Everything You Need to Know About Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning, the High-Tech Solution to Dirty Windows

Nick P. Cellucci
Written by Nick P. Cellucci
Updated September 28, 2021
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Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast, safe, and highly efficient technique that can be used to remove the spots and stains from your dusty old blinds. It can be done on-site at your home, takes only seconds to complete, and requires no harsh chemicals.

We’ll break down the process of ultrasonic cleaning, its many advantages to you, and the cost involved.

What Is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Before coming to the window treatment industry, ultrasonic cleaning was used to clean jewelry and sensitive medical and dental equipment. Today, this technique is used to safely remove dirt, grease, stains, and odors from household blinds, resulting in a highly efficient, damage-free clean.

Done by professionals in-home, in mobile vans, or in a shop, the process starts with warm water and a gentle cleaning solution combined in large stainless steel tanks. Your blinds are fully submerged in the water, where the solution penetrates all holes, cracks, and small recesses.

Next, high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves are generated to produce millions of microscopic bubbles, the tiny size of which prevents damage to your blinds. As these bubbles implode, they create vibrations that quickly blast away dust, grime, bacteria, allergens, nicotine, and other contaminants from your blinds’ surface, cords, pull systems, weights, chains, rails, and slats.

All of this happens within a few seconds. Once cleaned, your blinds are rinsed, dried, and rehung.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

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Ultrasonic blind cleaning provides a range of benefits over simple hand cleaning, which can be awkward and time-consuming.

A Speedy Solution

Unlike other methods of cleaning your blinds, this process of blasting them with ultrasonic waves takes only seconds to complete, making it one of the quickest methods of cleaning.

Good for the Planet

The process is eco-friendly, using only water and biodegradable cleaning solutions. It produces no greenhouse gases or solvents that would harm the environment.

Safe for All Window Treatments

Types of window treatments that can be ultrasonically cleaned include the following:

  • Micro blinds

  • Mini blinds

  • Silhouettes

  • Luminettes

  • Vertical blinds

  • Honeycomb or cellular shades

  • Roman shades

  • Venetian blinds

  • Roller blinds

  • Pleated shades

  • Wood and faux wood blinds

Improved Household Air Quality

Ultrasonic cleaning removes dust without sending it into the air, which makes a difference if you or a member of your household deals with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. The method has been shown to contribute to a significant increase in household air quality.

Cost of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

When blinds get old and dirty, many homeowners choose to simply replace them. This is fine for low-cost units like vinyl blinds, which are typically less expensive to replace than to clean. In general, however, having your blinds cleaned professionally tends to save you money.

Installing quality window treatments is an enormous investment, so it’s almost always more cost-effective to have your blinds cleaned periodically. Ultrasonic blind cleaning can restore your blinds to their original condition, removing discoloration and stains.

Professional ultrasonic blind cleaning services are usually billed on a per-blind basis at an average price ranging from $10 to $30 per unit depending on their type, size, and condition. Some companies opt to charge by the linear foot, usually at a rate of between $5 and $15.

As you shop around for services and get quotes, be sure to ask whether each company requires a minimum charge to visit your home. You’ll want to be clear about such requirements upfront to avoid unwanted fees.

Tips for Hiring a Blind Cleaning Company

Although the technique is relatively new, you’ll find plenty of experienced ultrasonic blind cleaning companies. Start by consulting your blinds manufacturer or the store you purchased from for a list of approved local cleaners. You can also search online to read reviews for blind cleaning services in your area.

Even if a company has the trust of your window treatment vendor, do further background research before you hire. When choosing a blind cleaning company, look for the following:

  • Credentials: In addition to several years of experience, your cleaner should come fully certified with proper insurance

  • On-site work: While some companies work from a shop, the ability to work on-site will minimize the time you go without window coverings and privacy

  • Good reviews: If you see multiple bad reviews online, that’s a red flag that should encourage you to look elsewhere

Always get a written price quote when you talk to a blind cleaning company, and be sure you fully understand their pricing model. You can also ask for an estimate on how long it will take to clean your blinds. Once you have several quotes, you’ll be ready to make your final selection.

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