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Classic Metal Roofs LLC

Founded 2004 • With Angi since October 2006


(37) Verified Reviews


Classic Metal Roofs LLC is an exclusive dealer of Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Inc, for all our metal shingle profiles, which has been in business for over 34 years, and is considered the leader in metal shingle roofing. We also supply and install Englert Inc, standing seam aluminum roofing systems. We have been in business for well over 13 years and provide our customers with a worry-free roofing future. Our caring, consultative approach hinges on our commitment to providing you, the consumer with a product that is long lasting, strong, energy efficient and beautiful enough to be considered “the best roofs under the sun.” Let our award winning crews install the last roof you will ever need. Our crews are our own employees, we do not use sub contractors. Additional email - Additional contact name - Reesa Gonet....

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Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


John F.

I've thought long time about writing this review and have put it off until now. I don't think I've ever written a negative review of any work, workers, or company that I've hired to work on our house before. In fact, Classic Metal Roofs started out by doing good work. The workers arrived early each day, worked hard, and didn't seem to need much in the way of managing or looking after. It turned out that our house would require additional work and material--10k worth of particle board to reinforce the roof that they'd put over it. That made since as our house is old and no doubt the existing materials under the old asphalt shingles had degraded a lot over the years. We'd only owned the house for about six years when we hired them. They called us, told us why we needed the reinforcement, what it would cost, and we agreed. That was all great. My only complaint about the installation of the roof itself--and this is a small complaint, given the way the workers managed themselves and finished the job--was that it might have been nice to have a manager come out at the end of the job and look over the roof with me simply to confirm that the job was complete and nothing more needed to be done. After all, the job was expensive--about 65k. And as an owner, I would have felt better knowing that "the boss" had looked at the work his employees had done and decided that it was up to his standards. I also wonder to this day if such an inspection might have caught the hazardous problems that we would soon experience and prevented both damage to our property, expense, and stress. Finally, however, the problem--a dangerous problem--didn't have to do with the quality of materials or the way the job was done. My complaints have nothing to do with the workers. The danger of the new roof was not immediately apparent. We had to wait for winter and heavy snow to learn that, in certain spots around the house, huge amounts of snow fell from our third story house. While this wasn't a problem in places where people and property couldn't be damaged, it turned out to be a real threat in a large spot in our driveway where we parked, entered and exited our car, and walked several times a day when coming and going from our house. Just how dangerous this problem turned out to be wouldn't be clear until March 2017, when a wet snowstorm dumped over a foot of snow in about 24 hours. The next morning, the snow fell from its usual place and directly onto the hood of our nearly new Subaru Forester--a big, sturdy vehicle. That said, the windshield shattered and, more worrying, the hood and side fenders were dented and so badly damaged that they had to be replaced. In all, the damage amounted to more than 4k. Our cost was a $500 deductible. While this incident was scary (the snow could have fallen on a person--a neighbor or a member of our family) and expensive, the utter lack of communication from Classic Metal Roofs that followed was truly maddening. After talking to my insurance company, I emailed Bryan Rusch, the salesperson at Classic Metal Roofs, who’d initially visited us and sold us on the company and its product. He responded right away, cc-ing a senior partner, Mike Gonet. I sent them photographs of the problem spot of the roof and a detailed description of the damage the snow had caused to the car and what it cost to fix it. But my main concern, as I explained in detail in my email, was the danger this issue presented to people, who, as I also explained, walked and stood in this spot several times a day because it was in the path leading into and out of the most commonly used exit and entrance of our house. What followed my email to Bryan and Mike Gonet were many weeks of silence. I didn’t think much about it, however, because it was spring. Winter and the prospect of snowstorms were now months away. The last thing I wanted to do in June and July was to chase down a roofing company to put up snow breaks in a spot that badly needed them. (That said, I had sent numerous emails already and no one responded or said that they would send workers or a manager out to look at our roof.) But then fall came and I began to send more emails. Bryan apologized and cc-ed Mike again. More silence came from Mike. My email history for this first snow incident (there would be a second!) was long and spans more messages than I can count when I look at them in my inbox. The frustration and anger I felt when writing yet another message is hard to describe here. I also called Mike’s phone (Bryan gave me the number) but Mike never answered and never called me back. To shorten the story, however, I’ll just say that finally, in March 2018, a full year and almost a full winter after the incident, the company sent a truck out and they put two additional rows of snow breaks where there were already two existing rows. The workers didn’t seem to know if this was a good solution and there was no manager or contractor present to direct them or give me an idea of whether they had done something that could resolve the problem. But as we would find out that winter, they had not solved the problem. What was worse, a few days after the workers put the snow breaks up, we received a very prompt invoice via email (the company didn’t spare any time with the bill!) for $475. That was maddening because in our view the problem and incident had been caused by a lack of adequate snow breaks to begin with—and in an area that was absolutely crucial to protect people and property. Mike Gonet, the senior partner, who was cc-ed on all my email correspondences with Bryan Rusch, never contacted me, talked to me, or asked me about the problem. It goes without saying that he never (to my knowledge) came out to inspect the job that his workers did, ether initially, when they’d finished putting up the roof in 2015, or later, when they put more snow breaks on in 2017. It’s hard not to see a serious oversight problem here. And, of course, it never should have taken me nearly a year of sending emails and calling to get them to come out and put up a few snow breaks. In any case, I sent an email to Bryan regarding the $475 invoice, told him that we felt the problem was their responsibility and that we had already had to pay $500 deductible to get 4k of damage fixed on our Subaru. He told us that the billing department would consider our situation. I’m relieved to report that we never heard from the billing department again and we did not pay the invoice. Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t entirely resolved. The following winter, we started to see that large amounts (if, thankfully, less than before) of snow continued to fall in this area. I didn’t have the resolve to contact the company about this, I’ll admit. Our solution was simply to avoid this area, park as far away from it as we could (only possible when one car was in the driveway!) and remember to avoid or walk around this area when snow was on the roof—not a solution for friends and others who accessed our house at this entrance and who wouldn’t have known about the problem. It was worrying and not a smart way to deal with a problem that could be dangerous. But we lived with it until we had a second incident in February 2021. This time the damage was to our new Rav 4 Hybrid, which sustained a large dent from falling snow early in the morning after a storm, before we could move the car away from the danger spot. It was clearly inevitable that this would happen again. The only solution was not to park cars in our driveway. But we live in Boston, where parking is precious and extremely expensive, which means that you can’t simply leave a driveway empty. While the damage was much less extensive and we paid to have the dent repaired out of pocket, this incident meant that we needed to address the problem again. I sent an email the day after the second incident to Bryan. He got back to me the same day, once again forwarding my message to Mike Gonet, where it died and never got responded to. I waited weeks, dreading sending yet another email. But I did, cc-ing Mike, and asking Bryan for Mike’s phone number. In short, everything that happened the first time around happened again. I called Mike several times, leaving my cell number (which I had already given him over email) and never heard back from him. While Bryan was responsive, he could do nothing for me. In the end, while I don’t want to complain about him, I also don’t wonder why he didn’t contact Mike directly himself. He never wrote an email, cc-ing me, to Mike pointing out the fact that my problem needed to be addressed. Of course, if Mike is a senior partner, perhaps Bryan found himself in an untenable situation. In any case, this small company clearly has communication and management issues. Finally, after hearing nothing from Mike, I gave up on the company and hired a separate contractor. They sent roofers out yesterday and we paid several hundred dollars for them to tell me that, in fact, the snow breaks that had been put up WOULD NOT fix the problem. Instead, we needed to put up a large metal guard in front of the gutter, which, together with the existing breaks, should vastly improve our situation. It’s now August, which means I can’t report whether this solution will work. But I can, at least, say with some confidence that a person with seeming expertise gave me his professional opinion and a solution that he thinks will work. Classic Metal Roofs never put this kind of effort into solving a dangerous and potentially life-threatening issue. Once again, I hate writing a review like this. I like having a metal roof, knowing that the material is more sustainable than most and should last a very long time. That’s wonderful. But we’ve owned our home since 2003 and didn’t have the roof put on until 2015. In all those years, we never had issues with dangerous amounts of snow and ice falling from our asphalt shingles. This is a long message, I know. But I do hope that anyone with a metal roof who reads this would report on their experience with snow and ice. I hope we’re an exception—and not a rule—because I do think products that last are better for our environment, even if the initial expense is high. My hope now is that the new fix works and that we don’t have to continue to worry about the dangerous situation that heavy snowfall has caused in an area of our house that we and others use on a regular basis. Finally, however, while I like this product—and wouldn’t dissuade anyone from considering it—I could not recommend Classic Metal Roofs. Their treatment of us has been discouraging and, finally, disrespectful. It’s also cost us a fair amount of money. This is not to say that their employees aren’t excellent workers and good people. But the management seems to be a problem. But I can say a person with expertise gave me his professional opinion and a solution that he thinks will work. Classic Metal Roofs never put this kind of effort into solving a dangerous and potentially life-threatening issue.

Description of Work
A new roof metal roof was put on our house.

Category contractors,roofing



Eugene O.

Hi Folks, For me, it’s usually difficult to post a review; as you want to be honest, impartial and “step-lightly” around any negative issues or concerns. This review was a total opposite, as the roof replacement on my home is impeccable and the craftsmanship displayed by Classic Metal Roofs is beyond reproach. I have to admit to some trepidation and anxiety around a roof replacement, as it’s not something you undertake frequently. Compounded by wanting to try a metal roof and knowing little about them or their nuances. I had heard both positive and negative anecdotes on their use. I did an internet search for metal roof installers in my area and the first listing was for Classic Metal Roofs. What immediately caught my eye, was 28 Customer Reviews – all 5 Stars! Certainly, this was a good baseline to start my research from. It didn’t take long to realize that the majority of their competitors were not as highly regarded. I then went to the Classic Metal Roofs website and spent considerable time reading and watching the various articles and videos. I came away knowing that a metal roof was something I wanted; but was assuming that it had to be very expensive – purely based on how wonderful all the finished roofs looked. I phoned the Classic Metal Roofs office and spoke with Mike Gonet; we arranged to meet to discuss my options and review his materials. Mike’s overviews were very informative as well as the roof materials themselves; which I could hold and gauge their qualities. The roof options were at first a bit overwhelming as there were a multitude of choices for patterns and colors. Mike quickly provided cost quotes for the two types of roofs I was interested in. I was shocked at first with the price of the two options. But after a bit of number crunching and assuming replacing multiple asphalt roofs over the home’s lifetime; it made financial sense to go with a metal roof. We were scheduled for an end of September replacement; but Mike contacted me in late August informing me of a schedule opening. Mike communicated all necessary information and timetables about the project. Work began on August 21, and it was immediately apparent that they had a defined, effective process to remove the old asphalt shingles. They also had some innovative removal equipment, which was essentially a motorized, movable dumpster that could lift itself to the roofs edge at just about any angle. This allowed for a very quick process and minimized the amount of shingle debris that reached the ground. Project Foreman Tom and Team Members, AJ, Adam and others I didn’t formally meet, had the old roof stripped and prepped for the new roof in two days! They were meticulous in cleaning the area after each day and were concerned always about the condition of my property. Alex and Vlad(and Tom on one day) began installing the metal roof on the third day. Again, it was evident that they were Professional and knowledgeable in their craft. Over the next 3 days, they transformed our home and I couldn’t be more pleased. The quality of the roofing materials and attachments is top-notch. The finished project is beyond what I had expected; both in beauty and quality. The craftsmanship is apparent when looking closely at the various seams, cut-angles and roof lines. It is definitely worth the time and money, as I now have roof warranted for 100 years; that looks wonderful, is more thermally efficient and provides great peace of mind to a homeowner. Thanks again Mike and the Classic Metal Roofs Team for providing Us with exceptional Service and Quality! Best Regards, Gene Otenti Jr.

Description of Work
A Metal Roof Replacement

Category roofing



Andrew W.

The work was amazing. The crews were friendly, professional, and the quality of the work was top shelf. The communication with the crew and foremen was clear and wonderful. Vlad, Tom, “Jay Bird”, Charlie, Pedro and the rest of the crew were respectful and easy to work with. However, our contact at CMR was very difficult to get a hold of, was extremely unclear about scheduling and rarely responded to my emails/calls. The lack of communication was very unprofessional, particularly when you are dropping 40k for a new roof. The work was amazing and we love the new roof but the experience was not ideal.

Description of Work
Had old roof removed and a new standing seam metal roof installed.

Category roofing



Gordon F.

Was told 3-4 days to complete. They showed up a week later than promised. I received the draft report 2 weeks later than promised, littered with typos , I called the owner of the company who initially refused to speak to me or schedule a time to talk. Over a month later, I still do not have a final, signed report nor a timeline when I will receive one. I was also told someone would come to repair my roof the following week. That was two weeks ago and after dozens of calls, texts and messages to 3 different people in the company I'm now being told they cannot give me a date at all. I would advise anyone to stay away from metal roofs. They are expensive, it seems impossible to find a good installer and if it goes poorly - which ours did - you've spent tens of thousands for the privilege of having thousands in property damage your homeowner's insurance will not cover. And good look finding someone to repair the roof. Not worth the risk in my opinion unless you enjoy having a lawyer on retainer.

Description of Work
I paid upfront for a report of my leaking roof by another company. I was also told someone would come to repair my roof the following week.

Category roofing

Service Provider Response

We never dealt with a person named [Member Name Removed] We dealt with [Member Name Removed]. This person met with our consultant when she first looked at metal roofing some time ago. She went with another company because their price was "much less". After the roof was installed, it started leaking right away. She eventually called our company to do a roof inspection because she wanted to bring a lawsuit against the company that did the installation (Advanced Metal Roofing, Brentwood, NH). We told her we would be there as soon as we had someone in the area. When we did get there about 2 weeks later, we inspected the roof and collected our fee for doing so at the time of the visit. She asked us for an estimate to fix the problems. We supplied this person with an emailed report from our company with the problems that we found. We supplied her with an estimate for the cost of what it would be to do the repair. At no time did we say we would do the repair. We said we would supply her with an estimated cost of the repair because she was suing the roofing company that did the installation. Part of the repair involved a lower roof that was completely damaged due to lack of snow retention. She wanted to remove that roof and install asphalt on that roof. Not only did we never agree to do the repair, we are a metal roof company; we do not do asphalt at all. If she had hired us to begin with rather than go with the "much less" price, she would have gotten a top quality installation by our own employees and not a sub-contractor, which is what she received. Now she's angry because she wants us to fix someone else's mess and we are booked up for several months. Our advice is to be sure to do your due diligence before hiring a metal roofing contractor. Our company is an open book and we invite you to do your due diligence.


Peter W.

In searching for a contractor they appeared to be by far the most experienced with metal, and that impression was borne out by their performance. Their website is very informative, and the local customers that they gave as references were highly satisfied and the results looked good. They were severely backlogged, but when the project was done the crew was excellent. They fully understood every aspect of what they were doing, planned the activities well, and worked with great care to get the details right. They showed up early every day and worked long hours while minimizing disruption of our lives. They kept the area neat, went to some trouble to avoid damaging our plantings, and cleaned up very well at the end of the job. The workers were friendly and communicated well about what they were doing and what to expect.

Description of Work
Replacing a large asphalt shingle roof with standing-seam metal over a cold roof.

Category roofing



William J.

What can I say other than Mike Gonet is the best! We had a major exterior renovation project, including installation of new metal shingle roof on the house and standing seam on the porch. In addition to the new roof, our general contractor removed the old siding, wrapped the entire house, and installed new cedar shingle siding. Mike and his crew worked with our general contractor to coordinate activities as the contractor worked his way around the house. We ran behind schedule with the overall project, and Mike worked with us to see that as soon as we were ready for his crew he was there. We had a difficult section of porch roof and Tom, Mike's crew chief, came up with an excellent solution to handle the problem. In addition to the house and porch roof, we had two bump-outs roofed in copper. Mike's speciality metal crew member did an outstanding job and his work has drawn favorable comments from neighbors and contractors alike. The bump-outs are truly a work of art. The overall project was modified as we progressed with the roofing portion. Being an 100 year old house, we quickly discovered that the house roof deck was old and rotted. Mike installed new plywood decking on the house. We also decided to use Ice and Water over the entire roof, including the porch. Originally, the bump-outs were to be standing seam. Mike suggested to use copper instead. We are so happy with the result. Throughout the project Mike was always available to take my call. He worked with me and the general contractor to solve problems and to make suggestions as the project progressed. His crew always showed up on time and worked in a very professional manner. The work site was always clean and safe. We can't say enough on how happy we are with how the new roof has performed so far. We are already seeing major improvements in the energy bills and the level of comfort in the house. I definitely feel that we made the right choice in choosing a metal roof from Mike Gonet at Classic Metal Roofs.

Description of Work
Install new metal shingle roof on house and standing seam on porch

Category contractors,roofing

Service Provider Response

Thank you!


Robert L.

I was in touch with them two weeks ago, but we had to postpone because the roof was covered with snow. They were willing to come out but I declined and said wait until we get the thaw. The cost of it will be about thirty seven thousand. The fellow drove out there and did a complete measurement of the house. He was meticulous about it and then we met him again, and he gave us the final numbers. I have fourteen skylights so it was not a straight forward deal, plus I have to have a chimney cut through so there are some specifics about my particular roof that is going to be intricate for them. The fellow took all the time I needed and it was fine. I am waiting for the pudding- the proof is in the pudding. The fellow was on time for the appointment. He got back within a short time, any questions he gave me a call. Very responsive. Everything they done so far has been right there, in terms of calling for appointments and calling for scheduling issues and trying to find ways to get around this weather issue. Every three or four days is just another weather event, more snow, freezing cold, we just have to have a little sunshine come. Maybe some of Al Gore's global warming would help. Professionalism is good, I mean this is the quote stage. The quote stage is fine. I knew what I was getting into. I knew I was going to spend more money because I wanted aluminium. I wanted something good. I am sixty four and I don't want to be doing this when I am eighty five.

Description of Work
Classic Metal Roofs came out and gave me a quote on a new roof.

Category roofing

Service Provider Response

Thank You!


Arthur A.

This is the third roof we have had done on the two houses we have owned and it was, by far, the best and only totally positive experience we have had with a roofing company. We were kept fully informed at all stages of scheduling and work, the workers were friendly, clean and courteous and the finished product is beautiful and fully weather tight.

Description of Work
Stripped old roofs, repaired damage, installed new aluminum shingles, two skylights and flashed stone chimney.

Category roofing,skylights

Service Provider Response

Thank you!


Jennifer W.

This was an excellent experience from start to finish. Mike showed up on time, talked to us about himself and the company, discussed the project, and answered any questions we had. He provided a quote on-site, and left us plenty of materials to read. The cost of a metal roof was right in the ballpark of our expectations - right around 20k. We obtained a number of quotes for this work - I'll detail those, and mention why we went with Mike. 1) Composite Shingles with 40 year warranty - the quote for these shingles was MORE than the quote for metal. In checking out their "warranties", I found tons of examples with the vendor pro-rating warranties, or finding reasons to not honor them. When I reviewed the same warranty for Mike's metal roof, it was 50 years, transferable, and not pro-rated (in other words, 50 years means 50 years). Right there, Mike was more affordable, offered a better product, and had better warranties. 2) Other Metal Roofers - got quotes for coated metal standing seam. Their coated standing seam was around 17k, but there were a few things I didn't like about it. Namely, there is no coating where they cut the metal, thus allowing rust on the edges. Their warranties were also not as good. 3) Finally, we had Mike Gonet out. We had hiked to an 80 year old plane crash the week before, and I was struck by how perfect the aluminum appeared after decades of harsh weather, whereas the steel landing gear was almost totally deteriorated. Since Mike offered an aluminum roof, we had his company out. We went with Mike because we really wanted a shingled roof, and he offered a top quality aluminum shingle roof. The price was good, not great... but then again, I found problems in the products that all of the more affordable roofers were using. I would later learn that Mike's crew is worth every penny. I also liked Mike because he was the only roofer that didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. I have very small soffits, and a finished attic... therefore, I have no ridge vent or soffit vents. Every single roofer tried to tack on extra charges for cutting soffit vents and a ridge vent... even after I pointed out that my attic was finished, and the extra "ventilation" would actually do nothing. When I mentioned this to Mike, he agreed with my take that the soffit/ridge ventilation system would be ineffective in my house, and not worth the money. The biggest problem with not having this ventilation is the propensity for ice dams... but with a metal roof, that is a total non-issue (snow melts FAST on metal). Mike called the day before to let me know they'd be starting. At 6:30 the next morning, the roofers were onsite. They worked sun-up to sun-down each day until the task was finished. Not only did they do a great job on the roof, they also patched up some holes in my wood siding at no additional cost (and I didn't even ask them to do this - they just did it). I never once I had to point anything out to them, never had to stress about anything, and never once worried about the job they were doing. From day 1, the workers were extremely professional, courteous, and their years of experience was obvious at every turn. The roofers didn't even use my bathroom, opting instead to go to the gas station on the corner just so they wouldn't be a bother. I've had contract work done several times, and I always find people who cut corners, or find something that I didn't like that needs correction. Mike Gonet's crew is the FIRST TIME I've ever had a crew do anything 100% right the first time. After the job was done, the "good price" seemed much better to me. There is no way any other company has people as good as Mike Gonet's crew. I've never seen a crew with so much skill and professionalism, and I've never felt so comfortable leaving my home in another persons' care. If you're in the market for a metal roof, you owe it to yourself to have a talk with Mike Gonet. He might not give you the most affordable quote, but I can assure you that you will never hire a more capable and professional crew. They are worth every friggin' penny, and their products really are the best thing you can put on your roof.

Description of Work
Provider bleached the mold and algae off of our single-layer asphalt shingle roof, installed a water barrier, then installed an aluminum oxford shingle metal roof in a deep charcoal.

Category roofing,roof cleaning



Adriaan L.

They did a great job. We wanted a metal roof, both for green reasons and to make our finished attic a bit cooler. Classic metal roofs had the best reviews of the various metal roof installers we researched. We decided to use the opportunity to add insulation above the sheathing, which meant they constructed a fake roof above the existing roof since the attic was finished and there wasn't any room to add more insulation without taking out all the drywall. We talked to a few regular asphalt roofers and they had never heard of this; classic metal roofs were experienced with this and did a great job. They installed in March despite a large, late snowstorm in the middle of the work; they were not bothered by it and it all worked out fine, but to prevent anxiety I wish we had done it a little later in the season. They forgot to do a small portion of the agreed work (close up some vents), and when I pointed this out to them they sent someone over to do it without any hassle. We've had the roof now for a little over 6 months and are very happy with it. It looks great on our traditional brick colonial, and the finished attic was much, much cooler this past summer. It's a big decision to go with metal because of the cost (you can find many articles about all the pros and cons of metal vs. asphalt on the web), but if you do decide to go with a metal roof Classic Metal Roofs is a great installer for the Boston area.

Description of Work
Tore off old asphalt roof; installed above-roof foam board insulation; added above-sheathing ventilation; installed metal roof shingles.

Category insulation,roofing

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