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Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc

With Angi since October 2012


(7) Verified Reviews

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6655 Lake Worth Rd

Lake Worth, FL 33467


Family owned & operated.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Clarissa S.

The worst way to learn a very expensive lesson. CHECK your contract, the salesperson tells you they will make a note, IT DOES NOT count if it is NOT in your contract. We learned the hard way, make sure ALL of your details are clearly marked on the contract, which is very difficult as they ONLY provide their own format. NOTHING about the time it will take either. Stay away from this company, you have been warned! Palm Beach County protects the Vendor and not the homeowner. IF we were to hold payment, they get to submit a claim, put a lien on our home and charge us interest. They take over six months! NOBODY cares, specially this company. You are at the mercy of their subcontractors, which turn down trees while spreading the dirt, poured a concrete deck that does not allow my screen door to open, left trash everywhere and the smell of urine in the worksite! The company is completely unresponsive and all we got was yelled at when we call to complain and that is IF they do not hang up on you. Six months NO pool and apparently I am the offending party.

Description of Work
We completed a contract in January, the dig was completed end of May, it is November and the pool is NOT done yet.

Category swimming pools



Janet R.

We signed a contract with Paradise pools on 10/21/2015. Prior to signing the contract we asked if the pool would be completed by 06/2016. We were told by the salesperson that the pool would be completed by 6/2016. We were told that permits in the Broward county area especially the city of Miramar were taking a long time. We were ok with that as long as the project was completed by June 2016. The pool is on the smaller side. It doesn't have any fancy features. In January we called the company and asked if it was too late to request heating for the pool. We specifically asked if it would delay our construction deadline. We were told that it would not delay construction by much and that it would not affect June 2016 goal. It is now March and we still don't have a date as to when the construction of the pool will begin. I'm not even going to go into the details of the conversation I had with the company today but in general I was told that construction was delayed because we decided to add the heating. We were told that all the permits were obtained but that we now need to wait for scheduling and that scheduling is backed up. So now it's not the county's fault, it's not the client's fault but now it's scheduling's fault. My husband was told that once construction started it would be at least 12 weeks. There was a very specific reason I wanted the pool built by June 2016. I will be having surgery and recuperating at home. The last thing I wanted to deal with was construction while I'm home after surgery. My advice to any one looking to hire this company who lives in the Broward county area is to look elsewhere. The stress that this is causing me and construction hasn't even begun is just too much. If this company is like this at the beginning stages, I'm terrified of the nightmare that awaits us. While doing my research, I only saw one negative review and saw that neighbors used them. However, I have to say that one of my neighbors used a different pool company and started their pool about a month after the neighbors using paradise pools and their pool was completed about a month earlier than Paradise Pools. Unfortunately, it was too late for me and I had already signed a contract. Stay way from Paradise Pools. I will make sure to follow up with this review as construction progresses. UPDATE: We got a call from Paradise Pool on or about 03/11/2017 telling us that there was a cancellation and they would be able to begin excavation on 03/16/2016. We were told to turn our sprinklers off and to clear our yard. We were also told that on Monday 03/14/2016, someone would come to our house and conduct a pre-excavation survey. No one came to our house on Monday and on today, 03/15/206, we got an email at 1:00 p.m. with attachments on how to prepare for excavation day. Included in the list was to have the sprinkles cut and capped and to have a portion of our fence removed t allow for the equipment to go through. Excavation is scheduled to begin 03/16/2016 at 9:00 a.m. Paradise Pool is giving us less than 24 hours to have a portion of our fence (the portion wasn't specified so we don't even know what way they are going in. We can only assume which entrance but aren't clear as to how much of the fence to take down) and have the sprinklers "capped." We followed up with an email and were told that sprinklers only needed to be capped not cut. My fears are very much becoming a reality with this company. I continue to stand by my original review and advise people to look elsewhere when looking for a pool company.

Description of Work
The project is not completed nor started. But I wanted to write this review for those doing research on looking to contract a pool builder and save them from they agony we are going through now.

Category swimming pools



Wayne A.

I signed a contract and paid a $4,000 deposit on June 1, 2015. The salesman told me that the pool should be complete around Labor Day (he just didn't specify what year). The permits took longer than expected, because the city required a permit for a safety fence, and then an electrical panel upgrade (I used Essex Electric, a top notch contractor). The permitting was complete sometime near the end of September 2015. Then the waiting began. There was absolutely no contact from Paradise Pools for three months. Finally, I called and they gave me some excuses about rain delays and equipment failures. Frankly, I think they lied through their teeth for reasons that will become clear shortly. I tried calling them in late December, 2015 to find out what was going on and got a voice message stating they had taken two weeks off for Christmas and New Year vacations. W**, they are months behind in their work and they close for two weeks. That was the final straw, I was fed up with being patient, so on January 4, 2016 (after seven months) I sent an email (a copy went to my attorney) stating that they had two weeks to start my job or I would cancel my contract, demand a refund of my deposit, and cancel the Notice of Commencement filed with the city on grounds of job abandonment. I received a call stating that they would begin my job the week of January 10, 2016. A couple of days later, they said the work would begin on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. I prepared the site by removing a section of fence, cutting down several plants, and clearing the porch of all items. The construction supervisor showed up (alone) around 1:00 PM on Friday, January 8, 2016 and began to take down the screen porch. When the job was about 60% done, he packed up and promised to return on Monday, January 11, 2016. He didn't. On Tuesday, the demolition crew came. They are subcontractors. They had to drive their equipment around the un-demolished part of the porch which tore up huge sections of my back yard. About an hour later the supervisor arrived and finished removing the porch. They worked in the rain until it was almost dark and left. About 60% of the porch deck and 20% of the pool had been removed. Wednesday, a sunny cool day arrived and went with no work done. I received an email saying they would be back on Thursday, and I should turn on the pump to remove any water that had run into the pool. Today, Thursday, January 14, 2016, no one showed appeared. It is early evening, Thursday, as I write this. My front, side, and back yards are ripped up with deep furrows from the heavy equipment driven over them. A phone call to the company yielded no useful information, which is typical. I receive no responses from my emails which I just found out go to the president of the company who apparently does not care enough about her business to respond to her customers. Oh, even better, she is out on another vacation while her customers wait and wait for their pools. In addition to this, I upgraded my patio deck and tile, for a cost of $2,000 for the deck, and $1,000 for the tile. When it came time to pay for the upgrades, the deck had mysteriously risen to $2,500. I was also billed for a tile inlay that my wife had ordered and paid for already. In addition, a mysterious fee appeared for the fence permit that I already paid for at the time of application appeared. Of course the accountant is the president who is away on vacation so that issue cannot be resolved until she is done gallivanting all over the world. I should have been wary when I saw that the company does not even have its own email address. The address listed on the website is a Comcast account, and the employees all have private accounts from gmail. A professional business has company email accounts associated with the business web address, i.e., Also, they have only one construction supervisor who runs the day to day business and is also responsible for supervising the subcontractors who actually do the work. All in all, this is a shoddy company, that is badly run by an uncaring, non-responsive owner. Save yourselves a lot of heartache, and ignore their promises of low prices, and quality work done in a timely manner, it doesn't happen. If I could grade this company lower than F, I would. I will update this review when (or if) my pool is completed by Paradise Pools and Spas (Florida).

Description of Work
Contracted services are removal of pool screen enclosure, removal of existing pool and pool deck, and installation of new pool and spa with electric heater.

Category swimming pools



Kimberly I.

If I could give a Zero star, I would. This company has HORRIBLE customer service. When they do communicate with their customers they are rude. The job was promised by the smooth talking salesman at 6-9, the crew chief later stated 9-12. We are now at 22 weeks and we are at a stall because they want the final payment with numerous open issues. We were told over and over that the pool would be great and that we would forget all about the horrible experience. Never. First we were give blank sets of paperwork to sign for city permits and who knows what else. When my husband questioned it being blank, the sales guy said we were the first to ever question that. Then we took off work and 6 days because we HAD to be at home for certain phases and their crews never showed up. The receptionist told us that if things became personal or difficult that she would drag out our job. The construction team knocked a chunk of the corner of my house out with a back hoe that they refuse to fix. The paver company have the pavers tilted towards my house so my patio floods when it rains. Half way through the construction phase we find out that the crew lead was a convicted felon and did time for theft. We found this out because his girlfriend worked for my husband and he was let go for theft amount several other charges. This was the person I left alone at my house! We upgraded to a light that was supposed to have a control panel, it does not. We were supposed to be given a 'pool school' so that we would know how to operate our first pool... did not happen. So when the finish crew completed the diamond brite they filled the pool and we had no idea what to do. The finish crew left a puddle on the tanning ledge which is now discolored and yellow. The pump is now running and the pool is filled and the inspection for the electricity, the final inspection for the pool, and the inspection for the perimeter fencing has not been completed. This is without a doubt the most unorganized, unprofessional, and uncaring company I have ever dealt with after 5 years of working with contractors while renovating my house. The companies prices are not even the driving factor, they are among the same at other companies. Do yourself a favor and choose another company!! There are many more reviews and complaints to follow!

Description of Work
New Pool Construction. The provider is a general contractor and subcontracts all work.

Category swimming pools



John G.

This is the second time I have used this company. process was flawless.......i was not at the property for most of the construction and had total faith that Chris and his team would do everything as planned. All went very well.

Description of Work
Built new pool and installed decking

Category swimming pools



Doug J.

The Pool/Spa was finished in June of 2011, a leak in the spa was found in February of 2012, patched in May of 2012. The leak started again in 6 months and the company has told me the pool is out of warranty and I'm on my own.

Description of Work
Paradise Swimming Pools and Spas, Inc. built a pool/spa/deck for us.

Category swimming pools

Service Provider Response

This pool was finished on June 6, 2011 at which time the 1 year warranty started. In January 2012, [member name removed] called about a possible leak at which time we dispatched our leak investigation company. The leak investigation was done on February 4, 2012 and found a leak around the spa main drain. A temporary repair was done at that time and a more permanent repair was done by the end of February 2012 using a 2 part epoxy. In May, 2013, [member name removed] called to say he thinks he has another leak. By this date his pool is almost TWO YEARS OLD and no longer has a warranty for leaks. We do not understand why [member name removed]would think this would still be under warranty. Pools are no different than a washer, dryer or car. When a warranty expires, it expires. [member name removed] can look at his contract where it states the warranty for leaks is for one year from the date the pool is plastered. [member name removed] claims that the repair lasted only 6 months when in fact it lasted 15 months. Without hiring a leak investagtion company to do another leak investigation we do not even know if the leak is in the same spot. If this happened six months after the original repair, we would have been more than happy to dispatch the leak investigation company even though he still would have been out of warranty.


John G.

Great! Chris said it would be 6-8 weeks and it was exactly 6. All the subs he uses are pros. Rare to fine a company like this nowadays.

Description of Work
Paradise built an awesome pool for my home. I was onsite for the entire process and I have to say that everything went flawlessly. Paradise is a small mom and pop operation and they use independent contractors for almost every phase of the project. Found out that most of the subs have been doing work for Chris, the owner, for over 10 years. They all say great things about him. I also got a great value for my money. $20,000 for a 10x27ft pool, infinity fountain, swim out bench, and over 700 sq ft of paver decking. The pricing and professionalism can't be beat in this market!

Category swimming pools

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc

    How is Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc overall rated?

    Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc is currently rated 2.6 overall out of 5.

    What days are Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc open?

    Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc is open:

    Monday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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    Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard

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    Yes, Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc offers free project estimates.

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    No, Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc offer a senior discount?

    No, Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc?

    No, Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc does not offer warranties.

    What services does Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc offer?

    Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas Inc offers the following services: Pool design, construction, maintenance & remodel.