3 Big Benefits of Living in Micro Apartments

Lisa Pegues
Written by Lisa Pegues
Updated August 16, 2016
micro apartments at The Arcade
Renovated micro apartments line the second and third floors of The Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island. (Photo by David DelPoio)

Is micro living in a tiny apartment right for you?

We are conditioned to think that bigger is better, but as city populations and rents continue to rise, the tiny house and apartment movement has quickly picked up speed. For many renters, tiny living is a way for them to live a bigger life, and for others, it is just a way to save money.

If you have been wondering if you could survive in a tiny apartment, here are three big benefits that are sure to leave you with a love affair for small space living.

1. Micro apartments lower monthly living costs

Renting a tiny apartment is very practical and saves you money in many different ways. Tiny apartments are less expensive to rent, plus a great way to stay on budget. Smaller spaces also are easier to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, leaving you with a lower energy bill. Renters who go tiny are choosing to live with less — less stuff, less square footage, and less monthly cost.

2. Tiny apartments cost less to decorate and furnish

Furnishing a big apartment, without breaking the bank, presents a challenge for many renters. When you rent a tiny apartment, you do not have the space to be a furniture junkie, nor do you need to buy a whole lot of expensive knickknacks just to fill up space.

Tiny apartments must be small in size, but not in character. Redecorating a tiny rental space requires minimal time and money, but the opportunities for creative decorating are endless.

3. Micro apartments are easier to maintain

In a smaller home, every item must have a purpose and place, forcing you to choose what you love. Smaller spaces are easier to maintain, and every cleaning task, such as dusting and washing, is diminished when you rent a tiny apartment. Having less stuff to keep organized means you are surrounded by only the things that you love. It also means you will have more free time to do what you really enjoy.

Feeling at home in a tiny apartment

Living in a small space is all about trading the size of your living quarters for benefits in cost, flexibility, location and efficiency. If you are not ready to make the big move into a tiny space, then an apartment finder is a great housing resource that can help you find the space that is right for you.

Would you consider living in a tiny house or apartment? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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