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Genesis Stoneworks

Founded 1993 • With Angi since May 2009


(37) Verified Reviews

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8715 W Los Angeles Ave

Moorpark, CA 93021


Genesis Stoneworks has been in business since 1993 and has quietly grown to become the largest interlocking paving company in California. Genesis Stoneworks provides the highest quality installation with genuine care about how we treat our customers. Our reference list speaks loudly and clearly. We provide punctual, professional, quality installation with absolute integrity to our customers....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


vicki S.

Genesis provided excellent quality work done quickly by a big team of skilled workers. I had a very small job, done very well. I was lucky to have used them. Dan gave me a very fair price, compared with other estimates. I recommend their work!

Description of Work
two small dirt spaces on side of house and in front of garage studio

Category concrete repair, masonry, hardscaping



Carolyn H.

The estimate process was very good with them.

Description of Work
Very small driveway. Size of 2 cars side by side.

Category concrete driveways



E C.

This company did an absolutely terrible job for me. We had numerous problems with delays, incorrect installation ( in some cases the same issue multiple times), poor communication and a complete lack of caring or even a simple apology. This company does not communicate amongst its own employees which resulted in our repeated issues. I can speak from over 20 years of construction experience that this company is very poorly managed all the way to the top and this results in greatly inconvenienced customers and a complete lack of caring from the company all the way to the top. Please do yourself a huge favor and hire a different contractor, you will be glad you did.

Description of Work
Paver Patio and patio cover

Category hardscaping



Debbie B.

The rep from Genesis Stoneworks was very reliable and answered lots of questions via text messages (our preferred method of communicating). We have paid a 10% deposit and have a tentative start date of August 14th to replace driveway, and both front walksways and front porch with pavers.

Description of Work
Replacing driveway and frontyard walks with pavers

Category concrete repair, hardscaping



Steven F.

If you're thinking about hiring Genesis Stoneworks...DONT!!!! I did and i am so sorry, They sell you the world. They have no employees of their own, they hire outside contractors and crews some they have never worked with before, to demo, replace, and beautify your home. How much care and respect do you think a fly by night contractor has in your project? , they want to get paid, and move on to the next job. I had nothing but issues from day 1, and continue to have multiple issues, so many issues, it almost seems too hard to believe. Or it could make for a very funny sitcom, as long as it's not your money your spending. They do not back their warranty, oh they will send out a project manager to inspect the issues and your complaint, and then they turn around and ask you to sign a change order. They won't "gauge you" , they will be reasonable as long as you don't ask for anything to be covered under their warranty, and you're willing to spend more money. I strongly urge you to go with another company, unless of course you want a walkway that leads into a flower bed.

Description of Work
I replaced my driveway with Pavers

Category concrete driveways, pavers, gravel, hardscaping




Initially, everything looked fine. However we, to this day, are dealing with weeds and grass growing in between the paving stones. It has gotten progressively worse over the years. Genesis did not install polymeric joint sand, nor did they offer it to us. Our backyard looks like a jungle if we do not constantly pull, pluck and spray the grass and weeds growing among the stones. Too bad they decided to save money and skip this important step in the installation. We are having to deal with the aftermath. When we asked why they didn't use the polymeric joint sand, Dan, the salesman told us that it wasn't available back in 2011! We have since found out that's not true from the other companies we consulted. No wonder why we passed on using them a second time for more work. We chose another company to have more work done that we are very pleased with. Please see review on MB Paving.

Description of Work
Removed soil and weeds from backyard, graded soil and installed paving stones and drains.

Category concrete driveways, landscaping, hardscaping



Cindy P.

The work started on schedule and was completed on schedule. There were few items that needed to be redone but those were handled quickly and to our satisfaction.

Description of Work
Removal of concrete in driveway, and backyard. This areas was done with pavers; additionally a walkway to the front door was also done with pavers

Category concrete driveways, landscaping, hardscaping



Lolita Y.

Wonderful! I couldn't be happier. Chad was great Miguel supervising the job is beyond great, wants to make me happy, answers all my questions, the workers are pleasant, respectful and works at a good pace to insure the job is being done corrently.

Description of Work
Installing wall to wall pavers with sealant in 1676 square feet

Category hardscaping



Pat J.

they came ontime and did the work well. I was happy with the results

Description of Work
Installed Paving Stones in double driveway

Category concrete driveways, pavers, gravel, driveway pavers, hardscaping



patricia H.

Chad was excellent - professional and cordial. Especially appreciated was the fact that sample paving stones would have been delivered to the location - it's extremely difficult to judge the color/design of the stones when seeing them at the manufacturing plant. Price was clearly in line with several other bids for a nearly exact job. One of the paving stone manufacturers recommended Genesis. In process of making a decision, though I will more likely go with a company that will povide visual plan (finally figured out that's exactly what I need to go forward). If I were to do another project, Genesis would definitely be at the top of my list.

Description of Work
Provided concepts for backyard patio paving stone project.

Category hardscaping, patios



Don G.

Overall very well. This was my first time having pavers installed so I don't have a point of reference. All I know is that I am very satisfied with the results. These guys kept me informed as we went along. A few minor issues that were resolved to my satisfaction. Value for money A++. I worked with Roger Goodman who is the president of the Company. I would definitely use them again.

Description of Work
Removed asphalt covering 4400 ft driveway, leveled, topcoating and finished with pavers of five sizes. Installed new drains and provided conduits for future use

Category driveway pavers, hardscaping



Janet E.

The estimate was broken down for each job. She also explained to me how the work would be done. The price was a little high but I may have Genesis complete some of the work in the future.

Description of Work
Verva arrived on time and she was very professional. She listened to what I wanted for my backyard and she gave me an estimate.

Category hardscaping



Myrna B.

We were going to put up vinyl fencing around the yard and Alan Feder said,"You don' need to spend the money. Your wall is good shape. Just keep the wall and doing it around the wall." He wasn't pushy. I loved that. He's going to come put lattice on our stone wall this Friday if we can get our wall straightened. I was also going to put pavers in the front part of the yard and he suggested to put grass in, saying it would be prettier and less expensive to put in grass. He recommended that as opposed to putting in all blocks. I had thought about another thing while we were on the phone and he redesigned that particular section without a problem. He's very flexible and easy to work with.

Description of Work
Alan Feder came to give a estimate on putting up a vinyl fence and also some landscaping and some stonework.

Category fencing, landscaping, masonry, hardscaping



Myer S.

Excellent. The saleswoman did a great job planning, picking flagstone, and color cement, and design, then the work was done timely and systemically from removal of old driveway, to building infrastructure with re-bar, to pouring and sharing. The workman were very skilled and professional.

Description of Work
Demolished concrete driveway and replaced it with new one.

Category concrete driveways



denise D.

I got the estimate. the job started when they said it would and was done ahead of time

Category hardscaping



David T.

Dan, the sales lead, could not have been more helpful. We actually got several quotes, and Genesis came right in the middle. The way Dan described the work to be done was thorough, and matched what we believed to be the right steps to do the job right. Dan was gracious enough to meet us in the evenings, after work, to get the paperwork signed so that we can get the job started quickly. The challenge to was match the pavers to the new driveway to the house's existing backyard driveway and patio, which was replaced with paverstones about 10 years ago. That particular style of paver stones are no longer being manufactured. Dan spent extra time calling different suppliers to try and find a match, and dropped off samples several nights in a row, and even helped advise us on which ones would work best. We couldn't find the exact match, but he came very close. The team that worked on our driver was terrific too. The entire demolition, sand pack, and pavers took 3 days. The guys worked really meticulously, and the worksite was left as neat and clean as possible every night. We asked for some flower borders to be built as a part of the job, and for the driveway to bank slightly away from the house to help channel the water away from the foundation. Dan and the crew listened to our requests and did their very best to accommodate them. Some of the older pavers were also loosening, and the team repaired what they could, at no additional charge. The entire job was lovely and well done. We got compliments from neighbors and passer-bys for weeks. I am very pleased with the work completed by Genesis Stoneworks and would recommend them.

Description of Work
We had a long driveway with badly cracked and potholed concrete that had to be replaced with paver stones to match another portion of a backyard driveway/patio.

Category pavers, gravel, hardscaping



Jason R.

Genesis Stoneworks gave us a thorough quote for pavers. They were very helpful.

Description of Work
I got a quote from Genesis Stoneworks for pavers for the backyard.

Category hardscaping



Marilyn M.

Our unhappiness is the minute Genesis got the money, they have been unbelievably hard to deal with. The stone has become stained with a white colored something. We called to get information on what we could do and what it might be. We only get put off. Someone is always going to call us or they will drop by and take a look, and that never happens. We have been calling almost since we had the driveway put in so that we could find the drain clean out. Again all promises and no action. We had to go and dig up some on the drive way to find the drain clean out. The clean out was in the plans that they drew up for the job so they had the information. It would have only been a minute to fax us the information or come by and show us where the clean out was. All we got was lies about we can come by and handle that, we can get that information to you or let me call someone for you. Nothing ever happened and every time we called all we got was more of the same lies. To this date we are still trying to get Genesis to help us figure out what is going on with the product they sold us. We just want to clean up the mess that has become so ugly on the paving stones. We have checked with other paving companies trying to find a way to restore the once beautiful driveway we had, but when we do speak to someone at Genesis we are told "oh, don't use that or don't do anything until we get in contact with the stone makers". We are not getting anywhere with the driveway stones just like we got no where with the finding the clean out. Customer service for this company is really bad once they are paid. They are always nice while they are screwing you.

Description of Work
We found Genesis at a home show. We liked the looks of their work and had them come for an estimate. They did our driveway and front porch. It was a beautiful color and the "working" guys did a great job. They did some wonderful options with the gutters and the clean out that was in a horrible place. The job started on time and they worked on a schedule except one day when it was discovered that the wrong color had been delivered as part of the order. They went to another job in our area and returned when the correct color of pavers was delivered. They fixed the driveway with a very nice solution for the drain-pipe and the work done on the front porch was excellent. They cleaned up after themselves and only left behind there company advertising sign, which they said they would pick up and never did. The work was beautiful. Then we paid them.

Category pavers, gravel, hardscaping



eran P.

This group was unresponsive, frustrating, and I would not recommend them to anyone. First off: Even though I was told I was getting a crew from the valley, they sent one from Ventura (I'm in woodland hills). The crew had also had a job go awry in camarillo, so the project manager was seldom at my house and his crew were lazy and rude. Every day at lunch when I came home to see progress, they were asleep under a tree. On day 3 of the job, their tractor broke down and it wasn't replaced for a week. They sold me on redoing my gate rails, and the crew had no idea what to do. The sales rep and company managers did not return my calls, I was close to throwing them out, but was on a deadline to move in. *** DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. my 7 day project took 3 completely frustrating weeks, and they did a lousy job.

Description of Work
I had genesis redo a circular driveway with paver stones

Category hardscaping



Dennis D.

It turned out great. The price was competitive.

Description of Work
Genesis Stoneworks is a paving contractor we used in April. They paved the driveway and the patio.

Category hardscaping



Eric S.

I started a $25,000 backyard remodel project by calling out Paving Stone companies to give ideas and estimates. I spoke with Angela at Genesis, and made an appointment for Steve to come out to the house 2 days later at 8:30 in the morning. At 9:00 on the day Steve was to be at my house, I called Angela to see what the problem was, because Steve was a no-show. She said she would find out and call me right back. Instead, I got a call from some guy (not Steve) who said he'd been called out to an emergency for a big job in Malibu and couldn't get to my house for another couple of hours. He wanted to know if I wanted him to come out when he was through or reschedule for another day. I thanked him for the call and declined to have him come over when he could or set another appointment. Neither Angela, the guy who called me, or anyone else from Genesis ever explained how they could fail to keep an appointment and not call in advance of the appointment time about needing to reschedule. Since they thought it was fine to make appointments and not keep them or communicate before they broke their committment (when they clearly could have), I thought that same poor sense of responsibility would just keep repeating itself if I were to make another appointment with them or, perhaps worse, hire them and count on them to do what they promised ... when they promised...for the price they promised. If you can't keep an appointment, you call and say so before the appointment to show respect and reasonable courtesey for other people's time. If you can't do that, I'm not interested.

Description of Work
None. I didn't hire them.

Category hardscaping



Henry T.

I was impressed by the price of the paving stone estimate. Regular contractors quoted me tens of thousands more for just the driveway using stamped concrete. The fact that this company's business is gorgeous paving stones, I took the chance. Work turned out spectacular, and I get comments from neighbors, delivery people on the quality of the work. When the workers missed the sand pounding of a few pavers, they were quickly dispatched within 2 days to correct the work.

Description of Work
Demolished my old asphalt driveway, removed an old flagstone landing in back yard. Installed multicolored interlocking paving stones in I-pattern for the entire driveway, for front path and porch, and for a path in the backyard leading from garage to deck and garden. Built large rectangular 2-ft high stone gardening area.

Category driveway pavers, hardscaping



Curtis H.

Worked with Roger Hill who returned multiple times to help with color of stone, design of porch and front yard. Gave references and we were able to check previous jobs in bay area. Even set up meeting to visit paving stone company to see layouts so my wife could pick colors. Roger was great to work with and confident in the quality of work and the company. Big crew, showed up on time everyday took 4 days. They had heavy equipment and they did a great job. Roger's follow-up and attention to detail really sealed the deal. I now have an awesome no maintancence front yard.

Description of Work
New front yard, removed driveway and path to gate on one side of the house. Installed paving stone side path, driveway path to porch and porch. Installed artificial grass in front yard and down other side of house. Basically from gate to gate, new front of our house

Category landscaping, pavers, gravel, hardscaping



Mary H.

I was very satisfied with the construction crew. They did a wonderful job. I am very happy. The stonecutters did a really great job.

Description of Work
They put in a whole new driveway of pavers. The job took 3 1/2 weeks.

Category pavers, gravel




I would call them if I decide to do a big job like a driveway.

Description of Work
I called to get an estimate for some brickwork. I got a call back within about 30 minutes. The man explained that their minimum job size was $4,000 but he was very polite and helpful.

Category masonry

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    Services Offered

    Hardscaping, Paving Stones, Retaining Walls, Artificial Turf, Irrigation, & Waterscapes. Vinyl Fences.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Genesis Stoneworks

    How is Genesis Stoneworks overall rated?

    Genesis Stoneworks is currently rated 4.3 overall out of 5.

    What days are Genesis Stoneworks open?

    Genesis Stoneworks is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    Thursday: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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    What payment options does Genesis Stoneworks provide

    Genesis Stoneworks accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check

    Does Genesis Stoneworks offer free estimates?

    Yes, Genesis Stoneworks offers free project estimates.

    Does Genesis Stoneworks offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Genesis Stoneworks does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Genesis Stoneworks offer a senior discount?

    Yes, Genesis Stoneworks offers a 5% senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Genesis Stoneworks?

    Yes, Genesis Stoneworks offers warranties.

    What services does Genesis Stoneworks offer?

    Genesis Stoneworks offers the following services: Hardscaping, Paving Stones, Retaining Walls, Artificial Turf, Irrigation, & Waterscapes. Vinyl Fences.