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A General Home Repairs

With Angi since October 2005


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213 Lakeview Ave

San Francisco, CA 94112


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Verified Reviews

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Manuel did a good job overall. The project took almost twice as long as he estimated. This was due to a variety of factors - difficult soil to dig in, Manuel having some other commitments for certain days and partial days, as well as I believe a general under-estimation of the work on his behalf. Through all these delays he was very patient, flexible, and continued to focus on quality. I also had Manuel do several small things related to the fence that were not originally included such as helping me move the lumber, disposing of some other debris, etc. He was very flexible and willing to do this (at additional cost). In the end, although the project had been fixed-cost, he expected additional payment due to it taking twice as long. On the one hand I understood he had not made the profit he expected and truly deserved from this project. On the other hand, it was a fixed-price job and I did not change the scope so it really wasn't my problem to compensate him for mis-estimating the time required. We ended up agreeing on some additional payment and probably we both had mixed feelings about how fair it was. I understood in detail how to build this slightly unusual (though not that bizarre) fence design and I provided Manuel detailed instructions and feedback throughout. Overall he did a good job and was patient and flexible. I would hire him again for future work but would be sure to clarify the nature of the price and work very very clearly.

Description of Work
Installed a modern-design fence on my property in San Francisco. Included removing existing fencing. One fence portion also served as a retaining wall. The new fence design was relatively tedious to install as it had exacting tolerances.

Category fencing



Matthew L.

The company gave me an initial consultation where we examined the door and decided what to do; then they purchased materials and came back and did the installation. They were friendly and professional throughout the process.

Description of Work
They installed new weatherstripping around my front door.

Category handyman service



Marlene M.

Installing the door necessitated removing the existing trim and reinstalling it. Most of the trim was reusable, but one narrow side piece had to be replaced. It rained hard immediately after the installation and the exterior caulking washed out. Manuel made two separate trips to the house to look at the problem and then, after some dry weather, to re-caulk. The stairs are sturdy, and fit into the footprint of the original stairs. Overall the work took longer than originally discussed, but weather was a factor.

Description of Work
Replaced exterior (back) door with pre-hung new door and new deadbolt lock set, rebuild back stairs. House built in 1928. The original estimate was to replace the door and repair the existing stairs, but after the door was installed we decided to rebuild rather than repair. The incremental cost was not that much relative to a repair and we figured that we wouldn't be needing to revisit the issue for a long time if we rebuilt.

Category contractors, handyman service, doors



Laura H.

I was really disappointed. Speaking with Manual on the phone, I was expecting someone with a lot of experience on plastering walls. After starting the job, he "warned" me that the wall might not hold our drapery rod. I felt like I could have done just as well or better doing the work myself.

Description of Work
Installed curtain rod, hung 2 Roman shades, installed 2 wall mounted night stands.

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response




Chaz B.

His price was a little high, but he did good and neat work.

Description of Work
He installed a radio that had to be mounted, earthquake proofed a TV cabinet, installed towel bar, installed a carbon monoxide alarm, installed a fire extinguisher and installed filters over the heating vents.

Category handyman service, heating & air conditioning/hvac, home theater design, home security systems



Nelda M.

Excellent, I was very impressed with Manuel.

Description of Work
I had a deck and some dry wall repair that was done by another contractor who left the job incomplete. I called Manuel Vargas, the owner, to complete the work that had not been completed. He came over that night, reviewed what needed to be done and gave me an estimate and arranged for a time to do the work. I did not end up using him because the original contractor came back to do the work left incomplete for me at no cost, but I was definitely impressed with Manuel's industry and professionalism. I will definitely use him in the future.

Category decks, drywall, handyman service



Preethi C.

They were fast, and very good! They did good, efficient work, and we are happy with their services.

Description of Work
They cut a countertop for us, and also replaced a plug unit.

Category countertops, electrician, handyman service




He was very responsible and did a good job at a very reasonable rate. He was very friendly. I've used him on two occasions. He has always done a good job.

Description of Work
He came out and installed a new door jam in the home, and put new Sheetrock in the bathroom.

Category handyman service



Christiane F.

From mediocre work at a very high fee to a very scary experience when Manuel left my house in the middle of a job that he was unable to complete. First, I liked his responsiveness and friendliness on the phone. But when I met him in person I had some doubts about his competence. I am not very handy myself (that's why I was looking for a handyman) but I know it should not take 11/2 hours to change a toilet seat and caulk two sides of a bathroom. However, I did pay the bill and asked him to return after I ordered some missing parts for my dishwashing machine and a honeycomb blind for my bedroom door. He stated that he knew how to change the blind. After he left I noticed that he missed part of the gaulking and that what he had completed was of mediocre quality so I decided not to complete a report and to address it with him when he came back. Our 2nd appt was today late afternoon. He did not seem too happy when I told him that the caulking was incomplete and some of it was poorly done. He stated that it was because he was unable to remove the old grout (which he said would have taken him 1/2 hour to do) so I volunteered to do it while he installed the blind. In the afternoon I had already taken down the old blind and prepared the area with all the parts needed. 15 minutes later when I finished removing the grout in the bathtub, the blind project was exactly where it was when he arrived. At that point I realized that he did not know how to do it so I had to tell him. He became very upset saying that he did not like pressure, and he stormed out of my home. In doing so, he ran into the screen door at the front door and broke it (this is a $500 door that was very recently installed). He tried unsuccessfully to fix it and then he became very agitated and accused me of having the door in the way so that he would have to fix it for free. He was so irrational and crazy that I actually told him to leave the screen alone. He stormed away telling me that I was a "very sneaky lady" and that he did not care if I reported him to Angie's list. His behavior was so out of control that I wonder whether I should report him to the police department.

Description of Work
Manuel changed a toilet seat cover and caulked two sides of a bathtub.

Category handyman service



John S.

No surprises, satisfied overall, but attention to detail was inconsistent. The stair railings were generally well built, but in one section they meet a post at different angles, not a huge deal but annoying considering that it was easily avoidable. The landing was nicely done, as was the fascia, although there Manuel had to redo some sloppy work performed by his assistant.

Description of Work
Rebuilt railings and landing of exterior staircase at rear of house. Replaced deteriorated sunroom roof fascia. Picked up required materials and removed all debris.

Category contractors



Doug B.

Manuel did all the work himself, as promised. The quality was excellent. The work took slightly longer than expected, but the quality and reliability was worth it.

Description of Work
Removed a loose toilet, replaced the subfloor and secured. Installed two new locks, an electric range hood, and a new power outlet. Patched drywall holes around a new heating duct. Fixed doors and doorknobs that did not work properly.

Category handyman service



celine B.

He was running late but called to let me know. He arrived, was polite, nice, quick. He seemed to really want to do the job right, and when the rods seemed to be a little bit low, he offered to redo it. Manuel didn't seem annoyed that I had him come over for such a small job, and was willing to pro-rate the second hour down as we only used 1 hour and 45 minutes. Oh, and he was super friendly with my 3 year old who kept showing him his bob the builder tools. I will definitely call him again.

Description of Work
Manuel came over to put up some curtain rods that I couldn't do properly, as well as some bathroom hardware.

Category handyman service




Excellent service and results through and through. I hesitated to call at first since it was such a small project. I have to agree with the previous reviews...there is no job too large or too small for Mr. Vargas.

Description of Work
Fixed front door lock so that it no longer jams into the metal plate. Fixed shower door so that it opens and closes easily while still maintaining a seal. Took a look at an electrical issue we are having and recommended an electrician (he also said he could do it, but it would take him much longer).

Category electrician, glass repair, handyman service, doors



Todd K.

Manuel did a great job. He's a very nice guy and a very hard worker. He's just a one-man operation, but he was able to do a job that another company wanted to charge me two men for. I would definitely consider hiring him again for any odd jobs I might have around the house that I'm just not handy enough for. (And believe me, there's a lot of those.)

Description of Work
Rebuilt a fence that had been torn down by a neighbor's tree. (This involved tearing down part of the old fence, installing a new fencepost and latticework, and reattaching a few beams that were off-kilter. Price includes materials.)

Category fencing



cherie C.

It went well. He is very versatile and very honest and very punctual. I liked that he kept checking in with me on the phone. He did what he said and was very efficient, clean, and considerate of the tenants.

Description of Work
Changed window glass, built a small deck, re-roofed a small roof, repaired old plumbing in bathtub, built a platform for the washer, rewired and replaced an old outdoor light, patched a hole in the wall.

Category decks, electrician, glass repair, handyman service, lighting, plumbing, roofing




I found Manuel via A's List and initially called him for some help with a few mystery leaks in my San Francisco building. He responded quickly and quoted an hourly rate of $65/hour. He provided good suggestions for upgrades, which he said he could do himself, that would be a long term resolution to the problems. His suggestions were right on; we agreed on a fixed fee plus the cost of materials. Later, he complained that I was unreasonably demanding when I requested receipts for the materials to reimburse him. Lapses in professionalism plagued this job. Frequently complaining about money and telling me he was near bankruptcy. Frequently crossing the line between personal and professional in his demeanor and involvement of his "feelings"; workday was often 10am- 3pm. He failed to show up for several days at a time; claimed he did all his work himself but then he farmed some of it out to lesser skilled workers whom he DID NOT supervise for days at a time.

Description of Work
- Repaired/rebuilt side roof and drainage system. - Sanded, primed, and painted some exterior walls. - Resolved mystery leaks. - Patched/repaired drywall where leak was. Note: Manuel DOES NOT have a contractor's license. We started work on January 15, 2005. The project was supposed to take 1-2 weeks plus 4 additional days of painting. Manuel finally finished on April 1!

Category drywall, plumbing, remodeling, house painters




He came over and looked at the 3 jobs and told me it would be around 6 hours at $55 per hour. I thought this too be a little expensive and I told him that. But I agreed to try him out. He got great grades on Angies list and showed up on time to give me the verbal estimate. We set up a Saturday am start time which he did arrived for. So far so good. He then said that the 6 hour estimate was a minimum price and if he finished in less time I would still owe him the 6 hour of compensation($330). I told him that was not what he told me during the estimate walk thru day, but I agreed to proceed anyway. Telling him if he finished before our NOW minimum 6 hours that I would have him do a few more things to take us to the 6 hour mark. He said that would be extra. I called him on his changing the agreement, and his logic of charging me for 6 hours and not staying for 6 hours. He then looked at me sternly and walked out of the house. He does not operate honestly.

Description of Work
Manual came to my house and we walked thru the 3 simple projects. He showed up the day of the project and raised his rate on the spot. When I questioned him on this illogic and deception, he walked out of the job before beginning it. I believe him to be dishonest and a scammer. Sorry. I don't know how he scored so high with others. He did all the unpaid part of showing up to estimating and showing up the day of doing the work, which makes no sense. Don't flake out at the moment that you can start making money. Lame and unprofessional.

Category handyman service




Everything went well according to the Tenant and she was pleased with his work. The job was done in the amount of time that it was originally estimated.

Description of Work
Tenant called informing me that there was a small leak under the kitchen sink. I called Manuel and he returned my phone call within a few hours. Arrangements were then made by the tenants for a scheduled appointment time. The tenants told me he was initially delayed, but called to say he was running late. Tenant said that he did a good job, explained what he was doing and was very courteous.

Category plumbing




I was VERY concerned that this was too much work for one person (but Manuel understood I had a budget I was working within). I offered to be 2nd person assist but within minutes it was clear Manuel had a safe plan of attack. I am pleased with the work performed. Manuel was on time and had all necessary tools for the job. I am giving a price rating of "good" because I truly felt the price quoted was fair---I don't know if I'd give anyone an "A" unless it really was a rock bottom price.

Description of Work
I had a 4'x5' mirror in my bathroom that was mounted too high for me to use functionally. I had several people come out to give me estimates/advice. Everyone told me the mirror couldn't be saved (I would have LOVED to just re-locate that mirror). Once the mirror was down I needed to have someone remove some molding on the same wall and then wanted to have the wall surface repaired/made ready for me to paint. Manuel's quote was most reasonable. I was VERY concerned that this was too much work for one person and offered to be 2nd person assist but within minutes it was clear Manuel had a safe plan of attack. I am pleased with the work performed.

Category handyman service



Beth C.

Manuel showed up on-time. His work can be characterized by the following: 1. Careful with his repairs (put down protective paper, takes his time in approaching the problem to minimize damage to surroundings when removing doors, frames, etc.) 2. Communicative. When he ran into unexpected hurdles, he found me and explained what he will try to do. 3. Problem solver. My repair jobs involved dealing with original doors, windows, and hardware of a 1930s house. Manuel had to come up with solutions to fix my problems without replacing or compromising the doors and windows. The only complaint I have was that the work took much longer than he estimated (6 hours instead of 3). The jobs were more challenging than he anticipated. With that said, he actually worked closer to 8 hours but charged me for 6. I will hire him again for other jobs around the house but will ask for more accurate time assessment (for his and my sake).

Description of Work
Manuel did the following repairs: 1. Fixed my front door with a cracked door frame. Repaired and painted part of the wall that was affected. 2. Fixed a leaky wood window by first diagnosing the problem then coming up with a solution. 3. Fixed a set of French doors that don't close properly.

Category handyman service




Manuel is truly a house-saver. Not only did he keep me updated on his arrival time (he was only five minutes late), he was nice, had great attention to detail, cleaned up afterwords, and was great with all the little and big things I needed done to the house we just moved into. In fact, when something I installed fell down ten minutes after he left, he came back to do it right without any hesitation and saved my day. In fact, I am writing this review as I get ready to call him again for a second round of fixes and installations.

Description of Work
Installing: towel bars, storm flaps on doors (he actually took down the door and shaved the bottom off for the perfect fit), and closet shelves. He hung a 30lb mirror and other heavy art (still hanging!), and so many little things I can't even remember...

Category closet systems, handyman service, woodworking




Manuel did a great job and he was very pleasant to work with . I thought the price was very good and I would use him again. I did have some trouble getting them to send me an invoice, but besides that everything else was great.

Description of Work
They repaired the drywall in a couple of different places in our home.

Category drywall




Appointment available quickly, arrived on time, fast assessment of work needed and did an excellent job of installing and grouting replacement tiles. Good clean-up when finished. Hardly can tell any tiles were replaced!

Description of Work
Replaced bathroom tiles previously removed to perform plumbing work.

Category ceramic tile, handyman service




I called the number on a Friday and Manuel returned my call that evening setting up an appointment for Sat. at 4:30 p.m. He informed me his rate was $65/hr. Knowing that there was 1 posting on Angies that reported him as a no-show, I called him at 4:40 to check if he was still coming. He said he would be there at 5 p.m. At 5:15 I called him and he assured me he was on his way. I stepped out and got a sandwich for dinner and brought him back one to - if he ever showed. At this point I was desperate because the house was being turned over to the new owners and these repairs were in our 6 Manuel showed up, ate his sandwich and went to work - at this point, two fixtures were outside and now it was dark so it made them difficult to see. I held the shop light for most of the time, picked up the screws he dropped and cleaned up the two light bulbs he dropped and broke. For 2 hours work ($130) he wanted 200 (because the work was risky, "he could have dropped a light fixture").

Description of Work
Manuel replaced the light bulbs in three fixtures and put a new receiver in a kitchen ceiling fan.

Category handyman service, lighting, ceiling fans




Manuel came over when he said he would. We walked through the house and he took notes on all the different jobs. He was eager to have the work, it seemed, and thoughtful about his suggestions and ideas. He came when scheduled and did all the different jobs. It took him a little bit longer than he predicted (he thought 2 days, and it took 2 and a half days), but he didn't change his estimated price and everything was done well and thoroughly.

Description of Work
We're moving into a new house and had a handful of jobs: cleaning the gutters, building a door from the garage to the house, fixing a different door, replacing a window, building a banister, fixing a cabinet, removing an old PGE box on the side of the house.

Category contractors, gutter cleaning, handyman service, replacement windows

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