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Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois

Founded 1977 • With Angi since December 2013


(18) Verified Reviews

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750 Lee Street

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Since 1977, Superior has been providing quality flooring installations to the Midwest. For over 25 years, Superior has been an Authorized Service Provider for The Home Depot®. Today, Superior provides installations from Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO. Superior also provides several additional

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Sara C.

We were scared to use this service after seeing negative reviews but the price was right and we ordered carpeting from Home Depot. They arrived on time, took out the old carpeting and replaced about 1600 sq feet of carpeting in our lower level. We had moved our furniture out but they put everything back in place and made sure it was satisfactory They also vacuumed and cleaned everything up. I would reuse them.

Description of Work
They installed carpeting that was purchased from Home Depot

Category carpet installation, basement waterproofing



Dan S.

I purchased carpet through the Home Depot in Round Lake Beach, IL and they contracted Superior Installations to do the installation of the carpet. During the repair, one of the workers accidentally broke my TV (that was moved into a room that wasn't being worked on per their pre-install instructions). I understand that accidents happen, however not only did they deny this happening, the claims process has been a nightmare (including not even submitting the initial claim). Aside from the issue above, they left staples sticking upward on my carpet on my stairs that I discovered after my daughter stepped on it and cut her foot as well as scuffing my walls (which need to be repainted, not just buffed out) and even put a dent in the drywall of one of my walls. I would highly recommend avoiding Superior Installations as the install job was far from perfect, but if an issue arises, they will not take ownership of it, put you through the runaround and not follow-up to phone calls or emails. Reading all of the other reviews, clearly I am not alone.

Description of Work
Carpet Install

Category carpet installation



Jason Y.

I required window blind installation, and it was extremely difficulty to get anybody on the phone. I finally was able to schedule an installation, and they were suppose to give me a call back to inform me the time of installation. They did not call me. In fact I called them a day before installation and they assured me that they will call me between 4 - 6 pm. They did not call me. Their lack of customer service does not bode well regarding the quality of installation.

Description of Work
Window blind installation.

Category flooring contractor



Alice O.

Terrible - one problem after another. They damaged a wall & door threshold and it took 6 weeks to get that taken care of. They came out 3 times to do the work - 3 different crews. Will never let them in any home we own again. When we tried to call them all you get is an answering call center after staying on hold for a long time. Don't know why Home Depot uses them.

Description of Work
We had carpet replaced in our home thru Home Depot. Superior was the company that came out to do it. It was a total of 90 days from start to finish.

Category carpet installation



Barbara O.

Description of Work
They did the flooring work for my flooring purchase from Home Depot. They left tar marks all over my floor and just ended up leaving me a bottle of cleaner for the tar marks that didn't even work. They also covered up my heating vents. They didn't even know where they covered them up at. It was a nightmare.

Category flooring contractor



Glenn S.

We contracted these folks via the Home Depot (HD). Superior Installations (SI) was supposed to contact us within 3 business days of us paying HD for the job (take out slate tile in hallway, old tiles in kitchen, and lay down new tiles through those areas and install new baseboards as well). It took repeated calls to SI to get a scheduled date. HD told us the job would take 3 days, and SI confirmed it. On Day 1 of the job, the two contractors (Manny Franco and his apprentice tile layer) showed up at 9:30. They spent the day doing demo work and they left at 2:30 with a lot of demo work to be done (HD said demo would be one day (we had HD's representative come to our home before signing the paperwork, so they knew what was required)). Day 2 comes and they spent it playing around doing demo work. Manny left the job site at least 3 times during the day and his apprentice stated that Manny had gone shopping (we had all the materials already on site, except for one finishing piece and that was obtained easily from the HD which is 5 minutes from our house). His apprentice was very new to the job and told me he didn't really know what he was doing. Once again, they left at 2:30 in the afternoon (no tiles had been lain at that point). Manny assured me that he would be there at 8 AM the next day to finish the job since I told him we were having guests arrive at 5 PM the next day. On Day 3, a different contractor showed up (Kevin) and started work at 9:10. I called Manny at 8:05 to find out where he was and he told me that he was shopping at Lowe's (again, by this time, we had all the materials on site and he had left our home three times the day before for shopping trips). I called HD and told them about the poor quality of service we were receiving and they just loved it when I told them Manny was shopping at Lowe's. We had also called SI at 8:30 and was told by them that he was going to be there in 10 minutes. He didn't show up till 9:15. My wife and I confronted him about his lack of commitment to keeping his promises, and he got verbally abusive with my wife (the f-bomb did come out and was directed at her while he was storming out of the house threatening to leave the job site). If we hadn't needed the job done that day, I would have ordered him off my property. I called HD and reported the issue and was told they would escalate to SI. Well, they started to work and I kept getting told that they would be done by five. Well, five PM came and went, and our guests arrived. They finished at 6, leaving a lot of dust and debris all over the place and complaining that it was so "friggin'" late. They were supposed to have drilled holes in the tile so I could reattach the banister and they didn't. They did shoddy workmanship (grout is already cracking 2 days later, baseboards poorly joined, put holes in drywall and made no attempts to fix them). Today, while going through our refrigerator, we've found that they've helped themselves to its contents. We've complained to the HD and they are sympathetic but have to keep escalating to SI, which I feel will be an exercise in futility because they do not believe in returning phone calls. We've looked at SI's Facebook page and out of 10 reviews posted there, 7 of them are 1 star, 1 is a 1 star, and 2 are 5 star. Bottom line: Don't hire them directly and if you hire the HD for services, ensure that they do not use SI for any part of those services.

Description of Work
Installation of tile in kitchen, foyer, and hallway

Category flooring contractor



Stephanie O.

First of all it was very difficult to schedule installation because they require two full consecutive days for installation...not sure if they only send one guy at a time or what. It is very difficult to take two full days off of work as I have had flooring installed before and one full day was sufficient. They showed up at 8 am and removed the carpeting and then the fun began...not! They said there was moderate to severe damage of the subfloor and they left by 9 am. They did not call me but I had from Home Depot later that morning. I called the installer and he said the floors were uneven and required a contractor and laminate and hardwood cannot be installed due to the horrible bumps and cracks. He said carpet would be my only option and I cannot have carpet in the bedrooms. He quoted for hardwood which of course was $$. He recommended a contractor for ~ 5,000. So now after 3 weeks of trying to schedule and taking off of work I was left with a pile of laminate and no flooring. I called a contractor, 2 actually, and they advised me that they had not idea what Superior was talking about and the floors are fine for laminate and if they were experienced they should know how to put material on some of the areas they may have needed a touch up. When I followed up with Home Depot they said that Superior is gun shy and will walk when there is even the slightest extra work to now you are left with no floor and an are out a lot of wasted time. The manager (female) is also rude on the phone and not professional. They did install carpeting in the basement which looks good but they did not fill in any areas of the subfloor where there were some dips and this should have been taken care of. Bottom line...if you order any carpeting or flooring from Home Depot please find another installer.

Description of Work
tore up carpeting (~650 sq feet) in preparation for laminate installation and installed carpeting in another area.

Category flooring contractor



Sean D.

After my 5 month ordeal I would never recommend this company. I contacted them via Home Depot to get an estimate on finishing my unfinished basement. Their pricing wasn't the lowest, but they said they could do it in half the time (2 weeks compared to 1 month) and I mistakenly trusted the "Home Depot" connection so I went with them. There were definitely some high pressure sales tactics, but it's my fault for falling for them. After they simply didn't show up for the first few days that they were supposed to start on the basement, I should have cancelled at that point. Unfortunately I didn't. The next few months was a consistent mess of them saying they were going to show up, and not showing up - them saying they would start another part of the project, and not starting. I went through multiple points of contact with them and Home Depot in order to move forward and nothing worked. I eventually got so fed up that, as a last resort I contacted the Home Depot CEO - never thinking in a million years that this would work. Well, within a few hours I got a call from Home Depot's "executive escalation" team and within a week the project was finished. And in that week, the majority of the work was done. In the end they blamed the fact that it was winter and they weren't able to dig a hole in the ground to build the egress window, and couldn't do anything without that being done first. If they would have just told me that to begin with, I would have been saved months of waiting and disappointment.

Description of Work
Finished an unfinished basement (drywall, egress window, carpet, ceiling, etc)

Category flooring contractor




Description of Work
Superior is a sub-contractor for Home Depot in our area. (Installation pricing was part of special purchase through Home Depot) After we purchased the carpet from Home Depot, we were contacted by Superior to set up date of install and to explain the installation process. Any questions we had were answered in detail. | |Installation was done very quickly and professionally. They were extra careful as both bedrooms were just recently painted. we are very satisfied and pleased with the installation team and the carpet installation. | | Carpet was shipped to Superior - they were able to confirm an earlier date than expected. Installers moved furniture, removed old padding and carpet in two bedrooms, cleaned floor, installed new padding & carpet, and replaced furniture. All garbage and scraps were cleaned up. When they were done, the only evidence they were in our place was new carpet. |:-) |

Category carpet cleaners, carpet installation, flooring contractor



Patti K.

Description of Work
Installed living room carpet. Went well.

Category carpet installation, flooring contractor



Jimmy G.

It was awful. They did the job and begun for four weeks and it was like for four months. They would say they would be there on certain days but they would come 2-3 hours at least and weren't there at all. We had asked for the installation and they put in the wrong in and we had a hard time in making out the difference between the prices of the material that we had compared to the material they had. After pretty much fighting with them for about a few weeks they finally gave us the final difference but they didn't gave us anything extra or anything like that. They left a mess.

Description of Work
Superior Corporation of Illinois just finished up our basement.

Category basement remodeling



Michael E.

The quality of their service stood out. They did everything, and it was great.

Description of Work
I used Superior Installations Corporation. They finished my basement. It was unfinished.

Category basement remodeling

Service Provider Response

(Member Name Removed) We strive to exceed our customer's expectations with every installation. We appreciate your generous review and please let us know if we can do anything for you in the future. Thank you for working with us!


Jane E.

Initiated consultation and estimate at Mount Prospect Home Depot. They never called. I went back in and set up an appointment in store. Dan showed on time and reviewed our deck. I thought I would need to resurface, hence the install company. Dan stated it would just need to be sanded down and repaired in a few spots and finish with a stain/sealer. He said that I would receive a call or email later in the day. I never received a communication. I called and left a message three days later and have yet to hear back. This company obviously does not want my business...Home Depot, you are attached to this - now I have Angie :)

Description of Work
Outdoor deck care

Category flooring contractor



Angela H.

Superior Installation did a great job of installing the carpet that I purchased at Home Depot. They arrived later than estimated but apologized for that and did an excellent job once they were here. They were polite, courteous and fast! They did a great job installing the carpeting! I love my new carpeting!

Description of Work
Superior Installation did a great job of installing the carpet that I purchased at Home Depot.

Category flooring contractor



Laura B.

Home Depot vendors were Superior Installation Corp of Illinois who came in and they brought extra people to double check the floor. They put in a beautiful floating hardwood floor. They brought in their own vendors. Their vendors were excellent. They did and left in two days. I was able to move on time because of them. I highly recommend them. They were brilliant.

Description of Work
I used Superior Installation Corp of Illinois for hardwood flooring in June.

Category hardwood floor



Gregory M.

They did the floor in 5 or 6 hours. I though it was a lot of money for that. They had a box of cracked tiles and they made me go back to the store and return them. They also left a film mess on the floor and I had to clean it up. I didn't like that either of those things. I thought they would have a better price going through Home Depot. I went to another flooring place and the prices were about the same. I think Home Depot could have done better there. I am having them back out because my wife keeps catching her foot on one of the tiles.

Description of Work
Superior Installation Corp of Illinois installed my new kitchen floor.

Category flooring contractor



Randall P.

Pathetic service from Day 1 - Superior Installations needs to go to Customer Satisfaction school. If you want to know how to not treat a customer, then use their services.

Description of Work
I ordered blinds on March 23rd, through Home Depot, Superior Installations was to install blinds 3 week later, they called, set up initial installation - the installer hung one blind incorrectly late on afternoon of 4-26 and then left house stating he needed to re-order blinds, 2 days later I tried contacting Superior blinds and they wouldn't return my calls so I had to go back to Home Depot to raise concern. While at Home Depot, the mgr pulled up my order and showed me a forged signature on Superior's form showing where my installation had been signed off as complete. When I showed the Home Depot Mgr my signature, he could clearely see the signature was not mine and siad he would contact Superior and take care of the situation. The next day Superior then called me and set up a second appt for installations for May 4th between 3-6 pm. I had to take a half day off work and stayed at home from 1 pm forward and at 4:55 pm contacted Superior to find out if they were going to show up for the second appt. The lady I spoke with said that she was having difficulties reaching the installed, but she would call me back once she spoke with him. I heard nothing back from Superior so I called them back again at 5:40 pm - at which point she explained that I was still on schedule and she was certain he would show up later. I never heard another word until they contacted me this morning to set up a 3rd appointment. Take my advice, stay away from Home Depot and Superior Installations for window treatments - they simply do NOT care about customers and have no intent to help ensure we have a good customer experience. One of the poorest customer experiences I've ever had.

Category flooring contractor, replacement windows, window treatments



Pat M.

HOME DEPOT stated that they would send some one out to measure, bid and they would arrange for the installation of the marble + they would have a plumber come out the following day to reinstall the toilet. I had to wait two and one-half months for the installer, although I paid in full months earlier. The installer removed the toilet, and started work. He did not level the floor prior to attaching the marble tiles. After he was "done" I noticed that three areas around the perimeter were just filled with grout where tile should be, the door thresholds had jagged tile and the tiles were not level and hurt to walk on. The next day the plumber tells us he can not reinstall the toilet because it rocks because of the floor being so unlevel. The installer came back and attempted to fix the level issue. The result is even worse (although he did install the toilet). The grout is cracked, there are globs of grout all about, tile is cracked and missing. Home Depot will not return calls.

Description of Work
I wanted to have my 1940's era home have the master bath's tile floor replaced with marble tile. HOME DEPOT indicated that if I purchased the tile through them that they would have it professionally installed.

Category flooring contractor

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    Carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, concrete & epoxy coatings, blinds & window coverings, custom home organization systems, closets, basement remodeling

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    kitchens, baths, sun rooms, additions, exterior remodeling, waterproofing, handyman services

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois

    How is Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois overall rated?

    Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois is currently rated 2.7 overall out of 5.

    What days are Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois open?

    Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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    What payment options does Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois provide

    Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available, PayPal

    Does Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offer free estimates?

    Yes, Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offers free project estimates.

    Does Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offer a senior discount?

    No, Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois?

    Yes, Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offers warranties.

    What services does Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offer?

    Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois offers the following services: Carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, concrete & epoxy coatings, blinds & window coverings, custom home organization systems, closets, basement remodeling

    Are there any services Superior Installations Corporation of Illinois does not offer?

    kitchens, baths, sun rooms, additions, exterior remodeling, waterproofing, handyman services