What Are the Best Apartment Amenities?

Bubba May
Written by Bubba May
Updated September 2, 2016
Artistry apartments in downtown Indianapolis
From rooftop pools to lounging areas, today's apartments have a lot to offer. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)

We all know most apartments come with appliances and that you don't have to worry about maintenance.

But places are adding more and more perks to bring people in the door. Look for the following apartment community amenities during your next apartment hunt. 

Fitness center

Save on those monthly gym fees and find an apartment with a fitness center. Imagine the convenience of avoiding traffic and just walking over to the gym. Some apartments have a full fitness studio with fitness classes, some just provide machinery and equipment, and others provide a video system and library to do fitness videos in an open, air-conditioned space. 

Media room and game room

Having a place to print out that paper, scan in that contract or just check your email when your computer crashes is a great thing in such a technology-dependent world. But media rooms aren’t just all for work. Some media rooms include video games and televisions. Some apartments also have pool tables or shuffleboard tables to keep residents entertained. 

Movie room

Have you always wanted a home movie theater? This is the next best thing! Most apartments allow you to reserve the room for parties. Considering the price of movie tickets, this is a good deal if you are having a gathering or birthday party.  

Dog park and grooming station

Apartment owners realize that your furry friend is a part of the family and you want a home that welcomes both of you equally. More apartments are providing dogs a place to play and live. Dog amenities include dog parks, on-site grooming, daycare services or doggy daycare discounts with local businesses. These added conveniences go a long way with pet owners. 

On-site restaurant and cafe

Some communities don’t just offer residents water when they come into the office. They actually provide them with coffee bars, on-site restaurants or convenience stores! You have no reason to fight with traffic to go get a decent meal; you can just walk over or take the elevator down and enjoy some lunch. Left your cell phone or wallet in your apartment? No worries! It’s only a short walk to go grab it! No longer do you have to drive back to the grocery store for eggs to make that cake; you have it all there for you. 

Apartments are constantly upping their game in order to attract and keep the best tenants.

What are some amazing amenities you’ve seen in apartments? Tell us in the comments section below.

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