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LeveLine Tile & Stone

Founded 2004 • With Angi since September 2010


(20) Verified Reviews

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2747 E Broadway C

Long Beach, CA 90803


Leveline Tile and Stone is a family owned company whose construction history in the Southern California area spans three generations. We specialize in installation of materials of ceramic tile, mosaics, travertine, granite, marble, slate, porcelain, natural stone, glass, etc. We pride ourselves on

Verified Reviews

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Vincent M.

It went very well . Jay does excellent work. He scores high on my wife score card and she is very critical. Jay is meticulous to detail. In fact this is the 2nd shower he has done with us . After the first job he did for us, we saw his work and we hired him to do another shower for us.

Description of Work
Retiled shower .

Category ceramic tile, home remodeling



Joan J.

The tile did not stick to the floor. The work was finished in January, and the very next day I noticed some of the tiles were moving under my feet. Now the tile and grout are coming up from the floor. I reported the problem to Leveline immediately, and I have been waiting and waiting to have this problem corrected. Now that it is June and no corrective work has been done to my floor, it seems I will have to pay someone else to remove everything Leveline did and start over. I have repeatedly tried to contact Leveline, but appointment after appointment has been broken by them. Last week the owner told my husband he had to go out of town but would be back and take care of everything as of June 1st. He stood us up again, not even a call or text. We have heard a million excuses for all the reasons he cannot come out to do the work, but at this point my kitchen floor just needs to be finished correctly.

Description of Work
Laid tile on kitchen floor.

Category ceramic tile, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

First things first, the tile did not stick to the floor because the house could not support the weight of the tile. It is true that I was made aware of the problem, and I was going to fix the problem for free (even though we do not deal with structural issues). I was very busy and did apologize and let them know that I would get to them when I had time and it may take a while. I went out to their house (even though they said I did not) on two separate occasions to diagnose the problem and try to rectify it. I crawled under their house trying to reinforce the subfloor. However, there simply was not enough room under there for me to even do that. At this point, I let them know that the only way to go about this was to remove all of the tile and reapply it after reinforcing the subfloor, something that is not part of a tile installers job, and that could not have been foreseen. I told them that we would perform the work for free, and we are very sorry that we could not accommodate their schedule (be it one month or six months after installation). I don’t feel that keeping them posted was giving them every excuse in the world. I wanted them to know what my schedule was. Our track record speaks for itself; we do not mistreat our customers. This is however, one of those unfortunate situations where our client could not be accommodated.


Derek K.

Leveline, although decent in pricing, failed to make two appointments after verifying several times. The first appointment Leveline stated they were going to be late, and then cancelled after having truck issues. The next appointment was verified after a few late responses, however was cancelled again.

Description of Work

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Yes, I had truck problems that kept me from making the first appointment. I did what I could and was in touch with him throughout the whole ordeal. It is unfortunate when circumstances dictate that we miss an appointment, and we try to be as attentive as we can with a small staff. We wish you the best with your endeavor.


Wendy P.

Jay was very communicative about options for laying out the tile, and was attentive to our wants and requests. He added metal trim, and explained any adjustments that were recommended during the installation process. he made sure to cleanup, and leave the area clean and tidy. he was very professional about his work. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of his efforts.

Description of Work
He added a porcelain and glass mosaic tile backsplash to our kitchenette.

Category home remodeling



Kent M.

Jay was simply amazing when it came to our kitchen backsplash. Jay came in to assess our kitchen and situation and he was very professional. He was fixing a backsplash that had gone wrong for us. He let us know he would take all the tile down and save as much as he could for a future project (we had already ordered new tile). Jay arrived and was ready to work. He was very meticulous with the tile and his work. He made sure that everything was perfect. I honestly have never seen lines cut so straight in tile before. He was also very friendly and always willing to make small talk while he worked, which was nice. He did a wonderful job and he will be coming back to our home to remodel our bathrooms in the near future. I can not recommend Jay more. He is a hard worker, and stands behind his work.

Description of Work
Herringbone Kitchen backsplash

Category ceramic tile, remodeling, home remodeling



Grace M.

Category countertops, home remodeling



phillip Z.

Jay did a beutiful job on my shower. He removed tiles for the plumbers to repair and installed mosaic glass tiles with a stone border. He took care to cover the floors and left everything spotless.

Description of Work
removed and installed mosaic accent tiles in master shower.

Category ceramic tile, plumbing, pavers, gravel, home remodeling



Michael & Lori R.

He missed first appointment and finally called the next day and said he had miss placed contact info and we rescheduled for the next day. The next day he called after he was already late to say he was on his way but then never showed up. I have not heard from him since.

Description of Work
Scheduled to come out to do estimate.

Category ceramic tile

Service Provider Response

Yes I did miss the first appointment- things happen. Then I said I would meet them sometime between 11 and noon the next day. I got lost and called them at 11:50 for directions and they gave me a bunch of attitude saying I was late? Then they said well we aren't going to wait around- but you can still come if you want. At that point I knew it was no longer a good use of my time- because they had already made up their mind. so I turned around and went home. I could tell they weren't going to give me the job- and that if they did it would not go well ( I would spend the time trying to make up for misplacing their information and missing that first bid) so I just cut my losses and went back to the jobsite where I was working to make better use of my time.


Laura H.

Description of Work
Tiled my fireplace surround with thought and pride as if it was their own.

Category flooring contractor, plumbing, home remodeling



Jennifer D.

Jay was awesome. We called in the morning and he came by that evening for the estimate. We hired him immediately as he was knowledgeable, asked the appropriate questions and his price was very comparable to another estimate we had received. He started work just two days later. He worked long hours until he finished the job. He was no slacker. He even came in sick one day, nothing contagious. He did an awesome job on our shower enclosure. We were very impressed with his work and work ethic. We are planning on hiring him again, when we remodel our other bathroom.

Description of Work
Jay installed large tiles and interest tiles on the walls, ceiling and floor of our shower enclosure.

Category ceramic tile, home remodeling



Dana P.

I am concerned because the address on the contract that we signed does not match Angie's List, and the phone number was originally answered as his business line and now it's being answered by a woman who has no idea who "LineLevel" is. We had been in contact with him through his cell phone, and he stated that he would be coming back out. He said he was going to be late. He did not show up today. We told him that it was unprofessional and that he needed to get this done. I asked him if he can't finish the job, that I could get another contractor. He said "I will do the job, give me a chance to finish it". He promised us the work will be done by the time it was supposed to (three weeks).. My husband told him to show up at 11:00 today, and he did not show up. I called over to Easley just to check if he had the same address, and he stated that they live in the same town and that he should be a stand up guy. Now that he doesn't have his cell phone, it's a huge red flag. This company is being unresponsive, and I am worried that I am being scammed.

Description of Work
I contacted Easley to do this projects (tile in our backyard) but they were unable to take on the work, so he recommended "LevelLine Tile & Stone" Hired him to tile over a concrete floor, and then pouring concrete and tiling over that. He came out for two separate estimates. The day we signed the contract, he asked us for $3,000.00 up front. He convinced us to do this because of his high standing in the community and online. He came when he was supposed to. About 2 and a half days later the heat got really bad, and he said he needed to come back. He said he needed $1,500.00 more because he had to get certain materials. The whole job was supposed to be about $9,000.00 As of right now, he has $4,500.00 of our money and the work is barely started.

Category concrete repair, masonry

Service Provider Response

The bid went out to the members on June 24th, 2013. I lowered the original bid by around 900 dollars to meet their target budget as I do with many of my customers. We signed the contract on August 3rd, 2013. They and I both agreed on a 3,000 dollar down payment at this time. I told them I would be out in 5 weeks to start on the work. 3 weeks had gone by and I had a few free days between tying up some loose ends, fixing my truck, and traffic court. Please see the email attachment dated Aug. 21st where I state “… I'm anticipating about 14-20 days till I can start. I however, may plan to come up on a weekend or free weekday to dig out some earth and haul it a bit at a time. I'll give you plenty of notice of my arrival. “ Before the actual labor began, they deviated from the contract and decided not to do pavers anymore. They informed me of this on a phone call on August 31st, 2013. I had already purchased materials and rented certain equipment for the pavers. I had to go return all that stuff and purchase all new materials to set up the other way. I asked for another draw so I could make sure I had everything I needed for their job. (Please note: I asked for another draw and explained the reason I wanted it. I simply explained my situation and they said that was fine. It is even stated in my contract that no draws will be given unless all parties agree, and they both initialed next to this.) A two man crew went out on 9/3/2013 in the morning and started to grade the dirt. I ran into some issues when I realized that it was not clean dirt (clean dirt is dirt not contaminated by plant life, rocks, or other foreign debris) they had stated that the dirt was clean when I first saw the job. Info like this influences my pricing of the labor involved in the prep work. This meant an excessive amount of debris was dug up and hauled off a shovel at a time. There were multiple layers of sod, roots, and rock that I was not prepared for (no fault of my own). This is part of our job, but when we are made to believe that the area is one way and it turns out to be another way, this can often drag things on. But understand, I didn’t ask for a dollar more for the extra labor this dilemma created, or the dump fees that I was now being charged. (Please note: clean dirt is free to dump) We went out again on 9/4/2013 and worked in the morning, this was the beginning of a terrible heat wave. I will not put myself or my crew in danger. It is irresponsible, and unnecessary, and I stand by my decision 100%. I told them that until it got a bit cooler we would not be working on their job. I spoke with them again on 9/8/2013 and let them know that I had traffic court that Monday (9/9/2013). I went out there on 9/10/2013 and attempted again to grade the yard so a concrete substrate could be poured. Again, because of it not being clean dirt like they said it was, and the multiple layers of sod that they did not tell me about, it may not have looked like much was being done, but I guarantee you, we worked extremely hard preparing the dirt for the concrete substrate. On 9/11/2013 I woke up to find that my truck was making a grinding noise when I hit the brakes on my way over to their home. I took it into the mechanic. They said that I needed to have my breaks fixed. (Probably from all of the strain on my truck hauling dirty earth and debris away from their job) I attempted to call them and let them know what was going on, and it was then that I realized my phone was not charged. As soon as I got home from the mechanics and got to a phone, I called them and let them know what had happened, and the husband understood. The next day, 9/12/2013, I had previous arrangements to work on another job tying up some loose ends. I told the husband about these arrangements, and that I would try to make it out to their job by 11:00 AM. Some unforeseen things occurred that day, both on the other job and in my personal life, and I was not able to make it out to their job. I tried to send them a text at 1:00. A few hours later, he called me furious! He said that my phone had been shut off and that it was totally irresponsible of me. While we are on the subject of phones let me also say this. The wife said in her review that a number being previously answered as Leveline was now being answered by some lady who didn’t know who Leveline was. This is untrue. The number on our contract has not been answered as Leveline Tile for over 6 months, so I guarantee you they didn’t know who Leveline was! We changed phone numbers and have not gotten around to changing it on the contract quite yet. This is our bad, but I figured since they had copies of my business card with my current information on it, they would be wise enough to put that together, guess not. Every month my phone bill is directly pulled from my account. For some reason, this month, it turned my cell service off for no more than 3 hours. (For all I know, they were working on the cell towers or something) In that 3 hours they could not get a hold of me, they decided to come to the conclusion that I took off with their money. She called my work associates and anyone else connected to me and told them that I had ripped her off. I spoke with the husband for a while and told him that I would be out there the next day at 7 am to continue work on their job. At first he was fine with that so we hung up. Then, I got another call from him. Turns out his wife had convinced him to tell me I was no longer allowed to work on their project. Understand, I have been nothing but polite and eager to work on their project. I still don’t understand what I have done to warrant this treatment. So, if anyone is counting, that is contract breach number 2. I don’t think that their review should be allowed to be on my page because they wouldn’t even allow me to do the work. Then, he started demanding their money back. First of all, most of it was not money anymore, but materials, gas, and labor. It takes some time to go around to various suppliers to purchase and return materials. Not to mention, my profit for the time we worked. It’s as if they believe my time is worth little to nothing and they are going to decide what and how much it will cost. Please note, I was in touch with them every single day that I did not make it to the job and even when I did. Not one day went by without me telling them what was going on. I know some contractors that go weeks without being able to speak to their customers! But with them, they couldn’t get a hold of me for maybe 3 hours (more like 2) and they decide to write me an all F review? Come on! The husband could not tell me what he wanted but continued to berate me and tell me what a terrible person I was, accusing me of stealing their money. In this conversation I mentioned that I paid out $800.00 in labor so somehow they decided that was all they were going to take off of the bill. On September 17th I texted him and let him know that I would be needing to get my tools from their house and that I would be sending him an updated invoice for the amount that I would be paying them back. He said okay and that he would let me know when I could come out there. In the mean time, I had to pass up one job (on top of the multiple jobs that I passed up because they were on my calendar to do work and had signed a legally binding contract) and when the second job came around, I had to go and buy all new tools. Then, in the evening on September 27th the wife texted me and said “Jay, You can come tomorrow, Saturday at 10am to get the tools. They will be outside on the driveway on Olympic Blvd. Text my husband when you are there and he will give them to you. No later than 10am, please. Thank you.” You can see the back and forth exchange in the transcripts that I have sent along with this. Then she accused me of “disappearing” again. First of all, I never disappeared in the first place! If anything I disappeared for 2 maybe 3 hours, and in this case, I was waiting for him to get back to me and let me know when I could come out there; he had never called, texted, or emailed so I don’t know how I am being the evasive one. In conclusion, I have been willing to work with them from the beginning. If you take a look at their “resolution” in this case, it is not even a solution, it is just more complaining about things that I apparently did or did not do! Honestly, they should be glad I am willing to give them back any of their money. Not to mention, if he had to get a second job (see the text message transcripts) then I am glad that they didn’t allow me to complete the job because I would be done right now and they wouldn’t have any money for me. That leads me to believe that they realized they couldn’t afford it and kicked me off the job for that reason. Legally, all a judge would require of me is to complete the job. I am not the party who breached contract here, they are. My reputation should not suffer just because they decided to breach contract and I didn’t have their money right away. It takes some time to do things like return all the materials again. I have been up front with them and told them I am willing to pay them back minus my costs from day one! They just want to turn this into some crazy dramatic thing, and it is not that at all. I have a good reputation for a reason, and it is because I am professional, and I do great work. I’m not perfect, but I am certainly not the monster they have portrayed me as. I stand by that 100% and just because they breached contract and would not allow me to do my job, doesn’t mean that I should be penalized. I have included copies of the following for your reference: - All emails back and forth between the members and myself - The contract - The bid - The final invoice of all expenses - All text messages between them and myself Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this matter and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Jay Prentay Ph: 562.726.7157.


Lisa M.

Jay is an excellent stone mason. He demolished my existing fireplace and built a stone fireplace 7 ft x 10 ft using split-face travertine in single pieces. I bought the stone and he picked it up. Jay is a perfectionist and the new fireplace looks great, exactly what I wanted. He also helped mount our TV. His price was very reasonable. My only complaint is that Jay was late almost every morning. On the plus side, he did call to let me know.

Description of Work
Built a stone fireplace all the way to the ceiling.

Category fireplaces, home remodeling



Mari M.

Jay Prentay did a wonderful job on our bathroom remodel. He and his associate Matt did all the work. What most impressed me was his willingness to work to my specifications and discuss any problems with me as they came up so that we could decide how to proceed. His craftsmanship is beautiful. Everything is perfectly straight, plumb and clean. Jay gave me suggestions on where to purchase tile, the hot mop and other materials. The shower door was purchased and installed separately. On day one, my carpet and floors were protected with coverings. Demo was loud but went smoothly. Framing and concrete went up. We discussed where everything should go and made modifications where necessary. Jay is an artist at the tile work. I cannot say enough about the shower. The grout job is smooth and even, with tile clean. The two granite countertops (second one installed in another bathroom) were installed with great care made to make sure the cabinets were sturdy enough and that they were perfectly level. The last day finished with reinstall of the toilet, new exhaust fans and plumbing. Jay recommended the new quiet fans and now we use them because it does not sound like an airplane taking off. All in all we are very happy with our new bathroom! Incredible value!

Description of Work
Remodel of master bathroom and new counter install and fan in additional bathroom. Labor scope: demo and haul of existing shower down to stud work, provide framing for hot mop, frame position of two inset soap niches, remove and replace plumbing to modern standards (mixer valve, new trim for drain) lath-scratch and brown concrete substrate, install and grout tile, seal tile, install finish plumbing, install bathroom floor with bullnose base, install toilet. Replace shower light fixture and exhaust fan. In a second bathroom, the counter, sink and fan were replaced. Leveline Tile and Stone provided all material for project EXCEPT: tile, hot-mop water proofing, lighting, plumbing fixtures, slab counter-tops.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, flooring contractor, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



Inara E.

LeveLine Tile and Stone are really good. Somebody had messed up the tile they did on my bathroom vanity. A couple of people came up and gave me ridiculous estimates. They came up and said, "We have to tear everything out." LeveLine Tile came out and said, "We can do it by removing the V-caps and [00:06:36] this other guy left. He did that. He gave me an estimate of $200.00. I think I would have spent several thousand if [we went with the other guys]. Because we had to tear out the wall and everything. But he didn't do anything. He fixed it and it's okay. Then he did a little brickwork from my garage. He just did it two days ago and so far, so good. It hasn't fallen off. He was extremely helpful and extremely courteous. Someone else was recommended by Angie's List, but this person was busy. He couldn't do it. He was too busy. But he gave me LeveLine's name. He said, "I'm busy for several months." So LeveLine came and he was extremely helpful. Compared to what he did and what the other ones are going to do, his quote was very good. He did it for $200.00 and he fixed it, where the other ones said they couldn't. We left some old tile up and he fixed the edges and the edges look fine. They look good. He came when he said he was going to come. He said he'd come at a certain time. I guess he would be late, but he called me. He said, "I'm running late."

Description of Work
He fixed my bathroom vanity and some bricks in my chimney.

Category ceramic tile, masonry



Carol D.

Overall things went very well. The job took a little longer than expected but due in part to a lot of furniture needing to be removed. The tile job is beautiful. The lines are straight and grout is evenly troweled. The baseboards could have used more nailing and miter cuts but that was just an extra he did for me so I can't complain. Jay aims to please and was easy to work with.

Description of Work
Layed porcelin tile in two apartments. Installed baseboards.

Category ceramic tile, marble & granite, home remodeling



Grace M.

We had been looking to remodel our bathroom for quite some time and we needed a good tile person to do our shower enclosure. Jay did a wonderful job. We couldn't be more pleased with his workmanship as he is a true craftsman. The placement of the tiles was perfect! To make things even easier for us, he also offered his plumbing services, so he replaced some of our plumbing pipes, and he replaced our sink and our toilet. We ran into a snafu right before the holidays as i purchased the wrong size shower door and it took over 3 weeks for the new shower door to arrive. Jay was a real pro and came back after the holidays and installed it with no fuss. Our once miserly looking bathroom looks beautiful now. Many thanks to Jay! We will definitely use him again.

Description of Work
Excellent Work!

Category home remodeling



W W.

I am submitting this extra report because I want to make sure I tell people how much I like Jay. Sometimes he comes across a s a little flaky and he can be hard to get in touch with because he works for himself. Also, he's not the cheapest guy you'll find. He is, however, more than worth any extra effort you might need or the difference in the cost. Jay has taken a bathroom that looked like . . ., well it's hard to find words, and turned it into something you would find in at the Ritz Carlton. And it's not just pretty. The quality of the work is second to none. Jay stripped the old tile down to bare wall (actually, he even stripped the wall, he went down to the studs) and laid in a base that should last for centuries. I love his design and the detail work is perfect. Considering the time and effort he puts in, I find it hard to figure out how he makes any money. So, don't worry if he doesn't return your call right away. And don't be put off by the tats and baggy pants or the way he seems to zone out a little when you're talking to him (he's probably having a great idea about your tile work). And don't figure that the guy who gave you a low ball price is just as good. Call Jay, Wait until he's available. Have him do your work. I know this whole thing sounds a bit effusive. But Jay worked really hard and did a stunningly good job. He is just the kind of guy Angie's list is made for.

Description of Work
Complete retile of bathtub surround.

Category ceramic tile, home remodeling



Wendy B.

As I said before, the service was excellent. They started and finished the work in a timely manner, were very considerate, polite, and professional, and I feel that I paid a great price for very nice work. I would definitely use them again and refer them to my friends.

Description of Work
They re-tiled my shower and flooring in the guest bathroom. The service was excellent. They were here on time, finished the job when they said they would, were very personable and professional, and did not leave a mess when they were done.

Category home remodeling



W W.

It took me a while to coordinate getting a bid from Jay because we both have busy schedules. His price was a little higher than some other bids, but I liked his attitude and he is local. So I decided to go with him. It was some time after I got the bid that I was ready to do the work. Jay kept in regular touch without being pushy. When I was ready so was Jay. He met me Tuesday at the tile showroom to help me pick the tile. Wednesday, after all the pricing was done, I changed my mind to a completely different tile. Jay never batted and eye. It was ready for pickup on Friday and he started Monday morning. Jay was a pleasure to have around while he worked. He did a thorough prep and complete cleanup every day. He was very aware of the new carpet and paint in the adjoining rooms and took care that his work didn't cause any other problems. The toilet had to be removed to put in the floor. He offered to re-install it at the end of each day, but I told him I wouldn't be staying at the house. When I told him I was just going to trash the toilet he took it out and disposed of it for me. (Thus, saving me $50 that the plumber wanted for disposal.) When I told Jay I would trust him with the design of the tile, he said I would get something I liked. He was wrong, I got something I loved. He used eight inch tile on the floor, four inch tile on the countertop, and did a backsplash with one inch tile and trim. It's simple, but looks absolutely great. I'm pretty sure Jay confronted some unexpected difficulties in doing this installation, but I never heard a word about them. And, unlike a lot of contractors, there was never a suggestion that something extra would have to be paid for. Once he started, the problems were his, not mine. I highly recommend Jay. He works by himself, so you may have to wait a little while longer to get him. He might bid a little higher than some others. He is worth it.

Description of Work
Replace tile floor and countertop in bathroom.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, home remodeling



rooz V.

We had a couple of previous bids from other contractors who seemed a little impatient with the fact that we really had no idea what we wanted as far as a design or a type of material. We couldn't even get a quote from one of them. When I met Jay from Leveline he patiently listened to what our vision was gave us a few options design and price wise. We were met at two different material yards by Jay to not only help pick and purchase our material but we even received his contractor material price. The bathrooms were done first, on time and just as we imagined. We hadn't planned on doing the kitchen at this time but we were so pleased with the bathrooms that we decided we might as well. They moved furniture, put up with our dogs and children and made sure our home was as livable as possible at the end of every work day during construction. They used plastic over all our furniture and used tarps and runners to keep the mess off our carpet and patio where they did their work. My wife even changed the design in the middle of one of the bathrooms being done and there was no problem or issue from these guys making the adjustments.

Description of Work
Leveline Tile and Stone remodeled our master and guest bathrooms in travertine and ceramic tile from the design stage to the final coat of sealer. They also installed our new kitchen counter top, backsplash and floor using a combination of granite, tumbled travertine and porcelain.

Category ceramic tile, home remodeling

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    Full service tile and stone installation company specializing in materials of ceramic tile, mosaics, travertine, granite, marble, slate, porcelain, natural stone, glass, etc. Materials used for the custom installation of kitchen counters, kitchen backsplashes, showers, Jacuzzi and standard tub surrounds, floors, fireplaces, exterior patios and decks, stairs and anything else you can dream up or need help dreaming up. We are capable of creating all our own concrete and "hardi-backer" substrates.

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    Granite and marble solid slab counter tops are delegated or "subbed" out to other contractors.

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    Yes, LeveLine Tile & Stone offers free project estimates.

    Does LeveLine Tile & Stone offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, LeveLine Tile & Stone offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by LeveLine Tile & Stone?

    No, LeveLine Tile & Stone does not offer warranties.

    What services does LeveLine Tile & Stone offer?

    LeveLine Tile & Stone offers the following services: Full service tile and stone installation company specializing in materials of ceramic tile, mosaics, travertine, granite, marble, slate, porcelain, natural stone, glass, etc. Materials used for the custom installation of kitchen counters, kitchen backsplashes, showers, Jacuzzi and standard tub surrounds, floors, fireplaces, exterior patios and decks, stairs and anything else you can dream up or need help dreaming up. We are capable of creating all our own concrete and "hardi-backer" substrates.

    Are there any services LeveLine Tile & Stone does not offer?

    Granite and marble solid slab counter tops are delegated or "subbed" out to other contractors.