How to Clean Vertical Blinds Quickly and Efficiently

It only takes a few minutes of your time

Becca Stokes
Written by Becca Stokes
Updated June 23, 2022
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Simple project; big impact.

Time to complete

20 minutes


Up to $25

Keep it wallet-friendly.

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What you'll need:


  • Damp cloth
  • Vacuum fitted with a brush attachment
  • Feather or microfiber duster


  • All-purpose cleaner

Though vertical blinds might not trap as much dust as horizontal ones, that doesn’t mean you can just forget about cleaning them. But the good news is cleaning your vertical blinds is simple—and only takes a few minutes and a handful of supplies. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Take Out the Vanes to Clean

    While you can technically dust and clean your vertical blinds when they are still hanging, it is easier—and more effective—to remove the vanes from the window. 

    The vanes are the individual strips that make up your vertical blinds. There are two types of vertical blind vanes: rigid ones and softer ones made from plastic. Pulling the vanes too far apart while you clean could damage them.

    To remove them from the clips at the top of your window, simply take a credit card and slide it through the clip as if you’re swiping it at the grocery store. When the card is in the middle of the clip, pause, and pull the vane down and out of the clip.

  2. Dust the Vanes

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    Grab a feather, microfiber duster, or a vacuum fitted with a brush attachment. Start from the top and work your way down each vane, gently loosening and removing any dusty build-up.

    Pro Tip: While it’s tempting to just vacuum clean the blinds as is, using the brush attachment will keep you from nicking or scratching the blinds.

  3. Clean With a Damp Cloth

    If the vacuum or duster leaves dust remaining, that’s when it’s time to break out this tried and true method: Take a slightly damp cloth and run it down your blinds. 

    While vacuums and dusters can usually pick up the worst of the mess on your vertical blinds, the added help of a little water is sure to pick up any grime that may have been left behind.

  4. Treat Spots and Stains

    If your blinds are stained in some areas, you’ll need more than water and a cloth.

    Try dabbing the spot or stain with an all-purpose cleaner and let it sit for no more than 10 minutes. Then gently dab the spot with a wet rag until the spot lifts out. Don’t scrub or rub the stain, as this can make it worse.

  5. Dry the Vanes

    Once the vanes are clean, they need time to dry completely before you reattach them to their clips. Make sure you clean off a large space, like a kitchen island or a dining room table, so that the vanes have an out-of-the-way place to dry before you hang them back in place.

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