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Mr Pavers

Founded 2007 • With Angi since October 2011


(17) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


2100 San Ramon Valley Blvd

San Ramon, CA 94583


Mr Pavers is an owner operated company. That means, we don't use sub-contractor, that way we can provide top quality for the best prices. Additional email - Additional DBA - Mr Pavers Contractors Service Inc.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Rosemary M.

So smooth! We loved the crew, (Roger and Leo) and the estimator was so kind and honest (Cal) and I just wanted to say the price was great, the knowledge and their professionalism was perfect. My neighbor referred us to them, after 3 estimates, we had to go with Mr. Pavers and we are so glad we did. The before and after pics are wonderful but the smile on my mom's face and how happy she is, has no words. We thank you Mr. Pavers for your loyalty and your hard work. Happy customer!! I highly recommend!

Description of Work
Pavers and retaining wall

Category hardscaping

Service Provider Response

Thank You so much for your wonderful response! Mr Pavers


Pam & Tony R.

It was excellent. The work was great. they have dried out the cement, they were holes in it but they patched it, other than that it was good. They are professional. They were doing good. They were courteous. It looks beautiful. Kevin Reese organized and get it all together. He did a good job. Glayston Soares was excellent and professional too.

Description of Work
They put a pavers in, did fireplace, canopy at the back of the house.

Category awnings, fireplaces, hardscaping

Service Provider Response

Thank You so much for your wonderful response! Mr Pavers


Michael L.

They did a fantastic job and even came in at the best price. They came in on a Thursday and took out all the concrete with a bobcat into the trucks. They put in new beautiful pavers that look like cobblestone. We used to have drainage problems and they even did it in a way that everything drains underground into the street. They were clean, pleasant, and worked very hard. We are thrilled with the end result and have had a lot of compliments. We will continue to highly recommend them to anyone.

Description of Work
They put in a long walkway and patio on one property and on the other one, they put in a new driveway, parking area, and large patio.

Category hardscaping

Service Provider Response

Thank You so much for your wonderful response! Mr Pavers


Tom F.

Description of Work
complete new patio. demo and install

Category hardscaping, patios

Service Provider Response

Thank you for your review


Alexis C.

Well, it started well and ended well, but everything in between was a mess. Sandy Thimlar was the sales person who came out and she was great. She gave us great ideas of things we can do to maximize the space while minimizing the cost. I didn't feel like she was trying to upsell or convince us to get more expensive products. She did a great job drawing up the plan....but then it came time for Glayston, the owner, and his "crew" to come in...that's when it all went down hill. #1: They were supposed to start on Tuesday, but it was the World Cup and Brazil was playing. They called to ask if they could start on Wednesday instead. Ok, I get it. We're a soccer family. I understand wanting to watch the game, so sure. BUT on Wednesday my mom was having a major surgery and I would be out of the house from 6 am to at least 10 pm. Is there any way we could start on Thursday? Nope. We have to start on I have to be flexible for them but they aren't flexible for me. They start on Wednesday. I'm gone, so I haven't met the workers or been introduced to the foreman. But they just did tear out and it was fine. Day 2-more of the same. #2: Day three (Friday), the pavers arrive at 8:00 am. YA!! But no workers. 9 am, no workers, 10 am no workers. By noon I realize there is an issue and call Glayston. He tells me that they don't know what time the pavers are delivered so they don't come on the day it's delivered. OK. That's fine I guess...but ,maybe you should tell me so I don't sit around waiting for your guys so I can finally meet them. I have a full time job, two young kids, and a mom in the hospital. He says his foreman says he told me....I haven't been home. No one told me anything. #3: So they come on Saturday morning and start laying the pavers. I go out and try to introduce myself to the foreman, Arino. But they all say they aren't Arino. I call Glayston and he tells me Arino isn't there...but then when I called that evening because of what happened this day, he tells me Arino is the tall, skinny guy and was there all Arino lied when I asked if he was Arino. Why? At this point I wasn't mad yet. In fact we even left on the Brazil 3rd place World Cup game when we left so that they could watch it while they worked. #4: Before we leave on Saturday we have a whole conversation with the workers about where our sitting wall should start. They spoke Spanish and so does my husband so there was no language barrier. The plans showed where it should be, we just wanted to confirm. They put a stake in the ground right where we said it should problem, right? We leave and when we get back, they have built the wall on the complete other side of the patio!! Not even close to where we discussed. Why would they do that?? On top of that, the plans said that they would sleeve under the pavers for electricity in three spots, two large trees and for a new wall light on an outside wall of the housewhere there wasn't one before. So we realize #1-The wall is in a TOTALLY different spot than in the plan and what we discussed, AND #2 they cut our DirecTV wire so we had no cable, which about made my husband lose his mind since the World Cup Finals were the next day AND #3 they cracked our existing concrete AND #4 didn't sleeve AT ALL for electricity. Call Glayston, and he tells me that he decided not to why? And if you decide that, shouldn't you call the homeowner first? Wasn't this part of my contract? It says in the contract that we would sleeve for electricity so I can have lights in the backyard. This was Saturday afternoon when we got home and he does call me back at all until Monday. Now I get that the man should have one day of rest (Sunday) and normally I wouldn't expect a call back but considering they have messed a ton of things up AFTER no showing the day before, you'd think they'd call back! When they come back on Monday and I look out my window and see them ripping up a part of the pavers and seem them adding a sleeve.. But they only did one sleeve to one location and used the smallest sleeve size possible so my electrician had to get creative with wiring throughout my yard. They were supposed to do at least three. But seeing them do one made it clear that they had not decided not to sleeve, they forgot and had I not called them out on it, they never would have sleeved at all. They fixed the wall location and Glayston did some kind of hot wiring of the DirecTV wire and instead of apologizing, he treats me like I'm overreacting and keeps saying, "It's pavers. It can be fixed." Not, I am so sorry all of these things have happened. I will talk to my guys and make sure none of this happens again. Can we do something to make this right? Nothing THEN THE REAL KICKER! #5-The next day they work on my front porch and I come home and the porch has been laid crooked with crazy, uneven cuts all over it. It looked like I had done it myself with a book from Home Depot.It looks horrible! So again, I call and he acts like I'm making a big deal, because you know "pavers can be fixed easily". In the end, they did fix all the things they said they would and it does look nice, but they did SO many things wrong You would think after messing up something as big as the placement of a 15 foot wall, and cutting your cable, you'd make sure your team does an extra good job. Never once did Glayston offer a sincere apology or money back for the hassle. He never ever admitted that his team messed up over and over again and caused unneeded stress. Additionally, their "clean up" was horrible and I had to spend hours picking up bottles and gloves and cheeto bags as well as hose off the furniture and grill around the patio that Glayston promised would be cleaned up. Then to top it off,Glayston no-showed to our final walk through. Oh, and If you do the financing make sure you don't sign the contract until you are 100% satisfied or you are S.O.L.. Not a great experience. Would not recommend them.

Description of Work
Tore out current concrete slab patio in backyard and front walkway and laid new pavers in front walkway and backyard and a sitting wall with lights.

Category concrete repair, hardscaping, outdoor lighting, patios



Mithili K.

Description of Work
Replaced old paved driveway

Category concrete driveways, hardscaping



Thomas S.

The project turned out beautifully. As it was a big project there were a couple of bumps along the way but the owner was incredibly responsive and treated us very fairly and professionally and anything about which we had a question or concern was promptly fixed to our satisfaction. We couldn't be happier and highly recommend Mr Pavers for any paver project.

Description of Work
Mr pavers installed a beautiful new driveway, patio, play area and multiple walkways at our home in Menlo Park, all using Calstone pavers. We received two bids and their pricing was far better.

Category hardscaping, patios



Allan K.

All of the crew were just super hard workers and anything we asked for, we were pretty much there during the whole project, they were attentive. They did a really good job.

Description of Work
They did pavers in my driveway, walkway and front porch. The saleswoman Sandy was really awesome.

Category hardscaping



David W.

Very pleased with the overall result. Took much longer than communicated originally (8 weeks versus the 3 weeks quoted). Very good quality but we could not always be sure when they would show up for the next stage of our job, which meant we often stayed home expecting then to be on site, only to find out they they had not completed work at another site. Probably due to the fact that they do good work and are in demand.. and also that our project was quite complex with several stages. Make sure that your design plan is accurate and not subject to interpretation. The scale on our plan was subject to interpretation which caused us some issues. Fortunately, these were addressed to our satisfaction.

Description of Work

Category hardscaping



manuel M.


Description of Work

Category hardscaping, patios



Michelle M.

I was happy with how quickly the new patio went in. In all, it was about a 5 day process from demo to completion. The crew worked really hard, as many as 10 hours some days. They left a very clean site when finished and were very friendly and professional to talk to.

Description of Work
Removed and hauled away old deck, installed new paver patio with a walking path and one step.

Category hardscaping, patios



Marie D.

My request for an estimate via Angie's List was never responded to and neither were my attempts via phone--very unprofessional. They may not have been able to take on new jobs at the time, but if they do not have the resources to respond to inquiries then they are a company I'd rather not deal with.

Description of Work
I requested an estimate of concrete patio demolition and replacement with paved patio both via Angie's List and phone (2X).

Category hardscaping, patios



Cristina J.

Description of Work
no return phone call at all.

Category hardscaping



Laurie A.

So far, it has been pretty good but they haven’t done the work yet. They have been very responsive. They have gone through the bidding process very respectfully. They are supposed to come over next week to finalize the design on the job they are going to do for me. They quoted me $28000. It has been a pretty positive experience so far. I had another contractor bid the job, that was a terrible experience, and these guys were, much, much better. I liked that they did not put any high-pressure sales on me like some other contractors and the others were twice as much in their pricing. They gave me a quote, told me it was good for six months and told me I could make a decision whenever I want. They were pretty kicked back, the guy I dealt with was Graham and I think he is one of the owners. He was pretty straightforward and didn’t not provide any high-pressure sales. We have been conversing via email back and forth and sometimes it takes a couple of days to respond to my email so from correspondence point of view, it has been really good. They are scheduled to start the work on the first week of June. He showed up on time when he came to do the quote.

Description of Work
I received a quote from Mr. Pavers for a landscape in my backyard. They last sent me an email.

Category hardscaping



RoseAnn C.

They were fabulous. They were quick, clean, and prompt. They were really wonderful. They even put in French drains. They threw it in since they knew I would need it. They actually put in extra pavers along the side of the front yard to keep the dirt in. They left the extra pavers they didn’t use neatly stacked.

Description of Work
He did a complete new driveway and patio paving.

Category concrete driveways, hardscaping, patios



Larry S.

I had called Mr Pavers as a result of seeing an add and in desperation of wanting to get a bid that I could do all of the work I wanted at one time. I had already received 3 bids and had come to the conclusion I would probably not be able to afford everything I wanted. Glayston came by and was able to offer a price which I could work with which was about 25% less than everyone else. Not only that, but he was very professional showing me pictures of past jobs, references, and spending at least an hour discussing the job and options to keep the cost down. I felt very confident I would hire them after the visit, but there was little I could find about Mr. Pavers online, so I talked to and visited at least 5 of his past clients. The work was very good and they all had good things to say about them. I'm not the type to take a leap of faith like this on such an expensive job, but I'm glad I did. They came in when they said and worked on a Saturday when they realized that the job was going to take a couple of days longer than anticipated. We ran into a little problem with the grade from the back of the house not being enough to move the water through the tubes under the pavers to the front of the house, so they quickly contacted a plumber/electrician and worked out a system where the water is pumped to the front. The grade I gave for quality is really a B+, there are just a few things that I have noticed but that's because I look at it every day - And still like it as much as the first day it was installed. Great guys and I would definitely use them again.

Description of Work
I had a pretty large job ripping out concrete and replacing a driveway, patio, walkway and steps. We also had a drainage issue from the back of the house to the front which was solved by installing a pump. They also help me move some boulders, and dirt as well as ripping out some shrubs and putting sleeves under the paths to make my landscaping job much easier.

Category masonry, hardscaping



Mike B.

With a fixed budget and wanting high quality work done, I knew we were going to have to cut the size of our project drastically. As the different bids came in, I realized how much we were going to have to cut back. I saw an add in Home Concepts magazine For Mr. Pavers and looked up their website. Their website was thorough and explained all of the work and the process. I also saw an ad for 30% off. Realizing that I might be able to do my FULL project, I gave them a call. The man on the phone answered the few questions I had in detail and was very helpful and said they would be out to give me an estimate on the day I requested at the time I requested. I started Googling Mr. Pavers, and could only find one review. After an hour online I couldn't find anything, and I was really worried about using a company I couldn't find anything on. Grahame came out to do the estimate. I was surprised at how much time he spent here explaining the process what was going to go on once they came out. None of the other companies did. The other companies did come out and give an estimate but said that we could talk about details later on. Grahame also brought samples of all the different products so that we could see them in our yard. He also gave the pros and cons of each different product. This was SO helpful! We got a few other estimates and finally decided to go with Mr. Pavers. I was worried about the work as I couldn't find much on them, but we only had to put $500 down and the rest was due upon completion and 100% satisfaction. On Wednesday Grahame said that the guys could be out to our house as early as Friday at 9am and that they would be done by Tuesday. On Friday, the crew showed up at 8:50a and Grahame did a walk through with the site manager and explained all the work that needed to be done. I was impressed at how fast and neatly the crew worked. Real amazement came on Monday as the crew started leveling and shaping the excavated area. They spent hours on their knees with the level making sure everything was PERFECT. The amazement continued when they started cutting and laying the pavers. The most beautiful part is the step that they put in! As one of the men put in the step, I realized what a skill masonry is. Every paver is perfectly cut, perfectly placed and perfectly laid! The work was completed on Tuesday as promised. On Wednesday, Grahame and the site manager came back to make sure everything was how we wanted it and to make sure we were happy with the job. No money was asked for until we were 100% happy! We are so happy with the work they did and the beautiful patio we have! We still need to do the side yard and walkway. We will be using Mr. Pavers again and would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking about putting in pavers.

Description of Work
We had a 23x22 patio and a 3x8 step installed using pavers in our backyard.

Category masonry, hardscaping

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