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All Phase Restoration

Founded 2003 • With Angi since April 2010


(15) Verified Reviews

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7355 Greenridge Rd Ste C

Windsor, CO 80550


All Phase Restoration is a full-service restoration company servicing Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, Boulder and Denver since 2003. We specialize in water damage restoration, sewage removal, and fire damage restoration. We understand that when something happens to your home, it affects more than just the building; it affects your entire family. That’s why our people are committed to taking care of you every step of the way, while getting your home back to pre-loss condition as quickly and easily as possible....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Bryan T.

Absolute nightmare. Demolition was ok. Continual delays, project never finished, with dozens of items wrong or incomplete. One-sided contract - beware! Many assurances made that were not kept. Promises to appear that were not kept. Inexperienced workmen performed sub-par work, with insulting responses regarding remediation. Key safety issues ignored or installed improperly - smoke detectors, stair railing. Requests for installation specifics ignored. The tile and flooring subcontractors did good work. Kitchen cabinets were installed well - just not the cabinets requested. Project was never completed - more than thirty specific issues or tasks were left improperly done or incomplete. Drywall corners crooked, then blamed the framing. Stair railing installation unsafe, then lied to management about it. Contractor billed for work they didn't do. Ignored selections for cabinets and appliances, then lied about it. Personal property remediation - had to send back major furniture that had been ignored to be cleaned. Many household items just dumped in the garage. The regularly parked blocking neighbors' driveways.

Description of Work
Post-fire Restoration

Category ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, hardwood floor, remodeling, water damage restoration



Richard B.

Description of Work
All Phase Restoration was chosen by my insurance company to perform "content manipulation" before and after a hardwood refinishing project required as a result of a water leak. While they did all the work admirably, politely and punctually, I would have rated them higher if they were better prepared (i.e., better planning) as twice they had to return after obtaining equipment that they should have initially brought with them.

Category water damage restoration



Brian C.

No follow up at all. My call was "assigned" to someone. Any calls to the someone (Todd?) go straight to his voicemail. When I need my deck replaced and half of my house refinished that's not who I want on the other end of the call.

Description of Work
Couldn't do business with these guys because they couldn't be bothered to return my phone call. I followed up twice with them and it's obvious I don't matter to them. They never returned my call, just keep getting the poor over worked receptionist making excuses.

Category water damage restoration



Scott D.

Category water damage restoration



Sid B.


Description of Work
All Phase repaired the gable end of my attic space after firemen broke a hole in it to put out a small fire. The replaced part of the gable truss, sheathing, siding, trim, and painted the repaired area. They also deodorized the entire attic space for smoke damage. Everyone at All Phase, from MikeB The Estimtor to RayY the Project Manager to Alex and his crew, were great to work with. My experience was very good with All Phase.

Category roofing, siding, water damage restoration, house painters




All-Phase Restoration came to my home after the house fire, and went through every room telling me not to take sealed bags of silver dinnerware, porcelain dishes, jewelry, and many other expensive collectables with smoke smell only. These items were stolen a couple of days later, though I was to have time to recover any items I chose to retrieve. They took things not involved in the fire of the home such as picnic tables and outdoor furniture, jewelry, expensive kitchen items, silverware, and much more. A truck came to get large furniture items, and at that time I asked to have two expensive personal collections cleaned up and they said they could. I asked many times for a receipt of the things they had taken, but was never given one. When I asked to have the personal collections returned they said they had never seen them. After I told them they were not going to rebuild my home, they left the job and the yard was cover in their sand bags, trash, and an unfinished job. Their contracted job of demo and prep. for new construction was never done, and I had to pay someone else to do it. They put a lien on the home for this money paid to a contractor to do their work. They wanted all money given to me by insurance for demo without having done the job! I was forced to obtain a lawyer. In short : Items stolen within the first three days after fire. All Phase wanted to be paid for jobs listed in the contract but never done even after calling to remind them of their contracted responsibility. Blatant lies about not taking items to recover. Refused to provide receipts of items taken to remove smell, and items came back damaged, scratched, and esthetically beyond use. Not the way they looked when moved by them. When I did not choose All Phase Restoration to build my new home, the response was anger, scare tactics with untrue processes and completion dates, manipulation, and hostility, and work unfinished. I found many negative things on line about this company later. Wish I had looked earlier, but fire un-nerved my better senses I'm afraid.

Description of Work
The provider was supposed to prepare the burned home for new construction and clean up the premises. Some personal items were taken to restore.

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

It is unfortunate that Ms(removed member name)has taken this view. Many times during and after the completion of our work for (removed member name), All Phase Restoration has offered to meet with her or a designated representative to resolve any outstanding issues. These offers were made verbally and in writing. Documentation of written correspondence with (removed member name)is readily available, but the following email is given as example sent on November 12th, 2013 after many weeks of attempts to settle her outstanding account balance: (removed member name) Hope you are doing well and that you are excited to finally see steady progress on your home. Danielle Richards and Charlette McCarty have kept me in the loop with the emails and letter/invoice from New Horizon you have sent in. I would like the opportunity to respond them and close out the Mitigation and Contents portions of your claim with All Phase Restoration. 1) On the matter of personal items you believe you gave to Charlette, I understand that you believe you gave those items to Charlette and they are now missing. I have reviewed the history with Charlette, and we continue to believe that those items were never given to Charlette. I also recall that you had several members of your family come over to retrieve many items from your office prior to All Phase ever beginning work at the property. Having said that, mistakes can be made. At this point, I encourage you to file a police report. All Phase Restoration is more than willing to participate in any investigation conducted, including taking lie detector tests. 2) The entertainment center from the basement was listed as Non-Salvage, and you have been paid for it within your personal property portion of your claim. Janet Frese notified us that the entertainment center was included in the contents claim with an Actual Cash Value of $6300 and Replacement Cost of an additional $2700 if you so choose to replace it. You are not owed additional monies for something you have already been paid for. We are aware that you have reached coverage limits on your personal property which is unfortunate. If you ever would like assistance in the future in determining what insurance coverage you should have and for what amounts, please let me know and we are glad to provide you with a professional recommendation. 3) You questioned the number of boxes charged for in cleaning associated with the Contents claim. Please feel free to review this with myself or Charlette. If there is any discrepancy, we will make it right, reducing your invoice. 4) New Horizon billed you for site clean up, including gravel removal in the driveway due to debris and the basement floor needing cleaned. In terms of the sandbags, I am more than comfortable paying for an hour of labor to remove them. The company that subcontracted with us should have removed them at the time they removed the fence, and did not. I am more than willing to pay for that hour, and then resolve it with them. The basement floor did not need cleaning at the time we completed mitigation at your property. I inspected it myself, and feel that it is more likely that it needed cleaning due to the nearly two and half month period between the completion of our mitigation work, and the start of the actual rebuild. During this time, there were many weather events including rain, hail, and heavy wind. All Phase Restoration cannot be held responsible for a 10 week delay from the time mitigation was complete and repairs began. During this timeframe, anything could have happened to your property while not under our care. As far as the gravel in your driveway, the money associated with this is contained within the repair portion of your claim. A certain amount of money is allocated for landscaping, repair of your driveway (although not replacement which I see you have chosen to do), etc that is handled at the conclusion of the repair project. Construction inherently creates debris, which is why it is handled on the back end (outside of daily site clean up and maintenance of course). If All Phase Restoration was handling your repairs, it would have been handled at the end of your claim, and certainly would not be billing you for it as is the case with the Contractor you have selected. We are here at your convenience if you would like to discuss any items related to your claim. The outstanding balance on your account is $5944.05 for the mitigation and $3641.17 for the contents portion (which we understand was released to you last week), for a grand total of $9585.22. Please let us know how you would like to move forward in settling your account. Regards Tim Bement Chief Operating Officer All Phase Restoration As noted, the email above is only one example of the attempts All Phase Restoration made to try and resolve outstanding issues prior to sending Ms Alkire to collections and placing a lein on her home. All Phase Restoration vehemently denies any wrong doing related to the work performed or in our relationship with Ms Alkire. It was only as an option of last resort that All Phase Restoration sent Ms Alkire to collections and placed a lien on her property, our legal right as a Contractor in the State of Colorado when owed money for work performed. In the matter of items Ms Alkire perceives to have been stolen, All Phase Restoration once again invites Ms Alkire to file a report with the local Police Department. All Phase Restoration will make available all records associated with the loss as well as all employees involved for interviews including polygraph tests.



Mathew D.

Description of Work
We had a small "house fire" and the guys from All Phase took great care of us. Not only did they deal with the insurance folks, but they offered smoke & water repair while also dealing with all the contractors who got our home put back together... I would highly recommend them again.

Category carpet cleaners



Jeff B.

Description of Work
Repaired hail damage;roof,siding,doors,windows,gutters. |They were contracted as general contractor. We needed to stay after them to keep their subcontractors on track . Some of the sucontractors were fantastic, others not so. Billing for services required multiple calls to get it corrected. We were billed for work not done and not billed for work that was done.

Category drywall, roofing, water damage restoration



Gary A.

because the operation took many days to complete different workers showed up to do the work which they did a very good job at we always seemed to not know exactly what or who was coming next. at time we were out of the loop and didn't have 100 per cent knowledge of what was next or when that part of the operation was coming.

Description of Work
cleaned carpet and pad of one wall in condo due to water damage next door.

Category carpet cleaners, water damage restoration



Ann M.

They brought in huge heaters and fans to dry out the water in the ceiling of the dining room and in the walls where water had leaked. It was very loud for a week. They came each day to monitor the equipment and moisture levels. A few things got dinged up a little, but nothing major considering the equipment they brought into the house. They were very polite, professional, and courteous.

Description of Work
Restore house after upstairs bathtub faucet leaked through the downstairs ceiling.

Category water damage restoration



C K.

I found all employees and workers from All Phase to be professional, competent, helpful and punctual during what was an extremely stressful and unpleasant time. They got everything needed (and more) approved through my insurance, and all work was completed on schedule (despite my flood happening a few days before Colorado's "massive flooding" which left them super slammed with work) . All crews sent to work on my house were professional, on-time, respectful of my belongings, made sure my dogs were not let outside, and did high quality work. Ben, my project manager, was absolutely excellent. He made sure everything was done to my satisfaction and kept me informed about what was happening. All in all, they made what was an awful experience into a pleasant one!

Description of Work
After a toilet hose blew and flooded both levels of my house with 8 inches of water, my insurance company recommended them for the mitigation work. I also went with them for all the reconstruction, including drywall, painting, moulding, and plumbing, as well as hiring them to complete my unfinished laundry room.

Category drywall, water damage restoration, mold removal



Mark W.

Kyler was very professional and very helpful in making suggestions. He was good about trying to limit our costs. He offered to dispose of all the wet carpet and pad that we had piled on the driveway, which was a big help. His assistants were clearly brand new hires, but he was good about supervising them and ensuring that things were done properly. He also laid down plastic on other carpeted areas so that they didn't track in dirt, and he handwiped the wood floors to remove water, dirt and debris. Though the overall cost was a lot of money, we calculated that they had charged about $3.26 per sq foot. An out of state, fly by night person from a Texas based ServPro offered to do the same job for $5 per sq foot, so we felt we were getting a reasonable estimate from AP. In the end, it was a big relief to have them come in and do a thorough cleanup, and the basement felt dry by the end of one day from all the equipment they placed. By the third day, the basement was arid compared with the upstairs, which still felt humid from all the rain. We were happy with the clean up and process. Though it was expensive as mentioned it was less than others were trying to charge, and the bulk of the expense was in the rental charge for all the equipment for the 3 days, rather than for the labor. My understanding is that the equipment rental charge was reasonable based on going rates.

Description of Work
We had 2 to 3 inches of smelly dirty water in our finished basement from street drain failure of the Colorado flood. We had already removed the water, carpet and padding. AP was able to fit us into their very busy schedule on a Sunday. Kyler - the Tech - and two new hires came in and removed what was left of carpet piles, cleaned the floors, sprayed antimicrobial, wet vacuumed all over, removed and disposed baseboards and then set up 15 power fans, 2 dehumidifiers and a HEPA filter. They checked the drywall, but determined that the water had not reached it (we have floating walls), so we were saved the expense of cutting out drywall. Kyler returned 3 days later to check the status of the basement and to remove the equipment.

Category water damage restoration



Kurt N.

I ended up going with them because they are affiliated with my insurance company so they are handling all the paperwork and everything. It has turned out easier that way. They are a remediation company for water and smoke damage and what they primarily do is the repair after that kind of damage. They just started today. They are moving my contents out right now so that they can come in and do the work. So far, I have been very happy with their service. What stands out to me about them is their responsiveness and they all have been very professional. Hopefully I would not have to use them again in the future but if I had some water damage to my house again, I would go to them.

Description of Work
I am currently using All Phase Restoration for water damage repair.

Category water damage restoration



cindy S.

Everything has been fantastic so far.

Description of Work
They have been consulting us about a roofing job.

Category roofing



Mathew D.

Besides having to deal with the Insurance company, everything went great. All phase did most of the work, and made the experience as enjoyable as it could have been. Prices were fair, but the work was great, and our house was restored to it's previous condition in no time!

Description of Work
We had a house fire that All Phase took care of... Basically there was quite a bit of smoke and water damage caused by the fire, and by the fire being put out in our rental house. All Phase took care of everything, from permits, to construction to electrical contractors and put our house back together again.

Category water damage restoration

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    Emergency Services OfferedEmergency Services Offered
    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Mitigation & reconstruction. Water, sewage, fire, smoke & mold removal. Residential & Commercial

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    Asbestos remediation, meth house cleanup

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about All Phase Restoration

    How is All Phase Restoration overall rated?

    All Phase Restoration is currently rated 4.2 overall out of 5.

    What days are All Phase Restoration open?

    All Phase Restoration is open:

    Sunday: Open All Day

    Monday: Open All Day

    Tuesday: Open All Day

    Wednesday: Open All Day

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    Saturday: Open All Day

    What payment options does All Phase Restoration provide

    All Phase Restoration accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Financing Available

    Does All Phase Restoration offer free estimates?

    Ask All Phase Restoration for details on free project estimates.

    Does All Phase Restoration offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, All Phase Restoration offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does All Phase Restoration offer a senior discount?

    No, All Phase Restoration does not offer a senior discount.

    Does All Phase Restoration offer emergency services?

    Yes, All Phase Restoration offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by All Phase Restoration?

    No, All Phase Restoration does not offer warranties.

    What services does All Phase Restoration offer?

    All Phase Restoration offers the following services: Mitigation & reconstruction. Water, sewage, fire, smoke & mold removal. Residential & Commercial

    Are there any services All Phase Restoration does not offer?

    Asbestos remediation, meth house cleanup