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Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

Founded 2004 • With Angi since March 2012


(20) Verified Reviews

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1978 Avenida De Sol

Navarre, FL 32566


We specialize in turning our customers’ visions into artistic outdoor reality. With our experience and artistic abilities, we can construct an outdoor Landscape Design environment that will make you proud.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Bonita L.

Description of Work
Great! Awesome job, very professional.

Category tree service



Bobby T.

Description of Work
Service was great!! Highly recommended, and would definitely use service again should the need arise.

Category tree service



Johnny H.

Excellent. Showed up when expected and no surprise costs.

Description of Work
Cleared a wooded lot for a graveled parking lot, with landscape, grass

Category landscaping, pavers, gravel, tree service



Jamie A.

He started before Christmas, but has not finished yet and refuses to complete the project because he has been paid the full $17,000 and I got mad and hurt his feelings. All the existing landscaping in the front had to be cut back to the root because it almost died from the lack of water since the sprinkler system was disabled so long. Three plants were left for me to plant in the front, the sidewalk now has deep grooves between the stones where water washes, and some plants died because the sprinkler system was installed improperly. I have water shooting from a broken line, sprinkler heads not placed properly, the sidewalk floods, and portions of the yard flood. I had to find and uncover sprinkler heads that were covered with sod, turn heads to try to get them to water what they were supposed to, and try unsuccessfully to stop the leak in the line that had been wrapped with tape. The sprinkler system was put in and then the beds built so some of the heads are in front of the vegetation or the wrong kind of heads have been installed. Either three or four of the existing flowering bushes were taken, and my only 5 gallon bucket I had bought is gone because I let them use it. I was not consulted on what plants I wanted and therefore cheap plants were put in. The one plant I did request - a macho fern is nowhere in my yard. I have a huge pile of mulch still sitting on my driveway that still needs to be put out. The new sod was not rolled so there are bumps and dips everywhere. When I asked about that, I was told it wasn't necessary. Not only did he think it was fine for me to help lay the sod, but I finally had to supervise the installation of the bushes because they didn't know how to plant them. I had to pull up the pavers, and lay some myself to show them how badly "off" the sidewalk was and loan them my level because they were just guessing. I had to bribe each worker with $100 each to stay and put down the new sod because it was delivered at 3pm instead of earlier in the day on a Friday and they were going to walk off and not put it down until the following Monday. Randy quit my job to go work on another one because they were running so far behind (they quit on the days they showed up anywhere from 2pm to 3:30) and the client was complaining. He replaced the existing soil with cheap sand that doesn't drain well according to a civil engineer I consulted. The permanent grout he put in on the paver porches is washing out, and I have a portion of the yard that has collapsed and there now is a hole in the middle of my yard. He has committed fraud according to Florida law by advertising he is licensed, and misrepresented himself as a landscape architect. I have contacted him multiple times requesting that he finish the job. He refuses on grounds that I said mean, ugly things to him. Randy Hinkler doesn't guarantee his work, and falsely advertises he is a landscape architect. All I have asked is for him to finish the job he has already been paid for, and correct the mistakes. I want the sidewalk level so it doesn't flood, the yard level, the rest of the mulch put out, the sprinkler system to work correctly, and the bushes that were in my yard already to be returned.

Description of Work
Complete the landscaping of the front yard, install a stone sidewalk using existing stones, guarantee he could solve drainage problems in the backyard, remove top layer of existing yard, relocate all existing landscaping, put in new paver porches and sidewalks, design a plan and landscape the backyard, put in new sod, and put in new sprinkler system in the backyard.

Category landscaping, irrigation systems, mulch, pavers, gravel, tree service, drain pipe, hardscaping

Service Provider Response

Hinkler’s Landscaping & Tree Service LLC.’s response to the complaint filed by [member name removed]: Response submitted by Rand R. Hinkler President/Owner. When I met [member name removed] and we discussed how we could solve her standing water and weed problems. I explained to her we could by removing the top 4 to 6 inches of swamp muck and replacing it with clean sandy fill dirt will allow light rain to percolate. As for heavy rains we re-graded her back yard, by raising the beds against the property line to build a berm and stop the water shed from the neighbors raised pavers. It will raise the plants to provide good drainage for them and it would also provide a swell so the water will shed and flow off to the sides. I knew the work was worth a lot more than her budget of $15,000. I assured her I would not exceed it. I was so happy. We needed the work, it was right before Christmas, and we didn’t have any work in 2 weeks. So I agreed to it. [member name removed] took advantage of the situation. She kept asking for more and more. I wanted to do a great job for her, and agreed to more. We cut down trees between fences, I hand built Bamboo Trellis’s for the Confederate Jasmine we transplanted, and added 46 additional plants from our stock at no additional cost. So why would I take any. The flowering bushes, she is missing, were transplanted around her irrigation pump the 1st day we were there. When we arrived the 1st day, [member name removed] was leaving and ask if it was ok, for her to go to the hospital to pick up her medications. The should have been a clue. It was also the day after a hard freeze. We had to trim off all of the dead growth from everything that was not cold tolerant. Also free additional labor. My crew started joking about her mood swings, at the morning safety meeting. She would yell at my crew, saying we did not know what we were doing, tear up placed pavers, and threaten to bring in another Landscaping Company. My employees arrived to work one morning and she was doing this. I told them to wait in the truck. 20 minutes later I called her. She complained they were not doing anything and waiting for me to tell them to go to work. I told her my crew will not work under those conditions and if she would refrain from that behavior I will tell them to go to work. She agree. My crew went to work. Later on she TEXT me; “I’m so happy, they are working so well”. I found out later she told everyone on the crew, “Thank you for putting up with me” , and tipped everyone $20. Later, when I got there I pulled [member name removed] off to the side and explained to her, I will do everything I can to help her accomplish her goals, However if she bad mouths me while I’m not there or threaten to bring in another landscaper, I will pack up all my tools, pull off the job, and file a Mechanics Lien on her house. Mad and said we’ll fight about that. I let her cool off and talked to her later on and I told her I want to work with her to accomplish her goals. This job took so long due to Rain, Holiday’s, and extra free labor. I had to take on other jobs to earn more, to pay for the additional labor and materials to finish [member name removed] Landscaping. The day we finished, the sod came late, and anyone who works for me knows, when the sod comes we work until the sod is down, even though she slowed things up a little. When done and loading up, she tipped everyone on the crew a $100 bill. She asked us not to sod along the fence where she planned to plant some Bamboo she ordered, and if we could leave the remaining mulch around the bamboo. So we left it there for her use later. I told her the balance of the $15,000. was $4,500. She wrote me a check for $6,500. I told her it was more than we agreed to, she said, she knew we went way over budget but it was the least she could do. (A $2000 tip) 2 weeks later she called her bamboo was coming in and if I could help her. I told her I’ll see what I could do. She called the next day and told me not to worry about it, she had it and don’t worry about coming back to pick up any of the mulch, because she used it all. I though, Ok, that was good. 3 weeks after she leaves me a nasty message on my phone. I did not respond to it. Then a week later she calls and threatens all kinds of thing if I don’t help her. I will not work for [member name removed] again.


Jim R.

ALWAYS...a terrific experience when we hire Randy Hinkler and his crew!! Randy Hinkler is perhaps the "fussiest" contractor in the business! He demands excellance from both himself and his crew, which is why we have hired them for more than one project. I do not exaggerate, he is fastidious. (Wish Angie's list allowed photo we could show before and after photos) We will be needing help with installing new lawn pump, planting new shrubs, trees, and perhaps a new fence. Of course you can guess who I'm going to call!

Description of Work
Cut down two dead palm trees, ground down the stumps to a foot below grade, dug out two crape myrtle trees, six mature shrubs, wrapped the roots and placed in huge pots for transplanting. His 3-man crew capped off outdated spinkler heads, raked the yard of dirt and sawdust and swept off driveway.

Category tree service



Terry C.

Description of Work
Put in a water pump and removed a huge pampas grass area. Fit me into their busy schedule (due to all the pumps that busted over the winter). The guys cleaned up everything when done. Pumped working, no problems. Fair pricing - very good job. Definitely use again.

Category tree service



Chris L.


Description of Work
removed a bush

Category landscaping, lawn service, tree service



Natalie H.

I searched for several weeks and got several quotes. Randy's prices were very competitive and he was very professional. They were here when he said they would be and they did an awesome job! One of the gentlemen even found a snake while they were here and he handled the situation very professionally. All of Randy's team was friendly and well trained in what they were doing.The job was completed in a timely manner and the cleanup was awesome! I will definitely use them again and would recommend Randy's Landscaping to friends and family. Thank you Randy for making this such a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Description of Work
Cut down a tree

Category tree service




The were very prompt in the morning and got the trees cut down very quickly. They layed the trees down where I wanted them and cut a couple of them up so they would not block my driveway. They did not however bring out a special machine which I was told is why it cost more to take the trees down. I am not too happy since I paid for a service which was not provided and not offered a return of some of my money since those services were not used.

Description of Work
Mr. Hinkler came out and cut down 7 pine trees that I wanted to take down. The trees were covering my driveway leaking tree sap all over our vehicles. I had them take the trees down, I cut them up the rest of the way to keep the wood. They have to cut the trees down that were in very close proximity to three power lines. He had first quoted me at $1000, I told him that was too high to just cut them down without removal and disposal. He asked me the price I was thinking, I told him around $300. He came back with an estimate of $800, and that was due to them having to use special equipment that they had to hire and they pay the person who owns the machine per hour.

Category tree service

Service Provider Response

[removed member name] wanted this work done for almost nothing. However he wanted the work done. I explained to him it was going to take a climber (an aerial arborist) and special care to get these trees on the ground, because of the electrical wires on both sides of the trees, his house, his drive way, his privacy fence, and a big ditch. He thought we had some magical way of dropping them. I never said I had special equipment to bring those trees down. He might of thought my climber was the equipment I needed. There was no other way to bring these trees down other than by limbing several of them branch by branch, then dropping the trunk. [removed member name] wasn't even there when we did the work. The cost was in the arborist work, not for special equipment. Understanding [removed member name] did not have enough to cover the cost of the work, I was willing to work with him and I accepted a post dated check for half the cost. His expectation to have this work done for $300 was way out of line. Which I explained to him why. If he thought it was too much he could have waited and got other estimates. I thought he understood and that was why he wrote 2 checks before I left. Which I did NOT ask for. One for $400 dated for tomorrow which was was when I told him we were going to do the work and 1 for another $400 dated for Dec 1st. His next pay day. So, I thought he understood everything.


Claudia P.

When I initially contacted Randy it took about a week or so for him to come out and survey the yard but when he did come he gave me the estimate the same day. He was the first of about 5 previous companies to actually return with an estimate to me. The estimate he gave me seemed pretty high so I did some more calling around and had another company give me an estimate and boy was I right! For all the work I wanted done Randy quoted me almost $7000.I found another company to give me an estimate and they were about $2,000 cheaper than Randy and included in their price the removal of two 60ft to 70ft pine trees in the front yard in addition to other work that needed to be done. I was going to go with the other company but they were busy for the next few weeks on another project. I wanted it done right away so I contacted Randy and asked him if was free to do the work I wanted done-but with a stipulation. I told him about the other company's estimate and said if he would match it he could start right away, which he did. $2,000 is a huge price difference to me and it made it seem as though he was used to over charging his customers. The day the work was supposed to begin I stayed home from work waiting for them for about 45 minutes and no one showed , or called so I assumed that they were not going to do the work anymore but when I came home the work was partially done to my surprise. I called him to ask about it and he said he had some issues earlier in the morning. The next day they showed up bright and early. The work was good but I expected a bit more. I wanted them to remove the weeds from my backyard but they had just cut them down to ground level. They will probably grow back since they were not removed at the root nor was weed killer sprayed. If I was home when the work was done as I planned then maybe I could have been more clearer. I may work with him again in the future.

Description of Work
cut down weeds, removed yard debris, rotted tree stumps removed, move and add 2 additional sprinkler zones

Category landscaping, lawn service, irrigation systems

Service Provider Response

I do not know this person, and I never met or worked for this person. This is a BOGUS review. I have never met or worked for this person in my life.



His crew of 4 showed up on the job as per the time scheduled. It was extremely hot that first day, but they worked diligently. I would occasionally visit them and ask how things were going. They were very pleasant and helpful in letting me know what they were doing and what they had completed. They worked about 10 hours the first day and had most of the sod laid. On the second day, they again showed up on time and were able to complete the job in about 3 hours (laid the rest of the sod and made sure my sprinkler system was working properly). They cleaned my property of any extra left-over debris and then made it a point to ask me if there was anything else they could do for me before they departed. All in all, the job went extremely well. I am very pleased with the job they did. I have had Randy do previous work for me, and I will continue to use his services as needed.

Description of Work
Cleared and hauled trash and debris from my back yard. Trimmed my back yard trees that were overhanging my roof. Cut away tree growth (limbs, etc) overhanging my property from the lot behind my house. Cut out large tree roots that were exposed and growing toward my house foundation. Hauled all the tree trimmings from the yard. Leveled the soil in the entire back yard and then laid sod over the entire area. Prior to completing the work order, he made sure all my sprinkler heads were working properly. Prior to leaving, the work crew made sure that they cleaned my property . . . and left it as they first found it.

Category hauling services, landscaping, lawn service, irrigation systems, mulch, tree service



James T.

They climbed the tree, took it down piece by piece and cleaned up in a very professional manner. Their price was $300 less than the other bid I received. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Description of Work
Cut a large oak tree whose trunk was 5 inches from roof line of house and was overhanging the house.

Category tree service



ryan G.

I left 3 messages with Hinkler or the course of a week. Never got a return phone call. Then when i finally did get a hold of him, he said he would be out to look at my house between 10 and 11 am. At 1230 I called him back, he forgot about the appointment and didnt write down my address. Completely unprofessional in my opinion. Will not be calling hime back

Description of Work

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

During this time of year we are very busy. I told [member name removed] I would call him first before going to his house and that I may or may not be able to make it there. I spoke with [member name removed] only once and let him know I was swamped. When I called him later that day to let him know why I was not able to make it between 10 and 11 am, and make arrangements to meet with him later that day. [member name removed] didn't give me a chance to say anything and was very rude. Before I could say anything he blew me off and said never mind in a very crappy voice. It seamed like he did not care about anything but his own personal interest. Although my truck was broken down, I was having pains in my chest and needed to get to a hospital, one of my crews couldn't work because the sod cutter broke. His only concern was his own personal desires and could care less about any one or any thing else. I would have been happy to meet with [member name removed] at any other time. However I do not like working for some one who is like that. [member name removed] is the type of person that is never happy, no matter how good of a job you do. It is better [member name removed] find some one else to do the work he doesn't want to do. I feel sorry for the company he does hire.


tom W.

They arrived on schedule and worked every day until project was completed.

Description of Work
Trimmed a large oak tree. cleaned up, yard and put down red mulch. Installed a sprinkler system. laid sod. laid a patio and walkway with pavers.

Category landscaping, lawn service, irrigation systems, mulch, tree service, hardscaping, patios



John E.

Called and scheduled an appointment for the same afternoon to survey the tree and provide an estimate. Agreed upon a fair price and he was able to have his crew arrive first thing the next morning to complete the job. His crew was very friendly and professional. They took down the tree and removed all debris within 2 hours.

Description of Work
Had a single 50 ft pine tree removed from backyard that was leaning toward the house. Did not have the stump ground.

Category tree service



Joyce K.

This company removed a large, dead, oak tree from our backyard. They did an excellent, safe job with good cleanup and were courteous and professional. We would use this company again.

Description of Work
Removed oak tree.

Category tree service



Darlene W.

Men were very punctual & professional. They worked very hard & I was impressed at what a good job they did. Would recommend them & hire them again!

Description of Work
Removed a very large Bradford pear tree & repaired fence.

Category fencing, tree service



Thomas B.

She is very good and very thorough.

Description of Work
Randy R. Hinkler Landscaping cleans my yard. She was here two weeks ago.

Category landscaping, lawn service



David M.

I hired Randy Hinkler to clear my property to construct a building. I don't really remember all the details of cost but it think it was about $4000 to remove 8 large trees and their roots and also level the property in preparation for the building construction. Randy and his crew were very good and I appreciated his good humor and good work ethic. He did the job completely to my satisfaction. His Bobcat got stuck in the mud and that set him back quite a bit of time but he did not try to tell me I had to pay more money because of it, he stuck to his estimate. I was happy with the work he did and so when I needed to remove a very large pine tree from a location pretty close to my house, I hired him for that too. it was a huge tree and he removed it, roots and all for $800. I don't remember the date but it was probably in 2005 or 2006. He has also done trimming of my trees (lion's tailing) to reduce the possibility of having the trees blow over during a hurricane and also to allow more sunlight to get to the lawn area. I know it's been a long time since he worked for me, but if he is still doing business in the same way as before, I would definitely recommend him.

Description of Work
Remove 8 large trees and their roots and also level the property in preparation for the building construction. Removed a very large pine tree from a location pretty close to my house, Trimming of my trees (lion's tailing)

Category landscaping, lawn service, tree service



Martha C.

He is outstanding. He also trims the trees and provides lawn and shrubbery maintenance. His pricing is excellent.

Description of Work
He mowed and edged my lawn.

Category landscaping, lawn service

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    How is Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC overall rated?

    Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

    What days are Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC open?

    Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is open:

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    Yes, Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC offers free project estimates.

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    No, Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC offer emergency services?

    Yes, Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC?

    Yes, Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC offers warranties.

    What services does Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC offer?

    Hinkler Landscaping & Tree Service LLC offers the following services: Landscape Contractors, Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer, Tree Service, Landscaper