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Trinity Contractors, Inc.

Founded 1981 • With Angi since August 2006


(40) Verified Reviews

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561 Simmons Dr.

Trussville, AL 35173


Your Single Source for Total Service since 1981!...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Cheryl G.

We called them on August 16th last year because our unit upstairs was not cooling. A person came out, said that we were low on freon and added some. It cooled for half a day and then got hot again. We called again on the 17th, we were told there was a leak, they added freon said they thought they had fixed the leak. on the 20th, it got hot again upstairs, we called them to take a look. A differenct guy said the first guy didn't fix the leak but he would fix. For those service calls we paid almost $400 dollars. That was 6 months ago. Again our upstairs unit was not cooling. My son called and we got charged the emergency rate of $145 they spent 15 minutes and told us they would have to come out next morning. After their "inspection" we were told that we should have registered the upstairs unit as it was just out of warranty (We didn't install it, how were we supposed to know to "register" it) and that it was the coil leaking and the outside fan unit leaking (same one 6 months ago that was supposed to have been fixed). We were told that it would cost us $1500 dollars. We told them no thank you just put freon in, we got charged and an additional $560 labor and inspection fees. Do not use Trinity Contractors if you want the issue fixed and not be robbed blind. We will never use this contractor again.

Description of Work
Upper cooling unit not cooling

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Meg W.

From the very beginning, they were courteous, professional, and helpful, and they were even kind and engaging to my kids (who always wanted to know what was going on). I was always well-informed and kept abreast of any changes, setbacks, or delays that came up, and they listened well to our desires and concerns. If we had questions, or issues came up during the job they were answered and handled quickly and thoroughly. The result of the whole process is a superior carport and repair that is even better than we anticipated. While the rebuilt and repair was mostly paid by insurance, some of the cost would not be covered, so Trinity was very helpful in keeping our out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. After having several unpleasant experiences with other contractors just prior to choosing Trinity, it was a relief to find a capable business with integrity, and I would absolutely hire them again should the need arise.

Description of Work
A huge old oak fell and crushed our attached carport and damaged our roof, fence, and part of our house. A portion of the roof needed to be replaced, siding needed to be replaced, a new carport, a bit of concrete work, new chain-link fencing with gates, and gutters needed replacing.

Category fencing, remodeling, roofing



William M.

Responded quickly. Repaired quickly. No problems since the repair.

Description of Work
Replaced cracked water pressure regulator.

Category appliance repair, plumbing




There's never a good time for a big repair to come due but that estimate made me cry. I called another plumber on Angie's list, Keith the Plumber. He sent a two man crew out within a couple of hours...very detailed estimate for $1300.00 using a commercial grade A.O. Smith 50 gal tank. They started work right a way and within 2 hrs had hot water! LESSON LEARNED: BIG NAMES MEAN BIG BUCKS...GET A SECOND OR THIRD ESTIMATE!!!!! Saving $683.69 was a big deal to me.

Description of Work
Woke up to no hot water Fri morning and water draining out of the pan. We called the big name. I want this review to be fair so realize it is 70% based on price. A gentleman came and was at my water heater (50 gal tank) for 3-5 mins. I asked what the diagnosis was and he told me I had a leaking hot water heater and needed a new one. He said he needed to go to his truck for a few minutes. He stayed out for 20 mins and came back in with a vague written estimate (tank & labor) of $1,983.69. I had done some research and expected about $1,200.00but not $2000.00!!!! I paid the $79.99 service call and told him I would call him back with a decision in a couple of hours.

Category plumbing



Jennie O.

They told me when they would be there, and then they wouldn't show. "Oh, a job took longer than we thought." I asked why no one had called me to tell me this: "Oh, we should have. Sorry." This happened over and over again, but I had a contract and was stuck with them. Then, after everything was "complete," I tried it out. There was no hot air blowing out the vents. They had "forgotten" to do something. I will never use them again.

Description of Work
Sold me and then installed a new HVAC system.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Kathleen B.

The gentleman from the company came the same day I called for help. He did a thorough inspection and took pictures of the loose panel in the attic that the installers had not taped properly. He took time to explain why the A/C was not putting out enough cold air. I signed up for a service agreement due to his professional presentation and knowledge. I am so happy I found this company!

Description of Work
Cleaned the air conditioner coils and unit while making repairs that were not part of his job (taping loose joints, etc.) up in the attic. The price also includes a year service contract on both A/C units.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Richard S.

They just gave an estimate over the phone and did not give any details on model numbers what they were going to do. I had no opportunity to ask them any questions. If they don't care enough to come out to give an estimate, what will their response be when you call them for service. When you are purchasing something that you will have for the next 20 years I expect the contractor to provide more info than that. Will never call them again!

Description of Work
We called Trinity Contractors to get an estimate to replace our furnace and air conditioner. They just gave an estimate to my wife over the phone and did not come out to look at what our existing units.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



john B.

It was good. They did a good job all the way across.

Description of Work
They installed two new units.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



kesha F.

We have power on the wall again so I would say it went pretty well.

Description of Work
We had lost power along one wall in the home. The rep had to find what caused the loss of power. After searching and conducting several test he was finally able to discover a critter had chewed the wire of one of the main outlets. He was able to restore the power lost. The rep was very friendly and knowledgable.

Category electrician, handyman service, heating & air conditioning/hvac



Christina S.

After getting bad service from another local plumbing company, we called Trinity because they had done good work for us before. Trinity came out, found the outdoor main line access to the sewer line, ran their hose thing, pulled a ton of roots and the sewer has not back up since. Great job. In addition, at our rental house, we called Trinity when the gas lamp post out front was knocked over or fell over. They came out, capped the gas line, took care of the issue, and didn't charge an arm and a leg.

Description of Work
Cleared main sewer line.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Michael S.

Great. They were able to perform the main line clean-out the same day. My only issue was that they didn't call before coming over like they said. But after they were done, the sewer drained great!

Description of Work
Sewer Main cleanout

Category sewer cleaning



Mark G.

I didn’t go with them as I didn’t think my project would be interesting to them as they are a bigger company.

Description of Work
I got an estimate from Trinity Contractors for installing an HVAC system.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, remodeling



Donald S.

NOTE: Work done was plumbing, not HVAC as shown on the "Review Preview" selection, but I'm unsure how to change it. Trinity Contractors is a multi-specialty business. Price quote of $800+ was given about 4-5 weeks before the work was done. We had to reschedule the day the work was to be done because of an emergency the plumbers had to handle and Trinity called and told us this, so communication with the customer is good. Two men showed up on the second appointed day, one first to get a list of material and a second a little while later to team up on getting the job done. When they got into the plumbing they found more black iron was rotted than they first thought, so they replaced more than was estimated on the original quote - however, and this is the good part, there was no change in the price. The additional work was done under the quote. They were in a little before 8:00 and out by lunch time. It's hard to fault service like this, which is why we are well satisfied with the work Trinity does for us. Quality shows when the people doing the work have the support of management.

Description of Work
Needed to replace black iron sanitary sewer piping with PVC under our forty year old townhome.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing



Bruce W.

Trinity crew identified several breaks in the tile sewer line where roots had intruded causing blockage. Also identified break near the main line. Next task will be to replace the sewer line across the front yard to the street.

Description of Work
Unclogged sewer drain line and scoped down to street.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing



paula S.

I was very satisfied with them. They are pricey but you get what you pay for.

Description of Work
They installed my ceiling fans, light fixtures also fixed my walls last Nov or Dec

Category electrician, remodeling



Barbara H.

It was fairly priced, and they did good work.

Description of Work
Trinity Contractors, Inc. installed a heat pump for me.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Michael S.

Went very well. Showed up on time and performed the task as required.

Description of Work
Cleared mainline of roots.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing



virginia G.

They were satisfactory. They were prompt and took care of the problem. The price was high like all plumbers.

Description of Work
I used Trinity Contractors for a plumbing job.

Category plumbing



stephanie B.

I would not use them in the future. I had a different company come out and call the manufacturer and they got them to cover it under warranty.

Description of Work
I have had some work done by Trinity Contractors, Inc. I had them come out and tell me that they couldn't do the work on my air conditioner because it wasn't under warranty.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Janet C.

Excellent service. Workers are not paid a % of the charges, so there is no incentive to make the priciest repairs/sales. They did the repair for about 1/2 the cost of another company's estimate.

Description of Work
Replaced motor in heaing unit blower

Category electrician, heating & air conditioning/hvac



Timothy F.

I was planning on using Trinity Contractors. Their rate seemed very reasonable, and they seemed very nice. The reason I didn't go with them was because they only took credit cards for payment (and we don't have any). We live in Colorado and needed work done on our rental home in Alabama, and our method of payment was to send a check by mail, but unlike other service providers, they were unable to accept this type of payment. So in the end, we went with a company who would take a personal check.

Description of Work
I ended up not using this company, but I assume they would have done a great job.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Donald S.

I had previous experience with HVAC systems in general and had done business with Trinity in my work, so they were one of the three contractors I called for quotes. I knew I needed some upgrades as well as system replacement, so we drew up a scope of work to get things focused. David Mickle visited and gave us a quote for a Rheem two stage heat pump with two stage gas 95% furnace as a dual fuel system. It was neither cheap nor inexpensive (there's a difference), but I knew it would take some major dollars to do what we wanted. The system installed might be a little pricey, but it's actually a commercial grade system with some major bells and whistles. We set up a date for the demolition and installation and everybody showed up on time and ready to work. THESE GUYS ARE GOOD!! They did a high quality job in two and a half days, quite acceptable considering all I needed to have done. It helped that I have been in an associated industry for a long time so we could speak the same language, but I saw no indication that they would do anything differently for someone who didn't know what was going on. They were professional in every way, from the first minute on the job to cleanup. The only problem was because the installation tech slightly overcharged the system with refrigerant (easy to do in mild weather) which caused the heat pump to kick off because of a high pressure safety. A quick visit to draw out the extra gas took care of that. I have tracked our KWH usage for the last two years and saw to our delight that the Alabama Power bill for mid April-mid May was 35% of what it was the previous year; mid May-mid June 40%; mid June-mid July 50%. And the system is so quiet! The old one sounded like a C-130 on a takeoff roll. The new one is actually hard to hear. Trinity and Rheem is a combination that's hard to fault. Will use them again? Oh, yes.

Description of Work
We needed to replace the original Bryant gas heat/split DX cooling HVAC system that was installed in our Vestavia Knolls townhome when it was built in 1973 (yes that's right, the system still worked after almost 40 years). I'm willing to do basic repair work, such as cleaning coils, oiling and replacing fan motors, changing filters, etc., but this system made Alabama Power's stock go up every time the compressor ran. The handwriting was on the wall - it was going downhill.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

Service Provider Response

We greatly appreciate your business and your kind words. It is our goal to provide our customers with the quality service they deserve. Thank you so much! It was our pleasure to work with you.



Joe G.

No one from the company came by the next day or even bothered to call. The same the following week.

Description of Work
I went by the office personally to discuss an electrical wiring project at my home. The employee I spoke to took notes and made an appointment for an in home estimate. He was very professional at the office. He said it was possible they could come later that day (Thursday) but more likely it would be the next day.

Category electrician



Tom A.

The price quoted was reasonable but was too late to be considered since this was a rental house and I had already accepted an earlier bid.

Description of Work
Technician was very professional and I was impressed with their concern for my well being as far as cost, etc. I felt the technician was honest since his diagnosis matched that what my best friend had. My best friend is an a/c technician for a local college. It took several days for the salesperson to contact me about an estimate for replacement. d.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Jonathan M.

Great. They were courteous, timely and thorough. The technician even called someone else out to verify his assessment which they all agreed on.

Description of Work
I wanted a second opinion on an HVAC issue. They came right out and offered their opinion, and actually showed me that the previous HVAC technician was wrong (which I saw with my own eyes).

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Trinity Contractors, Inc.

    How is Trinity Contractors, Inc. overall rated?

    Trinity Contractors, Inc. is currently rated 4.4 overall out of 5.

    What days are Trinity Contractors, Inc. open?

    Trinity Contractors, Inc. is open:

    Sunday: 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM

    Monday: 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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    What payment options does Trinity Contractors, Inc. provide

    Trinity Contractors, Inc. accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    Does Trinity Contractors, Inc. offer free estimates?

    Yes, Trinity Contractors, Inc. offers free project estimates.

    Does Trinity Contractors, Inc. offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Trinity Contractors, Inc. does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Trinity Contractors, Inc. offer a senior discount?

    No, Trinity Contractors, Inc. does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Trinity Contractors, Inc. offer emergency services?

    Yes, Trinity Contractors, Inc. offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Trinity Contractors, Inc.?

    No, Trinity Contractors, Inc. does not offer warranties.

    What services does Trinity Contractors, Inc. offer?

    Trinity Contractors, Inc. offers the following services: Heating, air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, general construction services and installations.