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Appliance Rescue Service

Founded 1983 • With Angi since July 2004


(178) Verified Reviews

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12975 Brookprinter Pl Ste 200

Poway, CA 92064


With over 25 years experience, we pride ourselves on Superior Service! All repair technicians meet the highest levels of performance — State licensed, factory trained and certified to work on today's complex brands of refrigerators, stoves, ovens, microwaves, ice makers, washers and dryers. Each technician is individually licensed and fully insured for your protection. DBA: Appliance Rescue, 800 Appliance Inc. DBA web address: Additional location: 3540 W, Sahara Avenue #267, Las Vegas, NV 89102. Factory Trained, Factory Authorized Service Provider for Whirlpool, Maytag, Jennair, Kitchenaid, Amana, Roper, Estate, General Electric, Samsung, Haier and other major brands. Factory Service provided by Licensed Employees Only. No Subcontractors. ...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


steven C.

I was a little shocked at the price for both the part and the service call. The guy was pretty responsive. They were here when they said they would be. He was very good.

Description of Work
I used Appliance Rescue for appliance repair. I have had a refrigerator door and I had an oven.

Category appliance repair




We got them from Angie's List. We've used them before and they were always great.

Description of Work
AC cleaning and serviced

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Gail C.

When you call 1-800-APPLIANCE also known as Appliance Rescue, you are sent whomever they contact as your repair person. Your repair person does not work for this company but is an independent contractor. When you call to talk about billing, you get switched to Accurate Bookkeeping Service. The repair person did a fine job. However, their pricing is out of the ball park to say the least. They do not charge by the hour, and their fees are exorbitant for the service they provide. We had one dryer light bulb and one door switch replaced which took all of maybe 20 minutes and cost under $50 for both and were charged over $200 for the call. Labor was billed at $169 which didn't match the suggested estimate given us. All in all, it was a total rip off. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Description of Work
We had a dryer door switch replaced and also a light bulb inside the dryer. Took all of 20 minutes. When you call for either an appointment or to talk about billing, you get switched to Accurate Bookkeeping Service.

Category appliance repair



Virginia H.

Courteous contact., but they only do major appliances, not small

Description of Work
Small kitchen appliance repair.

Category small appliance repair



Mindi D.

If they wanted to, they could have said, "Sure." The guy was very helpful and said, "Look, it's going to cost as much to buy a new one as it would to repair this." So they didn't do the work. I only paid a small service fee or something and then they ended up not doing the work and I bought a new washer. But, I appreciated that. They could have had me repair it. They could have had me repair it seven times and I would have, on their advice, but they were honest. As a matter of fact, we left their magnet on our refrigerator.

Description of Work
I wanted to know if they would repair my washer.

Category appliance repair



Terri Lee T.

Kitchen Aid Fridge stopped cooling so I called the 800 number in the Refrigerator manual, and these people at the Kitchen Aid phone number connected me to Appliance Rescue for service. First appointment offered was a week out, then, suddenly, they had a next day appointment, which was good. Was told that it was $69.95 to come out, which is credited toward the entire bill. Ok, I took off work, cause no one works nights or weekends anymore--service was performed and invoice written on the spot. Replaced was an electrical switch device, small white plastic box which sits behind the panel in the back of the fridge near the compressor. Part charge $90, tax, $7.somthing, and labor $140. Repair took less than 5 minutes, but repairman hung out for 30 minutes or so to be sure it was working. All was fine till I asked, as politely and gently as possible, where/how did they/he arrive at the $140 charge. They seem to take offense at asking this. Repairman said, well I can charge $120, $140, $180 or whatever depending on what I do. So is it an hourly rate, a flat fee or is the fee associated with the part, are there standard charges? Anyway I guess a customer is just supposed to not ask, or assume it's legit, or whatever but I was accused of making him "feel like" the charge was inappropriate. He became defensive and I kept saying, "I'm just asking a question about how the amount is determined". the fridge seemed to have a rattling noise I have never noticed before, (same house, same fridge 11.5 years). Thought maybe there was something loose in there after the repair, so asked them to come back out. was told everything was okay and he was surpri ed I had never heard it before (guess it was me). then the repairman accused me of calling him out on this call to explain the charges, which I assured him I did not do, I really did call because I heard a new rattle, and heard it all the way from the family room. Anyway I explained I just wanted to understand where the $140 labor came from, he didn't understand my question, so I re-worded, how did he arrive at the $140 charge, he then still didn't understand what I was asking, so I said how did you get/arrive at the $140 charge. he said It was labor, I said I see that (part, tax, labor, I get that) just wondered if he can charge what he wants, or it there's standard charges, hourly rates, what? A very uncomfortable situation, the repairman was defensive and seemed angry but he couldn't give me a plausible explanation, till I asked, is it just a flat rate charge, he said yes. So I guess you get charged according to whatever they want to charge.

Description of Work
Kitchen Aid Fridge stopped cooling --a changeout of a small white plastic switch device fixed it.

Category appliance repair



Lara J.

My dad caled a random appliance repair company that charged us over $500 for a repair that didn't fix the oven. Eric, from Appliance Rescue, quickly diagnosed the real issue and had us back in business in no time. Not only did they repair the oven, they identified that the previous repair was not necessary enabling us to go after reimbursement. Great service provider. Arrived within the window specified and affordable. My family would highly recommend.

Description of Work
Replaced oven temp sensor.

Category appliance repair




The next week I called to find out what was going on because they did not contact me. They told me the part was on back order and it would be 6 weeks before they could fix it! So, I checked with the manufacturer and another supplier and found that they both had the part in stock! I wouldn't be recommending these people to anyone since they aren't truthful and they don't follow through.

Description of Work
This vendor uses 1-800-appliance also. That's who I called and they came out. They charged me 75.00 for the service call for which they were supposed to diagnose the problem with my washer. The man just looked at it, never even pulled it out to do any testing or anything and said it needed a new user interface which would cost $300.00! He left to order it saying it would take a couple of days.

Category appliance repair



Leonard R.

This vendor uses more than one name on here so beware. 1-800-Appliance and Appliance Rescue. Notice the same phone number, they didn't do anything for us, yet charged us $110. Ridiculous. Waste of money and time, look elsewhere!

Description of Work
Supposedly to work on a dryer.

Category appliance repair



Michelle E.

As I said before, it worked. If it didn't, then I was to call him back!

Description of Work
I called this company, and instead of driving out, we spoke about my dryer problem. I have a new dryer, and it wasn't drying. He suggested that I unhook the vent tube, and see if my dryer worked. It did. So I had to call another service to clean my dryer vent. I really appreciated the phone call!

Category appliance repair



Norman J.

showed up promptly and made necessary repair

Description of Work
repaired refrigerator

Category appliance repair



Mary M.

I was very pleased with the service. They installed a Maytag washer and dryer. One technician came out. He was on time and very helpful. The pricing was reasonable. I had no problem scheduling the service or contacting the company.

Description of Work
They installed a new washer and dryer for us.

Category appliance repair



Sam B.

This was a warranty service on a new refrigerator, so I was not the payer. But the way I was treated by the customer service personnel and by the technician when he arrived, there was no doubt that I was the customer. Scott T. called to let me know he was running late (5 minutes). He was personable and friendly, quickly found the problem and was able to fix it immediately, When my refrigerator was installed, the installers had to wedge it in because of the baseboards. Scott was able to get the fridge out of the space, and even offered to remove the baseboard from one side to improve the way the fridge fit. (The baseboard looked nice when the space was new and empty, but really served no purpose once the fridge was installed.) He took meticulous care removing the baseboard in order to not damage it or the wall. This was all above and beyond what was necessary to fix the fridge but was important to make things easier for me in the future should I have any other issues with the appliance, and Scott took care of it enthusiastically. I kept Scott's card, and when/if I have another issue with any appliance, I'll be calling Appliance Rescue Service--they know what they're doing!

Description of Work
Replaced the condenser in my refrigerator.

Category appliance repair



Mark D.

It looked good. The refrigerator wasn't repairable. They gave me an estimate of $700. They were on time. They were efficient and nice. They were good.

Description of Work
They came out to check our refrigerator. They gave me an estimate.

Category appliance repair



Jane S.

They were on time, very polite, very professional and respectful. On the first visit they correctly diagnosed the problem and a couple days later returned with the part. It was a care-free interaction.

Description of Work
Fixed water leak in refrigerator with new water valve.

Category appliance repair, plumbing



Steve C.

Knew what he was doing. Immediately disassembled the grinder unit and cleaned it to see if that was the cause of the noise. But it was pretty obvious it was the motor. Then he saved us money by ordering a complete section (motor, grinder, drain sifter) which was cheaper than just the motor order. I was impressed he could do this with a mobile device. He also noticed a support lock missing when installing the new unit, which I had found after our kitchen remodel (I didn't know what it was, just found it on the floor by the dishwasher). All these years it worked w/o that support lock (one of three) because the original contractor was careless. Anyway, I retrieved the piece, he locked it in and it's been working great (and even quieter than before) for over a year. Too bad this particular service agent was moving to Washington state. But appliance rescue has also fixed our washing machine (many years ago) with similar great results.

Description of Work
replaced motor assembly for dishwasher

Category appliance repair, plumbing



Karen G.

They overcharged me. I was quoted $60. They charged me $80.

Description of Work
Refrigerator Repair.

Category appliance repair, small appliance repair



Stephen W.

I would recommend them to others. They are easy to work with, efficient and the pricing was also reasonable. I have no warnings on them.

Description of Work
They fixed a dryer issue in the fridge.

Category appliance repair



Karen M.

Scheduler first told me couldn't set apt. before Friday. After a brief conversation about specific problem, she told me that, in fact, she could schedule for Thursday between 3 and 5 pm. Today she called and said that they couldn't keep the appointment and would be unable to send someone until Monday, June 23, 2014. No explanation was given for the late notification of cancellation nor why their serviceman would not be available until Monday.

Description of Work
failed to come.

Category appliance repair



Deborah H.

They were very polite and helpful. On time and very reasonably priced. They were very efficient.

Description of Work
Did an inspection on a broken clothes washer.

Category appliance repair




Terrible. The repairman was professional and in my opinion very good at his job. He explained everything to me and was going to order a new, warrantied part through LG. I was called by his company the next day to say they would not do warranty work on LG due to a new contractual obligation they have with another manufacturer. I had asked if they cover LG work when originally setting up the appointment to have my washer fixed. They said yes. They did not tell me they wouldn't fix a warrantied part. Amazing. So I was left with a major broken part (rotor assembly) sitting atop the washer and had to call another company to come out and do the work...which, a week and a half later am still waiting for the part from LG. I demanded my money back from Appliance Rescue but only got back the labor cost, not the $69 service call charge. Very disappointed in a business that wasn't up front about what they would and wouldn't do.

Description of Work
removed broken part

Category appliance repair



Troy D.

He new specifically about the problem our dryer was having. It would not spin. hew was able to get it going without any parts. Good job!

Description of Work
Repaired Dryer

Category appliance repair



Julie T.

Technician evaluated our washer and advised the repair would be $826 plus shipping for the parts and $250 labor to install in a written estimate. We procured the 4 required parts for the repair from Whirlpool. The same technician returned to install the parts on 4/30/14. He installed 2 of our new parts, threw one in the garbage and took (stole) the 4th part (about $100 value). Also at that time tried to charge us $350 for the labor. I discussed the problem with Anthony their Office Manger. He advised that the technician reports that the part he stole was broken. I had examined all the parts when we received them and did not find any damage. Why would the technician have started the repair if this part was broken? He went on to advise the reason the technician took the part was that he did not want to burden us with having to dispose of the part. This statement has no credibility since the technician left the two large heavy parts removed from our washer in the middle of our garage. Since then the technician has returned the stolen part and it is now damaged. This same company also operates under

Description of Work
Service was referred to us by Whirlpool as a factory certified repair service to repair a Duet washer.

Category appliance repair



Dave S.

They do factory authorized appliance service. The first time the guy came in the technician was excellent. We had a problem with a warranty purchase that came with this property. He came in and was excellent. He also found something else that was wrong and he fixed that also. It didn't cost us anything because it was under warranty. They guy I had was a wizard, he was a rocket scientist. He worked fast and was excellent. No time wasting, just in and out bang, he knew what to do. He repaired the microwave oven. He knew exactly what the problem was as soon as he popped open the panel. He knew exactly what to look for and he was in and out of here in 15 minutes. It was not only good for us but it was good for his bosses. I was very impressed. I liked that it was quick and effective. He was so good at what he does, he is so experienced, that when he popped the panel back, he knew what the problem was and he fixed it. He said it is very common in microwave ovens. He resolder and reconnected it and then he noticed a problem with the door that we didn't notice and so he brought us a new door. If we had a problem I wouldn't hesitate to call him. I don't know what it would cost if it wasn't under warranty.

Description of Work
I last used Appliance Rescue Service a few weeks ago to do a replacement on a factory defect.

Category appliance repair



Carol S.

I called on Tuesday the 11th of March at 1:00 pm, and they had a tech to my home by 4:00pm that same day. I received outstanding service from my technician, and he was extremely professional. I would highly recommend this company for all appliance repairs and will definitely use them again, if so needed.

Description of Work
Maytag Dryer needed to be repaired.

Category appliance repair

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    Appliance repair.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Appliance Rescue Service

    How is Appliance Rescue Service overall rated?

    Appliance Rescue Service is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

    What days are Appliance Rescue Service open?

    Appliance Rescue Service is open:

    Monday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Thursday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Friday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Saturday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    What payment options does Appliance Rescue Service provide

    Appliance Rescue Service accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    Does Appliance Rescue Service offer free estimates?

    No, Appliance Rescue Service does not offer free project estimates.

    Does Appliance Rescue Service offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Appliance Rescue Service does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Appliance Rescue Service offer a senior discount?

    No, Appliance Rescue Service does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Appliance Rescue Service?

    Yes, Appliance Rescue Service offers warranties.

    What services does Appliance Rescue Service offer?

    Appliance Rescue Service offers the following services: Appliance repair.