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Super Service Award winner the past 8 years in a row, 2011-2018! We are one of the few companies that offer lifetime warranty on materials and 5 year warranty on labor for attic insulation. 5 year labor warranty also includes mold treatment on attic insulation projects when done with air seal and proper ventilation. We are one of the top experts in high-efficiency building, offering the best prices with quality service. Our professionalism exceeds expectations. We qualify for all types of insulation installation: attics, walls, floor or ceilings, Best windows and doors in the industry. We are servicing the Chicago area and the neighboring suburbs. With us, your house is in good hands! To schedule an appointment please fill up our contact form. Insulation ** Solar Fan Special - To ensure proper ventilation which will prevent future mold issues and lower your electrical bills during the hot Summer months. Ask for details. **...

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(390) Verified Reviews

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Scott L.

Luis and truck #5 did an outstanding job! They were professional and very swift in completing the job. James, the owner was great to deal with and followed up along the way. I really appreciate Luis and his crew’s attention to keeping everything tidy and how well they cleaned up each day and at the conclusion of the job.

Description of Work
Full Attic insulated

Category contractors,insulation

Cost $6,500

Services Performed? Yes

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 03/31/2022



Curtis R.

TLDR: We paid Green Attic $45,164.20 for them to do significant damage to our home and they refused to fix or help pay for all the damage and then threatened to place a lien on our home. We engaged Green Attic to insulate the attic of our historic 19th century home. While the crew insulated the attic, some cracks in the plaster ceilings started to worsen and drip so we had the crew halt their work. After discussion, we agreed that Green Attic would remove the plaster ceilings and replace with drywall, which is where the trouble started. When the plaster ceiling was demoed, the crew didn’t seal off rooms with plastic so the entire house was covered in black dust, which we were breathing in. We rushed out to Home Depot to purchase plastic and seal off rooms ourselves to prevent further spreading of dust and risk to our health. You can look at the attached photos to see the level of dust that covered everything in the house - even my work laptop which was on a different floor and completely on the opposite side of the house of the work. The crew threw plaster and drywall debris out of 2nd story windows damaging our lawn and front garden. The crew regularly left large pieces of plaster in our lawn despite our requests that they be cleaned up, and we had to shop vac our lawn multiple times to clean it up (see attached photos). Green Attic did not offer any compensation in recognition of these unacceptable work practices and cleanup, and the owner responded “Green Attic dose it best to respect every client’s house. However during construction things get dirty and things get damaged. Crew could vacuumed the gras upon request.” That unfortunately was only the beginning of the negligent and disrespectful practices (and responses) we endured while Green Attic worked at our home. The crew shockingly dumped and flushed drywall mud down our bathroom toilet into our newly-installed plumbing, which caused our pipes to clog and required an emergency plumber to come fix (see attached photo of hardened drywall we removed from our toilet and our sinks overflowing from the clog). It took weeks to get Green Attic’s subcontractor to reimburse us for the cost of the emergency plumber, and Green Attic offered no consideration on the final bill for the stress and personal time wasted bailing overflowing water out of sinks and our basement. They also used our bathroom as a storage area and splattered paint on the walls, which Green Attic never fixed. Further, the crew only protected our upstairs white carpets with a thin layer of paper, which was punctured during the ceiling demo. Ceiling dust and debris was ground into our carpet over the months long project, permanently staining the carpet. To Green Attic’s credit, they did shampoo the carpets, but after this didn’t remove the stains, Green Attic refused to reimburse us for the $1k+ it cost to replace the carpet. To sum up Green Attic’s approach to customer service, the owner responded “We won’t cover for carpet replacement due to being old and replacement is needed regardless of the stains. Green Attic sent a carpet cleaning company after client decide to keep the old carpet.” The carpet was in good condition before the project and of course we did not accept the stained condition after it was “cleaned.” This was a common theme for Green Attic – whenever there were issues with the work and cleanup, Green Attic’s common excuse was to tell us how our house was just old and that things needed to replaced to begin with or that they were under the impression that we renovating the entire house so that’s why they didn’t take more care – something we absolutely NEVER said. After Green Attic’s carelessness shorted a circuit in the home (and we didn’t have electricity on our second floor for a week!), the owner baselessly blamed us and stated “electric work in the attic is old and not up to code. Green attic is not liable for any electrical issues,” despite the fact he had never once seen our home and our entire electric service was upgraded in June 2021. He even admitted to us that Green Attic doesn't have any in-house electricians and relies on subs so it was further puzzling how he could reliably come to that conclusion without ever having a certified electrician inspect (something we had done the prior month when we upgraded our electrical service). Green Attic also damaged many other parts of our home including the historic woodwork on our staircase (see photo), left a gaping hole in our bedroom floor after losing parts of the floor during the job, left paint stains all over hardwood floors, discarded original historic built-in shelves, broke blinds, and lost original window brass hardware. Oftentimes Green Attic would not approach us about issues encountered such as the lost window hardware. Instead of pointing out this issue and offering a solution, Green Attic simply installed only 1 handle per window (instead of 2) to cover up the issue. We had to purchase new window handles out of pocket (never reimbursed by Green Attic) and have Green Attic uninstall the incorrectly placed single handles and then reinstall two handles on each window. After weeks of requesting the hole in our floor be fixed and paint be removed from other hardwood floors, we were forced to hire a company to refinish the floors and Green Attic did not provide any compensation for this damage. We even had significant issues with Green Attic’s insulation work, which was surprising given that is their specialty. Per the statement of work, Green Attic was supposed to insulate the floor and walls of our master closet, but failed to do so. We had to point this out, and even after Green Attic attempted to insulate the closet, it was only partially insulated and walls in the closet were hot to touch during the day with temperatures exceeding 105 degrees on an infrared gun! As part of their work, Green Attic removed the walls in the closet, which exposed the rafter bays, and replaced with new drywall, which made it even harder to understand how the closet didn't get properly insulated when the rafter bays had been completely opened up. Another incident demonstrating Green Attic’s lack of care when prepping and cleaning after work related to our front deck which we had freshly painted along with the entire exterior of our home in May 2021. During the months long project drywall dust was ground into the deck and stained it (Green Attic did not use a drop cloth on the front porch during the work). Green Attic attempted to clean it at the end of the project by power washing the porch, but stripped paint and wood off the deck in the process. We had to point this out and the crew had to return and use wood filler and repaint the deck. Only problem is that they rushed and got the dark deck paint all over the banister so we had to have Green Attic return once again to repaint. While the deck finally returned to an acceptable condition, we were left stressed and exhausted by having to point out damage and problems day-in and day-out. A supervisor or manager rarely ever came to inspect progress and we were forced to point out many of the issues, oftentimes with no follow-up or corrective action. A cleaning crew sent by Green Attic even showed up with no trash bags and a broken vacuum and then used ours and proceeded to break it! All of this was never rectified or reimbursed by Green Attic. They also took advantage of us by installing baffles in our attic for $1k when we don’t have soffit vents – rendering the baffles useless! We consulted with other insulation companies who explained that baffles are designed to keep a clear flow of air from soffit vents into an attic - without soffit vents there is not air flow that coming from the base of the rafter bays. Another huge problem we dealt with was being caught in the middle of Green Attic and its subcontractor Nixon’s personal disputes (multiple arguments with raised voices occurred in our house between Nixon and Charlie while we were home trying to work ourselves). Nixon was friendly during the beginning of the project, but the relationship deteriorated as we had to point out many obvious touch ups including fixtures not reinstalled and lines not painted straight. Meanwhile, Nixon started to request payment from us multiple times before the work was complete and then harassed my wife by telling her that we were too demanding and he didn’t have time to do all the proper touchups, and that we got him in trouble with Green Attic. He had been cooperative throughout most of the project, but at the end he turned to us to make us feel guilty for expecting a good job and blaming us for the very ugly and public dispute between him and Green Attic. Nixon also did very sloppy work on requested touch ups and actually ended up doing more damage to our house than good. Subsequently, Charlie (a Green Attic supervisor) came to our house, yelled at Nixon, then took my wife outside of our house to tell her to only pay him and not Nixon. At that point we informed Green Attic to not send Nixon back to our home, which Green Attic obliged. Subsequently, Green Attic sent out a new crew to re-do most of Nixon’s work; however, not all the work issues were corrected and Green Attic refused to offer any consideration in the final bill for all unprofessional behavior of its employees and subcontractors which resulted in significant delays and permanent damage. Throughout the work we routinely had to point out poor work that required fixing and we struggled to reach James or Green Attic when issues arose or when there were repeated no-shows. The crews themselves rarely spoke English and could not explain what they planned to do to the house and we could not communicate with them effectively about problems they had caused. We had to go through James and Charlie instead, who were often unreachable or argumentative. We remained patient to a fault in hopes Green Attic would make things right, but we were let down again and again. We communicated with owner via email regarding all of the issues and after his response did not rectify all the issues, we responded, but never heard from him again about a resolution (although he did respond to a yelp review in less than a day and threatened to sue us for "online defamation"). Instead of responding to us to come to a reasonable resolution, 5 months later Green Attic sent an email stating they intend to file a lien on our home with no consideration of all the damage and tremendous inconvenience they caused! We paid $45,164 for subpar work and had to spend thousands fixing damage caused by Green Attic along with the personal time wasted cleaning up after the Green Attic team. If you want you and your home treated with care and respect, Green Attic is not your company.

Description of Work
Attic blow-in insulation, closet insulation, plaster ceiling replacement, new drywall over plaster walls, insulation of basement rim joists

Category electrician,insulation,interior painters,doors

Cost $45,164.2

Services Performed? Yes

Work Completed On 09/27/2021


Review for Green Attic Insulation - 409 W ALGONQUIN RD, Mount Prospect, IL - 39642668

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Wayne P.

Green Attic did a fantastic job! They showed up when they said they would and completed the project on time. The crew was professional and friendly. The project manager shared pictures of their work throughout the day and at the end of the project. They cleaned up each day, so the home was left spotless. Big shout out to the crew that included Edison, Keiman and Ronaldo. If you’re looking for a great company to handle big or small insulation job, call Green Attic. They may not be the least expensive, but they will do the best work.

Description of Work

Category contractors,insulation

Services Performed? Yes

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 11/17/2021



Julia T.

I contacted Green Attic for a quote on re-insulating the second floor of my home, eaves and space under the roof as outlined in an energy audit I had done on my house. Green Attic responded quickly and while their estimator had not read the audit, he responded to every point outlined in the audit independently. I was so impressed by the expertise of the estimator, I quickly cancelled the other people I had arranged to come out and bid the job. My work crew of Gustavo, Keiman and Ronaldo were excellent. They arrived on time, took plenty of photos, outlined any issues they encountered and their solutions. They had to cut an additional hole in the ceiling to better access it, fixed a poorly wired fixture and were extremely tidy, taking pains to protect my house and belongs from the incredible amount of dust created by this process. While I will still need to clean more, I appreciate that they laid down floor coverings, covered things in plastic and thoroughly vacuumed all the areas they worked in - both inside and outside. Initially I had some issues with scheduling the work and communications around when the crew would show up and etc... but the quality of the work done by Green Attic has more than made up for what ultimately were minor inconveniences and the office is very prompt with processing paperwork and sending receipts, confirmations etc... My house is warmer already!

Description of Work
Insulation and venting of a bungalow addition

Category insulation

Services Performed? Yes

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 11/03/2021



jake W.

Green Attic Dispute August 30th, Green Attic began insulation on my new house. I had only lived here for a week, the second this company set foot into my household, the worst was yet to come. After Day 1 ceiling began to collapse in Cathedral, crew had to patch and fix the issue with dry wall no problem. As insulation progressed more of the cathedral ceiling began to collapse. Bedroom was ignored as ceiling began to collapse, it was left with cracks in the ceiling in hopes it may not get worse. As the invoice states the crew will take photos and "has to notify customer, provide the pictures before proceeding.' A message was sent that night before the crew proceeded in regards to just leaving the rest of the cathedral alone. Next day crew began drilling holes in cathedral without approval, and neglected to cover walls and openings throughout the entire house as dust and debris scattered not only in the cathedral but into the rest of the house. Day by day things got worse, green attic crew would be asked if they had a window or time frame of days they may show up (notice I don't ask when they will be done). There were no reponses, the crew would just randomly show up in hope I may be home, conflicting my own work schedule. Tim, one of the projector managers, rather then taking the blame on himself, blamed one of their newest staff members Amanda for the lack of scheduling and coordinating, and this wouldn't have happen with the previous person working in their position. When it came to plaster and installing dry wall in the ceiling, the floor was damaged as well as the window screen. The invoice states that for the "Cathedral Ceiling from inside" Owner is responsible for covering or moving furniture, as "insulation" may get into ducts. However, the issue is the crew completely neglected to barely cover anything, so all the plaster and dry wall (which is not insulation) dust was everywhere from the bedrooms, to the family room, to vents not even near or by the cathedral, as they used multiple entry ways to do the job, it had completely covered the entire household like a winter wonderland. September 7, 2021, after living and breathing this great new air quality left behind for over a week now, with a tricolored ceiling, it has literally been a living nightmare. Again this morning his crew randomly showed up to paint with no warning, headsup, and no nothing. I had asked the crew, and pretty much everyone working with Green Attic days in advanced on the daily if they could let me know when they plan to come by, again with no response. This morning, crew shows up again without anyone from Green Attic letting me know ahead of time. I was very patient for a long time, but 10 days is way too long to have the same result over and over. I have had to hire an Hvac Duct cleaning company, purchase air purifiers as myself and anyone else that comes in is constantly sniffling and coughing because that is how great of a job the crew did covering things they were supposed to on their end, even in areas that they were not working. As it States in the contract under the cathedral ceiling the customer is responsible for repainting the aftermath, but you would think after going through this, and not even seeking approval with photos upon preceding this part should be taken care due to their negligence. Now I am left with a damaged floor, damaged window, poor air quality, and a tri-colored ceiling, thanks Green Attic. Reported to the BBB as you can not put this length of a full description so here it is Next step will be submitting this claim to the Illinois Attorney General

Description of Work
Insulation ion the attic and vapor barrier in crawl space

Category contractors

Services Performed? Yes

Work Completed On 08/30/2021



Valerie S.

They seem to have done a good job, but the communication was not good. The workers, who were really nice guys, came in and asked us what they would be doing. We thought they'd come in knowing what needed to be done. Left the first day without telling us they were going. Also, we understand that people don't want to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but when you send workers into people's homes, and they aren't vaccinated, they should wear a mask. These guys didn't.

Description of Work
Insulate attic and knee walls

Category insulation

Cost $6,000

Services Performed? Yes

Work Completed On 08/05/2021



Bradley S.

If there was an option to give zero stars, that is what they would receive. Green Attic was hired to do some mold remediation and insulation installation inside my condo. Our HOA had some some previous insulation work in the past by Green Attic, so we felt comfortable in their ability to do a good job. This experience was completely different. Not only was their work subpar, but it was downright reckless and dangerous. These people have no business being in the mold remediation business! As with any project, I got 3 bids and they all pretty much said the same thing. They would come in and seal off the area, ventilate and filter the air with HEPA filters while doing demolition in full PPE. They would “follow” the mold to ensure they got it all, kill the mold, have a dehumidifier in the area for 72 hours and seal any impacted areas after treatment. These are general standards for this type of work. Pricing was estimated because until they opened the drywall they wouldn’t know how much work was required. Green Attic did none of this. They sent over a crew that could not communicate. They put up plastic but didn’t secure it to the floor. They didn’t bring in any HEPA filters either. Unfortunately, I didn’t micromanage the crew, so I didn’t realize what had happened until they were half-way through demo. I called the company and they said “that comes later.” To make matters worse, they didn’t even track the mold and actually left drywall with visible surface mold! They didn’t even protect my hardwood floors; just drop cloths! They sprayed a chemical all over which landed on the walls and the floors as well need to be repaired. Dimitri (supposedly the owner) came out and made all kinds of promises to make it right. He sent a crew to deliver a HEPA filter and dehumidifier, put down protective paper, remove the remaining drywall, and secure the plastic. They also fogged the area to kill any spores that may have gotten out. When he left I felt a little better, but that was short lived. From that point on there was zero follow through. One dehumidifier broke within hours, the replacement which was delivered a day later broke after 6 hours. The change filter light that was on for the HEPA filter was never addressed, and the crew never wiped down or sealed anything. Days went by where my house sat until I had enough and hired someone else. I brought in another company to properly do the work. It turned out that Green Attic didn’t even chase the mold because the other company found more. The other company offered a completely different experience. Professional operating equipment was brought in and people in proper protective equipment did the work; properly. If you want to risk your health, throw your money away and get nothing in return, hire Green Attic. If you are like the rest of us, move along and hire a professional company to do this type of work.

Description of Work
Mold Remediation and Insulation

Category insulation,mold removal

Cost $1,600

Services Performed? Yes

Work Completed On 04/26/2021


Review for Green Attic Insulation - 409 W ALGONQUIN RD, Mount Prospect, IL - 39369449

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Chris L.

I am very happy with the work done by Green Attic Insulation. David and Charlie were very friendly, professional, responsive, and flexible in working with my changing needs. I originally was looking into insulation but then discovered there was mold in my attic. As the job grew, David, Charlie, and their team worked with me to address the additional parts of the job. I really appreciate their knowledge and the thorough job they did. They took many pictures of their progress and kept me informed each step of the way. Thank you very much!

Description of Work
Mold Remediation and Insulation in the attic and several areas of the house

Category insulation,interior painters,mold removal

Cost $10,000

Services Performed? Yes

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 03/29/2021



Moe S.

I could not have been more pleased .. from David who came to inspect and set up the project and checked in frequently to check on the progress and Alina who kept us informed about the work scheduling. The 4 man crew who did the insulation were amazing, efficient and did a perfect cleanup. The 2 man crew who came to plaster, sand and paint did an awesome job! I highly Reccommed this company for the great work and people who were so helpful throughout the entire project!

Description of Work
We had a room fully insulated and then finished with plastering, sanding and painting

Category insulation,interior painters

Cost $2,800

Services Performed? Yes

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 02/26/2021



Dave K.

Very professional company. The crews were on time, very courteous, hard working, they sealed off the portion of the house they were working on to keep dust and debris contained and did a very nice job cleaning up when finished. Their quality of work was excellent.

Description of Work
Attic mold removal and new attic insulation.

Category insulation,mold removal

Cost $8,905

Services Performed? Yes

Hire Again? Yes

Work Completed On 03/01/2021

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Insulation Installation- Attic, Walls, Floor, Ceiling, Basement, & Crawlspace. Attic Floor Air Seal. Moisture barrier. Attic ductwork. Crawl space encapsulation. Ice damn removal. Spray foam insulation, blow-in cellulose insulation. Mold treatment - mold remediation, mold prevention. Ventilation - bathroom exhaust fan, soffit vents, roof vents, solar fan installation. Energy Audits & Assessments. Blower door testing. High-Efficiency Windows and Doors, Roofing, Siding, Kitchen cabinets replacement.

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How is Green Attic Insulation overall rated?

Green Attic Insulation is currently rated 4.6 overall out of 5.

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Green Attic Insulation is open:

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Green Attic Insulation accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check, PayPal

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Yes, Green Attic Insulation offers free project estimates.

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Yes, Green Attic Insulation offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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No, Green Attic Insulation does not offer a senior discount.

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Yes, Green Attic Insulation offers emergency services.

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Yes, Green Attic Insulation offers warranties.

What services does Green Attic Insulation offer?

Green Attic Insulation offers the following services: Insulation Installation- Attic, Walls, Floor, Ceiling, Basement, & Crawlspace. Attic Floor Air Seal. Moisture barrier. Attic ductwork. Crawl space encapsulation. Ice damn removal. Spray foam insulation, blow-in cellulose insulation. Mold treatment - mold remediation, mold prevention. Ventilation - bathroom exhaust fan, soffit vents, roof vents, solar fan installation. Energy Audits & Assessments. Blower door testing. High-Efficiency Windows and Doors, Roofing, Siding, Kitchen cabinets replacement.