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Julian Construction Inc

Founded 2000 • With Angi since July 2006


(65) Verified Reviews

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2900 W Jefferson Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90018


Julian Construction was formed in 1994, & our focus has always been on building foundations, doing repair, replacement, earthquake retrofitting, & house leveling. We have inspected over 16,500 foundations. Our affordability comes from the efficiency of expertise & smooth running crews. All equipment & vehicles are company owned. From start to finish, licensed & expert managers oversee all projects, ensuring perfection, timeliness & safety....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Sallie P.

They had a very respectful crew, were on time, and were very professional. They do not ask for a lot of money up front and are very very honest. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Description of Work
They retrofitted my rear building and there was nothing underneath holding the house up. They rebuilt that and did an excellent job.

Category remodeling, earthquake retrofitting



Edyta B.

We originally contacted Julian Constructions to get a quote for foundation retrofitting. All was fine until the appraisal came, and they requested HALF payment on the day work started. Contractors state license board in CA states that they cannot ask for more than 10% or $1000. When questioned, they said its not a deposit. In addition - they also claim they will accept payment from EBB on your behalf, but that is not really the case considering they want half payment upfront. I would not recommend them.

Description of Work
Do not recommend.

Category foundation repair



Glenn I.

I requested an inspection and estimate for upgrading of the foundation/sill bolting to obtain a California Earthquake Authority (CEA) Hazard Reduction Discount on our Earthquake Insurance Policy. Julian Construction provided us with a complete foundation inspection and provided us with their recommendation for foundation sill bolt reinforcement work and the associated cost estimate. We then scheduled the construction for a couple months later. Julian Construction prepared drawings and obtained the required City permits, and performed the work as promised. The retrofit work went very smoothly and it was completed in less that two days. Julian Construction returned after the Labor Day Holiday to receive the City's Final Inspection/Acceptance. Julian's Forman and carpenters were very courteous and professional and they provided us with before and after photos to document the work. I requested Julian Construction to complete the CEA's Dwelling Retrofit Verification Form and we subsequently received approval of a CEA premium discount from our Insurance Company.

Description of Work
Seismic retrofit work - upgraded foundation sill bolting.

Category foundation repair, earthquake retrofitting



Hideo N.

I would not use them again they are too expensive. There was 24 people and they cleaned up when they were done.

Description of Work
They fixed my foundation and pegged my house.

Category foundation repair



martin R.

There was one small issue with installation, which was addressed and fixed in a timely manner.

Description of Work
New piers installed under crawlspace.

Category foundation repair



Sally E.

It was fantastic. They were quick, efficient and clean. They wasted no time and sent an extra crew. they were very good. They kept me abreast of everything that was happening. We didn't have to leave the house and overall it was a very good job. I would highly recommend.

Description of Work
They leveled my home upon a hill. They also did retrofitting and pulled out all the old bolts. They had to level it at least 3 inches on one side.

Category mudjacking, earthquake retrofitting



Charles R.

The work was done promptly after contract signing and extremely efficiently over a two day period. Their work passed inspection two days later. The whole process was very professional and without incident. We appreciated that they provided a large crew which minimized the time we were exposed to the noise and inconvenience. They also did a thorough job of cleanup after completion. We are happy to have selected them and would highly recommend them to our friends.

Description of Work
Upgraded the earthquake retrofit that had been inadequately (and only partially) done in 1994 by another contractor.

Category earthquake retrofitting



Miles M.

Julian Construction was professional from the time of the estimate all the way through to final inspection. Their bid was somewhat lower than two other bids I received, and the quality of the work met all of my expectations. The crew arrived on time, dressed in the company attire, and was very polite and professional. I had done considerable research so was an informed customer. They installed Simpson Strong Tie UFP10 and A35 fasteners consistent with the requirements of LA Dept. of Building and Safety Standard Plan No. One. Expansion anchors were used to attach the UFP10's to the foundation wall. Following the installation, Javier came the next day to complete the torque of the expansion anchors as required by the City process. All in all, it was a pleasure working with Julian Construction and I will recommend them and use them again.

Description of Work
Contractor completed earthquake retrofit work on raised foundation home.

Category earthquake retrofitting



Tupper L.

Julian Construction failed to obtain permits for all work performed per our contract. They replaced the foundation wall with a building permit but did not obtain any other permits avoiding many crucial inspections. They used pre-cast piers and placed these piers on loose soil with no digging and no concrete footings. Many of the replacement posts were out-of plumb and many were not correctly strapped. The crack repairs in the existing foundation were done with bolts and metal straps and then smeared over with concrete rather than correct epoxy injection. Instead of replacing the wood frame cripple wall above the foundation with a similar cripple wall, they cut all of the girders away from the foundation wall and poured a concrete stem wall. Julian Construction has compromised the structural integrity of our building by cutting the girders. We have hired several professional consultants and contractors to find out the extent of the damage done to our property and have partially remedied their work by installing ledgers under the cut girders. Until we elect to remove and replace all eleven girders so that the girders fully extend from the top of one foundation wall across the building to rest on top of the other foundation wall our building will remain in a weaker state than what it was originally. We have already spent over $14,000 to partially remedy their work. We have also filed a claim on the contractor's surety bond. Our experience with Julian Construction has been an utter disaster. We recommend that people who have had work done by this company, especially if the work is under the building and not visible to them, have the work inspected by a professional and also check to see if Julian Construction has pulled all permits specified in their contract. We found Julian Construction to be deceptive and unwilling to make an honest effort to correct their work and conform to the original contract. We do not recommend this company under any circumstances.

Description of Work
Julian Construction replaced 84' of foundation wall, repaired cracks in existing foundation walls, and replaced or repaired 27 posts and piers under our 1920's residential duplex building in Hollywood. All work was to be done with building permits and engineering plans.

Category concrete repair, drywall, excavators, foundation repair



Joanne J.

All the details are explained in what the provider did.

Description of Work
Lorenzo was very pleasant and went out of his way to come to my house before another inspection. He did a thorough evaluation, assessing the work needed and his recommendations. Days later his evaluation, scope of work, and cost estimation was sent via email. Lorenzo was very professional and the cost was very reasonable. I liked the company and would happily recommend them and was grateful for their help.

Category foundation repair



ola M.

I called Julian Construction based on their reviews. I had a couple estimates done for the work and Julian came in a bit lower than the other company. I decided to go with them since they did have the reviews to back up their work. I didn't make a mistake - they were great. The work was completed so quickly. Edgar, the team leader, was very responsive and was happy to explain everything they were working on including backing up the information with photos. I actually went under the house to check on the work daily and was impressed with how much they were able to accomplish so quickly. And they never left a mess behind when they left at the end of the day. My house is more solid now thanks to Julian Construction.

Description of Work
Repaired foundation issues

Category foundation repair



Jorge L.

Julian construction honored a quote I had received from them a year prior. They re-inspected the property of course. They arrived on time on the date of service, 7 am. When I returned from work at 4 pm, they were gone. The job was complete. They left debris/trash behind but that was scheduled to be picked up the next day. On the day of city inspection I left access open and it was done. I received by city permit and receipt within the week. Everything was smooth and easy. I like that.

Description of Work
Seismic Retrofit of raised foundation

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, mudjacking, foundation repair



Tracy B.

Julian Constrution, I expected more from a highly rated company like yours. A simple, I'm sorry we can't help you, would have been terrific instead of being tossed around. Frankly I would have never contacted the company if their was a more detailed description of services offered.

Description of Work
Called company to inquire about issue we are having with water coming into our house from the outside (issue with sill covering concrete foundation). When I tried to explain the problem, the gentlemen who answered interrupted me and said I need scheduling. When I got to the scheduler and tried once again to find out if they could help me, I was told they only do homes constructed prior to 1960. Seems like that should be front and center in their description, they only service raised foundation homes constructed prior to 1960.

Category concrete repair, mudjacking, foundation repair

Service Provider Response

Hi [Member name] please feel free to call our office 323-733-3377 my supervisor wanted to talk to you regarding the phone call yesterday. We do apologize for any inconvenience. Julian Construction.



Kathleen D.

After an initial glitch in communication, this company was excellent all the way through the job, from the initial arrangements with Mayo in the office to the final inspection. Mayo scheduled the work as soon a possible. The crew arrived as scheduled. This difficult work, in shallow and dark crawlspace, was done quickly, thoroughly and with skill under the supervision of Juan, who kept me advised throughout the process. A person was sent to be available for the city inspector. And then a final inspection was done by Julian's inspector. Mayo was available and helpful at all times.

Description of Work
repaired foundation cracked throughout and did seismic retrofit

Category foundation repair



Brian D.

They Julian team showed up exactly on schedule of the day of service. They were courteous and polite and proceeded to work promptly. The team of 6 worked efficiently and effectively together, moving concrete, steel, and tools from the truck to the work locations under the residence. The work was performed per my prior coordination, and the job was finished ahead of schedule. Being a handy person, I inspected the work personally and was impressed with quantity and quality of the results achieved in a short time span. One final benefit they offered was to allow installment payments for my job. A year later as we are finishing up the payment schedule, all work is holding together well, with no complaints. Thanks!

Description of Work
I hired Julian to repair a moderately damaged raised foundation on expansive soil. They repaired and strapped approximately 20 foundation cracks which were allowing the house to continuously shift and settle causing cracks in the dry wall. They poured several sub-footings to better support sinking walls. They also installed earthquake strapping per California code. They pulled the permits and supported the inspections.

Category foundation repair, earthquake retrofitting



Julie H.

He did great. Did a lot more than he was contracted to do. His price was a little high but very much worth it.

Description of Work
Foundation repair, added a door and did some stucco work.

Category contractors, stucco, foundation repair



Raymond B.

Note: We wrote the review below a few days ago. Since then, Julian Construction has contacted us and has explained to our satisfaction the issues that we mentioned. Our differences have been addressed and taken care of. I have changed and increased the grades on our original review accordingly. We looked at three companies to performed the earthquake resistant work. One was way over our budget but they recommended redoing the entire foundation! The other company was similar in price to Julian. We chose Julian because we felt they were more experienced and the sales contact, Tristan, was knowledgeable of the concepts. We are very ignorant of this kind of work, we have never had it done before, we have never even been under our house!! Tristan looked under the house for about an hour, and when finished, explained clearly what he recommended what should be done and handed us the estimate. The workers were on time, arrived when they said they would. The job was finished on time. They worked very cleanly, and left the house as clean and neat as the way they found it. And then , why do we rate them with "F"? When we received the bill to pay, we had not received the approved city permit as stated in the contract, nor an explanation of the work done since we are ignorant on the subject. I called Tristan but the correspondence came from the office, not the rep. After a couple of contacts we finally received the application for the permit, a blue print of the foundations, and some pictures of the work performed without clarifications. To show our good faith, we told them that we would pay for most of the work done, $5,300, leaving the last $1,500 to be paid once we received the information requested. They sent us a Julian form where we clearly wrote that we were cancelling $5,350 only, and gave them the necessary info to debit the cost off our bank account. After additional contacts, last week we have received finally copy of the permit, but we have not received any explanation of the work, no real proof that the work was done, only some photographs that I do not understand, with no explanation. The real reason why we give them an "F" rating is because, even though we gave them permission in writing to charge only $5,350 until the whole documentation arrived, Juian went ahead and without our permission, without asking first, charged the full $6,850, even though we are still, to this day, have not received some missing information of the work done. We consider Julian Construction's behavior unethical and dishonest, and a bad ending to what was otherwise a positive experience. That is why we cannot honestly recommend Julian to anyone.

Description of Work
Julian strengthened the foundations of our home to make it more earthquake resistant, and placed a wooden beam with corresponding supports under the kitchen floor. Additionally, they opened a new access to the "basement" of the house to expidate the foundation work and in/out of the workers.

Category flooring contractor, foundation repair



Darlene W.

Provided with an estimate and details of what work was needed. Workers showed up on time and project was completed on schedule.

Description of Work
Repair Cracks in Foundation on three sides of residential home

Category foundation repair



Joe R.

A representative of Julian construction came out and surveyed the damage from the March 28th earthquake. While the main part of the foundation only had minor cracks, a stem wall under the house had a one inch crack all the way through it running for 15 feet or so. He gave me an estimate of 8400 dollars to completely repair. Once the crew arrived, they were able to build a cripple wall instead of a complete replacement. they completed the work in about a day and a half. However, we had to get the new permits from the city of Fullerton and get it inspected. When the city finally approved the new design and inspected, the city also required we put in new, low flow, toilets. Julian Construction is in the business of fixing foundations, not replacing toilets. They referred me to a company that does replace toilets. However, my grandson and I were able to replace the three toilets ourselves. Julian Construction had to cut open the vents leading to the outside to remove all the debris from under the house. They managed to put everything back, almost like new but I later decided to replace the vents myself at a total cost of about 7 dollars. All in all I found Julian Construction very professional. Mayo, their admin person, deserves special praise for her professionalism and responsiveness, especially in dealing with the City of Fullerton. Thanks Mayo!

Description of Work
Repaired damaged foundation and re-anchored house.

Category foundation repair



Adam L.

We received quotes from 7 companies. Julian came in at the lower end. The quotes varied from 5K to 30K for the same work. Julian's team completed the work in a few days in an extremely professional manner and actually gave us more posts and beams than we ordered, free of charge. One night Julian's workers accidentaly knocked off our earthquake emergency shut-off valve on the gas and we had no gas / heat / hot water. Julian came at 10PM at night and personally fixed it. The fact that he is the owner of this large company and is that dedicated to his client's needs and well-being speaks volumes about this company and I would highly recommend them.

Description of Work
Earthquake retrofitting. Addition of posts and beams. Fixing of cracks and addition of new cripple wall.

Category foundation repair, earthquake retrofitting



T B.

They came out to my home, took photos, and did diagrams. They sent an estimate.

Description of Work
I called for estimate.

Category structural engineer, foundation repair



Christy G.

It went really well. They are prompt and professional and I definitely recommend them. They also provide financing for their repairs, which went really well also.

Description of Work
I had a sinkhole in the living room of my rental house (4 ft by 4 ft). I discovered it by accident while redoing the floor. I had Julian out to repair the sinkhole.

Category foundation repair



Richard W.

When one end of our dining room floor began sinking beyond what we found tolerable, we hired a structural engineer to provide a plan for stabilizing the house and foundation. The plan called for repair and replacement of a number of concrete piers and posts as well as underpinning, with two large pads, the foundation footing under the dining room. Three contractors who bid on the work as well as our structural engineer all recommended that we not try to also level the dining room floor unless we were prepared for quite a bit of collateral damage. I then saw an advertisement for Julian Construction (Julian). I checked their business license as well as their Yelp and Angie?s list reviews?mostly positive. Their bid was at least comparable to the others, but most importantly, their bid included leveling the dining room floor, which they said they could do without much damage. They took responsibility for repairing any resulting exterior stucco damage. Shawn Kyles, an owner, said leveling a floor is an ?art,? not a ?science? and that their guys do it all the time. We decided to take a risk and go with them. We are very glad we did. For the most part, the dining room floor is now fairly level and the floor in the room above the dining room is also much improved. Carlos Gomez, our on-site project manager, did a masterful job of leveling the floors and making sure that all work was done properly and neatly. He also matched our discontinued exterior stucco as well as could be expected. The few resulting interior cracks were relatively easy to repair and repaint. As with any construction work, there were a couple of glitches (broken heating duct and a door needing repair). Both were resolved to our satisfaction?they seemed committed to customer satisfaction. They started at the agreed upon date and time and completed the work within the agreed upon timeframe?though they probably could have completed the work sooner if the crew wasn?t pulled away for work on another job. The office staff?Mayo?is quite responsive?though sometimes it takes her a day or so to get a response from the decision makers. Overall, the work that Carlos and his crew performed on our home was first rate, neat and we would definitely recommend him to others. Carlos knows what he?s doing. Experience and skill makes a huge difference in this kind of work.

Description of Work
Leveled floors and repaired our foundation footings and other supports.

Category foundation repair



grant B.

After I received my bid I called to follow-up but was meet with an argumentative employee named MAYO who was unable to get my bid and a bid that was given for another house in my neighborhood straight. She insisted I was wrong and yet I know my own address. Each and every time I called she would find something new to argue about. I would leave messages and send email to Shawn but never got a returned phone call or email even though I was ready to set up a time to do the construction. One day I called I was told Shawn was going to be a my house in 20 minutes, BUT I WAS NOT HOME. He came anyway when i was not there. That felt weird yet MAYO insisted it was fine for him to access my properly without me being home. I was never able to talk to any one about the bid I was given and never received a return phone call or email even though I contacted them 6 or 8 times over the course of 2 weeks. Additionally, was told by MAYO that the 10% coupon offered on Angies list was not valid since I did not mention it the first time I called even though I did. She argued with me about everything even though she continually confused me with my neighbors house. Very frustrating since the bid was decent and i have heard from some of their other customers the work is actually good once you can actually lock them into a time to do it. I went with another company that valued customer service and they matched the bid I was given, did an even more extensive retro fitting and gave me an addition 10% off even though they did not offer a coupon. Customer Service is important and Julian Construction will hopefully learn this eventually.

Description of Work
Julian construction came to give me a bid for doing major foundation work on my house. They arrived 45 minutes late and spent 20 minutes under my house documenting the foundation

Category foundation repair



Ryan R.

They promised the crew would arrive on 12/13/13 by 8:30am. They arrived on time and were polite professional. I knew the work order in front of them was hard, and they came prepared. Before starting, they noticed that instead of 4 pins needing to be replaced/repaired, it was actually 6. Apparently Tristan missed two. They had the office contact me and Mayo (my point of contact there) swiftly gave me an estimate for this additional work. At a very fair price, I agreed and the large crew of hard-working men went to work, seamlessly and tirelessly for the next 8 hours. Despite their best efforts, they didn't finish the scope of the work in a single day. No matter, they came back the very next day (a Saturday) and finished the work in a professional and timely fashion. They left little-to-no mess, other than some extra concrete that made it's way into my grass (no big deal, obviously). Mayo was great during this process. She informed me that they'd come back out to meet with the City's inspector on the following Tuesday. Sure enough, their employee, Javier, arrived on time and was very friendly and professional. He walked through my property and noticed I had no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. (Oops!) Quickly, he rushed to his truck and grabbed some and installed them throughout my home, before the City's inspector arrived. Otherwise, we might not have passed inspection. The City's inspector was here for all of 2 minutes as Javier quickly led them around the property. No hassle here at all. As it stands now, they're going to schedule a time to come back out to review the work and inspect it for quality. They're also going to give me an estimate for leveling 1 room in my house (the ceiling is splitting/cracking) as well as an estimate to replace my roof, which is well past it's point of expiration. Thus far I've been very pleased with Julian Construction and would recommend them to anyone needing foundation work. I'll likely use them for my leveling and roofing work orders as well, depending on their pricing.

Description of Work
They came out in early November to my property to gather the information for an estimate. The gentleman who came out, Tristan, was very polite and professional. Despite a few hiccups in attempting to get them to give me the actual estimate for the work, everything else went smoothly. They determined that I needed 4 underpins, had cracks in the perimeter, needed retrofitting, refill of a beam under my fireplace, etc.

Category foundation repair

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Julian Construction Inc

    How is Julian Construction Inc overall rated?

    Julian Construction Inc is currently rated 4.7 overall out of 5.

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    Julian Construction Inc is open:

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    No, Julian Construction Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Julian Construction Inc does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Julian Construction Inc?

    Yes, Julian Construction Inc offers warranties.

    What services does Julian Construction Inc offer?

    Julian Construction Inc offers the following services: Foundation - Repair & Replacement. House Leveling. Earthquake Retrofitting. House Bolting. Underpinning. Soft-Story Retro fit.

    Are there any services Julian Construction Inc does not offer?

    Free Inspections - Non-Homeowners. Newer Structures.