done 9 years ago. Please take this into consideration and read. We did a total re-model of a master bath. Over the past 9 years, we have had numerous problems, mostly with tile having to be replaced because of a poor job and cut corners on the installation. Have had numerous tiles replace and water damage because of of this installation. We have now found out that the installation of our shower unit, which is digital, was installed backwards and we will now incur thousands of dollars of repairs. The unit is from Moen and we confirmed with them that the plumbing and installation was done wrong. We also had a major flood from the bathroom sink caused by cheap hardware used by AD in the installation of the bathroom sink. If you decide to hire this company, just keep my experience in mind. Your problems may not be visible or noticeable till years later.

Description of Work
Bathroom Re-model

Category ceramic tile, closet systems, drywall, plumbing, home builders, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters, doors



Craig O.

Great. Good work. Performed as promised.

Description of Work
Drywall repair

Category drywall, home remodeling



turgay Y.

good and fair price ing and time time done Very good work very clean..

Description of Work
kitchen and trim work windows install

Category custom cabinets, contractors, ceramic tile, closet systems, decks, drywall, flooring contractor, handyman service, hardwood floor, remodeling, roofing, siding, woodworking, home remodeling, basement remodeling



jay P.

AD home improvement was absolutely amazing. Mike was extremely responsive from the beginning. They keep you informed thru the entire process. I received daily updates on the progress, any problems/questions were addressed/answered immediately. The bathroom turned out better than we could have imagined. Other contractors were reluctant to change the layout and were unwilling to accommodate our requests. From the get go mike simply said "we will get it done " and he delivered. We plan on renovating the kitchen and mike and his team are the only contractors we plan on calling. Olvin deserves a raise!

Description of Work
Completely renovate bathroom. Install skylight, create new walk in shower. Install free standing soaker tub

Category plumbing, remodeling, skylights, home remodeling



Linda D.

I didn't actually do any business with him. We ended up selling the house as is so he didn't actually do any work. He was very helpful when he called me back to spend time speaking to me. So that was good. It was a positive thing. He was very helpful in calling me back and giving me information and very accommodating that way. So he seemed very knowledgeable. Everything was fine. It was a positive experience. He called me back, he spoke to me at length, he gave me a lot of information, and he was extremely helpful. I have no complaints at all. He was great. Especially for someone who wasn't even getting paid. On punctuality, I didn't meet with him. It was all on the phone. He responded quickly. He went out and looked at the property and did what he had to do.

Description of Work
He called back regarding a structural problem that we had on a property. He gave me a quote.

Category home builders



luba K.

Fantastic go out of their way to satisfy very resonily priced . Would use them again in a heartbeat l

Description of Work
Bathroom remodeling

Category ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling, doors



delmos M.

We did a full-house renovation and needed a company that could do a quality job in a timely manner and not bust the budget. We scheduled a meeting with Michael Ponce, AD Home Improvement, at our home where we discussed the project and we were quite impressed when he shared his ideas during this initial review. He talked with us for a bit to find out our style and lead us in the proper direction related to the aesthetics and structure of our home. We found Michael to be very knowledgeable of his craft. We met a few more times to review the architecture plans and decided to go with AD Home Improvements. To give you an overview, we purchased a ranch-style home and decided to expand by adding our master bedroom ensuite on the upper level. In addition, we had to gut the kitchen, two bathrooms, the family room and the dining room. To open up the space, we had to relocate the stairs and move a few walls. We added new windows and doors throughout the entire home, as well as updated all electrical, and plumbing. Since we added the second level master ensuite, we decided to replace the entire roof and made it all the same color. It was a huge job and oh my goodness, Michael, Oscar and the AD Home Improvement team performed well above expectations. We had no idea the amount of work involved in this process and his team of people worked with us, very closely, throughout the entire process. And for this, we are grateful. Of course, during the process we wanted to make additional changes once the walls and ceilings came down. Michael came out, discussed the project, gave us a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ recommendation and we took his advice. And if there was a need to involved the architect, he let us know that too. If something was too costly or could not be done due to the structure of the home, he advised us. Having the opportunity to communicate with your contractor is always a plus because we didn’t know everything about this process. So this open line of communication was awesome. We were totally impressed with the workmanship, the professionalism as well as the willingness to stay in communication with us. Always the professional, the team went out of their way to ensure that we were happy with their work. When we stopped by, they walked us through the project, ensured our satisfaction and proceeded to complete their projects. We learned so much during this renovation and never thought we would be selecting products like a transfer valve, a pressure balancing diverter to a square designed shower drain, molding, right-hand or left-hand doors, etc. We thought all we needed were a few toilets, vanities and faucets. Ha! After all is said and done, we probably would not have had this pleasant of an experience without the help of Michael, Oscar, Berto and the entire AD Home Improvement team. Even though, we stopped by daily to see the progress, we can’t tell you how excited we were to see the completed project. Everything, except the basement is new…that’s next. Michael and his team gave us that reassurance by delivering an exceptional product through skilled craftsmanship. I would be lying if I said that this was not a tedious, stressed and sometimes overwhelming process; but, in all honesty the AD Home Improvement team made it less overwhelming. And we appreciate their patience. It was and still is an amazing feeling when we look around our home. We have a very beautiful and a very comfortable home and look forward to enjoying time by the fireplace or sipping coffee while sitting in the sunroom with the touch of beautiful floors adding warmth to your feet. When family and friends stop by they are very impressed. They love everything, the kitchen, bathrooms, sunroom and of course the fabulous master ensuite. The soaker tub, along with multiple jets and the steam shower adds a sense of luxury to the master bath. And we enjoy every moment of it! Now, would we recommend AD Home Improvement; the answer is yes. Would we use AD Home Improvement on a future project; yes, as that basement is next. Lastly, based on our experiences with Michael Ponce, Oscar, and the entire AD Home Improvement team, we would definitely recommend this company for any home improvement needs. Thank you for creating our beautiful home. Warm Regards, Duke & Orlett McCall Livingston, NJ

Description of Work
Entire home renovation. Please see detailed review in the next section.

Category custom cabinets, ceramic tile, closet systems, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, insulation, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, water heater repair, woodworking, marble & granite, home remodeling, interior painters, doors



Nicole C.

We had a housing renovation and we had absolutely dismal, dismal, dismal experience with these renovators. And I am ashamed to say this, I never wrote a review because it was one of those things I was still angry I would work myself up into a tizzy and then I would scream and yell. It was horrific and I am ashamed to a point that I never actually reviewed them. I talked to my family and they were just like "Well, it's been like two to three years now. So what's the point?" We had a kitchen renovation. We bought our house in 2013 and we began kitchen renovation in 2014, January - February. They have a very high review which was why we went with them. W called three different people out. We decided to go with them after meeting the owner. We talked to them and started things. I would give them an F on everything, F on everything. Their business practices are horrific, not to mention that they're very dangerous. If I could give them triple F on professionalism, I would. Communication was a problem. We would call and they won't get back to us. One of probably the biggest thing that people need to be aware of is that their professionalism is terrible. We had a powder room in the kitchen, they were supposed to do work in there. They forgot to file the electrical paper work but did the work anyway. They forgot to file the appropriate paperwork to make sure they can do work in there, to get eventually checked by the electrician. They locked the powder room door when the electrician came to do the inspection so that he wouldn't be able to get in there and poke around. I didn't realize this until we were halfway through the inspection. I was like, "I am not comfortable with this." I went up to the inspector, "We have work going on in that powder room. They don't think it needs to be inspected." He flipped out. He was so angry at them. Of course, they locked the bathroom door inappropriately and couldn't get it open. They spent the next ten to 15 minutes trying to pry open this lock to get into this powder room for the inspector to look at it. Some of our materials were stolen. The house is locked up tight and they had a four-digit code to get into the back door, into the kitchen. And our-digit code was given to our project manager. So he knew how to get in and out of there. They were the only people in the house aside from my husband and I. We had two threshold locks that were stolen and I found a third. We had three of them altogether. Two of them were gone. I found one inside of the wall that was still open. They were doing dry walling, with a bunch of other trash, inside the wall this marble lock had been put in there. When we told them that they were stolen. They were like, "Oh well then you guys must have misplaced it." We were like, "No." We lived in Pennsylvania at the moment and they were doing work in New Jersey. I said, "The only people in here are your workers so one of your workers stole these." We had to go back and forth to them until they finally reimbursed these so we could buy a replacement for it.They also blamed me because I told the inspector about what was going on. They blamed me for all the delays. They said, "Well if you had not told him. We would not be delayed." So that's not very professional. They actually blamed me for wanting an inspected safety issue. They agreed to take away all the cabinetry from the kitchen when it was demolished. I said,"Well, we are thinking if we could get it donated to a nearby place. Somebody could use it. They are not bad. It's just really out date." They agreed to take it down carefully and put it in the basement. Whatever we wanted done with it after that, they refused to do that. We had argued with them to get it removed about a month later. The company we are working with decided they didn't want it. So we said, "They don't want it. So we'll just go ahead an trash it." And they said, "You're gonna have to do that." "No, it's actually our project manager who agreed to do this." They said it was not in writing. So we had to go back and forth with them to get rid of that. I'm getting angry. Later he attempted to charge us and argued with us for two months. Decisions were made in the process of the renovation without our approval. There was a fixture from a hanging light that was installed over the sink. We don't know how that came about. We had to go buy more light fixtures and that wasn't included in our budget in order for this light fixture not just to be like open gaping hole. They moved a light switch without talking to us. They constantly did stuff without asking us. Then it would be delayed because that's not what we wanted and they had to re-fix it and they had to charge us more for the delays they created. They kept installing our tile incorrectly even tough we sat there and told them how to do this. This also extended to the hardware on the cabinetry. We told them specifically this is where it goes. This handle goes here. This handle goes here. They were incorrectly done at least three times.We told them what kind of wiring to install to meet the light were putting in.They did the wrong wiring even after we gave them the exact specifications. We were able to argue some of these down but a lot of these they just didn't listen to us. They just did things thinking they knew better. My father is an electrical engineer salesman. I went through him and his company to get these lighting and these specifications. I sat down and talked to three electrical engineers and two sales people. I knew exactly what I needed and what I wanted. And I gave them all those specifications and they ignored me. I was a woman and they gave me a lot of hell. My husband would say the same things to them and they accepted it from him. I stopped talking to them around mid-April. Absolutely, I am not recommending them. My uncle, he is a city planner, and he told me that we had good grounds for a lawsuit so we should have contacted the Better Business Bureau because if they are aligned to inspectors right in front of the people that they are working with, nobody could really guess what they are doing without people being aware. They need to be flagged for some kind of Better Business Bureau type of situation.

Description of Work
We hired a company for kitchen renovation. They are on Angie's List called A D Home Improvement.

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

I will take full responsibility for the issues we encountered and the hardship this customer went thru. As you can see this took place almost 3 years ago and it was during a time in which we had hired another crew (our 4th one). I made a mistake and we learned from it. We fired this crew after a few incidents. We learned that the most important thing is to take care of the customers' requests and fulfill them in a timely fashion. Also we learned that we need to grow our business in a responsible fashion. Even though most of the statements this customer mentioned are true; She omitted all the credits she received (about 3,000 dollars) and that we in the end passed all inspections and her job was completed to her satisfaction. I personally supervised this job until the end.


Prasithichai C.

Excellent job, awesome & friendly & reliable crews. Overall excellent service.

Description of Work
Master bathroom of 11' x 9', and common bath (including laundry area) of 15'x14'.

Category ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, marble & granite, home remodeling, interior painters, doors



Joe V.

ADHI was great. This was our first time renovating anything, and Mike walked us through everything and answered all the stupid questions we had - and we had a lot. Any issues that arose during the job were dealt with quickly and professionally. They were willing to adjust things as we went along and take care of any last minute details we threw at them. Overall a positive experience.

Description of Work
Full kitchen remodel

Category ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, insulation, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, siding, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters



Andrew S.

We are very happy with our new beautiful bathroom! We met with multiple qualified contractors on a total bathroom renovation on an older house. We chose AD because of their knowledge and ability to complete the job. The staff at AD was very professional. The work was completed on time and within budget. Mike and Oscar (project manager) were very easy to work with and responded quickly to any questions. The quality of the work was excellent. The staff, especially Leo, provided guidance in areas like tiling, window & light placement and even paints colors. The work crew was tidy and courteous. We would definitely use AD on future projects.

Description of Work
Full bathroom renovation

Category ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, insulation, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



Gregory M.

Mike Ponce (Partner) and his team did a wonderful job planning, managing and executing our complete kitchen renovation. They turned our late 1980s era kitchen into a beautiful and modern new kitchen. All of our needs were met In a timely and professional manner. Mike listened to our needs and was very upfront and honest about meeting those expectations and as went into great detail about what the job would look like , how it would get done and how much time it would take. Him and his team passed all tests with flying colors , and it's also worth noting that they worked and communicated exceptionally well on a day to day basis with both my wife and I , letting us know throughout each day what the plan of attack would be and keeping us constantly updated about what part of the project they were working on. Carlos served as Mike's lead construction foreman on the job and he established our trust and executed the project flawlessly from day one and we are forever appreciative of his quality of work and dedication to professionalism. The level of detail in their work met our high expectations and we would be happy to recommend AD's services and expertise to anyone looking to get a kitchen renovation done the right way.

Description of Work
Complete kitchen demolition and re-modeling.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Shashi R.

They did clean work. Workers are polite and trustworthy. Bathroom looks good. Hire this company if you want to pay for labor and choose every item for yourself. However, be prepared to return a few things that don't fit right. You can also have them buy things, but specify this at the beginning when negotiating and they will give you receipts for those items at the end. They will give you a list of what is needed. They are very good about being on time. Expect to pay more than the contract price, because you will always find a few unexpected things, and in our contract, there was no contingency. So far, other than a few minor problems which they subsequently fixed, everything seems to be working well. The project was just finished, so we still haven't gone through the seasons with the pipes, heating, etc. I am confident they will support their work if any other issues arise. Overall, and so far, one of the better contractors I have hired.

Description of Work
Master Bathroom Renovation

Category ceramic tile, insulation, plumbing, remodeling, marble & granite, home remodeling, interior painters, doors



Jonathan S.

It went as good as it could go. I received around 5 estimates for the work and AD Home Improvement was the most reasonable. The owner Mike was very responsive and was eager to get the work scheduled and complete. The AD Home Improvement team was in and out as quick as possible, while being clean and respectful to my apartment. If I came home and wanted something set up differently, they had no problem coming in the next day and fixing it to my specifications. I would definitely hire them again for future home remodeling.

Description of Work
I needed to get my bathroom completely remodeled and sheetrock fixed in my bedroom.

Category drywall, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters



Samuel K.

I used A D Home Improvement on two projects. The way they work is, you purchase all the material and they charge for the labor. The advantage is that you purchase what exactly what you want. The disadvantage is you have to have some idea of what materials are needed and if something is incorrect, you have to return/exchange it. If you don't want to read the details, here is my conclusion: overall, they do a good job with communication and the final result is good. However, they subcontract the work out so the quality of the team varies and the cost is wayyy expensive. On the first bathroom, the team did a good job with the final product. They determined there was a problem with the plumbing and charged an additional $1300 to fix it. However, I was not pleased with the communication. The owner gave me a deadline, but the contractor he subcontracted the job out to told me it would be done much sooner. There were days he would say he would come to do the work, and then I would call to ask what time he would come, and he would then say he's not coming that day. By the end of the project, I was really annoyed and requested another contractor, but they said he had to complete the project. I was told to buy a certain type of door (prehung), which I did, but then told to get another type of door (not prehung). Without a truck, buying a door and transporting it is a pain. Bringing it back and exchanging it is an even bigger pain that could have been avoided. I complained to Michael and he offered to paint a room for free on my next project. I hired them again for another bathroom reno. This time, it went much better. The work was done well and the communication was good. No complaints. I thought about hiring them again for a kitchen remodel, but the estimate they gave seemed high. I had nothing to compare bathroom reno to but my parents completed a kitchen reno for several thousand dollars cheaper. I asked them why the work was so expensive and I basically got a non-answer ("this is what we charge"). I shopped around and found that almost everyone's prices were several thousand dollars cheaper. This leads me to believe I was overcharged for the bathroom work as well. I think they feel they can overcharge because they probably get a lot of business from positive reviews on Angie's List. I'm happy I was able to find a contractor that was 3k cheaper for the kitchen work, offered to help with obtaining materials, and offered greater flexibility.

Description of Work
I had 2 bathrooms done. On first bathroom, tile was replaced, new glass shower installed with fixtures. On second bathroom, tile was replaced and new fixtures were installed.

Category home remodeling



Nicolino N.

I have held this review for a number of weeks, hoping to have a resolution. It now needs to be shared in an effort to help others avoid this pitfall. In October of 2015, we employed the services of Mike Ponce and AD Home Improvement to complete our Add-A-Level project in Bergen County. The plans were drawn by another Angie's List Contractor (DDD Concepts- Joe Primiano was a great guy, great architect and a pleasure to do business with). Our relationship with AD Home Improvement (ADHI) did not prove to be as amenable. The project progressed but with there were many issues, issues that became even more contentious after the final bank payment was issued. At this point the contractor & I are no longer on speaking terms. There are a number of post-construction issues that he will not address even though there was a supposed "One-Year Warranty" as stipulated in the two-party contract (dated -8/13/15). Areas of great concern: AD Home Improvement (on their own accord) fired & removed his sub-contractors from the job site for poor craftsmanship with Master Bathroom Tile/Dry Wall/other finishes. They had to re-do work on a number of occasions, this crew was extremely negligent (good guys, worked hard , minimal skill/professionalism) they took little precaution & showed little care for our home. Workers were not meticulous, they never covered Old/New floors (new floors were installed by a sub-contractor that I hired) scratches & dry-wall mud were spread everywhere (my flooring contractor estimated the damage to the new hardwood floors at approximately $500.00 - that is one-fifth of the cost of the new hardwood flooring project install) AD Home alleges they are not responsible for the damage to the floors because we installed "too early"…We installed exactly when my flooring sub-contractor recommended (following dry-wall installation). The fact that ADHI had to fire a crew of "professionals" shows you just what kind of headache we were presented with, imagine if you had to view this "craftsmanship" constantly being reminded of the cost of project ($225,000.00). Communication was constantly an issue, I felt like I had to be the general contractor, reviewing sub-contractor work, making corrections, reading /re-reading plans, ordering/picking up supplies. At any chance he could, ADHI took advantage of "Change Orders"- to fleece the pricing. Mike Ponce was involved at the beginning & as soon as work started, he no longer deals with the day-to-day progress on the job (Oscar and Carlos- both very nice & hardworking but not the decision makers). The only time you see Mike after that is to pick up a check or contact by email/text if the price needs to "go up for something". I cannot tell you the number of times & the amount of frustration we had from requests for more money for things that were clearly stated in the architectural drawings... we debated constantly, sometimes it went in my favor (sent highlighted emails of architectural drawings & contract language) but it usually ended with me willing to "pay more" to get what my wife & I wanted, all for what was already depicted in the drawings (Siding/corners, Chimney, MBR fireplace, 1st Floor AC, 2nd floor loop for bb heat, Tankless HWH, Kitchen vent, Stair Rail spindles- of which we showed him a picture of the exact product & design...but we had to pay more to get what we wanted) all of these went down as change orders & came with an increased $$$ price tag. The most concerning issue was the negligence to details in the architectural plans, at one point I caught them in a serious deviation of the architects minimal requirements, plans called for all of our 2x8 original ceiling joists to be “sistered” (reinforced) with an additional 2x8 for strength & to carry the load of the new addition. After framing & sub-floor, ADHI opened up the first floor kitchen ceiling for plumbing for the master bathroom (directly above) & we noticed that none of the joists had been “sistered”, when I confronted them about the deviation from the architect’s & engineer’s plans, they gave me some lame excuse that our beams were strong enough & did not need to be “sistered”, I immediately demanded that they abide by the plans, especially in this area (would need to support the weight of master bathroom-tub-tile-etc.). ADHI knew they were caught “cutting corners” & agreed to retro-fit the joists under the new master bathroom, but I am sure the remaining 1000 sq. feet of the addition does not have the required “sistered joists” & added strength (constant creaking of the floors in the bedrooms and bath). There were also some very "shady business" practices regarding sub-contractors, there were major issue with the dumpster container disposal sub-contractor (Evergreen). The contract called for ADHI to incur cost of dumpsters #1-4, as soon as the roof was off the house, we were already on dumpster #4 (I was at the job site daily & never saw 4 dumpsters switched out) ADHI produced documentation for containers 1-4 which showed 2 dumpsters delivered & removed on the same day (like that would really happen). I did not want to cause an issue so I agreed to have my credit card billed for containers #5 & #6, we paid the dumpster sub-contractor (Evergreen) directly $1000.00 on 2/1/16 (after dumpster #6 had been picked up two weeks prior) & then after the final bank payment (three months later-May), ADHI requests my invoices from Evergreen & my credit card statements (his records were not complete) & then ADHI informs us that the $1000(paid on 2/1/16) was only the cost of dumpster #5, that the Dumpster Company (Evergreen) made a mistake in billing & that we owed them $1500 (claimed that we were billed for another job at another AD job site). Also, it was clear after Dumpster 7 was removed that there was serious damage done to our driveway. I agreed to pay the ridiculous balance, despite obviously being fleeced by AD & Evergreen, so long as the damage to the driveway was repaired, ADHI blamed Evergreen & said it was their issue to resolve, Evergreen said they were not liable because ADHI signed off on paperwork (keep in mind Evergreen is a sub-contractor arranged for & provided by ADHI). I told both ADHI & Evergreen that I will not pay a single dollar to either entity until the driveway is repaired & until I get all seven (7) signed invoices & delivery sheets for the containers. I have heard nothing since threatening to take both of them to court for the documentation. To add insult to injury, the master bath shower pan now leaks into my first floor kitchen. The plumbing inspector informed them that the shower pan was not "pitched" enough. Carlos insured him that they would remedy the issue when the floor tile was installed by "building up" the pitch. This was never completed & now the water sits in a pool at the rear of the master shower. ADHI refuses to address the leaking shower, despite their contract which clearly outlines a "one-year warranty" on all work. After waiting over a month for resolution from the driveway/dumpster issue & ownership of the damage to the hardwood floors caused by AD Home, followed by a flurry of adversarial emails/text messages. I thought it best to move forward on my own & request a certificate of occupancy. When I called the town they advised me that ADHI never completed all the required permits. They never called for a fire inspection & engineering inspection. I scheduled both inspections on my own. The fire inspector informed me that AD Home never called for a smoke detector "placement" inspection, they just arbitrarily placed smoke detectors where they saw fit (they did not go by the stamped plans…go figure!). We were out-of-code in two rooms (basement & mbr). In the basement the smoke detector was placed in the middle of the basement, by code it needed to be in the bottom stairwell, in the master bedroom the smoke detector was placed on the lower ceiling, it needed to be placed in the higher tray ceiling. We failed fire inspection, inspector showed me on the plans exactly where all these changes were highlighted in "red" on the original plan reviewed documents. We had to pay an electrician to install two additional smoke detectors into the loop ($500.00 cost out of my pocket). AD Home has the audacity to claim that we still owe them money for "extras", & for the fraudulent costs of the aforementioned "dumpsters", incredulous. In no stretch of the imagination would I recommend this company to any other consumers, be weary. If you currently employee this company... hide your tools. The "crew" tends to "make themselves" at home, using your brooms, dust pans & anything else in your tool box. I would not have minded so long as things were returned to their owner. I personally am now out two (2) sheetrock knives, a pair of tin snips, a brand new dry-wall screw gun, a push broom, a dust pan & a mop, & the other day I noticed my saw-zall is shot. I am disappointed in the experience, lack of professionalism, lack of accountability & the overall finished product. We should not need to settle for mediocre results from a project that cost my family over $200,000.00. I now have a leaking shower pan, severely damaged hardwood floors & a number of dry-wall cracks... all a constant reminder of our pain and strife.

Description of Work
Add-a-level home addition (3 bedroom, 2 bath, Laundry room) approximately 1400 Sq. Ft. in Bergen County NJ

Category contractors, ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, insulation, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, water heater repair, woodworking



Julani B.

I requested a quote from the contractor. After speaking to him, I was told that it would take two (2) weeks to provide the quote... (Two weeks to price a job?? ). I called two weeks later with no response. Basically I waisted two and a half weeks with these guys.

Description of Work
Pricing for home repairs

Category remodeling



Scott B.

I secured a conventional 203K renovation loan to get this foreclosure back into working order. AD Home Improvement knows the ins and outs of 203K loans and were fast at filing out paperwork, getting estimates, and were responsive when I or my lender had questions. The renovation team was very patient with me?a first time homeowner?and took the time to explain things throughout the process. The were also patient with the circumstances of the job: My house didn't have heat for the first few weeks they were working (starting in December); I was having a hard time procuring all the fixtures, etc., necessary, so they had to stop and restart some jobs a couple of times before they finished them; and it's a long trip from their base of operations. They worked tirelessly through all these issues. My 1961-built, 3-season home was full of challenges and surprises due to years of postponed renovations (aka "neglect"), and due to the fact we wanted to make it a year-round home. AD Home offered affordable prices when unanticipated repairs were needed. The workers had a wide range of skills, and called in specialists when there was something not easily solvable. They updated my 1970s Marsha Brady bathroom; now it's looks tasteful in a country modern style using carefully spaced, inexpensive subway tile from Home Depot. I will continue to use AD Home Improvement for new projects going forward because of the good relationship I have with Michael Ponce and his team, their competitive prices, and the way they keep working until something is done to the customer's satisfaction.

Description of Work
My place is a foreclosure. The bank I bought it from fixed several things—new roof, etc., but there were many things that needed help. • Replaced all the plumbing because of freeze damage; • Installed new tile shower and glass doors, tile floor, toilet, vanity, lights, fan/ventilation, mirror, fixtures, light refinishing on the knotty pine walls; • Replaced oil tank and disposed of the old one; • Insulated the crawlspace; • Repointed the chimney; • Added a fascia board and installed new gutters and did some roofing repairs; • Replaced two broken windows; • Added footing to the deck to secure it better; • Various electrical work (added light fixtures, floor outlets, installed 3-prong outlets throughout the house); • Installed a ceiling fan; • Reinforced the foundation; • Installed a water line to the refrigerator; • Procured permits; • Subcontracted a radon mitigation company whose price was competitive and affordable; • Miscellaneous: cleanup, disposal, accepted packages while I wasn’t home, fixed a stone on the front porch, more.

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Kathy B.

First of all, I chose AD Home Improvement Inc after meeting Michael Ponce the main contractor who gave a thorough and quick estimate. He was efficient, professional and highly organized. He took the time to answer all my questions and take care of any problem that arose. I am a perfectionist so I can be difficult at times but he was competent and always available. He encouraged me to call his cell for anything I needed and intervened upon any problems with the material. For example, 2 large marble wall sills had a crack in them and he dealt with the supply company to replace them and redeliver them. He never pressured us for any payment and left us the opportunity to pay when we were ready. There was also NO down payment required. Second, the crew he sent were always on time, pleasant and most importantly respectful. The foremen, Carlos and Oscar were also available to call or email. The main worker, Beto was diligent and hard working. The shower walls were built to exact detail making glass installation so much easier. That took a lot of precision. They also kept the work site clean and neat. The job ran a little longer than I thought but I told them we were in no rush and I would rather it be done well. I also kept the project on budget and any add on fees that occurred were discussed in advance. I will not hesitate to call AD Home Improvement Inc. again and highly recommend them and hope others have the same experience we had.

Description of Work
AD Home Improvement Inc. gutted an old existing bathroom in our basement and installed a complete new one with pedestal sink, toilet, 3 side glass encased shower, lighting and exhaust fan. Shower walls were tiled as well as the shower floor and bathroom floor. New framing was installed around new door and window. All material was purchased separately but provider gave me exact specifications as to what I needed making it extremely easy to purchase material.

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Nicole D.

Working with AD Home Improvement went very well overall and we are very pleased with the results. We had AD Home Improvement help us with our kitchen renovation. We expanded our kitchen by knocking down a small wall, and refaced our existing cabinets to match the new ones that were installed for us. In addition to adding these cabinets, AD Home Improvement also installed a new/different wall for the new cabinets to be installed on, updated our electrical throughout the kitchen, painted the new area, installed new flooring, installed new appliances, and installed backsplash. They were very easy to work with, and accommodated all of my requests. They were very responsive to my questions and emails. This project did take longer than originally anticipated (it was scheduled to be done on 2/5 but wasn't completely finished until 2/26) but that was in-part my fault because certain items (cabinets, floor tiles, etc.) arrived a bit later than I expected, and also due to scheduling of the required inspections (building, electrical, plumbing). Our new kitchen looks great, and we are so happy with the way it turned out! I would definitely recommend AD Home Improvement - in fact I am thinking about remodeling my bathroom next year and if we do, we will certainly contact AD Home Improvement first!

Description of Work
Kitchen renovation

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Alan C.

Michael was very professional and I felt that he knew his stuff. As compared to other contractors we brought in, I felt that from a communication and "I can sleep at night while they work my home", he was the best. He had good insights and I was confident that he could deliver on the job. His estimate writeup arrived on time and was detailed and professional. Don't assume that this will always be the case. If you haven't already figured this out, these are not givens in the world of general contracting unfortunately. In the end, we were not able to hire this company due to budget limitations. We had a lot of items on our wish list and it made sense to go with a cheaper and riskier contractor with the thought that we'd get more of our wish list completed in this phase of the job. Michael's prices were not the cheapest, though they were reasonable, assuming he would deliver high quality. So I would recommend others to at least give him a shot if you are worried more about consistency and quality over price.

Description of Work
Michael came in for an estimate for a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and electrical and drywall for all rooms of my 4 bedroom house.

Category drywall, remodeling, home remodeling



Melissa F.

Mike and his team were incredibly quick to respond to any requests and were a great team to work with. Their prices were fair and the work was done to a high standard. Renovations took about three months and ended right on time. Definitely a pleasure to work with!

Description of Work
Renoveted kitchen, upstairs bathroom, knocked out walls, replaced trim throughout house, replaced 5 windows, replaced furnace and water heater, installed new roof, installed new siding, installed new front door, patched wood floors, updated some electric, built deck addition, and demolished three walls.

Category decks, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, water heater repair, home builders, woodworking, home remodeling, doors



Beth M.

Initially things went well. Things started in October. They closed up wall before finishing all the piping between the toilet upstairs. They told me the piping would last multiple years. Had to open up wall again. I told them that I wanted to the piping finished. They told me that some of the tiles of the bathroom wall had broken. When I got home all the tiles were gone. The workers told me it was because it was an old house. Left a gouge in my kitchen counter. Ceiling had to be buttoned back up. Paint got damaged above the wainscoting, no sanding, the paint on the walls/ceiling is a light yellow, the paint that was used to replace was a gold. AD told me it would be $750 to fix. Reason I selected them is due to large amount of positive reviews.

Description of Work
Hired to replace a waster pipe that came down from upstairs bathroom and went thru kitchen wall.

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

I'm very sorry that you are not happy with the replacement of your main stack and patch work. All the work done was in a timely fashion. Three months ago you gave us an A plus rating just after the completion of the work. The tile work in the bathroom walls that had nothing to do with our job and that needed to be redone was an extra charge to which we both agreed to covering half and half (350.00 dollars each). We have in multiple times asked if there is anything we can do and the only answer we get is that you are not interested in discussing anything. You still owe us 350 dollars as agreed upon.. So please let us know what else we can do to better this for you.


Tarquin P.

A D Home Improvement remodeled my family bathroom and downstairs rec room. Those rooms were both outdated and needed to be updated and improved. Mike and his crew were prompt and courteous. They gutted both rooms and did a wonderful job for each room. When faced with a problem that many contractors would try to blame someone or something else Mike took care of it promptly and at no additional cost. We were so impressed we are using them again to remodel our kitchen.

Description of Work
Bathroom and rec room remodel.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Matthew R.

Michael and the folks at AD Home Improvement were great. They arrived at my apartment at an early time (usually around 8:15-8:30), took care to limit dust and debris, worked quickly and very professionally to demo by old bath and get the new one built out. They were able to rescue my tub and some key shower pieces to limit my costs and then reinstall them. They did an excellent job within a limited time frame and at a great price vs. others I got bid from. AD Home Improvement are contractors, not designers, so you have to work with tile, bathroom and furniture folks to figure out what you want, but AD have a good network of connections to help you make decisions and to also get the contractor discount. This helps keep costs low vs. the alternatives I looked at. I would however recommend avoiding one of their vendors, Standard Tile East Hanover, they tend to overorder tile quantities, take a long time to deliver across many shipments, and they don't take anything back after 15 days (which is crazy when redoing a room and working with contrators). Other than that, I would very much recommend AD Home Improvement as professional, detailed and eager to please. When anything came up that we weren't happy about or needed adjusted, they were very quick to fix the problem, make adjustments and keep the customer happy. That is great from a builder and a contractor.

Description of Work
AD Home Improvement redid my Master Bath as well as put in a kitchen backsplash in an apartment in Hoboken that we just purchased.

Category ceramic tile, remodeling, home remodeling

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