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  • New steel framing house

    Everything You Need to Know About Steel Framing Homes

    Steel framing homes have a number of benefits over wood framing. Learn everything you need to know about steel framing homes, how they work, and the pros and cons of steel-framed homes.

  • An architect sketching on a drafting table

    Should I Hire an Architect to Draw Plans for My Project?

    If you’re renovating your house, you'll need to have plans ready for the permit and the contractor to start working on your project. But should you hire an architect?

  • Architect checking plan with home owner.

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Architect?

    How much does an architect cost? Having a new home or addition built is an exciting time. But before you hire an architect, you'll want to go over budget and timeline expectations. Learn how much it costs to hire an architect.

  • A couple of architects working on a blueprint at their office

    Should You Hire an Architect or Designer to Build Your Dream Home?

    Looking to build a new house or revamp your old home? Should you hire an architect or a designer? Learn the difference between an architect and a designer when it comes to skills and cost to determine which professional you need to hire.

  • New residential home

    11 Common Home Styles, From Contemporary to Craftsman

    If you’ve ever asked, “what type of home do I have?” you’re not alone. Whether your home is two years or two centuries old, its architectural style says a lot about your signature style. Learn 11 home types and how to tell what your house is.

  • Colonial style house

    Everything You Need to Know About Colonial-Style Homes

    You'll spot colonial architecture spread across the country, from American Colonials in the Northeast to Spanish Colonials in the Southwest. But what makes a colonial-style home unique? Read on so you can recognize this home design without hesitation.

  • 7 Houses of the Future, According to the Past

    We wondered how these futuristic houses might look if they’re drawn. What science-fiction style home design solution would you like to see become a reality?

  • space needle

    American Gothic: 8 Iconic Buildings Re-Imagined In Gothic Style

    We wanted to re-imagine some of America’s most iconic buildings in a Gothic style – here are the CG renderings that came from our designers. Each is stunning...

  • Fictional Architecture

    Fictional Architecture from across cinema! Check out cult and mainstream favorites such as Games of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Skyrim and more!

  • Will Universal Design Increase My Home Value?

    Designing a home that's universally accessible to everyone is a growing trend in housing. Universal design and one-story houses are in high demand.

  • Federal style house

    What Is a Federal-Style Home?

    The Federal style of architecture was popular from around 1780 to 1820 and helped define the homes of the earliest decades of the newly born United States.

  • Shotgun house

    What Is a Shotgun House?

    The long, narrow shotgun-style house was common in the south in past decades for its economy and passive climate control, but it's rarely built these days.

  • Octagon house

    What Is an Octagon House?

    The octagonal house style has a brief moment of fame in the mid-1800s but is a rare design today. Its distinctive look and shape have a number of advantages.

  • danger asbestos sign posted on house

    Could Asbestos be Lurking in Your Home?

    Asbestos still lurks in many older homes. Asbestos exposure is unlikely unless you disturb it. A professional should do asbestos testing and asbestos removal.

Hiring Local Building Architects

Architects can help to plan and design new homes, commercial buildings, offices, shopping centers, and many other structures or public places. Most architects have a college degree and completed an internship or apprenticeship to gain the required experience to pass certification.


  1. How much do architects typically charge?

    The average cost to hire a pest control pro is between $100 and $250 per month.

  2. How much are typical architect drawings or plan costs?

    The average cost for architect drawings or submitted plans is around 10% and 15% of the project or about $1,000 for every $10,000 spent. A project that costs around $50,000 would be about $5,000. 

  3. Should architects or commercial designers be certified or licensed?

    Yes. Each state has their own requirements for licensing and certification for architects. Be sure to check our state licensing tool to review the local architect guidelines.

  4. What questions should I ask an architect or home designer?

    There are several questions or things to know before hiring an architect to do any work for your home.

    •   Can you provide examples of your work or renderings?

    •   How do you recommended staying on budget?

    •   How much do you they charge?

  5. How many architects are in the US?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020, there were 129,900 working architects employed in the US. Their average salary is $39.58 per hour, with an annual wage of $82,320.