Staying Safe While Hiring Home Services During Coronavirus

Angie Hicks
Written by Angie Hicks
Updated May 7, 2021
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Helping you protect yourself and your family while hiring home services

As our lives begin to open up, home is our sanctuary more than ever. But we all have to-do lists, appliances still break, drains clog, and roofs leak. Your home doesn’t take a time-out from repair, maintenance, and need for improvement—and we don’t take a break from helping you take care of all things home.

At Angi, our priority has always been to help you protect yourself and your family while hiring home services. When it’s time to hire, we want you to feel certain (and safe!) in turning to our pros for help.

And our pros are just as dedicated to your safety, which is why we’ve made updates and changes to give you the best possible experience and keep your mind at ease. We’ve been educating our services providers on the best methods to ensure everyone’s comfortable and adhering to current CDC guidelines while on the job. We’ve also added new features to our site and app to help you make the best hiring decisions to keep your home in working order–and to handle the projects you can’t ignore.

Here’s a rundown of the changes we’re making to help ensure the safest experience for our members and professionals:

What We’ve Done

  • Created a health and safety measures section on profiles: We’ve added a new area for our pros to explain the specific precautions they’re taking to protect health and safety. When provided, this information is displayed prominently on their profile, giving you more information to evaluate the pros you hire and feel more comfortable and informed in your hiring decision

  • Let you declare your comfort with contact: We’re adding features to allow you to state your preferred method of interaction and level of contact during your quote request

  • Educate pros and consumers: We’re giving guidance to homeowners and professionals on best practices for safety with up-to-date summaries of CDC guidelines and our product change

  • Facilitate cashless payments: You don’t need to physically handle checks, credit cards, or cash if you use a digital payment app. Ask your contractor what other payment methods they accept, or pay for the work via the Angi app

What You Can Do

  • Use tech to connect: Minimize contact by using the Angi app or text and video messaging. You can connect with pros, discuss project details, and share videos or project photos. We’re continuing to fine-tune our communicating tools to create the smoothest way for you to connect with each other, while staying socially distant

  • Sanitize before and after work: Both you and your professional should take careful steps to clean and sanitize before, during, and after in-home services. In particular, be sure to disinfect the expected work area and commonly touched surfaces, such as doorknobs and light switches, in accordance with CDC guidance

  • Keep your distance: Even though the vaccine rollout is well underway, you still need to take precautions when interacting with someone who isn’t part of your household—including our pros. If someone is coming to your home, the CDC instructs you both to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart, even if fully vaccinated. If you can, open up some windows to increase ventilation

  • Look ahead: Think ahead to what’s next on your to-do list. Consider bundling indoor projects into one visit or sticking with low- and no-contact outdoor projects. In the meantime, you can use Angi to start planning and budgeting for your next home project. Check out our Solution Center for help and to consult with professionals when you’re ready.

We’re Here to Support You

The team here at Angi is proud to continue to be your trusted resource for all work in and around your home. Above all, we want you to know we value you and are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or suggestions.