4 Ways Staging Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Dawn M. Smith
Written by Dawn M. Smith
Updated October 7, 2021
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Home staging elevates your house from average to extraordinary

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If your real estate agent suggested home staging to help you sell your home faster, you got wise advice. A home stager’s main job is to highlight your home’s best features and help you close the deal quicker and for more money regardless of the local market’s ups and downs. With a variety of skills and techniques, your home stager can take your property to an increased level of buyer demand.

Home Staging Has Proven Results

Year after year, home staging proves itself worthy. The facts are, staging helps houses sell faster and at higher prices. Check out what the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2021 Profile of Home Staging says:

  • More than 30% of sellers’ agents reported home staging significantly decreased the amount of time the property sat on the market.

  • About 25% of sellers’ agents said staging increased the dollar value offered between 1% and 5% more than unstaged homes.

  • NAR reports 39% of buyers agents said staging positively impacted the home’s value if it was decorated to the buyer’s preferences.

  • When touring homes, buyers preferred to see staging in living rooms (46%), master bedrooms (43%), and kitchens (35%).

1. Home Stagers Give Buyers What They Want

Top professional home stagers don’t just pretty up the place; they’ve researched precisely what the buyers in the area are looking for. For example, you’ve heard it a million times on real estate shows, home shoppers want open concept living or an open floor plan. 

What if your house can’t offer these qualities without a major renovation? A home stager knows where to place furniture and improve foot traffic flow to entice buyers chasing an open concept living area. They can also check off more buyers' wish list items by changing window coverings to let more natural light in and help you pare down the amount of large furniture to make rooms feel larger.

2. Professional Home Staging Bumps up Your Property’s Appeal

Talented home stagers go beyond cleaning to sell your house. Staging accentuates the unique aspects of your home that comparable properties don’t have, such as architectural elements like crown molding and vaulted ceilings. Or, if you’re concerned about an awkward spot, like a funny-angled empty corner, your stager can transform the square footage into something potential buyers didn’t know they wanted until they saw it, like the perfect place for a bar cart or a library nook.

3. Gorgeous, Staged Pictures Sell Houses Faster

A cozy living room in a loft
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Admit it: Even if you’re not in the market for a new house, you’ve spent some time down the rabbit hole of online real estate photos. Now, more than ever, outstanding pictures sell homes because buyers are searching online first. They like the convenience of returning to the images again and again to inspect the details. Skilled staging helps buyers envision their families and belongings inside. Sometimes the home is staged so well it sells without an in-person visit from the buyers.

Awe-inspiring pictures really do sell the dream lifestyle buyers look for. But, next time you’re scrolling, zoom in. Some of the houses might have been digitally staged and are empty in person. It’s just another creative way to get buyers their best deal.

4. Home Staging Isn’t Limited to the Inside

Don’t think local buyers aren’t cruising by your home for sale. They want an in-person look at your property’s condition. If the potential buyers aren’t wowed immediately, they’ll have second thoughts about taking the time to tour inside. 

Because outdoor living and extending indoor spaces outside are such powerful selling points, home stagers are doubling down on attractive exteriors. Yes, they’ll request power washing and an overall clean-up, but they’re also going to strategically place outdoor furniture, potted plants, and privacy screens to draw in potential buyers. They may even suggest new paint colors, an upgraded door and mailbox, and offer more tips for selling your house quickly and at the right price.

Professional Home Staging Can Be Affordable and Profitable

Tidy bedroom with big windows with a landscape view
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Some real estate agents will take on the staging effort as part of their overall contract with you, but others recommend hiring a separate professional that dedicates their work to only staging the perfect home. It really depends on your local real estate market. 

Home stagers charge in a variety of ways. Take a look at what hiring a professional home stager costs. Keep in mind that buyers offer between 1% and 5% more for staged homes vs. non-staged homes.

  • The national average home staging cost is $1,460 with furniture and decoration rental.

  • The typical range buyers pay is between $630 and $2,320.

  • Hourly costs are between $25 and $150, with an average of $75 per hour.

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