6 Signs of a Reputable Dumpster Rental Service

Ginny Bartolone
Written by Ginny Bartolone
Updated October 20, 2021
A blue dumpster in the driveway of a house
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The best dumpster rental companies should help you pick out the right container for your next project and provide clear and trustworthy quotes

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Before you rip up that unsightly carpeting or start that hefty DIY kitchen remodel, you'll need a plan for disposing of all those old materials. Renting a dumpster for the duration of your project is one of the easiest and safest ways to keep dangerous waste—we're talking nails, sharp edges, and heavy materials—from laying around in the garage. 

Keep an eye out for these six signs that you're choosing the most trustworthy and reputable dumpster rental service in your area.

1. Transparent Pricing

Figuring out dumpster rental pricing can be tricky at first glance. Is it by the length of your rental, weight of your trash, or size of your container? The short answer is: it's a little bit of everything. Your overall cost to rent a dumpster, according to HomeAdvisor, will likely range from $300 to $550 when you add up each of these factors.

The price itself depends on your unique project. Short-term rentals often have different rates than longer-term ones of a few weeks, for example. Dumpster companies will likely charge by the size and rental period, but may also require extra disposal fees based on weight.

Most importantly, make sure your chosen dumpster rental company provides a clear layout of the cost factors that could affect the final price, including possible hidden fees. For example, some companies charge extra if you go over your initial weight limit or if you rent during a season of high demand. No matter what, get all fees and payment schedule details in writing before you sign.

Make note that a dumpster company is not the same as junk removal—so be sure you know which one to pick before diving into your research.

2. Local Experience

Disposal and recycling laws differ from city to city, and in some cases, even within larger cities. If you opt for a larger name or a new waste management company, look for signs that the team is familiar with properly disposing of specific materials—especially if you only plan to toss recyclable items like scrap metal.

Local dumpster companies can also provide tips on how to request a permit for parking the dumpster and provide a list of hazardous materials prohibited by your local dump or state laws.

3. Eco-Conscious Disposal Process

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If you're going to the trouble of renting a dumpster, it's important to know where the waste will end up. The company's website should specify where and how they dispose of the materials from your project.

On the same note, a company with excellent customer service will be able to help you determine the best plan of action for discarding your specific waste. For example, some companies will offer LEED-certified dumpsters for recyclable and reusable materials. While the dumpster itself will not differ from a typical one, it will come with clear instructions on what can head to the recycling center and what is best going to the dump.

4. Glowing Customer Reviews

Even the fanciest websites can hide a bad customer experience. Take a look at reviews of your local dumpster brands to learn how the company treated its clients, from the initial quote to the final pickup.

In addition to traditional online reviews, check out organizations like the Better Business Bureau to ensure the business has no pending complaints.

Keep an eye out for the following positive signs:

  • Easy free quote process

  • Consistent pricing from quote to contract

  • Quick pickup and drop-off process

  • Professional guidance choosing a dumpster

  • Proof of disposal process

Get a sense of the company's customer care during the quote process as well. The best companies know that choosing the right type and size dumpster can be tricky for newbies and will lend a hand in helping you save money.

5. Experience in the Industry

You're bound to find plenty of small waste removal names that offer dumpster rentals. Make sure that the company has specific experience renting out dumpsters to local residents to avoid confusion about timing and payment.

As we noted above, large nationwide brands with developed websites will typically walk you through the process, helping you choose the size of the dumpster, type of waste disposal, and length of your rental. Smaller brands can be just as helpful and trustworthy, but make sure they've had time to earn reviews from the community or even small businesses you know and trust.

6. Timely Drop-Off and Pickup

Home construction can be incredibly unpredictable, especially when it comes to DIY projects. If you fill up the dumpster more quickly than expected, it's important to have a company with scheduling flexibility and additional dumpsters.

For example, let's say you have one day to pull up the old tile flooring from the bathroom, but your dumpster starts to overflow halfway through the process. Instead of delaying the rest of your demo, some dumpster companies will offer same-day pickup and replacement if you call by a certain time.

Planning out the disposal phase of your home renovation is key to a successful project—and often one that goes overlooked until the last minute. Finding an experienced dumpster rental service can make even the trickiest renovation feel a bit simpler.

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